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    The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book


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    The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  mudra on Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:42 am

    I found this book.
    I am reading it .
    I am loving it.
    I now share it.

    The story is about me
    The story is about you
    Hopefully you will know yourself a little more as you go along.

    I'll post here a few quotes that I found relevant.

    Would you at some point want to read the book yourself you'll be able to find it through the internet.
    I'll take my quotes from a pdf of the book I found at the following link:

    Love Always

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  mudra on Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:43 am

    The Nature of Personal Reality
    A Seth book

    Specific Practical Techniques
    For Solving Everyday Problems
    And Enriching The Life You Know


    I'm proud to publish this book under my own name, though I don't
    fully understand the mechanics of its production or the nature of the
    personality I assume in delivering it. I had no conscious work to do on
    the book at all. I simply went into trance twice a week, spoke in a
    "mediumistic" capacity for Seth, or as Seth, and dictated the words to my
    husband, Robert Butts, who wrote them down.

    I consider the book "mine" in that I don't believe it could have been
    written without me and my particular abilities. On the other hand, I real
    ize that far more is involved. I had to read the manuscript to find out
    what was in it, for example; and to that extent the book doesn't seem
    mine. But what does that mean?

    My idea briefly is this: Our usual orientation is focused pretty exclu
    sively in what we think of as the "real" world, but there are many real
    -ities. By shifting our consciousness, we can glimpse these alternate
    realities, and all of them are the appearance that Reality takes under
    certain conditions. I don't believe that we can necessarily describe one in
    terms of another.

    For years I've been confused, trying to define Seth in the usual true-
    and-false world of facts. There he's accepted as an independent spirit —
    a spirit guide by those with spiritualistic beliefs — or as some dis
    placed portion of my own personality by the scientific community.

    I couldn't accept either idea, at least not in undiluted form.
    If I said, "Look, people, I don't think Seth is a spirit in
    the way you mean,"
    then this was interpreted as an acknowledgement that Seth was
    only a portion of my personality. Some people thought that I was try
    ing to put Seth down, or deny them the aid of a super-being when at last
    they thought they'd found one.

    Actually, I think that the selves we know in normal life are only the
    three-dimensional actualizations of other source-selves from which we
    receive our energy and life. Their reality can't be contained in the frame
    -work of our creature-hood, though it is being constantly translated
    through our present individuality.

    The "spirit guide" designation may be a handy symbolic repre
    -sentation of this idea, and I'm not saying that spirit guides do not exist. I
    am saying that the idea deserves greater examination, for the spirit guide
    may represent something far different than we think. The idea can also
    be limiting if it always places revelatory knowledge outside of us, and
    tries to make literal some extraordinary phenomena that may be beyond
    such interpretation.

    While I was trying to define Seth that way and questioning whether
    or not he was a spirit guide, I was closed off to some extent from his
    greater reality, which exists in terms of vast imaginative and creative
    power that is bigger than the world of facts and can't be contained in it.
    Seth's personality is quite observable in our sessions, for example, but
    the source of that personality isn't. For that matter, the origin of any
    personality is mysterious and not apparent in the objective world. My
    job is to enlarge the dimensions of that world and people's concepts of it.
    Seth's books may be the product of another dimensional aspect of
    my own consciousness not focused in this reality, plus something else
    that is untranslatable in our terms, with Seth a great psychic creation
    more real than any "fact." His existence may simply lie in a different
    order of events than the one we're used to.

    I'm not saying that we shouldn't apply what we learn to the ordi
    nary world. Certainly I'm trying to do that, and Seth wrote this book to help
    people deal more effectively with their daily lives. I am insist
    ing that we must be very careful about making literal interpretations, lest we limit a
    multidimensional phenomenon by tying it down to a three-dimensional fact system.

    Intuitively and emotionally we often understand more than we intel
    -lectually realize. Trying to define revelatory knowledge, or a Seth, in
    terms of our limited ideas about human personality is like trying to
    translate, say, a rose to the number 3, or trying to explain one in terms of
    the other.

    The funny thing is that a personality
    not focused in our reality can help people live in that world more effectively
    and joyfully by showing them that other realities also exist.

    In this book Seth is saying that you can change your experience by altering your beliefs
    about yourself and physical existence.

    To me, the Seth Material is no longer a continuing manuscript of
    fascinating theories to be carefully judged against reality. In a strange
    way it has come alive. The concepts within it live. I experience them and
    because of this my personal reality has expanded. I've begun to glimpse
    the greater inner dimensions from which our usual lives emerge, and to
    familiarize myself with other alternate methods of perception that can be
    used not only to see other "worlds," but help us deal more effectively
    with this one.

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  mudra on Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:00 am

    "The Manufacture of Personal Reality."

    Experience is the product of the mind, the spirit, conscious thoughts and
    feelings, and unconscious thoughts and feelings.
    These together form the reality that you know.
    You are hardly at the mercy of a reality, therefore, that exists apart from yourself, or is thrust upon you.

    You are so intimately connected with the physical events composing your life experience that often you cannot
    distinguish between the seemingly material occurrences and the thoughts,expectations and desires that gave them birth.

    If there are strongly negative characteristics present in your most intimate thoughts,
    if these actually form bars between you and a more full life, still you often look through the bars, not seeing them.

    Until they are recognized they are impediments. Even obstacles have a reason for being.
    If they are your own, then it is up to you to recognize them and discover the circumstances behind their existence.

    Your   conscious   thoughts   can   be   great   clues   in   uncovering   such obstructions.
    You are not nearly as familiar with your own thoughts as you may imagine.
    They can escape from you like water through your fingers, carrying with them vital nutrients that spread across the land scape of your psyche —
    and all too often carrying sludge and mud that clog up the channels of experience and creativity.

    An examination of your conscious thoughts will tell you much about the state of your inner mind, your intentions and expectations,
    and will often lead you to a direct confrontation with challenges and problems.

    Your thoughts, studied, will let you see where you are going. They point clearly to the nature of physical events.
    What exists physically exists first in thought and feeling.
    There is no other rule.

    You have the conscious mind for a good reason. You are not at the mercy of unconscious drives unless you consciously acquiesce to them.
    Your present feelings and expectations can always be used to check your progress.
    If you do not like your experience, then you must change the nature of your conscious thoughts and expectations.
    You must alter the kind of messages that you are sending through your thoughts to your own body, to friends and associates.

    Each thought has a result, in your terms. The same kind of thought, habitually repeated, will seem to have a more or less permanent effect.
    If you like the effect then you seldom examine the thought.
    If you find yourself assailed by physical difficulties, however, you begin to wonder what is wrong.

    Sometimes you blame others, your own background, or a previous life — if you accept reincarnation.
    You may hold God or the devil responsible, or you may simply say, "That is life,"
    and accept the negative experience as a necessary portion of your lot.

    You may finally come to a half-understanding of the nature of reality and wail,
    "I believe that I have caused these ill effects, but I find myself unable to reverse them."
    If this is the case, then regardless of what you have told yourself thus far, you still do not believe that you are the creator of your own experience.
    As soon as you recognize this fact you can begin at once to alter those conditions that cause you dismay or dissatisfaction.

    No one forces you to think in any particular manner. In the past you may have learned to consider things pessimistically.
    You may believe that pessimism is more realistic than optimism.
    You may even suppose, and many do, that sorrow is ennobling, a sign of deep spiritualism, a mark of apartness,
    a necessary mental garb of saints and poets.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    All consciousness has within it the deep abiding impetus to use its abilities fully, to expand its capacities,
    to venture joyfully beyond the seeming barriers of its own experience
    The very consciousnesses within the smallest molecules cry out against any ideas of limitation.
    They yearn toward new forms and experiences. Even atoms, then, constantly seek to join in new organizations of structure and meaning.
    They do this "instinctively."

    Man has been endowed, and has endowed himself, with a conscious mind to direct the nature, shape and form of his creations.
    All deep aspirations and unconscious motivations, all unspoken drives,
    rise up for the approval or disapproval of the conscious mind, and await its direction.
    Only when it abdicates its functions does it allow itself to become swayed by "negative" experience.
    Only when it refuses responsibility does it finally find itself at the seeming mercy of events over which it appears to have no control.

    You see and feel what you expect to see and feel. The world as you know it is a picture of your expectations.
    The world as the race of man knows it is the materialization en masse of your individual expectations.
    As children come from your physical tissues, so is the world your joint creation.

    excerpt from :
    The Nature of Personal Reality
    Preface by Seth

    Love Always

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  mudra on Wed Sep 21, 2016 3:56 pm

    The Living Picture of the World

    The living picture of the world grows within the mind.
    The world as it appears to you is like a three-dimensional painting in which each individual takes a hand.
    Each color, each line that appears within it has first been painted within a mind, and only then does it materialize without.

    The great creativity of consciousness is your heritage.
    It does notbelong to mankind alone, however.
    Each living being possesses it, and the living world consists of a spontaneous cooperation
    that exists  between the smallest and the highest, the greatest and the lowly, between
    the atoms and the molecules and the conscious, reasoning mind.

    The body of the earth can be said to have its own soul, or mind (whichever term you prefer).
    Using this analogy the mountains and oceans, the valleys and rivers and all natural phenomena
    spring from the earth's soul, as all events and all manufactured objects appear from the inner mind or soul of mankind.

    You project your thoughts, feelings, and expectations outward, then you perceive them as the outside reality.
    When it seems to you that  others are observing you, you are observing yourself from the standpoint of your own projections.

    Your experience in the world of physical matter flows outward from the center of your inner psyche.
    Then you perceive this experience.
    Exterior events, circumstances and conditions are meant as a kind of living feedback.
    Altering the state of the psyche automatically alters the physical circumstances
    There is no other valid way of changing physical events.

    Interactions with others do occur, of course, yet there are none that you do not accept or draw to you by your thoughts, attitudes, or emotions.
    This applies in each area of life. In your terms, it applies both before life and after it. In the most miraculous fashion are you given the gift of creating your experience.

    In this existence you are learning to handle the inexhaustible energy that is available to you.
    The mass condition of the world, and the situation of each individual in it, is the materialization of man's progress as
    he forms his world.

    Basically you create your experience through your beliefs about yourself and the nature of reality.
    Another way to understand this is to realize that you create your experiences through your expectations.
    Your feeling-tones are your emotional attitudes toward yourself and life in
    general, and these generally govern the large areas of experience.

    They give the overall emotional coloration that characterizes what happens to you. Period.
    You are what happens to you. Your emotional feelings are often transitory, but beneath there are certain qualities of feeling uniquely your own, that are like deep musical chords.
    While your day-to-day feelings may rise or fall, these characteristic feeling tones lie beneath.

    The feeling-tone then is the motion and fiber — the timber
    — the portion of your energy devoted to your physical experience.
    Now it flows into what you are as a physical being and materializes you in the world of seasons, space, flesh, and time.
    Its source, however, is quite independent of the world that you know.

    Once you learn to get the feeling of your own inner tone, then you are aware of its power, strength and durability,
    and you can to some extent ride with it into deeper realities of experience.

    It is the essence of yourself. Its sweeps are broad in range, however.
    It does not determine, for example, specific events.
    It paints the colors in the large "landscape" of your experience.
    It is the feeling of yourself, inexhaustible.

    In other terms it represents the expression of yourself in pure
    energy, from which your individuality rises, the You of you, unmistakably given identity that is never duplicated.

    This energy comes from the core of BEING (in capital letters), from
    All That Is (with our usual capitals), and represents the source of never-
    ending vitality. It is Being, Being in You.
    As such, all of the energy and power of Being is focused and reflected through you in the direction of your three dimensional existence.

    And so it is from your larger identity that you form the reality that you know.
    It is up to you to do this with joy and vigor, clearing your conscious mind so that the deeper knowledge
    of your greater identity can form joyous expressions in the world of the flesh.

    The Nature of Personal Reality
    Chapter 1

    Love Always

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  Pris on Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:01 am


    This is great!  Thanks for starting this thread, mudra! Very Happy

    I will need some time to go over it, but just wanted to drop in quick to show my appreciation. cheers


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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  mudra on Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:04 am

    Thank you Pris.
    It's great to have a visitor here.
    Your appreciation and comments are welcome.
    The thread is a way to me to have an exterior viewpoint to this matdrial
    the entirety of I am still in the process of exploring.

    Love from me

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  Carol on Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:07 am

    Hi mudra. I read the Seth material back in the 70's when I was completely clueless about more then today. It took years to sort it out. Nice to see you enjoying it but I suspect you're on the other side of being clueless so it likely offers validation of what you've discovered already to be true. Hadriel

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  mudra on Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:30 pm

    Carol wrote:Hi mudra. I read the Seth material back in the 70's when I was completely clueless about more then today. It took years to sort it out. Nice to see you enjoying it but I suspect you're on the other side of being clueless so it likely offers validation of what you've discovered already to be true. Hadriel

    Great to hear you read these things before Carol.
    I myself was completely immerged in Castaneda's book in the 70's which as  for you with the Seth materials took me ages to really sort out to a new level of understanding. They layed the step stones of a journey that opened several other doors of fascinating exploration.
    And yes if the Seth materials are often a confirmation of what I already came to know it's interesting to study it all over again from a completely new angle  Cheerful

    Love from me

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  Swanny on Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:20 pm

    Thanks Mudra :)

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  mudra on Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:25 pm

    You are welcome Swanny cheers

    Love from me

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  mudra on Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:43 pm

    Beliefs and reality

    You form the fabric of your experience through your own beliefs and expectations.
    These personal ideas about yourself and the nature of reality will affect your thoughts and emotions.

    Many individuals are completely blind to their own beliefs about themselves, and the nature of reality.

    It has been fashionable to blame the subconscious for personality problems
    and difficulties, the idea being that early events, charged and mysterious, lodged there.
    In this country several generations grew up believing that the subconscious portions of the personality were unreliable,
    filled with negative energy, and contained only locked-up unpleasant episodes best forgotten.

    About the same time that the idea of the unsavory subconscious arose so strongly, the idea of the soul went out the window.
    Millions of people therefore believed in a reality in which they were deprived of the idea of a soul,
    and burdened by the concept of a very unreliable, if not definitely evil, subconscious.

    Now first of all, there are no limitations or divisions to the self.
    You can indeed depend upon seemingly unconscious portions of yourself.
    As you will see later, you can become more and more consciously aware,
    therefore bringing into your consciousness larger and larger portions of yourself.

    Each person experiences a unique reality, different from any other individual's.
    This reality springs outward from the inner landscape of thoughts, feelings, expectations and beliefs.

    Your beliefs can be like fences that surround you.
    You must first recognize the existence of such barriers — you must
    see them or you will not even realize that you are not free, simply because you will not see beyond the fences.
    (Very positively:)
    They will represent the boundaries of your experience.

    The Self Is Not Limited.
    That statement is a statement of fact.
    It exists regardless of your belief or disbelief in it.
    Following this concept is another:
    There Are No Boundaries or Separations of the Self.

    Those that you experience are the result of false beliefs.
    Following this is the idea that I have already mentioned:
    You Make Your Own Reality.

    I told you that the self was not limited, yet surely you think that your self stops where your skin meets space,
    that you are inside your skin. Period.
    Yet your environment is an extension of your self.
    It is the body of your experience, coalesced in physical form.
    The inner self forms the objects that you know as surely and automatically as it forms your finger or your eye.
    Your environment is the physical picture of your thoughts, emotions
    and beliefs made visible. Since your thoughts, emotions and beliefs move
    through space and time, you therefore affect physical conditions separate from you.

    You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions,
    causes all experience.
    There are no exceptions.

    Once you understand this you have only to learn to examine the
    nature of your beliefs, for these will automatically cause you to feel and
    think in certain fashions.

    Your emotions follow your beliefs. It is not the other way around.

    I would like you to recognize your own beliefs in several areas.
    You must realize that any idea you accept as truth is a belief that you hold.
    You must, then, take the next step and say, "It is not necessarily true,
    even though I believe it."
    You will, I hope, learn to disregard all beliefs that imply basic limitations.

    First of all, you must realize that no one can change your beliefs for you, nor can they be forced upon you from without.
    You can indeed change them for yourself, however, with knowledge and application.

    The realization that you form your own reality should be a liberating one.
    You are responsible for your successes and your joys.
    You can change those areas of your life with which you are less than pleased,
    but you must take the responsibility for your being.

    You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body.
    You are here to aid in the great expansion of consciousness.
    You are not here to cry about the miseries of the human condition, but to change them
    when you find them not to your liking through the joy, strength and vitality that is within you;
    to create the spirit as faithfully and beautifully as you can in flesh.

    In a manner of speaking, the conscious mind is a window through
    which you look outward — and looking outward, perceive the fruits of
    your inner mind.
    Often you let false beliefs blur that great vision.
    Your joy. vitality and accomplishment do not come from the outside to you as the result of events that "happen to you."
    They spring from inner events that are the result of your beliefs.

    If you use your conscious mind properly, then, you examine those
    beliefs that come to you. You do not accept them willy-nilly.
    If you use your conscious mind properly, you are also aware of intuitive ideas that come to you from within.
    You are only half conscious when you do not examine the information that comes to you from without,
    and when vou ignore the data that comes to you from within.

    Your thoughts blossom into events. If you think the world is evil,
    you will meet with events that seem evil.
    There are no accidents in cosmic terms, or in terms of the world as you know it.
    Your beliefs grow as surely in time and space as flowers do. When you realize this you can even feel their growing.

    The conscious mind is basically curious, open. It is also equipped to
    examine its own contents.
    It is also meant to receive and interpret important data that comes to it from the inner self.

    Left alone, it does this very well. It receives and interprets impressions.
    What has happened, however, is that man has taught it to accept [only] data coming from the outside world,
    and to set up barriers against inner knowledge.
    Such a situation denies the individual his full strength, and cuts him off —
    consciously, now — from the important sources of his being.

    These conditions inhibit creative expression in particular, and deny the
    conscious self the continually emerging insights and intuitions other
    wise available.
    Divisions, illusionary ones, appear in the self.

    Remember, even false beliefs will seem to be justified in terms of
    physical data, since your experience in the outside world is the mate
    -rialization of those beliefs. So you must work with the raw material of
    your ideas, even while your sense data may tell you that a given belief
    is obviously a truth. To change your experience or any portion of it,
    then, you must change your ideas. Since you have been forming your
    own reality all along, the results will follow naturally

    You are not your ideas, nor even your thoughts. You are the self who experiences them.

    Many beliefs would automatically fall away quite harmlessly
    if you were being truly spontaneous. Instead you often harbor them
    When you are spontaneous, you accept the free nature of your
    mind and it spontaneously makes decisions as to the validity or non-
    validity of data it receives. When you refuse to allow it this function it
    becomes cluttered.

    The mistaken belief is one that does not fit the basic conditions of your inner being.
    So if you believe that you are at the mercy of physical events, you entertain a false belief.
    If you feel that your present experience was set in circumstances beyond your control, you entertain a false belief.

    The inner self is embarked upon an exciting endeavor, in which it
    learns how to translate its reality into physical terms.
    The conscious mind is brilliantly attuned to physical reality, then, and often so dazzled by what it perceives
    that it is tempted to think physical phenomena is a cause, rather than a result.
    Deeper portions of the self always serve to remind it that this is not the case.

    Hatred of war will not bring peace —. Only love of peace will bring about those conditions.

    I would like to make one point here, however — that often
    psychoanalysis is simply a game of hide-and-seek, in which you continue to relinquish responsibility
    for your actions and reality and assign the basic cause to some area of the psyche, hidden in a dark forest of the past.
    Then you give yourself the task of finding this secret.
    In so doing you never think of looking for it in the conscious mind, since you are convinced that all deep answers lie far beneath — and, moreover, that your consciousness is not only unable to help you but will often send up
    camouflages instead.
    So you play that game.
    When and if you manage to change your beliefs in that self-deceptive framework,
    then any suitable "forgotten" event from the past will be used as a catalyst.
    One would do as well as another.

    The basic beliefs however were always in your conscious mind, and the reasons for your behavior.
    You simply had not examined its contents with the realization that your beliefs were not necessarily reality,
    but often your conceptions of it.

    I am not telling you to inhibit thoughts or feelings. I am asking that you become aware of those you have.
    Realize that they form your reality.
    Concentrate upon those that give you the results that you want.

    If you find all of this difficult, you can also examine your physical reality in all of its aspects.
    Realize that your physical experience and environment is the materialization of your beliefs.
    If you find great exuberance, health, effective work, abundance, smiles on the faces of those you meet,
    then take it for granted that your beliefs are beneficial.
    If you see a world that is good, people that like you, take it for granted, again, that your beliefs are beneficial.
    But if you find poor health, a lack of meaningful work, a lack of abundance, a world of sorrow and evil,
    then assume that your beliefs are faulty and begin examining them.

    We will later discuss the nature of mass reality, but for now we are dwelling upon the personal aspects.

    source: The nature of personal realiy- chapter 2

    Love Always

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  solent on Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:03 pm

    Thanks mudra, just downloaded the PDF, going to give this my attention. Hadriel

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    Re: The Nature of Personal Reality- A Seth Book

    Post  mudra on Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:11 pm

    solent wrote:Thanks mudra, just downloaded the PDF, going to give this my attention. Hadriel

    Thank you for your visit on this Thread Solent.
    Wishing a good read and hopefully some interesting insights too Cheerful

    The Karen

    Love for You

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