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    Who Was Sherry Shriner?? How Did She Die??


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    Who Was Sherry Shriner?? How Did She Die??

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:33 pm

    I've been asking seemingly thousands of simple questions over the past few years, with seemingly only dozens of genuine-answers and half-hearted answers. Everything seems to be either Obvious-Lies or Half-Truths. The Second-Coming of Christ was supposed to occur 2,000 years-ago, and it's always "Right Around the Corner" century after century after century, and one is called a "Mocker At the End of Time!!" if this glaring-problem is pointed-out. Is it too much to ask who Sherry Shriner REALLY Was?? Is it too much to ask if Sherry Shriner is REALLY Dead?? Is it too much to ask "How Did She Die (Or Appear to Die)??" I'm going to make this one post on this new thread, and just let it go. I recently heard the theory that JFK was a faked-assassination!! But what if cloning was highly-advanced in 1963?? Or what about possible Hitler-clones in 1945?? What if Sherry Shriner was a clone?? She said there were several Obama's!! We seem to live in a Solar System of Lies and Illusions, and I'm frankly sick of the whole-mess. Everyone seems to LIE. The LIE is Different At Every Level. What Would Richard Hoagland Say?? I suspect that this Solar System was overthrown in antiquity, and the only way to maintain the takeover for thousands of years was through LIES!! An Individual of Interest told me "God Can Run Things However He Wants To!!" This same Individual of Interest said they had "Helped Me!!" If Sherry is REALLY DEAD, "Good-Bye Sherry!! Thank-You for the Years of Disclosure!! I'll Miss You and Your Show!! I Hope Things Somehow Work Out Well for All of Us!! No Matter Who We Are, and No Matter What We've Done!! Hope Springs Eternal!!"
    Carol wrote:
    When Clones Malfunction- The Fake Among Us

    Great new vid by the late Sherry Shriner who died last week (in case you weren’t aware.) She was one of the few who actually talked about the clones in DC and Hollywood on a consistent basis. She will be greatly missed. Good compilation of latest clone mishaps. Their metabolism is horrible and they must be replaced often. This is exactly how it always happens…they start staring off into space and pass out. And if you don’t believe me watch, this 2nd video where the dude is DEFINITELY a clone on his last leg.
    Illuminati Ritual Season III: THE PRINCE & THE QUEEN
    orthodoxymoron wrote:I'm shocked!! A few hours ago, I found out about Brook's grave illness, and now I am told that Sherry Shriner is DEAD!! I noticed that her last show was 01/05/18, and she usually has shows on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Brook and Sherry probably have had more to do with my strange research-threads than anyone else, with the possible exception of the individual I've referred to as 'RA'. Do we know any particulars about Sherry's death?? She's claimed for years that she was near the top of a Government Hit-List, but that things had seemed to be better since Donald Trump was elected President. Sherry claimed to be the Granddaughter of the Biblical King David!! She claimed to be a Leader of Israel!! She seemed to have first-hand knowledge of events it would seem to be impossible to know anything about. There's something I liked about Sherry, yet I always remained Wary of Sherry. The content was almost always negative and horrific, with a disproportionate focus on Revelation and the End of the World. Paul and the Pauline-Epistles were mercilessly bashed by Sherry. People were chided for not knowing their Bibles, yet those who spent too much time on the Bible were accused of 'Bible Idolatry'. Going directly to the 'Father' was preferred to any other source, and presumably Sherry got her info from the 'Father' so perhaps all one had to do was listen to her show three times a week for the Real-Deal.

    I've tried to construct a very-strange science-fictional alternative-reality, which has probably driven me at least 87% insane. This is all very bizarre. Are these developments an indication that things are about to Go to Hell??? I've vowed to remain mostly or completely silent in 2018, but I've already been editing and adding to my threads, and commenting on Brook and Sherry. I don't know about Brook, but I've wondered if Sherry was somehow Supercomputer-Connected. Her shows were SO Strange and Upsetting, but Sherry never seemed to miss a beat, or become emotional. Was I just one more duped-idiot, or was I exposed to some aspect of cutting-edge disclosure?? I frankly have NO Idea. I feel as if I might've met Brook and/or Sherry without knowing it, but I don't want to talk about it. I don't really want to talk about anything anymore. I've recently become rather rude while talking to a relative about the 'TRUTH'. Truth-Speaking seems to be an Exercise in Futility. A couple of years ago, Sherry spoke of her days being numbered. I suspect that the Historical Management of Humanity is being replaced by a New-Crew presently (for better or worse, I know not). I continue to think that EVERYTHING Will Be Revealed from Antiquity to Modernity (in Great Detail). Is Earth ultimately a Technocratic-Governance Prison-Planet?? Was an Unalterable-Verdict Rendered in Antiquity?? I suspect that the Ultimate Universe-Rulers are Smarter and Tougher Than ANYONE Can Imagine. Don't Mess With Their Check...

    I'm surprised that no one is commenting on this thread. I've had a somewhat strange feeling throughout the years, as I've passively researched strange topics within Project Avalon, The Mists of Avalon, Sherry's Show, Alex Jones' Show, and the Internet in General. I've never known who and what I'm really dealing with, or whether such research was fundamentally a virtue or a vice. I pledged Responsible-Neutrality, but what was the reality?? I've sensed a lot of Disclosure-Bullying, but then I'm just a Sensitive-Boy. I've noticed an increasing amount of Fast-Walking Fast-Talking Arrogant Guys and Gals, Who Seem to be Above It All, and SO Superior to We the Sheep. What's REALLY Going On Here?? Does ANYONE Know Any Details About the Death of Sherry Shriner?? Did She Fake Her Death, to Go Incognito?? What the Hell Is Going On Here?? Sherry claimed to have Serious Heart Problems (going back at least a couple of years). I think she had back problems as well (if I remember correctly). She sounded OK on 01/05/18. What Happened?? I just found some comments under one of Sherry's last YouTube videos which mention her passing, but no details whatsoever. There are several videos which are highly critical of Sherry, so researchers beware. I tried to analyze her work as being mostly science-fictional in nature, but possibly revealing some forbidden truth to those with eyes to see, and ears to hear. Her Interview with the Devil was Beyond Creepy. She seemed to have first-hand information about Satanism. Sherry recently said "2018 Will Be a Year of Goodbyes." It Makes Me Wonder.

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