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    Old PA & Camelot X-posed again


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    Old PA & Camelot X-posed again

    Post  Eartheart on Tue May 17, 2016 8:39 am

    This is the link:

    This might be old and allready rotten bread, but i vomitted on it anyhow Big Grin 1

    There is this video, typical that blondlocked cowboy and the woman with the unintel quest-ions try to turn on an russian indigo kid, which manages to block and distract, yet somehow they mindprobe him (which he averts and shows his distrust)... Ok they are americans, which seems a sad state of brainwash distorted crime/victim duality, but who can abuse such opportunity (helping this kid) by just asking those stupified questions???

    I remember a few erlier claims of the same observations by earlier chillings on camelots con...  Annoyed

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