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    The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)


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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Tue May 09, 2017 1:19 pm

    Please remember that this is a HIGHLY Experimental Thread, and I am EXTREMELY Uncomfortable with most of it!! This sort of thing might be respectable if I were a CIA Agent (but I'm NOT)!! I'd honestly prefer to spend most of my time with the following list (in the context of the English Monarchy in the 19th and 20th centuries)!! What Would Victoria, Albert, and Dr. Stockmar Say?? Does ANYONE get what I'm getting at?? What Would TREEE Say?? What Would GROOT Do?? TREEE = GROOT?? ABRAXAS = ABRASAX?? What Would Abraxasinas Say??

    1. Patriarchs and Prophets (Ellen White).

    2. Prophets and Kings (Ellen White).

    3. The Desire of Ages (Ellen White).

    4. Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing (Ellen White).

    5. Christ's Object Lessons (Ellen White).

    6. The Acts of the Apostles (Ellen White).

    7. The SDA Bible Commentary -- Volumes 1 to 7 (Genesis to Revelation).

    8. The Music of Bach, Buxtehude, Handel, Widor, and Vierne.

    Notice that the Ellen White books listed above are actual Bible-Studies (but NOT Bible Commentaries) published between 1890 and 1917 reflecting an older and wiser Ellen White (or a wiser and older whoever REALLY wrote the Ellen White books). The SDA Bible Commentary is Obviously a Bible Commentary (published during the 1950's). Listening to Bach, Buxtehude, Handel, Widor, and Vierne while studying the listed-books is really a Splendiferous Spiritual Serendipity!! Many have discovered that this sort of thing works SO Much Better outside of the church! I'm NOT telling anyone to join or leave ANY Church! This approach is NOT the approved-methodology of the SDA Church. This is actually more ecumenical than one might suppose. The Jesuits know what I'm talking about. This is sort of a Catholic approach to Adventism (but neither church would admit this)! This takes more time, perspiration, and inspiration than you can imagine! This is a Moot Holy-War for Completely Ignorant Fools!! Just Kidding!

    RedEzra wrote:Hear me now and believe me later... it is no coincidence that the politics of the western world has built up communist China to become a super power. In an ideological dictatorship like communism and islam there is no freedom of thought and speech just like under nazism. And the citizens are reduced to be busy bees and beasts of burden for the ruling elite.

    In the west there is still some semblance of freedom but under the watchful eyes of various intelligence agencies whose tops are inner members of secret societies or kingsmen who work for the king. Yes the royals are still ruling people as they have done for thousands of years.

    It is interesting to note what the bible states about angels begetting children with women... angelic human hybrids who were huge in stature with six fingers and toes on each hand and foot. Those were the natural royals of nations... half human and half angel. There are a lot of rumours about huge human bones found all over the world but for some reason there is no government investigation into this.... rather it is silenced and stacked away from the prying eyes of the public.

    There is perhaps a very good reason for this... that the royals are related to those old human angelic hybrids... that the blue bloods can trace their linage to an angel. And the sad part is that it is a fallen angel and so the aristocrazy would be in enmity with GOD and humanity.

    You see it all makes perfect sense why the world is as it is...
    RedEzra wrote:Us humans sense just a slit of the electromagnetic spectrum... so most of the universe is invisible to us.

    Think about that !

    There may very well be vibrational worlds above and beneath our spot in the spectrum complete with beings we cannot even sense... and so the expression seeing is believing is in reality very close minded. It is akin to a person born with total color blindness who cannot believe in colors... because he hasn't seen any.

    Most people may have had an experience with the supranatural and so they know there is more between heaven and earth but that's about it... and that's why there is so much spiritual speculation.

    But unless one is a discarnate spirit one cannot really get a grasp of what's going on in those worlds. Right ?
    Eartheart wrote: Might be not so supranatural beyond the quarantained cages and holosync mental projectors in2dim! Its now called the HS, Higher Self which manages the souls x-perience in the body, and that HS will be interpretended as Jesus by most developing humans. That empty symbolism has distracted a many knights and killed a billion inn0cent Earthearts during the demonic conquests... Simplify and purify in our Goddess of avalon to attain creation again. The dead ballast wont help or save a child... Thanx
    Eartheart wrote: Alloha Dr. Oxy , who so carelessly quantumnavigated those traps of medevil beastality foodsourcing...

    hey that made my day -"processed by an wicked spirit/ghost by the name of *CHI*" or so...    Harp

    This modern racist trash got good pounded and condensed by your unflinching efforts lately, seems to ring all my church bells
    just by contemplating a few of your hints. Thanx and farewell...

    here some more perspiration:

    1* that lifeforce/chi packet-which is a frequency pixelcloud stores a lot of intrusive implantations & ideas - especially those morons of contradictional/controverse diabolic dialectix, sick mnemoplexes and pretraumatic conditioning (like dust on the heart)... So the joke was really on the real - what a stink.

    2* Best of quotes was from M about the souverign state of anyone as a promise to this threads fruitition into our now/soon ascended Yoniverse with our solar system got over it to "enjoy/play" with bondage... Those Grailvisions are absolutistix and will replace all common idiocrazy dogmatic schools - UknowhatImean   Tacodog

    3*Hey Trinity from Matrix was such a perverted subterfuge trying to underscore the free loving heart, well that could be their BS revealed - so that the whole trinity concept is just that - an unholy BS from the powerhungry ghostrealm, so your speculation of the 3 artangels competing for supramacy here are just for our demolition team... But who in Her/His perfected godstate whould redeem all the angelic host from their service to elevate those mortal combatants beyond their AI competition - Dr. Who seems to be one of those crownagents who wrecked our late history in the first place (with the help of the subraces and demonic reverse code). May you succed instead - as RA feared you would...

    4*And here some account to the story of "poop pious" from ANUS/PONTUS/...  At the beginning of 19th c. there was this humanoid effort of new thought and education to elevate the collective misery of early capitalhungry societies. The secret societies sprung into new growth, talmudic writings culminated into such holocaustic BS like 'the elders of zio-n' and other wickedly twisted concocktions of possesed chi/Cheese. Even in those times heavenly/alien inspiration was twisted into materialistic concepts - like marxism and jewish highjacked communism sacrificed millions for really what progress into the next machinistic wars - scripts and longtime projections from 18th c. Papa-cy... (BIG block of red ink in everybodiess CHI-dont go to communism!!!! Morons!) So after those early instigated revolutions in Eurasia (1913-1918) with the 1WW provoked by british/american agents in sarajevo that progressive force of those demonic subraces was in full swing, "that Great Work" of building that temple which never X-isted for that Artangel and hosts. The great work since the inception of the OT/NT writings around the 14th c. and the consequent closing of all gaps and knowledgeable holes in their alleged spamm. That was when those brutish jews wanted it literally, their iland from where out to leech and loot the enforced babylon on the surface.

    Here was Pious suggestion to bring them to Ethiopia/Eritrea where the Knights had reportedly found the survivors elithium, where the son of solomon brought that ark of the G and where the original jews left over from egypt exodus where cultivating the gardens...Angelic Beeings had envisioned to bring this African Israel in so that today the whole continent would be the spiritual center of humanity and first contact had spaceports in sahara ect... (At that time there was no palestine, no palestine population and yeah a few jews hung out there like everywhere, trying to make sense of their mutated disfunktional state/affairs). Poop pious must have known of the concocted biblical mare and choose for his churchly M-pire, meanwhile getting all those intel from around the block... It must have schocked when those P2 ect.loges forced the italian army to suddenly annex ethiopia/eritrea (they could only win against those tribeman with the spraying of mu-gas from aircraft) and started the 2.WW before those germans become Xxxxxx over by british agent adolfo (by the way Mussolini was as well a british agent before). ECT... So there was then after the destruction of said new Israel, which was enforced by industrial complex, those conferences of international jews in London (or around there) to enforce the literal script with Zion in Judea and the international finance led by jew banksters stipulated german blockade and their reactions of bbrrrr iggittiggitt demonic subraces wtheck... So conclusive my 5cent is that the nazipope wasnt one, but knew of all this and more, beeing unable to steer the wreck of that insidioussness of artificall riffs and babylons hateagendas...     Jenneta

    5*the orgastic wholeness and UV-envelope - an ongoing comparition of adamic, athlantic and MU-bodytypes with the fruit of our creation - an avalonian meshiach body hosting the round view creation of all species and their specific contributions into our omniverse - hint @ EXIT from holoprojected induction...    Hadriel    The Karen    Hadriel

    6*The doubleheaded eagle is a symbol of the survivors of the atlantian ghostwars, like the Trident of Shiva/Neptun is a sign of the atlantian King or Kingform of that era-like the suncross a lucky sign brought to earth from those spacefaring humanoids long before those reptiles started their sumerian deceptions!!!!!

    Lawless  see U almighty
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Thank-you Eartheart. I'll have to read your post repeatedly to really understand it. You certainly have a way with words. I've become frighteningly-fixated upon the Medical-Military-Money Complex. I understand the Peace-Prevention-Philanthropy Complex -- but what if Ancient and Ongoing Star-Wars have everything to do with why things are the way they are (in an obviously non-idealistic manner)?? At one point in my life -- I was headed toward the Medical-Military-Money Complex -- but my conscience bothered me -- and I dropped-out -- never recovering. I've been a Shell of a Guy for most of my adult-life -- mostly because of hyper-religiosity and hyper-idealism. The contrast between the Ideal and the Reality is truly devastating -- but most people haven't got a clue (or a backbone). I once worked in a Major Teaching-Hospital (just down the street from a Major VA-Hospital). There were a couple a Major Air-Force Bases just a few miles away. I rented a Room with a View of the Hospitals and One of the Air-Force Bases -- and I sort of made the connection. At one point -- I was very interested in becoming a Flight-Surgeon -- and I think I would've made an excellent one. I'm foolish and stupid now -- but I wasn't always this way. If I had persisted in my pursuit of the Medical-Military-Money Complex (and murdered my conscience) I'd probably be a Multi-Millionaire with a Model-Wife and Charming-Children (attending Harvard and Yale) -- and I might be performing Alien-Autopsies in Deep Underground Military Medical-Centers. Who Knows??? Let's see -- if I sell my house and write a book -- I might be able to afford an Old-Porsche and a Mountain-Cabin -- where I can vegetate away the rest of my miserable life. Truth and Ethics are SO Overrated...
    B.B.Baghor wrote:ortho's words "Let's see -- if I sell my house and write a book -- I might be able to afford an Old-Porsche and a Mountain-Cabin"

    That's exactly how I can picture you, ortho. To me, you seem to have some likeness with (french) artists working around 1900. For example painters like Gaugin, Matisse, Kokoschka and Paul Delvaux, even Russian painters and writers,  for their melancholy, sort of. You're great in your writing, but quite doomy and gloomy.  Combined with your unique humour, so much is in your head, it might be a relief to get it out and put it down on paper. Or canvas? Do it....... I think you should..... just do it, find that cabin! Here you go, ortho. Porsche is a great design, yellow goes well with the car and also with that mountain cabin  Cheerful Now, for something completely different, on with the topic, with Viscum Album, the mistletoe we're all familiar with, at Xmas: "Iscador is a herbal cancer treatment derived from fermented European mistletoe (Viscum album). Various parts of the mistletoe plant are used in order to formulate the extraction. Mistletoe has been used medicinally for centuries for a variety of purposes by multiple cultures. Rudolf Steiner pioneered the use of mistletoe therapy in connection to the treatment of cancer in the beginning of the twentieth century".

    During my health-food consultancy training, finished in June 2010, which was based on an antroposofic/regular medical point of view, we've discussed the cause and treatment of cancer, related to nutrition and temperaments. One woman in our class went through a regression of her cancer process, which she had endured many years before. This time it happened on an emotional level. She was so in touch with her body, that she knew how her body reacted to this process and at some point she decided to take Iscador injections. In the 3 years we shared the classroom, I've seen her going from a nihilistic view and self-doubt, to a genuine awareness of her own growth, in YES to her life... and body trust. The old voice remained part of her, with relapses. I've witnessed her journey to health as a teaching. She chose "Lot" as the name of her business, for it's in her name. Lot means Fate in English. The Iscador injections affected her immune system, so she could maintain good health, relatively speaking. In that training, with a gathering of medical doctors of an older age, teachers with experience, being ill is viewed as a sign of good health, strange as it may sound. Only when a body can't fart anymore, things begin to become serious and the being with the scythe steps closer.

    Physical illness is a voice of the body, saying "Hey, listen to me, pay attention" it's the physical (sometimes final) materialisation of unbalanced energy in one's system, or the unbalanced way of dealing with it. Which in itself is part of an ongoing process of change, conditions related to phases of our life. Although it's outside wrong or right from the point of overview, it bears consequences. Foremost those conseqences become visible and noticable in our physical body, in our posture too. That's where it shows up as a blessing in disguise, if we choose to receive it that way. I'm not ignoring the emotional impact, the range of sad feelings and grief, accompanying dis-ease. And the support we may offer. That's as much part of the blessing, if you know what I mean. I'm not sharing new insights here, the bridge between our physical body and our emotional state is built, anno 2015, even in parts of the regular medical world. In my view, dis-ease is one of our spirit being's wise decisions, to shake us awake, when nothing else works.

    In my view,iIt's not the cause, material or immaterial, that brings on disease or death, it's the awareness of why my health is affected and how it can be used as a roadsign. A roadsign that in itself is created by me, should be created by me, while choosing my path. For as much as dis-ease is viewed as the responsibility of myself, while suffering from it, as much respect is practiced in how I handle my symptoms and deal with the cause of that condition, that dis-ease. Good doctors know how to be supportive in that. Each person has a unique path in the art of physical health maintenance and emotional selfcare. I think we live and die each day, letting go of old and dipping our toes in the waters of new. Sometimes people's lives are a great flash of lightning and sometimes it's a slow simmering of almost reaching boiling point. And all kind of ways are in between. In my life, I started as a fierce flame of indignity, then my fire was kindled and now I've made sure cutting wood is done each day  Wink I have experienced physical dis-ease, the last time was in 1994, when I ended a business. Nowadays we would call it a burn out, at that time my eyes couldn't bear the light and burned painful for 6 months. That turned out to be a wayshower to a healing of a part of me that wandered off, once upon a time. I thank Heavens for it  Cheerful Last but not least, here's a Q & A document, on the subject of cancer, offered by Richard Wagner, a German medical doctor:
    I think there might be more to that Holy-War between the Medical-Military-Money Complex and the Prevention-Peace-Philanthropy Complex than even I can imagine. In fact -- I'm thinking that I might really need to wage this Holy-War internally for the rest of my life -- especially when I stop posting on the internet. I keep thinking about my SDA background -- and the Fourth-Season of Babylon 5 (especially regarding Mr. Edgars) -- in connection with this Jihad -- and it scares the hell out of me. I've even been thinking of the WWII Japanese chemical and biological warfare experimentation. What if this was an act of desperation -- with the knowledge that nuclear-weapons and UFO's were being developed elsewhere in the world?! Make damn sure that you have ALL of the facts when judging individuals, religions, races, and nations. This world (and probably this universe) are probably more problematic and complex than anyone can possibly imagine. What if God (at least in this solar system) exhibits characteristics related to the Holy-War between the Medical-Military-Money Complex and the Prevention-Peace-Philanthropy Complex?? I mean no disrespect. What if the solar system (and possibly the universe) must be run by someone who might be similar to the Borg-Queen in Star Trek Voyager?? Try conceptually combining the Borg-Queen -- Cleopatra -- Isis -- Anna (in "V") -- Ellen White -- British-Queens -- et al!! Again, I mean absolutely zero disrespect. I imagine things which scare the hell out of me -- which I mostly don't wish to talk about. Living a Life of Quiet-Desperation -- driving through the mountains in a Porsche 911 GT3 -- is looking better all the time!!

    Somehow, I feel the need to concentrate my research on the twenty-second century -- but I'm uncertain regarding how to proceed. I'm watching the Dark Frontier episode of the fifth-season of Star Trek: Voyager -- and mention was made of an "economic-realignment of the world-order in the twenty-second century". A.D. 2133 is in the twenty-second century. Think About It. This Might be Sirius. Consider (one more time) the following study-list (in the following order -- read straight-through rapidly and repeated endlessly):

    1. Prophets and Kings (Ellen White).
    2. Job through Daniel (King James Version).
    3. The Desire of Ages (Ellen White).
    4. Job through Daniel (King James Version).
    5. Prophets and Kings (Ellen White).
    6. Job through Daniel (King James Version).
    7. The Desire of Ages (Ellen White).

    It might take several months (or years) to understand this approach. I'm not sure I understand. Once again -- this is NOT a line in the sand. I'm not sure what this approach ultimately yields. I doubt that it yields any existing religion or denomination (including the SDA church). I am aware of significant problems and issues related to these sources -- but I think this task needs to be done with enthusiasm and persistence -- as a place of beginning for possible "clean sheet of stone" contemporary theologies. I am NOT a "Reactionary-Traditionalist". This study is based upon experience -- research -- intuition -- perspiration -- and inspiration. BTW -- how does one improve upon perceived-perfection -- in the context of heaven?? Do curiosity and/or "better-ideas" equal "sin"?? Is evolutionary-change even an option?? Does any bottom-up change constitute "rebellion"?? Is "revolutionary-change" the only way to change things (for better or worse) in such a situation?? Does "trust and obey" equal "rust and obey"?? Does responsible-freedom facilitate intelligent absolute-obedience?? Is the Creator of Humanity considered to be the Author of Sin and Confusion?? Think long and hard about what I just said.

    Once again -- how do we REALLY know anything about anything -- especially regarding antiquity and the otherworldly?? Everyone and Everything Seems to be Shifting-Sand to Me. The Wisdom-Books in the Holy-Bible seem to be some of the Brightest-Lights of Antiquity. If One Adds the Major Prophets -- Why is the Rest of the Bible Really Necessary -- Especially When So Much of It Seems So Questionable and Problematic?? The Ethics and Eschatology are Horrible!! What If a Proper Commentary on Job Through Daniel Should be the New-Testament in Modernity?? I'm NOT Against Jesus -- But I Have HUGE Questions Regarding the Life and Teachings of Jesus as Recorded in the New-Testament. I Have Even Greater Questions Regarding Acts Through Revelation. Something is Very Wrong -- But If One Questions Anything -- They Are Branded As a Reprobate-Heretic. The Old-Testament Seems Exclusively and Excessively Biased Toward the Jews and Judaism. The New-Testament Seems Exclusively and Excessively Biased Against the Jews and Judaism. Is Job Through Daniel a Reasonable Middle-Way (Especially If Given a Modern-Universal Application)?? No One Seems to Give a Damn About Any of This. Why???

    I think we need to take a very close look at what EVERYONE has done (or not done) with Job through Daniel for thousands of years. What if the New Testament had featured Job through Daniel?? I am NOT dogmatic about this -- but I think this area should be looked at very closely. Also -- consider looking at what a Roman Catholic "Heaven" would be like. There's a HUGE difference between independently studying Roman Catholicism versus being a Submissive Member of the Roman Catholic Church. Also -- there's a HUGE difference between the understandings of Rank and File Catholic Parishioners versus Top Ranking Roman Catholic Scholars. I continue to suspect that Roman Catholicism (historically and presently) is a Corrupted Version of an Idealistic Plan. Politics and Religion are incredibly Slippery Slopes -- with the Road to Hell Paved with Good Intentions. I am presently very suspicious of BOTH Catholicism and Protestantism. Continue to take a very close look at Rome, London, Washington D.C., the United Nations, and the Dark-Side of the Moon. I continue to wish to be a Passive Non-Instigating Researcher. I continue to wish to become less and less vocal. I've honestly been trying to completely stop posting for several years now. I've tried to stop thinking about the madness for several decades. I think I've been in Nervous-Breakdown Mode for most of my adult life (in a very low-grade sense). I frankly don't see this changing for the remainder of this present incarnation. We all have our crosses to bear.

    What if one privately and deeply studied Job through Daniel -- and then publically implemented a Minimalist and Refined Robert H. Schuller Approach?? Does anyone have any idea of what I'm talking about?? The Arrogant Bastards seem to dominate this seemingly God-Forsaken Planet. On the other hand -- who really Ordains the Powers That Be?? Are we really dealing with Universal Star Wars -- going way, way, way, way back?? Do "Nice-Guys" really finish last in this universe?? What if I'm NOT a "Nice-Guy" -- going way, way, way, way back?? What if this particular incarnation was (and is) some sort of a "Test"?? What if I wish for this universe to be "Nice"?? But what if this wish is an Impossible-Dream?? Remember that Da'an (in Earth: Final Conflict) was more of a Bad@$$ than he/she seemed to be. What if I really need to spend the rest of my life thinking in terms of a Medical--Military--Money Complex in Idealistic Yet Pragmatic Ways?? What if Mr. Edgars in the Fourth-Season of Babylon 5 is somehow a model of how a solar system must be run?? Think exhaustively about what I just said. I don't like this concept -- but what if this is the "Way Things Are"?? I've had contact with someone who sort of reminds me of Mr. Edgars -- but I don't want to talk about it. There's a lot of things I don't want to talk about. Imagine Mr. Edgars and Mr. Mordin as Galactic Business Partners!! Does that suggestion send chills up and down anyone's spine?? Anyone?? Please spend a couple of bucks, and watch "The Exercise of Vital Powers". Here are a couple of sampler videos. Remember -- they supposedly like me on Phobos -- and that thought scares the hell out of me. It really does. BTW -- "What Do You Want??"

    Does anyone get what I'm getting-at?? Anyone?? If this world is based upon the shifting sands of lies and half-truths -- then "Disclosure and Regime-Change" might be the End of Us All. Is some sort of a Holy-War just around the corner?? Think in terms of Possibility-Thinking -- followed by Positive-Speaking. In other words -- think of as many possibilities (positive and negative) as possible -- and then communicate your solutions in simple and positive ways. Despite my hinting and modeling -- I really just wish to continue listening and watching -- and perhaps passively-posting -- and that's pretty much it -- no matter what happens -- and I mean "no matter what". I am horribly hamstrung and fatigued -- and nothing seems to help -- so I'll probably be irreparably screwed-up for the rest of my life. Don't expect a "miraculous-recovery". Once again -- my thinking has been decades in the making. This thread didn't just materialize overnight. I'm not possessed (as far as I know) -- but I think I am harassed and oppressed 24/7. But really -- I go looking for trouble when I speculate about the unmentionable -- the unthinkable -- and the unknowable. I really don't see an upside in any of this. Beware of Positive-Developments which are engineered to ultimately become Negative-Catastrophes. BTW -- has anyone connected the "Resurrection of the Dead" with a "Zombie-Apocalypse"?? If Demonic-Beings can impersonate Dead Loved-Ones (in a séance or other such occurrence) why couldn't they pull-off a "Mock-Resurrection"?? Just wondering. What do you think about these four Sherry Shriner shows?? Please talk to me. I continue to be Wary of Sherry -- but I think she knows a HUGE amount -- and that she mixes the "good-stuff" with the "ridiculous-stuff". I sort of do that sometimes. I deal with Sirius-Subjects in Crazy-Ways -- just to make us think.





    I've made a small issue regarding the Messianic-Name "Immanuel" -- and in Sherry's 04-06-15 show -- she connects the name "Immanuel" with a False-Messiah. Interesting. Once again -- I have no idea what's really going-on -- and I have no idea what's really going to happen. I'm honestly not "playing-dumb". The view-count for this thread has all but stopped -- and I swear that when the reposting and editing is finished -- I will not continue this thread (or probably any thread). I sense that choices have been made (at the highest levels) which are much less than ideal. I also sense that when the general-public finds out what you've done -- there will be pandemonium --  but I SO hope I'm wrong. I think I'll have to privately agonize over life, the universe, and everything -- as sort of a private hell. I really think there will be some sort of an information restriction (for legitimate and illegitimate reasons) -- and I'd rather control myself than be controlled by who knows who (or what)?!

    magamud wrote:Here was a post from the video you supplied Ortho.

    List of 911 key people assassinated by the CIA after 911:

    Paul Smith ( wnbc heli pilot), Barry Jennings (wtc security manager), Kenneth Johannemann (explosions witness), Beverly Eckert (911? activist), Bruce Ivins (FBI Anthrax Scientist), Salvatore Princiotta (FNY Firefighter), David Wherley (US General ), Christopher Landis (Virginia Dept of Transportation), Bertha Champagne (Marvin Bush Babysitter...), Michael H. Doran (911 victims lawyer), Deborah Palfrey (run terrorists' escort services)...

    They openly assassinate people and it just goes into the memory hole.  Can this mind fog just be programming?  Stimulus response pavlovian behavior modification?  Maybe or is their other EMP, Radar, Scalar bullshit going on to create a Mist?

    "Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes."
    Thank-you for posting those names, magamud. I almost posted them myself. It reminded me of all of the JFK assassination witnesses who seemingly got murdered. What really scares me is to imagine the rationalization-process which goes into all of the reprehensible and violent murder and mayhem -- seemingly perpetrated by the Solar System Elite. The part that absolutely terrifies me is the possibility that there MIGHT be some legitimate reasons why the horrific activities are ordered and executed. I was told that God was trying to get our attention with 9/11. I heard that a clergyperson who witnessed 9/11 said of the hijackers, "They must've done it for God." I was told that 9/11 was done to keep something much worse from occurring. Remember that Leo Zagami rant, where he said that HE ordered the Twin-Towers brought-down -- said that he was Jesus AND said that Amen Ra was his father??!! I was asked if I knew who ordered the JFK assassination?! I won't tell you my answer OR the response to my answer. I'm just going to repeat that I suspect a Rogue-Element of the Secret-Government.

    I keep imagining being part of an Ethical and Open Centralized Solar System Government (in a future incarnation) -- and I think that might be quite cool. However, I am extremely apprehensive regarding the way this Solar System REALLY works presently AND how it has worked for thousands of years. Again, what truly frightens me is the possibility that a Bad-Humanity MUST be ruled in a somewhat Sinister, Heartless, and Ruthless Manner -- and that a Truly Good CEO of Purgatory Incorporated would NOT last more than a couple of years (or a couple of months). I keep thinking in terms of Good-Anna v Bad-Anna -- with the possibility that a Bad-Anna might be necessary presently -- but that a Good-Anna would be preferable at a future date -- presumably when Humanity were MUCH more ethical and advanced. I have tried to think about a lot of things from a lot of different angles -- including the Dark and Regressive Sides. What would I do presently if I were a Draconian-Reptilian CEO of Purgatory Incorporated -- living in a Base on the Dark-Side of the Moon???!!! What might THAT be like???!!! Does anyone else think like this???!!! I didn't think so.

    I'm sorry to be repetitious and ignorant regarding the following BUT has anyone thought much about the possibility of a Roman Catholic Model based upon 1. The Traditional Latin Mass? 2. The 1928 Book of Common Prayer? 3. Life of Christ by Fulton Sheen. 4. The Manner and Logic of Fulton Sheen -- as seen in his television-programs?  5. Sacred Classical Music? Again, this is an attempted Novus-Protestantism which conceptualizes an Idealistic Roman Catholic Church -- rather than just writing it off -- and saying that they're all going to burn in hell. I truly don't know what I'm talking about -- but at least I am giving the subject some attention in a science-fictional context -- without making a big-deal about it. I'll probably attend the Episcopal Church (the "Middle-Way") for the time being -- even though I have a soft-spot for the SDA Church AND the Crystal Cathedral. Once again -- I am skeptical regarding Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Sacredness in Modernity. Regarding Catholicism -- I like the fact that the larger churches are open during daylight-hours 7 days a week -- and services are often offered morning and evening 7 days a week. My reference to the Traditional Latin Mass has more to do with my trying to understand what an Uncompromising Minimalist-Traditionalist Approach might look like -- with Ecumenical-Potential. My preference is merely listening to Sacred-Music while Meditating, Praying, Reading, and Reflecting in a Sacred-Space. But please consider all of this as being a different way of writing science-fiction RATHER than being a different way of doing theology. I really don't know much about theology or science-fiction. I am truly a completely-ignorant fool -- and that is NOT merely a becoming-humility.

    Shouldn't the Teachings of Jesus and Peter in the New Testament be absolutely foundational for the Roman Catholic Church?? But what if the reality is that they have HAD to do what a Harsh God of This World has DEMANDED they do?? What if they have NOT had a choice in the matter?? What if Paul was BOTH a good-guy and a bad-guy?? What if Paul did what he had to do -- even though it might not have been the idealistically right-thing to do?? I love the rhetoric and logic in the Pauline-Epistles -- yet they often seem to conflict with what Jesus actually taught. I think there really is a Legitimate New-Testament Theology of Righteousness by Works -- which is NOT Sacramental or Ceremonial -- but which is rather Character-Related. I have problems with BOTH the traditional Roman Catholic Theology AND the Teachings of Martin Luther. But perhaps BOTH the Church and Luther did what they HAD to do under the circumstances. I think that Proper Liturgical Discipline and Practice is Character-Developing in Nature -- and Somewhat Redemptive. However, I do NOT think that just going through the Liturgical-Motions, without a Change of Heart, saves us in any way, shape, or form. God is NOT so easily fooled. I think SDA's get it partially right when they speak of character-development (and even character-perfection) BUT I think they miss the boat in SO many ways. Once again, spend some quality time thinking about Fulton Sheen and the Latin Mass. I'm NOT saying this is the way things should be -- and I am NOT expressing favoritism. I am merely suggesting a mental and spiritual exercise for certain researchers. I'm talking to a pretty select group here in the Mists of Avalon.

    This Robot Knew Too Much...
    Thank-you Brook. I think I need to read some Philip Dick and Murray Rothbard books. I think that Politics, Religion, Science, Science-Fiction, and Conspiracy-Theories really do mix. In fact, they probably shouldn't be separated. I've had about as much disclosure as I can handle over the past five years. In many respects, I've received confirmation of what I've suspected for decades. Right now, I'm looking for closure, rather than disclosure. I'm going to stop posting by the end of August -- and just digest what I've already ingested. I certainly do NOT wish to be committed to the Bethesda Naval Hospital (or go mad at Madigan). I appreciate all that you (and many others) have done. However, I never know when I'm dealing with Friend or Foe -- so I try to remain neutral and keep a poker-face. This probably makes me seem denser and less interested than I really am. Regarding Purgatory Incorporated -- check this out!! I'm NOT just randomly making this stuff up!! Perhaps I should rethink being a Solar System Ambassador! Perhaps they play Hardball beyond the Van Allen Belt!!

    Should my United States of the Solar System concept be reduced to the United States of Earth?? I have NO idea. I'd have to know the full-story to be able to make any rational determinations. If "They" told me the "Truth" -- I doubt that it would be the "Truth". I have a VERY Bad Feeling about this whole "Humanity" and "Solar System" Thing. I think we are screwed on SO many levels. What if ALL Souls in this Solar System do NOT like me at the deepest levels?? What if I've been brought here for nefarious reasons?? What if I'm screwing-up the PTB's plans with my United States of the Solar System talk?? What if I'm screwing myself, plus a few loyal supporters, with my United States of the Solar System thread?? I simply think that whatever is really going on is really bad. If you meet me -- don't expect me to smile or laugh. Sorry to disappoint you. I'm not exactly the "Best and the Brightest" or the "Right Stuff". I have NO idea where I should be -- or what I should do. I still like that "Reasonable Access and Accommodation" idea (with the understanding that I would not be a Pain in Uranus). But I Siriusly think things are WAY too screwed-up for that to occur for at least the remainder of my incarnation in This Present Container. I'm probably finding out WAY too much, as it is. I think I'm fighting a battle which very few might understand or identify with. I am SO screwed. I could make this thing SO much easier. I've been swimming upstream my whole life -- with NO end in sight. Just hire me as a Solar System Governance Consultant -- and give me a Room with a View with a Cray where the Greys can't get me!!! The Ancient Egyptian Deity called me a "Commoner" when I made a benign comment about "Tall Long-Nosed Greys"!! I'm Sirius -- or am I Aldebaran?? I called myself a "Turncoat Alien from Pleone in the Pleiades" before I knew there was actually a Pleione in the Pleiades!! What are the odds??

    Aquaries1111 wrote:

    I know what you do with your "imagery".  You are looking to plant a "seed" in the "imagination" of the "Dreamer".. Are you not?  Okay, so who am I? I am the Dreamer and the Dream and ask that you "KEEP ON DREAMING"!

    The Divine looks at "All Probabilities" in order to "learn" without judgement... So go on! Smile, You will still be Loved!
    Aquaries1111 wrote:
    I have always lived by my name in honor from the Divine! I will never give it up for I am proud of who I am!

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Wed May 10, 2017 8:07 pm

    orthodoxymoron wrote:If even 10% of this stuff were true, it would still be Earth-Shattering!! I continue to include some of this material in my Religious and Political Science-Fiction, and I treat it as Science-Fiction!! I have no way of verifying 90% of what I speculate-about and post!! I guess I take it seriously, without taking it seriously!!
    Carol wrote:Reality does tend to look like fiction Oxy. Nevertheless, what I do know about what is going on is more horrific then what you've presented over the years.
    Carol wrote:

    Obama's team 'asked for NSA secrets
    on more than 30,000 Americans in 2016
    and circulated 6,000 intelligence reports
    WITHOUT removing their names.

    Barack Obama's team used NSA technology to examine data gathered on tens of thousands of Americans abroad during the election, it has emerged. Officials searched both metadata and the actual contents of communications for the names of more than 30,000 US citizens, according to data released by the he Office of the Director of National Intelligence this week. And more than 3,000 of the resulting intelligence reports were then circulated among government departments without the names of the searched parties being redacted, sources with direct knowledge told Circa.

    Video at link - Read more:
    Carol wrote:

    Trump calls out Rice for
    refusal to testify to Congress

    Video at link:

    President Trump on Thursday called out Susan Rice for refusing to testify before a Senate committee investigating both Russian meddling in the 2016 election and allegations of Obama-era spying on Team Trump.

    “Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor to President Obama, is refusing to testify before a Senate Subcommittee next week on allegations of unmasking Trump transition officials. Not good!” Trump wrote in a pair of tweets.

    Rice had been asked by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to testify before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism.

    Rice’s lawyer, however, said she was declining to appear before the group because the ranking Democratic member on the subcommittee, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, did not agree Rice should testify, thereby making the request “a significant departure from the bipartisan invitations extended to other witnesses.”

    Multiple sources told Fox News last month that Rice had requested to unmask the names of Trump transition officials caught up in foreign surveillance – including Trump’s short-lived national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

    Rice largely avoided addressing the specific allegations during an early April interview on MSNBC; however, she said it was “absolutely false” that Obama officials utilized intelligence “for political purposes.”

    The allegations that members of the Obama administration used classified information to undermine Trump was raised by Trump himself in a March tweet. Asked last month by The New York Times if he thought Rice committed a crime, Trump said: “Do I think? Yes, I think.”
    Carol wrote:
    Sean Hannity: Jim Comey thinks we're all stupid
    Video at link:

    Most of the media ignored it, but FBI Director James Comey dropped a bombshell about Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin's potentially criminal mishandling of classified information Wednesday during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    The FBI boss was trying to explain why he told the nation, just before the presidential election, that the bureau had reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server and mishandling of sensitive government information. The alt-left believes this, and not Clinton’s woeful campaign, lack of a message and endless baggage, is what cost her the election.

    Comey explained how a separate probe had turned up emails from Clinton on a computer owned by Anthony Weiner, the pervert married to Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

    “What they could see from the metadata was that there were thousands of Secretary Clinton's emails on that device, including what they thought might be the missing e-mails from her first three months as secretary of state,” Comey said. “We never found any emails from her first three months.

    But alas, Comey said, the bureau had no reason to believe Huma Abedin had any criminal intent in mishandling sensitive emails. Once again, he ignored the fact that the statute does not require intent, but that’s another issue.

    The real issue is, why was Comey only revealing this information now? And we're really supposed to believe that Abedin had no idea that sending classified material to Anthony Weiner's laptop isn't a crime?

    Comey, at a minimum, should have done a full investigation of Abedin. By passing, he helped Hillary Clinton. She still lost, but it was in spite of Comey, not because of him. President Trump even said as much on Twitter.

    "FBI director Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds,” Trump tweeted. “The phony Trump/Russia story was an excuse used by Democrats as justification for losing the election. Perhaps Trump just ran a great campaign."

    Trump’s right. Clinton got a free pass, and so did Abedin and her creepy husband. If you or I did a tiny fraction of what they did, we'd be wearing orange jumpsuits and sitting in a tiny cell somewhere.

    While Comey goes through all sorts of verbal gymnastics defending Clinton and defending his decision to let her off the hook, he coyly says only enough about the baseless conspiracy theory involving Trump and Russia to keep it alive with the alt-left.

    “Is there any evidence that the Trump campaign assisted or directed those efforts?” Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., asked him.

    “That's something that I can't answer here,” Comey replied. “But I would refer you back to what I said was the purpose of the investigation, to understand whether there were any coordination or collusion between elements of the campaign and the Russians.”

    Maybe Comey is waiting to make a bombshell announcement about the Trump probe just before the 2020 election. Here’s a better idea for the man who gave Hillary and Huma a break: Give us one.

    Adapted from Sean Hannity's monologue on "Hannity," May 3, 2017
    Carol wrote:
    NEW YORK — In an email released by the State Department on Thursday, Hillary Clinton asked senior aide Huma Abedin whether a trusted staff member working for Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, could deliver a secure cell phone to Clinton.
    The August 2, 2010 exchange seems to evidence the close links between Clinton, Abedin and Weiner six years before the disgraced former Congressman found himself at the center of Clinton’s current email woes.

    In the correspondence, Clinton and Abedin discuss the possibility of sending a secure cell phone by FedEx.

    “OK I will (redacted) just fedex secure cell phone from dc. Anthony leaving office to bring me to airport now so hopefully will make it just in time,” Abedin wrote to Clinton.

    Clinton replied the same day, “Maybe one of Anthony’s trusted staff could deliver secure phone?”

    The dispatch was part of a slew of emails released by the State Department on Thursday that included 1,280 pages of messages produced under court order.
    Carol wrote:
    Trey Gowdy on Susan Rice, James Comey, and Hillary Clinton!
    Carol wrote:Huma Abedin's Family Members Indicted By Federal Grand Jury
    Date: Wednesday, 3-May-2017 14:22:57
    Tim Brown — May 2, 2017

           Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, is back in the news. Actually, she is only in the news now because of two of her family members, who have been indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy, wire fraud, and securities fraud.

           The indictments against two of her first cousins, Omar Amanat and Irfan Amanat, were made available via the Justice Department's website. To view Omar's indictment, click here. To view Irfan's indictment, click here.

           Abedin, Clinton and the State Department were mentioned in the indictments.

           According to one of the allegations, the men encouraged Abedin to get help from the State Department. As a result, they received $1.2 million in federal grants.

           “With the revelations of other suspicious activity at the State Department regarding [Hillary] Clinton’s tenure as the secretary of State, it seems a good time by all was had at taxpayers’ expense. The State Department was a great ‘piggy bank,'” said for criminal investigator Mary Jean (MJ) Bellson. “Were these suspects and State Department officials involved in peddling access to the Clinton’s State Department? I think the answer to that question is yes."

           According to the Justice Department in July 2016, Omar, an associate of Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, the former Chairman and CEO of KITD, was charged with conspiring to manipulate the market in KITD shares with several men, and with conspiracy, wire fraud, and aiding and abetting investment adviser fraud for participating in a scheme to defraud investors in Stephen E. Maiden’s hedge fund regarding investments in Enable Invest Ltd., an investment fund affiliated with Amanat.

           “What a tangled web Mr. Amanat tried to weave, when he allegedly conspired with others to devise a scheme to hide the significant losses and insolvency of the fund he controlled," said USPIS Inspector-in-Charge Philip R. Bartlett. "His web of deception was broken when law enforcement put an end to his criminal activity.”

           Omar was arrested on July 13, 2016, and is under house arrest until his trial date in New York City on October 2, 2017.

           Irfan is facing the same charges from the same case. He was arrested in December 2016 after returning from the United Arab Emirates to the US.

           With the announcement of Omar Amanat's indictment, there were two other men indicted, Stephen E. Maiden and rima Jameel. According to that press release, the DOJ stated:

           The Scheme to Defraud Maiden Capital Investors

    Carol wrote:

    Stressed Huma steps out after bombshell revelation she forwarded
    CLASSIFIED documents to pervert Anthony Weiner to print - but dodged prosecution

    Huma Abedin steps out after Weiner email revelation. Huma Abedin was spotted in Midtown Manhattan Thursday, heading to Hillary Clinton's office, one day after FBI Director James Comey revealed she was sending emails containing classified information to her husband Anthony Weiner. Sitting before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Comey explained how additional Clinton emails were found, which encouraged him to write a letter to Congress notifying lawmakers that the FBI was again looking into them.

    Huma Abedin was spotted in Midtown Manhattan Thursday, heading to Hillary Clinton's office, one day after FBI Director James Comey revealed she was sending emails containing classified information to her husband Anthony Weiner.

    Sitting before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Comey explained how additional Clinton emails were found, which encouraged him to write a letter 11 days before the election to Congress notifying lawmakers that the FBI was again probing the former secretary of state.

    The newly-discovered cache of Clinton emails 'were being forwarded to Anthony Weiner, including classified information, by her assistant Huma Abedin,' Comey revealed during his testimony, explaining how they were found on the disgraced congressman's laptop.

    Likely because Clinton often ordered her staff to 'please print' out documents so she could read them, Comey surmised.  'And so they found thousands of new emails,' Comey explained.

    Comey also confirmed that the FBI had investigated Abedin.

    'With respect to Ms. Abedin in particular we didn't have any indication that she had a sense what she was doing was in violation of the law – couldn't prove any criminal invent,' Comey said.    

    Read more:
    Carol wrote:Tom Fitton: Comey Has ‘Repeatedly and Improperly Protected Clinton and
    Her Top People From Consequences of Criminal Behavior’

    by John Hayward 4 May 2017

    Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discussed FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to Congress with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily.

    Hillary Clinton has blamed Comey for her 2016 election loss, but Marlow argued that if Comey had concealed the FBI’s discovery that Clinton was handling classified material irresponsibly – in the most spectacular instance, allowing it to be forwarded to disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner – it would have been “the end of the FBI as we know it.”

    “You put your finger on it – the end of the FBI as we know it,” Fitton agreed. “Comey is very interested in protecting his own reputation and why he should have done X or why he should have done Y.”

    “In the final analysis, what happened was that Comey has repeatedly and improperly protected Hillary Clinton and her top people from the consequences of their criminal behavior by coloring the law, misstating the law, and focusing on everything but the elephant in the living room: why didn’t he prosecute her? Why didn’t he recommend a prosecution? Why was immunity granted to all of these individuals? Why is it he said that he needed to prove intent, when in fact all they really needed was gross negligence, which was proven beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt, and he probably had the intent there anyway?” he asked.

    “Looking at the testimony generally yesterday, Alex, I just was reassured that Judicial Watch and all the critics of the way the Justice Department and the FBI handled this during the Obama administration are right, that the investigation into Hillary Clinton needs to be opened. He keeps on telling us other reasons why it needs to be opened, by disclosing additional crimes that his FBI has been covering up for eight months now. For instance, Huma Abedin mishandled classified information in sending it along to someone unauthorized to see, review it, or have it – Anthony Weiner, her husband,” said Fitton.

    Marlow recalled the “surreal reversal” of Comey’s famous press conference, in which he laid out a compelling case for indicting Clinton – and then said he would not indict her.

    “But the media has set the narrative, Tom, which is that he should actually be apologizing for saying anything negative about Her Highness Hillary Clinton, and not the way you and I are seeing it, which is that still we don’t know why she isn’t indicted, given all that we’ve learned,” he said.

    “That’s right,” Fitton agreed. “I can understand why that letter was concerning to those people who were in the middle of a campaign. Mrs. Clinton’s conduct was requiring an FBI investigation, but the scandal is the FBI investigation was half-baked.”

    He said Judicial Watch litigation has revealed that “the FBI was using Judicial Watch documents that we’ve gotten through the Freedom of Information Act to question some of the witnesses in the Clinton investigation.”

    “Why haven’t they gotten them on their own, through grand juries or subpoenas or other law enforcement action?” he asked. “They seem to be following our lead here. I don’t think Comey’s heart was in it. He was always concerned, and he reaffirmed that yesterday, about getting involved in politics. If he was nervous about a letter getting involved in politics, can you imagine what he would have been nervous about if an indictment was in the offing, something that he wanted to pursue in the face of what he confirmed to be Justice Department interference and lack of good faith?”

    “He’s just highlighting the fact that A) he shouldn’t be FBI Director, and B) the Justice Department was so thoroughly corrupt that he couldn’t even trust them to tell you what the time of day was, and C) that the investigation into Hillary Clinton needs to be reopened by someone independent and serious, and Comey should have nothing to do with it,” Fitton contended.

    “There is precedent for this. I recall at the beginning of the Obama administration – you may remember this – remember the investigation into the four CIA saps who were charged with using enhanced interrogation techniques? They had been exonerated by the Bush administration. The Obama administration came in and re-initiated a special prosecution, an investigation of them. This is what should be done with Hillary Clinton,” he advised.

    Marlow asked about the new standard of “criminal intent” as a requirement for indictment, which seems to apply only to “rich and powerful” individuals like Hillary Clinton.

    “I don’t know why Mr. Comey is falsely stating what the law is under oath again before Congress,” Fitton replied. “There is no intent needed to prosecute someone for the mishandling of classified information. Just imagine, if someone is so careless about classified information that they leave it on the Internet equivalent of a park bench, of course they’re going to get prosecuted, and they should. That’s what Hillary Clinton did.”

    “Not only that, but let’s say they said, ‘Let’s be sure because it’s going to be tough to prosecute her, let’s be sure that we have more than just the gross negligence standard that the law requires. Let’s say that we need the intent standard,’” he continued. “Well, Mrs. Clinton was warned repeatedly – again, uncovered by Judicial Watch documents the FBI had – not to use a system separate from the State Department system because of the security concerns. She acknowledged those warnings and did it anyway. No matter how you slice it, they had the case.”

    Another Judicial Watch revelation noted by Marlow was the discovery of emails from Abedin that show “the Clinton Foundation and State Department were linked together on Haiti,” a relationship earlier revealed by Breitbart News Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash.

    “There were some emails showing that after the terrible Haitian earthquake in 2010, there was an almost immediate conference call involving the Clinton Foundation,” Fitton explained.

    “Now, Mrs. Clinton promised that sort of thing wouldn’t happen – that the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, there would be a bright line demarcating, and the two wouldn’t meet. But instead they did meet, and obviously we later found out that Bill Clinton and his foundation effectively ran U.S. government operations down there, despite Mrs. Clinton’s promises that they’d have nothing to do with government when she was in the Secretary of State position, because that’s what she had to do in order to get the position of Secretary of State – promising a bright line between the Clinton Foundation and her Secretary of State office, because both Republicans and Democrats and even the White House, Barack Obama’s White House, had concerns about it,” he said.

    “And by the way, the documents we have this week also show more classified information being shared with Huma Abedin and others that Hillary Clinton was sending and receiving on her system. Unbelievable, unbelievable,” Fitton exclaimed.

    Marlow criticized President Trump’s announcement that Clinton would not be investigated further, and asked how such a determination could be made when relevant facts of the case are still being uncovered to this day.

    “The charitable interpretation of that is that it was a reactive comment, and he doesn’t really believe it,” Fitton said of Trump’s statement on the matter. “I really don’t think he thinks that’s the case. Technically speaking, he can’t prosecute Hillary Clinton. The operational question is, is the Justice Department going to be staffed now by people in the Trump administration who understand what their roles and duties are, and their obligations are, to the American people and do their jobs?”

    “All I’m asking is for is the thumb of politicians to be taken off the scales of justice, and allow a prosecution, a regular one, to proceed against Hillary Clinton,” he declared. “Certainly an investigation or a grand jury, a serious one. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be prosecuted, but the American people will be reassured that the rigged game that went on last year isn’t going to happen again, and there’s going to be finally a full vetting of what went on.”
    Carol wrote:
    May 7, 2017
    Massive Theft From Russian Bank Said Funded Hillary Clinton And Democrat Party

    An astounding report circulating in the Kremlin today issued by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) states that failed 2016 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party (DP) have been implicated in the theft of tens-of-millions of rubles from a now failed bank in Tatarstan (an oil-rich and predominantly Muslim region in central Russia)—and that once Clinton lost her bid to become president, and in a “last gasp” effort to hide these crimes, stole another $60 million from Irish investors too. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

    According to this report, shortly after taking office as US Secretary of State in 2009, Hillary Clinton began a massive scheme to illegally enrich herself and her Democratic Party using “unscrupulous methods and tactics” against “unsuspecting and unsophisticated” Russian banks—and whose largest “deal” actually benefited the Federation when in 2013 Rosatom (Russian state owned energy giant) was able to acquire vast amounts of American uranium reserves having to pay the Clinton’s just $3 million.

    One of the Russian banks frequently used by Hillary Clinton, her husband former President Bill Clinton, and her criminal associates, this report continues, was Tatfondbank and its smaller affiliated Intekhbank PJSC—both located in Tatarstan.

    Due to the illegal machinations employed by Hillary Clinton and her criminal Western banking associates, this report details, by 1 June 2016 (in the midst of the US presidential race) Tatfondbank and Intekhbank PJSC contributed to Tatarstan reporting that its banking assests had reached 1 trillion rubles.

    Being “doubtful/dubious” about this reporting from Tatarstan, this report explains, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) began an initial investigation into banks located in Tatarstan—but whom immediately came under “extreme” pressure to limit this investigation by the American super-lobbyist Tony Podesta (brother of Hillary Clinton’s national presidential campaign manager John Podesta) who “promised/devoted” that upon Hillary Clinton taking office once she won the presidency, all Western sanctions against Russian banks would be lifted.

    Immediately after losing the US presidential election to now President Donald Trump, though, this report continues, the CBR was alerted to a mysterious bond offering of $60 million being made to “unwitting/unsuspecting” Irish investors on behalf of Tatfondbank—and that was being “organized/manipulated” by several shadowy Western banking companies—including TFB Finance, TMF Group BV, SC Lowy and Merdeka Capital—with their “common linkage” being that they were all “known/suspected” abettors to the international money laundering organization known as the Clinton Foundation.

    Upon learning of this mysterious bond offering, this report says, the CBR contacted the ICR who began their own investigation—and that initially revealed Tatfondbank was missing 97 billion rubles ($1.6 billion) it couldn’t account for.

    By early March (2017), however, this report states, the ICR determined that 3 billion rubles ($51.9 million) had been stolen from Tatfondbank—and who placed under arrest for this grave crime Robert Musin, the Chairman of the Board in Tatfondbank, Ramil Nasyrov, the ex-First Deputy Chairman of the Board in Tatfondbank, and Elena Leushina, the Director of Royal Time Group Limited Liability Company.

    Most important of these arrests to the ICR in their attempting to discover where these stolen monies were sent to, this report explains, was Elena Leushina who was the Director of Royal Time Group—another shadowy company listing itself as being in the construction and casino business—and whose “listed partners” KPMG LLP, AECOM and Steelman Partners were all discovered to have used stolen Tatfondbank money to fund not only Hillary Clinton’s failed US presidency bid, but other Democrat Party candidates too.

    Of the stolen Tatfondbank monies able to be traced due to Elena Leushina’s “interrogation/confession”, this report details, is:

    From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to KPMG LLP: $129,689 given to Hillary Clinton; $100,000 given to host the Democratic Party Convention; over $50,000 given to US Democratic Party Senator Chuck Schumer; nearly $40,000 to the Democrat Party Service Corp; nearly $35,000 to the Democrat Party Congressional Campaign Committee; and over $33,000 to the Democrat Party Senatorial Campaign Committee.

    From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to AECOM: $350,000 to Democrat Party super-PACS Priorities USA Action and Emily’s List; $136,800 to the Democrat Party Service Corp; $63,558 to Hillary Clinton; $26,234 to the Maine Democrat Party State Committee; $25,525 to US Democrat Party Senator Patty Murray; $21,800 to US Democrat Party Senator Chuck Schumer; and $18,632 to the Democrat Party of Virginia.

    From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to Steelman Partners: $28,000 to the Democrat Party.

    The “trail of fraud” from Tatfondbank has, also, this report continues, affected the Federation gravely too—with the CBR stating a few weeks ago that it was lending 66.7 billion rubles ($1.19 billion) to help keep troubled bank Peresvet (a lender run by the Russian Orthodox Church) afloat, and that is now being overseen by Rosatom.

    By both the CBR and ICR discovering how easily Hillary Clinton and her criminal Democratic Party accomplices were in manipulating Russian banks in their money laundering scheme, this report further states, the Federation this month announced it was reversing itself and would now legalize cryptocurrencies in order to protect all banks in the future.

    As to why Hillary Clinton and her Democrat Party needed to swindle Russian banks in the first place in order to finance themselves, this report explains, is due to what is being called a “liquidity supernova” erupting in the West that has seen their Central Banks (CB) buying $1 trillion of financial assets just in the first four months of 2017, which amounts to $3.6 trillion annualized and is "the largest CB buying on record”.

    So short of cash is the West, in fact, this report continues, that since 2014, its Central Banks have had to spend $200 billion per quarter just to keep their markets from crashing—and that continues to this very day as evidenced by the Swiss National Bank boosting its total equity holdings to an all time high of $80.4 billion, up $17 billion from the $63.4 billion at the end of 2016, the biggest quarterly increase in its history.

    With America, too, suffering through what is being called the worst “retail apocalypse” in its entire history that is now seeing even its most valued tech workers living in their vehicles in the shadows of its Silicon Valley tech giants, this report concludes, this nation remains in denial about Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party crimes choosing, instead, to believe that Russia is their dire enemy when nothing could be further from the truth—and as to how these peoples have ever come to believe that Russia’s paltry 143 million citizens would ever want to conquer the nearly 330 million peoples in the United States and their nearly 800 million European Union allies bespeaks more about the destructive power of their leftist-communist propaganda mainstream media than what reality actually is, or even could be.

    May 7, 2017 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.
    Carol wrote:
    @ 4:33, the most revealing statement on the Comey firing

    Gingrich on Comey's firing:
    Trump had no choice
    Carol wrote:
    @ 5:38, another huge reason why Comey may have been fired is his
    due to his role in blocking national security clearances for Trump nominees
    Mike Cernovich Releases New White House Leaks
    Published on May 10, 2017
    Mike Cernovich joins to discuss new details
    regarding Trump's dismissal of James Comey
    and the leakers inside his White House.

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Fri May 12, 2017 12:09 pm

    Carol wrote:Just a heads Up. I've been running into problems with the internet starting late afternoon yesterday where programs wouldn't load, slow loading if at all and difficulty accessing a variety of internet sites along with the Mists. There is mention of cyber attacks on Drudge.

    "LONDON — Hackers using a tool stolen from the United States government conducted extensive cyberattacks on Friday that hit dozens of countries around the world, severely disrupting Britain’s public health system and wreaking havoc on computers elsewhere, including Russia.

    Hospitals in Britain appeared to be the most severely affected by the attacks, which aimed to blackmail computer users by seizing their data. The attacks blocked doctors’ access to patient files and forced emergency rooms to divert people seeking urgent care.

    Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity firm, said it had recorded at least 45,000 attacks in as many as 74 countries.

    It was not immediately clear who was behind the attacks, but the acts deeply alarmed cybersecurity experts and underscored the enormous vulnerabilities faced by disjointed networks of computer systems around the world."
    Carol wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:As you all know, I've been listening to Sherry Shriner's shows for years, while NOT being a Follower and/or Orgone-Warrior. Anyway, her shows seem to be a mixture of "Good-Stuff" and the "Ridiculous". I've privately speculated about who Sherry might REALLY be, and I've provided various hints on this site, without being too direct, and without making a big-deal about it. For the past couple of weeks, Sherry has been more "Imminently-Eschatological" than usual, and in her show today (Friday, May 12, 2017) at 9:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time) she spoke ominously about some major-development (regarding China in particular) occurring in five-hours (which would be 2:00 PM PST). Well, that's right now!! She's seemingly issued Failed-Prophecies in the past, but I still think she knows a HUGE Amount. She could be AI or CIA for all I know, but for some reason I have felt the need to keep tabs on her "revelations". I'd sure like to know the whole-truth about Sherry Shriner!! Does all of the above have anything to do with this thread on cyber-attacks?? I don't know. I seem to know less and less as I dig deeper and deeper.

    Carol wrote: yup..




    Gang behind 'unprecedented' attack using 'atom bomb of malware' which has now spread to 130,000 systems in more than 100 countries are targeted by global task force.


    NHS - The British public health service, RENAULT - The French automobile giant, NISSAN SUNDERLAND PARK, RUSSIAN BANKS AND MINISTRIES - Russia's central bank was targeted, along with several government ministries and the railway system. The interior ministry said 1,000 of its computers were hit by a virus, GERMAN RAILWAYS - Germany's Deutsche Bahn national railway operator was affected, FEDEX, TELEFONICA - The Spanish telephone giant, SWEDISH ENGINEERING FIRM SANDVIK, SCHOOLS IN CHINA AND THE PHILIPPINES, TWO MAJOR INDONESIAN HOSPITALS. Note: Cyber extortionists tricked victims into opening attachments and spam emails that appeared to contain invoices, job offers, security warnings and other legitimate files. The ransomware encrypted data on the computers, demanding payments to restore access.


    NSA CYBER WEAPON... Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries Exploiting Stolen N.S.A. Tool
    SAN FRANCISCO — Hackers exploiting malicious software stolen from the National Security Agency executed damaging cyberattacks on Friday that hit dozens of countries worldwide, forcing Britain’s public health system to send patients away, freezing computers at Russia’s Interior Ministry and wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of computers elsewhere. The attacks amounted to an audacious global blackmail attempt spread by the internet and underscored the vulnerabilities of the digital age.

    Transmitted via email, the malicious software locked British hospitals out of their computer systems and demanded ransom before users could be let back in — with a threat that data would be destroyed if the demands were not met.

    By late Friday the attacks had spread to more than 74 countries, according to security firms tracking the spread. Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity firm, said Russia was the worst-hit, followed by Ukraine, India and Taiwan. Reports of attacks also came from Latin America and Africa.

    BLOGGER 'HALTS BY ACCIDENT'... 'Accidental hero' halts ransomware attack and warns: this is not over. Expert who stopped spread of attack by activating software’s ‘kill switch’ says criminals will ‘change the code and start again’
    Pris wrote:
    RedEzra wrote:The world is just a big killing field... and soon it will come to you as well.

    Pris wrote:Propaganda for the globalists -- you're doin' it right! Double Thumbs Up

    The global satanists are about to nuke this place... the northern hemisphere that is.

    Did you think that after thousands of years of warfare that they would not use nukes ?

    You are assuming I don't know what's going on and that I'm in some kind of denial.

    I'm very aware that there's some small group of warmongering psychopathic globalists that have wormed their way into every aspect of our lives, infecting our society with their negativist, psychological illness and enforcing it with their abomination of a death culture.  Their motto is 'order out of chaos' and they have a 'grand plan' to dominate and victimize the planet with their 'new world order' empire.

    They've used nukes already.  And, they'll keep using nukes so long as we let them.  They'll invent whatever excuse they can come up with to use nukes/weapons to keep their war machine running.  They like having the support of the public.  If they don't get support, they'll invent some false flag to justify their actions -- to get the ball rolling.  For example, why do you suppose we have nuclear power plants all over the place?  They're bombs.  You can always set one of those off and just say it was an accident or a 'terrorist' did it.

    These particular globalists are killers, genocidal.  Not only do they enjoy killing us outright, they also enjoy killing us slowly in ways that are difficult to trace back to them (lack of sufficient evidence for 'probable cause' because they control the game).  They especially enjoy it when they get us to kill each other.  That saves them the trouble.

    They exploit our compassion -- our desire to help others and do the 'right' thing -- to push their totalitarian global agenda (eg. 'Agenda 21' -- 'Project Everyone').

    We've been allowing all this insanity to happen because we've been conned into believing in the 'myth of authority'.  We've been heavily programmed.

    Any and all 'authority' (that which arches over: hierarchy, archon, archangel etc.) is a myth that we believe in -- we bow down to it.  Government control systems (enforced by police/military) and religious control systems (enforced mostly by religious zealots) are both mind control systems that work in tandem.

    Who do you think is really behind the Bible and any or all other religious scripts (religion: to bind, to bring together like a bunch of sticks... fasces, fascism).  That's a statement, not a question.

    The use of money and the control of money to coerce, corrupt, and cause disparity (its inherent flaws makes it the perfect tool) is keeping their machine well oiled (oil, petroleum -- joke, get it?).

    Notice how the dollar symbol -- a symbol of slavery -- also looks like a fasces.

    This negative propaganda/psychological warfare perpetrated against us has deep hooks.  It is fear-based.  These deranged people have made it their business to be experts on human psychology and they've been perfecting their 'craft' of instilling fear in the minds of the masses for hundreds if not thousands of years.  They use all kinds of mind control techniques and systems which include mainstream media, Hollywood (the magician uses his magic wand made of 'holly wood' to put people into a trance), and our 'educational' systems.  More recently, they have been using advanced technologies (including drugs/poisons) to alter our psychology/physiology.

    The brainwashing has worked so well on you, Red, that you're (mostly) oblivious to it.  You've become a mouthpiece for the globalists.  I don't think you're entirely brainwashed though because you're starting to get hysterical.  The seams are starting to show.  Some logical part of you, deep down, knows there's something seriously illogical about what you're saying (cognitive dissonance) because you can't make a good argument.

    And, you haven't tried to kick me out of your thread yet which is a good sign. Very Happy  

    I knew (not well) the producer of the first video. I attended several evangelistic programs in my youth, led by Roy Naden. Roy was a very dynamic preacher who used florescent chalk on a special chalkboard to make his points!! He was very animated and articulate in his public-presentations!! I spoke privately with him decades later, in his retirement years. In my youth, I often argued with theology students, and we used a line "Oh Cursed Judas!!" from this film, when we disagreed with each other. We were joking, of course!! This John Huss film is actually a reasonable and balanced treatment of both sides of the horrible state of affairs leading up to the Protestant-Reformation. The Reformation of Humanity must be built upon Truth and Common-Sense. The Book of Romans is not the whole-story of how mankind is reformed and redeemed. Anyway, please watch this video. I've watched it many times. The second video is very difficult to watch, but it is accurate history (as far as I know). I've watched it many times. This sort of thing could happen again, and it could be MUCH Worse. The Major-Players might be different, but the Unseen-Rulers might be the same. Please read the Book of Revelation in light of this post.

    Try thinking in terms of Galactic Legal-Proceedings Relative to Earth-Humanity (aka the Investigative-Judgment) Commencing with the Proposal to Create Humanity and a New World Order. Consider the possibility that these legal-proceedings have been ongoing for thousands (or millions) of years. What if the so-called 'Investigative-Judgment' specified a Termination-Date for the Human-Experiment if Certain Conditions Were Not Met??!! PLEASE Watch the Dr. Who Trial of a Time-Lord (from the mid 1980's) adapting it to the concepts in this paragraph. What if that hypothetical Termination-Date is A.D. 2133??!! We might be in more trouble than ANY of US can possibly imagine!! What if the remainder of the 21st century will make these two troubling videos seem like a Sunday-School Picnic??

    I'm REALLY Burned-Out regarding This Present Madness, and regarding my recent Heart-Surgery, so I think I REALLY need to back-off BIG-TIME. It's not that I don't care. It's not that I've given-up. I frankly think the People of the World are Taking Care of Business. I also think I've gotten too close to the truth, and I do NOT wish to Know Too Much. Honestly.

 The gospel had been planted in Bohemia as early as the ninth century. The Bible was translated, and public worship was conducted, in the language of the people. But as the power of the pope increased, so the word of God was obscured. Gregory VII, who had taken it upon himself to humble the pride of kings, was no less intent upon enslaving the people, and accordingly a bull was issued forbidding public worship to be conducted in the Bohemian tongue. The pope declared that "it was pleasing to the Omnipotent that His worship should be celebrated in an unknown language, and that many evils and heresies had arisen from not observing this rule."--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 1. Thus Rome decreed that the light of God's word should be extinguished and the people should be shut up in darkness. But Heaven had provided other agencies for the preservation of the church. Many of the Waldenses and Albigenses, driven by persecution from their homes in France and Italy, came to Bohemia. Though they dared not teach openly, they labored zealously in secret. Thus the true faith was preserved from century to century.

    Before the days of Huss there were men in Bohemia who rose up to condemn openly the corruption in the church and the profligacy of the people. Their labors excited widespread interest. The fears of the hierarchy were roused, and persecution was opened against the disciples of the gospel. Driven to worship in the forests and the mountains, they were hunted by soldiers, and many were put to death. After a time it was decreed that all who departed from the Romish worship should be burned. But while the Christians yielded up their lives, they looked forward to the triumph of their cause. One of those who "taught that salvation was only to be found by faith in the crucified Saviour," declared when dying: "The rage of the enemies of the truth now prevails against us, but it will not be forever; there shall arise one from among the common people, without sword or authority, and against him they shall not be able to prevail." --Ibid., b. 3, ch. 1. Luther's time was yet far distant; but already one was rising, whose testimony against Rome would stir the nations.

    John Huss was of humble birth, and was early left an orphan by the death of his father. His pious mother, regarding education and the fear of God as the most valuable of possessions, sought to secure this heritage for her son. Huss studied at the provincial school, and then repaired to the university at Prague, receiving admission as a charity scholar. He was accompanied on the journey to Prague by his mother; widowed and poor, she had no gifts of worldly wealth to bestow upon her son, but as they drew near to the great city, she kneeled down beside the fatherless youth and invoked for him the blessing of their Father in heaven. Little did that mother realize how her prayer was to be answered. At the university, Huss soon distinguished himself by his untiring application and rapid progress, while his blameless life and gentle, winning deportment gained him universal esteem. He was a sincere adherent of the Roman Church and an earnest seeker for the spiritual blessings which it professes to bestow. On the occasion of a jubilee he went to confession, paid the last few coins in his scanty store, and joined in the processions, that he might share in the absolution promised. After completing his college course, he entered the priesthood, and rapidly attaining to eminence, he soon became attached to the court of the king. He was also made professor and afterward rector of the university where he had received his education. In a few years the humble charity scholar had become the pride of his country, and his name was renowned throughout Europe.

    But it was in another field that Huss began the work of reform. Several years after taking priest's orders he was appointed preacher of the chapel of Bethlehem. The founder of this chapel had advocated, as a matter of great importance, the preaching of the Scriptures in the language of the people. Notwithstanding Rome's opposition to this practice, it had not been wholly discontinued in Bohemia. But there was great ignorance of the Bible, and the worst vices prevailed among the people of all ranks. These evils Huss unsparingly denounced, appealing to the word of God to enforce the principles of truth and purity which he inculcated.

    A citizen of Prague, Jerome, who afterward became so closely associated with Huss, had, on returning from England, brought with him the writings of Wycliffe. The queen of England, who had been a convert to Wycliffe's teachings, was a Bohemian princess, and through her influence also the Reformer's works were widely circulated in her native country. These works Huss read with interest; he believed their author to be a sincere Christian and was inclined to regard with favor the reforms which he advocated. Already, though he knew it not, Huss had entered upon a path which was to lead him far away from Rome.

    About this time there arrived in Prague two strangers from England, men of learning, who had received the light and had come to spread it in this distant land. Beginning with an open attack on the pope's supremacy, they were soon silenced by the authorities; but being unwilling to relinquish their purpose, they had recourse to other measures. Being artists as well as preachers, they proceeded to exercise their skill. In a place open to the public they drew two pictures. One represented the entrance of Christ into Jerusalem, "meek, and sitting upon an ass" (Matthew 21:5), and followed by His disciples in travel-worn garments and with naked feet. The other picture portrayed a pontifical procession--the pope arrayed in his rich robes and triple crown, mounted upon a horse magnificently adorned, preceded by trumpeters and followed by cardinals and prelates in dazzling array. Here was a sermon which arrested the attention of all classes. Crowds came to gaze upon the drawings. None could fail to read the moral, and many were deeply impressed by the contrast between the meekness and humility of Christ the Master and the pride and arrogance of the pope, His professed servant. There was great commotion in Prague, and the strangers after a time found it necessary, for their own safety, to depart. But the lesson they had taught was not forgotten. The pictures made a deep impression on the mind of Huss and led him to a closer study of the Bible and of Wycliffe's writings. Though he was not prepared, even yet, to accept all the reforms advocated by Wycliffe, he saw more clearly the true character of the papacy, and with greater zeal denounced the pride, the ambition, and the corruption of the hierarchy.

    From Bohemia the light extended to Germany, for disturbances in the University of Prague caused the withdrawal of hundreds of German students. Many of them had received from Huss their first knowledge of the Bible, and on their return they spread the gospel in their fatherland. Tidings of the work at Prague were carried to Rome, and Huss was soon summoned to appear before the pope. To obey would be to expose himself to certain death. The king and queen of Bohemia, the university, members of the nobility, and officers of the government united in an appeal to the pontiff that Huss be permitted to remain at Prague and to answer at Rome by deputy. Instead of granting this request, the pope proceeded to the trial and condemnation of Huss, and then declared the city of Prague to be under interdict.

    In that age this sentence, whenever pronounced, created widespread alarm. The ceremonies by which it was accompanied were well adapted to strike terror to a people who looked upon the pope as the representative of God Himself, holding the keys of heaven and hell, and possessing power to invoke temporal as well as spiritual judgments. It was believed that the gates of heaven were closed against the region smitten with interdict; that until it should please the pope to remove the ban, the dead were shut out from the abodes of bliss. In token of this terrible calamity, all the services of religion were suspended. The churches were closed. Marriages were solemnized in the churchyard. The dead, denied burial in consecrated ground, were interred, without the rites of sepulture, in the ditches or the fields. Thus by measures which appealed to the imagination, Rome essayed to control the consciences of men.

    The city of Prague was filled with tumult. A large class denounced Huss as the cause of all their calamities and demanded that he be given up to the vengeance of Rome. To quiet the storm, the Reformer withdrew for a time to his native village. Writing to the friends whom he had left at Prague, he said: "If I have withdrawn from the midst of you, it is to follow the precept and example of Jesus Christ, in order not to give room to the ill-minded to draw on themselves eternal condemnation, and in order not to be to the pious a cause of affliction and persecution. I have retired also through an apprehension that impious priests might continue for a longer time to prohibit the preaching of the word of God amongst you; but I have not quitted you to deny the divine truth, for which, with God's assistance, I am willing to die."--Bonnechose, The Reformers Before the Reformation, vol. 1, p. 87. Huss did not cease his labors, but traveled through the surrounding country, preaching to eager crowds. Thus the measures to which the pope resorted to suppress the gospel were causing it to be the more widely extended. "We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth." 2 Corinthians 13:8.

    "The mind of Huss, at this stage of his career, would seem to have been the scene of a painful conflict. Although the church was seeking to overwhelm him by her thunderbolts, he had not renounced her authority. The Roman Church was still to him the spouse of Christ, and the pope was the representative and vicar of God. What Huss was warring against was the abuse of authority, not the principle itself. This brought on a terrible conflict between the convictions of his understanding and the claims of his conscience. If the authority was just and infallible, as he believed it to be, how came it that he felt compelled to disobey it? To obey, he saw, was to sin; but why should obedience to an infallible church lead to such an issue? This was the problem he could not solve; this was the doubt that tortured him hour by hour. The nearest approximation to a solution which he was able to make was that it had happened again, as once before in the days of the Saviour, that the priests of the church had become wicked persons and were using their lawful authority for unlawful ends. This led him to adopt for his own guidance, and to preach to others for theirs, the maxim that the precepts of Scripture, conveyed through the understanding, are to rule the conscience; in other words, that God speaking in the Bible, and not the church speaking through the priesthood, is the one infallible guide."--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 2.

    When after a time the excitement in Prague subsided, Huss returned to his chapel of Bethlehem, to continue with greater zeal and courage the preaching of the word of God. His enemies were active and powerful, but the queen and many of the nobles were his friends, and the people in great numbers sided with him. Comparing his pure and elevating teachings and holy life with the degrading dogmas which the Romanists preached, and the avarice and debauchery which they practiced, many regarded it an honor to be on his side. Hitherto Huss had stood alone in his labors; but now Jerome, who while in England had accepted the teachings of Wycliffe, joined in the work of reform. The two were hereafter united in their lives, and in death they were not to be divided. Brilliancy of genius, eloquence and learning--gifts that win popular favor--were possessed in a pre-eminent degree by Jerome; but in those qualities which constitute real strength of character, Huss was the greater. His calm judgment served as a restraint upon the impulsive spirit of Jerome, who, with true humility, perceived his worth, and yielded to his counsels. Under their united labors the reform was more rapidly extended.

    God permitted great light to shine upon the minds of these chosen men, revealing to them many of the errors of Rome; but they did not receive all the light that was to be given to the world. Through these, His servants, God was leading the people out of the darkness of Romanism; but there were many and great obstacles for them to meet, and He led them on, step by step, as they could bear it. They were not prepared to receive all the light at once. Like the full glory of the noontide sun to those who have long dwelt in darkness, it would, if presented, have caused them to turn away. Therefore He revealed it to the leaders little by little, as it could be received by the people. From century to century, other faithful workers were to follow, to lead the people on still further in the path of reform.

    The schism in the church still continued. Three popes were now contending for the supremacy, and their strife filled Christendom with crime and tumult. Not content with hurling anathemas, they resorted to temporal weapons. Each cast about him to purchase arms and to obtain soldiers. Of course money must be had; and to procure this, the gifts, offices, and blessings of the church were offered for sale. (See Appendix note for page 59.) The priests also, imitating their superiors, resorted to simony and war to humble their rivals and strengthen their own power. With daily increasing boldness Huss thundered against the abominations which were tolerated in the name of religion; and the people openly accused the Romish leaders as the cause of the miseries that overwhelmed Christendom.

    Again the city of Prague seemed on the verge of a bloody conflict. As in former ages, God's servant was accused as "he that troubleth Israel." 1 Kings 18:17. The city was again placed under interdict, and Huss withdrew to his native village. The testimony so faithfully borne from his loved chapel of Bethlehem was ended. He was to speak from a wider stage, to all Christendom, before laying down his life as a witness for the truth. To cure the evils that were distracting Europe, a general council was summoned to meet at Constance. The council was called at the desire of the emperor Sigismund, by one of the three rival popes, John XXIII. The demand for a council had been far from welcome to Pope John, whose character and policy could ill bear investigation, even by prelates as lax in morals as were the churchmen of those times. He dared not, however, oppose the will of Sigismund. (See Appendix.)

    The chief objects to be accomplished by the council were to heal the schism in the church and to root out heresy. Hence the two antipopes were summoned to appear before it, as well as the leading propagator of the new opinions, John Huss. The former, having regard to their own safety, did not attend in person, but were represented by their delegates. Pope John, while ostensibly the convoker of the council, came to it with many misgivings, suspecting the emperor's secret purpose to depose him, and fearing to be brought to account for the vices which had disgraced the tiara, as well as for the crimes which had secured it. Yet he made his entry into the city of Constance with great pomp, attended by ecclesiastics of the highest rank and followed by a train of courtiers. All the clergy and dignitaries of the city, with an immense crowd of citizens, went out to welcome him. Above his head was a golden canopy, borne by four of the chief magistrates. The host was carried before him, and the rich dresses of the cardinals and nobles made an imposing display.

    Meanwhile another traveler was approaching Constance. Huss was conscious of the dangers which threatened him. He parted from his friends as if he were never to meet them again, and went on his journey feeling that it was leading him to the stake. Notwithstanding he had obtained a safe-conduct from the king of Bohemia, and received one also from the emperor Sigismund while on his journey, he made all his arrangements in view of the probability of his death. In a letter addressed to his friends at Prague he said: "My brethren, . . . I am departing with a safe-conduct from the king to meet my numerous and mortal enemies. . . . I confide altogether in the all-powerful God, in my Saviour; I trust that He will listen to your ardent prayers, that He will infuse His prudence and His wisdom into my mouth, in order that I may resist them; and that He will accord me His Holy Spirit to fortify me in His truth, so that I may face with courage, temptations, prison, and, if necessary, a cruel death.

    Jesus Christ suffered for His well-beloved; and therefore ought we to be astonished that He has left us His example, in order that we may ourselves endure with patience all things for our own salvation? He is God, and we are His creatures; He is the Lord, and we are His servants; He is Master of the world, and we are contemptible mortals--yet He suffered! Why, then, should we not suffer also, particularly when suffering is for us a purification? Therefore, beloved, if my death ought to contribute to His glory, pray that it may come quickly, and that He may enable me to support all my calamities with constancy. But if it be better that I return amongst you, let us pray to God that I may return without stain--that is, that I may not suppress one tittle of the truth of the gospel, in order to leave my brethren an excellent example to follow. Probably, therefore, you will nevermore behold my face at Prague; but should the will of the all-powerful God deign to restore me to you, let us then advance with a firmer heart in the knowledge and the love of His law."--Bonnechose, vol. 1, pp. 147, 148.

    In another letter, to a priest who had become a disciple of the gospel, Huss spoke with deep humility of his own errors, accusing himself "of having felt pleasure in wearing rich apparel and of having wasted hours in frivolous occupations." He then added these touching admonitions: "May the glory of God and the salvation of souls occupy thy mind, and not the possession of benefices and estates. Beware of adorning thy house more than thy soul; and, above all, give thy care to the spiritual edifice. Be pious and humble with the poor, and consume not thy substance in feasting. Shouldst thou not amend thy life and refrain from superfluities, I fear that thou wilt be severely chastened, as I am myself. . . . Thou knowest my doctrine, for thou hast received my instructions from thy childhood; it is therefore useless for me to write to thee any further. But I conjure thee, by the mercy of our Lord, not to imitate me in any of the vanities into which thou hast seen me fall." On the cover of the letter he added: "I conjure thee, my friend, not to break this seal until thou shalt have acquired the certitude that I am dead."--Ibid., vol. 1, pp. 148, 149.

    On his journey, Huss everywhere beheld indications of the spread of his doctrines and the favor with which his cause was regarded. The people thronged to meet him, and in some towns the magistrates attended him through their streets. Upon arriving at Constance, Huss was granted full liberty. To the emperor's safe-conduct was added a personal assurance of protection by the pope. But, in violation of these solemn and repeated declarations, the Reformer was in a short time arrested, by order of the pope and cardinals, and thrust into a loathsome dungeon. Later he was transferred to a strong castle across the Rhine and there kept a prisoner. The pope, profiting little by his perfidy, was soon after committed to the same prison. Ibid., vol. 1, p. 247. He had been proved before the council to be guilty of the basest crimes, besides murder, simony, and adultery, "sins not fit to be named." So the council itself declared, and he was finally deprived of the tiara and thrown into prison. The antipopes also were deposed, and a new pontiff was chosen.

    Though the pope himself had been guilty of greater crimes than Huss had ever charged upon the priests, and for which he had demanded a reformation, yet the same council which degraded the pontiff proceeded to crush the Reformer. The imprisonment of Huss excited great indignation in Bohemia. Powerful noblemen addressed to the council earnest protests against this outrage. The emperor, who was loath to permit the violation of a safe-conduct, opposed the proceedings against him. But the enemies of the Reformer were malignant and determined. They appealed to the emperor's prejudices, to his fears, to his zeal for the church. They brought forward arguments of great length to prove that "faith ought not to be kept with heretics, nor persons suspected of heresy, though they are furnished with safe-conducts from the emperor and kings."--Jacques Lenfant, History of the Council of Constance, vol. 1, p. 516. Thus they prevailed.

    Enfeebled by illness and imprisonment,--for the damp, foul air of his dungeon had brought on a fever which nearly ended his life,--Huss was at last brought before the council. Loaded with chains he stood in the presence of the emperor, whose honor and good faith had been pledged to protect him. During his long trial he firmly maintained the truth, and in the presence of the assembled dignitaries of church and state he uttered a solemn and faithful protest against the corruptions of the hierarchy. When required to choose whether he would recant his doctrines or suffer death, he accepted the martyr's fate. The grace of God sustained him. During the weeks of suffering that passed before his final sentence, heaven's peace filled his soul. "I write this letter," he said to a friend, "in my prison, and with my fettered hand, expecting my sentence of death tomorrow. . . . When, with the assistance of Jesus Christ, we shall again meet in the delicious peace of the future life, you will learn how merciful God has shown Himself toward me, how effectually He has supported me in the midst of my temptations and trials."--Bonnechose, vol. 2, p. 67.

    In the gloom of his dungeon he foresaw the triumph of the true faith. Returning in his dreams to the chapel at Prague where he had preached the gospel, he saw the pope and his bishops effacing the pictures of Christ which he had painted on its walls. "This vision distressed him: but on the next day he saw many painters occupied in restoring these figures in greater number and in brighter colors. As soon as their task was ended, the painters, who were surrounded by an immense crowd, exclaimed, 'Now let the popes and bishops come; they shall never efface them more!'" Said the Reformer, as he related his dream: "I maintain this for certain, that the image of Christ will never be effaced. They have wished to destroy it, but it shall be painted afresh in all hearts by much better preachers than myself."--D'Aubigne, b. 1, ch. 6.

    For the last time, Huss was brought before the council. It was a vast and brilliant assembly--the emperor, the princes of the empire, the royal deputies, the cardinals, bishops, and priests, and an immense crowd who had come as spectators of the events of the day. From all parts of Christendom had been gathered the witnesses of this first great sacrifice in the long struggle by which liberty of conscience was to be secured. Being called upon for his final decision, Huss declared his refusal to abjure, and, fixing his penetrating glance upon the monarch whose plighted word had been so shamelessly violated, he declared: "I determined, of my own free will, to appear before this council, under the public protection and faith of the emperor here present."--Bonnechose, vol. 2, p. 84. A deep flush crimsoned the face of Sigismund as the eyes of all in the assembly turned upon him.

    Sentence having been pronounced, the ceremony of degradation began. The bishops clothed their prisoner in the sacerdotal habit, and as he took the priestly robe, he said: "Our Lord Jesus Christ was covered with a white robe, by way of insult, when Herod had Him conducted before Pilate."-- Ibid., vol. 2, p. 86. Being again exhorted to retract, he replied, turning toward the people: "With what face, then, should I behold the heavens? How should I look on those multitudes of men to whom I have preached the pure gospel? No; I esteem their salvation more than this poor body, now appointed unto death." The vestments were removed one by one, each bishop pronouncing a curse as he performed his part of the ceremony. Finally "they put on his head a cap or pyramidal-shaped miter of paper, on which were painted frightful figures of demons, with the word 'Archheretic' conspicuous in front. 'Most joyfully,' said Huss, 'will I wear this crown of shame for Thy sake, O Jesus, who for me didst wear a crown of thorns.'" When he was thus arrayed, "the prelates said, 'Now we devote thy soul to the devil.' 'And I,' said John Huss, lifting up his eyes toward heaven, 'do commit my spirit into Thy hands, O Lord Jesus, for Thou hast redeemed me.'"--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 7.

    He was now delivered up to the secular authorities and led away to the place of execution. An immense procession followed, hundreds of men at arms, priests and bishops in their costly robes, and the inhabitants of Constance. When he had been fastened to the stake, and all was ready for the fire to be lighted, the martyr was once more exhorted to save himself by renouncing his errors. "What errors," said Huss, "shall I renounce? I know myself guilty of none. I call God to witness that all that I have written and preached has been with the view of rescuing souls from sin and perdition; and, therefore, most joyfully will I confirm with my blood that truth which I have written and preached."--Ibid., b. 3, ch. 7. When the flames kindled about him, he began to sing, "Jesus, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me," and so continued till his voice was silenced forever. Even his enemies were struck with his heroic bearing. A zealous papist, describing the martyrdom of Huss, and of Jerome, who died soon after, said: "Both bore themselves with constant mind when their last hour approached. They prepared for the fire as if they were going to a marriage feast. They uttered no cry of pain. When the flames rose, they began to sing hymns; and scarce could the vehemency of the fire stop their singing."--Ibid., b. 3, ch. 7.

    When the body of Huss had been wholly consumed, his ashes, with the soil upon which they rested, were gathered up and cast into the Rhine, and thus borne onward to the ocean. His persecutors vainly imagined that they had rooted out the truths he preached. Little did they dream that the ashes that day borne away to the sea were to be as seed scattered in all the countries of the earth; that in lands yet unknown it would yield abundant fruit in witnesses for the truth. The voice which had spoken in the council hall of Constance had wakened echoes that would be heard through all coming ages. Huss was no more, but the truths for which he died could never perish. His example of faith and constancy would encourage multitudes to stand firm for the truth, in the face of torture and death. His execution had exhibited to the whole world the perfidious cruelty of Rome. The enemies of truth, though they knew it not, had been furthering the cause which they vainly sought to destroy.

    Yet another stake was to be set up at Constance. The blood of another witness must testify for the truth. Jerome, upon bidding farewell to Huss on his departure for the council, had exhorted him to courage and firmness, declaring that if he should fall into any peril, he himself would fly to his assistance. Upon hearing of the Reformer's imprisonment, the faithful disciple immediately prepared to fulfill his promise. Without a safe-conduct he set out, with a single companion, for Constance. On arriving there he was convinced that he had only exposed himself to peril, without the possibility of doing anything for the deliverance of Huss. He fled from the city, but was arrested on the homeward journey and brought back loaded with fetters and under the custody of a band of soldiers. At his first appearance before the council his attempts to reply to the accusations brought against him were met with shouts, "To the flames with him! to the flames!"--Bonnechose, vol. 1, p. 234. He was thrown into a dungeon, chained in a position which caused him great suffering, and fed on bread and water. After some months the cruelties of his imprisonment brought upon Jerome an illness that threatened his life, and his enemies, fearing that he might escape them, treated him with less severity, though he remained in prison for one year.

    The death of Huss had not resulted as the papists had hoped. The violation of his safe-conduct had roused a storm of indignation, and as the safer course, the council determined, instead of burning Jerome, to force him, if possible, to retract. He was brought before the assembly, and offered the alternative to recant, or to die at the stake. Death at the beginning of his imprisonment would have been a mercy in comparison with the terrible sufferings which he had undergone; but now, weakened by illness, by the rigors of his prison house, and the torture of anxiety and suspense, separated from his friends, and disheartened by the death of Huss, Jerome's fortitude gave way, and he consented to submit to the council. He pledged himself to adhere to the Catholic faith, and accepted the action of the council in condemning the doctrines of Wycliffe and Huss, excepting, however, the "holy truths" which they had taught.--Ibid, vol. 2, p. 141.

    By this expedient Jerome endeavored to silence the voice of conscience and escape his doom. But in the solitude of his dungeon he saw more clearly what he had done. He thought of the courage and fidelity of Huss, and in contrast pondered upon his own denial of the truth. He thought of the divine Master whom he had pledged himself to serve, and who for his sake endured the death of the cross. Before his retraction he had found comfort, amid all his sufferings, in the assurance of God's favor; but now remorse and doubts tortured his soul. He knew that still other retractions must be made before he could be at peace with Rome. The path upon which he was entering could end only in complete apostasy. His resolution was taken: To escape a brief period of suffering he would not deny his Lord. Soon he was again brought before the council. His submission had not satisfied his judges. Their thirst for blood, whetted by the death of Huss, clamored for fresh victims. Only by an unreserved surrender of the truth could Jerome preserve his life. But he had determined to avow his faith and follow his brother martyr to the flames. He renounced his former recantation and, as a dying man, solemnly required an opportunity to make his defense. Fearing the effect of his words, the prelates insisted that he should merely affirm or deny the truth of the charges brought against him. Jerome protested against such cruelty and injustice. "You have held me shut up three hundred and forty days in a frightful prison," he said, "in the midst of filth, noisomeness, stench, and the utmost want of everything; you then bring me out before you, and lending an ear to my mortal enemies, you refuse to hear me. . . . If you be really wise men, and the lights of the world, take care not to sin against justice. As to me, I am only a feeble mortal; my life is but of little importance; and when I exhort you not to deliver an unjust sentence, I speak less for myself than for you."--Ibid., vol. 2, pp. 146, 147.

    His request was finally granted. In the presence of his judges, Jerome kneeled down and prayed that the divine Spirit might control his thoughts and words, that he might speak nothing contrary to the truth or unworthy of his Master. To him that day was fulfilled the promise of God to the first disciples: "Ye shall be brought before governors and kings for My sake. . . . But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you." Matthew 10:18-20.

    The words of Jerome excited astonishment and admiration, even in his enemies. For a whole year he had been immured in a dungeon, unable to read or even to see, in great physical suffering and mental anxiety. Yet his arguments were presented with as much clearness and power as if he had had undisturbed opportunity for study. He pointed his hearers to the long line of holy men who had been condemned by unjust judges. In almost every generation have been those who, while seeking to elevate the people of their time, have been reproached and cast out, but who in later times have been shown to be deserving of honor. Christ Himself was condemned as a malefactor at an unrighteous tribunal. At his retraction, Jerome had assented to the justice of the sentence condemning Huss; he now declared his repentance and bore witness to the innocence and holiness of the martyr. "I knew him from his childhood," he said. "He was a most excellent man, just and holy; he was condemned, notwithstanding his innocence. . . . I also--I am ready to die: I will not recoil before the torments that are prepared for me by my enemies and false witnesses, who will one day have to render an account of their impostures before the great God, whom nothing can deceive."--Bonnechose, vol. 2, p. 151.

    In self-reproach for his own denial of the truth, Jerome continued: "Of all the sins that I have committed since my youth, none weigh so heavily on my mind, and cause me such poignant remorse, as that which I committed in this fatal place, when I approved of the iniquitous sentence rendered against Wycliffe, and against the holy martyr, John Huss, my master and my friend. Yes! I confess it from my heart, and declare with horror that I disgracefully quailed when, through a dread of death, I condemned their doctrines. I therefore supplicate . . . Almighty God to deign to pardon me my sins, and this one in particular, the most heinous of all." Pointing to his judges, he said firmly: "You condemned Wycliffe and John Huss, not for having shaken the doctrine of the church, but simply because they branded with reprobation the scandals proceeding from the clergy--their pomp, their pride, and all the vices of the prelates and priests. The things which they have affirmed, and which are irrefutable, I also think and declare, like them." His words were interrupted. The prelates, trembling with rage, cried out: "What need is there of further proof? We behold with our own eyes the most obstinate of heretics!" Unmoved by the tempest, Jerome exclaimed: "What! do you suppose that I fear to die? You have held me for a whole year in a frightful dungeon, more horrible than death itself. You have treated me more cruelly than a Turk, Jew, or pagan, and my flesh has literally rotted off my bones alive; and yet I make no complaint, for lamentation ill becomes a man of heart and spirit; but I cannot but express my astonishment at such great barbarity toward a Christian."--Ibid., vol. 2, pp. 151-153.

    Again the storm of rage burst out, and Jerome was hurried away to prison. Yet there were some in the assembly upon whom his words had made a deep impression and who desired to save his life. He was visited by dignitaries of the church and urged to submit himself to the council. The most brilliant prospects were presented before him as the reward of renouncing his opposition to Rome. But like his Master when offered the glory of the world, Jerome remained steadfast. "Prove to me from the Holy Writings that I am in error," he said, "and I will abjure it." "The Holy Writings!" exclaimed one of his tempters, "is everything then to be judged by them? Who can understand them till the church has interpreted them?" "Are the traditions of men more worthy of faith than the gospel of our Saviour?" replied Jerome. "Paul did not exhort those to whom he wrote to listen to the traditions of men, but said, 'Search the Scriptures.'" "Heretic!" was the response, "I repent having pleaded so long with you. I see that you are urged on by the devil."-- Wylie, b. 3, ch. 10.

    Erelong sentence of condemnation was passed upon him. He was led out to the same spot upon which Huss had yielded up his life. He went singing on his way, his countenance lighted up with joy and peace. His gaze was fixed upon Christ, and to him death had lost its terrors. When the executioner, about to kindle the pile, stepped behind him, the martyr exclaimed: "Come forward boldly; apply the fire before my face. Had I been afraid, I should not be here." His last words, uttered as the flames rose about him, were a prayer. "Lord, Almighty Father," he cried, "have pity on me, and pardon me my sins; for Thou knowest that I have always loved Thy truth."--Bonnechose, vol. 2, p. 168. His voice ceased, but his lips continued to move in prayer. When the fire had done its work, the ashes of the martyr, with the earth upon which they rested, were gathered up, and like those of Huss, were thrown into the Rhine. So perished God's faithful light bearers. But the light of the truths which they proclaimed--the light of their heroic example--could not be extinguished. As well might men attempt to turn back the sun in its course as to prevent the dawning of that day which was even then breaking upon the world.

    The execution of Huss had kindled a flame of indignation and horror in Bohemia. It was felt by the whole nation that he had fallen a prey to the malice of the priests and the treachery of the emperor. He was declared to have been a faithful teacher of the truth, and the council that decreed his death was charged with the guilt of murder. His doctrines now attracted greater attention than ever before. By the papal edicts the writings of Wycliffe had been condemned to the flames. But those that had escaped destruction were now brought out from their hiding places and studied in connection with the Bible, or such parts of it as the people could obtain, and many were thus led to accept the reformed faith. The murderers of Huss did not stand quietly by and witness the triumph of his cause. The pope and the emperor united to crush out the movement, and the armies of Sigismund were hurled upon Bohemia.

    But a deliverer was raised up. Ziska, who soon after the opening of the war became totally blind, yet who was one of the ablest generals of his age, was the leader of the Bohemians. Trusting in the help of God and the righteousness of their cause, that people withstood the mightiest armies that could be brought against them. Again and again the emperor, raising fresh armies, invaded Bohemia, only to be ignominiously repulsed. The Hussites were raised above the fear of death, and nothing could stand against them. A few years after the opening of the war, the brave Ziska died; but his place was filled by Procopius, who was an equally brave and skillful general, and in some respects a more able leader.

    The enemies of the Bohemians, knowing that the blind warrior was dead, deemed the opportunity favorable for recovering all that they had lost. The pope now proclaimed a crusade against the Hussites, and again an immense force was precipitated upon Bohemia, but only to suffer terrible defeat. Another crusade was proclaimed. In all the papal countries of Europe, men, money, and munitions of war were raised. Multitudes flocked to the papal standard, assured that at last an end would be made of the Hussite heretics. Confident of victory, the vast force entered Bohemia. The people rallied to repel them. The two armies approached each other until only a river lay between them. "The crusaders were in greatly superior force, but instead of dashing across the stream, and closing in battle with the Hussites whom they had come so far to meet, they stood gazing in silence at those warriors."--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 17. Then suddenly a mysterious terror fell upon the host. Without striking a blow, that mighty force broke and scattered as if dispelled by an unseen power. Great numbers were slaughtered by the Hussite army, which pursued the fugitives, and an immense booty fell into the hands of the victors, so that the war, instead of impoverishing, enriched the Bohemians.

    A few years later, under a new pope, still another crusade was set on foot. As before, men and means were drawn from all the papal countries of Europe. Great were the inducements held out to those who should engage in this perilous enterprise. Full forgiveness of the most heinous crimes was ensured to every crusader. All who died in the war were promised a rich reward in heaven, and those who survived were to reap honor and riches on the field of battle. Again a vast army was collected, and, crossing the frontier they entered Bohemia. The Hussite forces fell back before them, thus drawing the invaders farther and farther into the country, and leading them to count the victory already won. At last the army of Procopius made a stand, and turning upon the foe, advanced to give them battle. The crusaders, now discovering their mistake, lay in their encampment awaiting the onset. As the sound of the approaching force was heard, even before the Hussites were in sight, a panic again fell upon the crusaders. Princes, generals, and common soldiers, casting away their armor, fled in all directions. In vain the papal legate, who was the leader of the invasion, endeavored to rally his terrified and disorganized forces. Despite his utmost endeavors, he himself was swept along in the tide of fugitives. The rout was complete, and again an immense booty fell into the hands of the victors.

    Thus the second time a vast army, sent forth by the most powerful nations of Europe, a host of brave, warlike men, trained and equipped for battle, fled without a blow before the defenders of a small and hitherto feeble nation. Here was a manifestation of divine power. The invaders were smitten with a supernatural terror. He who overthrew the hosts of Pharaoh in the Red Sea, who put to flight the armies of Midian before Gideon and his three hundred, who in one night laid low the forces of the proud Assyrian, had again stretched out His hand to wither the power of the oppressor. "There were they in great fear, where no fear was: for God hath scattered the bones of him that encampeth against thee: thou hast put them to shame, because God hath despised them." Psalm 53:5.

    The papal leaders, despairing of conquering by force, at last resorted to diplomacy. A compromise was entered into, that while professing to grant to the Bohemians freedom of conscience, really betrayed them into the power of Rome. The Bohemians had specified four points as the condition of peace with Rome: the free preaching of the Bible; the right of the whole church to both the bread and the wine in the communion, and the use of the mother tongue in divine worship; the exclusion of the clergy from all secular offices and authority; and, in cases of crime, the jurisdiction of the civil courts over clergy and laity alike. The papal authorities at last "agreed that the four articles of the Hussites should be accepted, but that the right of explaining them, that is, of determining their precise import, should belong to the council--in other words, to the pope and the emperor."-- Wylie, b. 3, ch. 18. On this basis a treaty was entered into, and Rome gained by dissimulation and fraud what she had failed to gain by conflict; for, placing her own interpretation upon the Hussite articles, as upon the Bible, she could pervert their meaning to suit her own purposes.

    A large class in Bohemia, seeing that it betrayed their liberties, could not consent to the compact. Dissensions and divisions arose, leading to strife and bloodshed among themselves. In this strife the noble Procopius fell, and the liberties of Bohemia perished. Sigismund, the betrayer of Huss and Jerome, now became king of Bohemia, and regardless of his oath to support the rights of the Bohemians, he proceeded to establish popery. But he had gained little by his subservience to Rome. For twenty years his life had been filled with labors and perils. His armies had been wasted and his treasuries drained by a long and fruitless struggle; and now, after reigning one year, he died, leaving his kingdom on the brink of civil war, and bequeathing to posterity a name branded with infamy. Tumults, strife, and bloodshed were protracted. Again foreign armies invaded Bohemia, and internal dissension continued to distract the nation. Those who remained faithful to the gospel were subjected to a bloody persecution.

    As their former brethren, entering into compact with Rome, imbibed her errors, those who adhered to the ancient faith had formed themselves into a distinct church, taking the name of "United Brethren." This act drew upon them maledictions from all classes. Yet their firmness was unshaken. Forced to find refuge in the woods and caves, they still assembled to read God's word and unite in His worship. Through messengers secretly sent out into different countries, they learned that here and there were "isolated confessors of the truth, a few in this city and a few in that, the object, like themselves, of persecution; and that amid the mountains of the Alps was an ancient church, resting on the foundations of Scripture, and protesting against the idolatrous corruptions of Rome."--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 19. This intelligence was received with great joy, and a correspondence was opened with the Waldensian Christians.

    Steadfast to the gospel, the Bohemians waited through the night of their persecution, in the darkest hour still turning their eyes toward the horizon like men who watch for the morning. "Their lot was cast in evil days, but . . . they remembered the words first uttered by Huss, and repeated by Jerome, that a century must revolve before the day should break. These were to the Taborites [Hussites] what the words of Joseph were to the tribes in the house of bondage: `I die, and God will surely visit you, and bring you out.'"-- Ibid., b. 3, ch. 19. "The closing period of the fifteenth century witnessed the slow but sure increase of the churches of the Brethren. Although far from being unmolested, they yet enjoyed comparative rest. At the commencement of the sixteenth century their churches numbered two hundred in Bohemia and Moravia."--Ezra Hall Gillett, Life and Times of John Huss, vol. 2, p. 570. "So goodly was the remnant which, escaping the destructive fury of fire and sword, was permitted to see the dawning of that day which Huss had foretold."--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 19.

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

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    "This Thread Is $HIT!!"

    What if Margot Robbie is Right?? Should I simply "Write-Off" everything I've posted on this website?? Should I model a Science-Fictional Solar System organized into One Big Business with King and Queen CO-CEO's?? Should I incorporate Church and State into Solar Systems Incorporated?? What if THAT is the Way Things Have Been for Thousands or Millions of Years?? I mostly wanted to make everyone Think, but I don't Think that worked. My threads are Research-Projects rather than Manifestos or Ultimatums. Perhaps I should write a book completely destroying what I've modeled, hypothesized, and proposed. I'm Sirius. "Orthodoxymoron Unveiled!! The Diary of a Completely Ignorant Fool!!"

    What if a place of beginning for the modeling of King and Queen CO-CEO's of Solar Systems Incorporated might be the President and First-Lady of the United States of America?? I imply no Elevation or Disrespect. I simply think things are moving so quickly that we'd better think fast if we wish to have a Useable-Future in this Solar System. It might be later than we think.

    King and Queen
    Solar Systems Incorporated??

    Isis and Osiris??

    I've probably gotten the names and timelines wrong, but is it really that farfetched to think in terms of Ancient and Modern Star-Wars, complete with System-Lords and/or Sun-Gods fighting for power?? What Would Ellen Goa'uld White Say?? What Would Star-Lord Say?? Who?? Beware of Undod the Sun-God!! I honestly mean no harm. I've simply noticed how violent and nasty religion and history have been (for thousands of years). Are we really that much better in modernity?? I'd like to think so, but I wouldn't count on it. Just look at the 20th century. Out of Control Technology Makes Things SO Much Worse (Especially When It's In the Worst of Hands)!! What Would Dwight David Eisenhower Say??

    Imagine RA (In the Above Image) Speaking the Words in the Following Links:


    Imagine David Koresh Speaking the Words in the Above Links. Think About It.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Try reading the ENTIRE Book of Deuteronomy (rather than just the Ten-Commandments) and the ENTIRE Book of Revelation (and not just Proof-Texts) straight-through with multiple-repetitions. This places things in a better context, but reading the Deuteronomy and Revelation portions of a reputable Bible-Commentary straight-through with multiple-repetitions is a proper way to understand these portions of Sacred-Scripture. It is interesting to note what each of the 66 Books of the Bible does with the Ten-Commandments. You might be surprised. What Was the Perfect Law of the Lord Prior to the Creation of the Human-Being?? What is the Perfect Law of the Lord Throughout the Universe?? What does the First-Chapter of the Book of Revelation say about when the Events Prophesied in Revelation Will Occur??


    1 The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, 2 who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. 3 Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

    Greetings and Doxology

    4 John, To the seven churches in the province of Asia: Grace and peace to you from him who is, and who was, and who is to come, and from the seven spirits before his throne, 5 and from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, 6 and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen. 7 “Look, he is coming with the clouds,” and “every eye will see him, even those who pierced him”; and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.” So shall it be! Amen. 8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

    John’s Vision of Christ

    9 I, John, your brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus, was on the island of Patmos because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. 10 On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, 11 which said: “Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches: to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.” 12 I turned around to see the voice that was speaking to me. And when I turned I saw seven golden lampstands, 13 and among the lampstands was someone like a son of man, dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash around his chest. 14 The hair on his head was white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire. 15 His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters. 16 In his right hand he held seven stars, and coming out of his mouth was a sharp, double-edged sword. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance. 17 When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. Then he placed his right hand on me and said: “Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. 18 I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades. 19 “Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later. 20 The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.


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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

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 The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall on the northern edge of South Kensington, London, which holds the Proms concerts annually each summer since 1941. It has a capacity of up to 5,272 seats. The Hall is a registered charity held in trust for the nation and receives no public or government funding.[1] Since its opening by Queen Victoria in 1871, the world's leading artists from many performance genres have appeared on its stage and it has become one of the UK's most treasured and distinctive buildings. The location of some of the most notable events in British culture, each year it hosts more than 390 shows in the main auditorium, including classical, rock and pop concerts, ballet, opera, film screenings with live orchestra, sports, award ceremonies, school and community events, charity performances and banquets. A further 400 events are held each year in the non-auditorium spaces. The Hall was originally supposed to have been called the Central Hall of Arts and Sciences, but the name was changed to the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences by Queen Victoria upon laying the Hall's foundation stone in 1867, in memory of her husband consort, Prince Albert who had died six years earlier. It forms the practical part of a memorial to the Prince Consort – the decorative part is the Albert Memorial directly to the north in Kensington Gardens, now separated from the Hall by Kensington Gore.

    In 1851, the Great Exhibition (for which the Crystal Palace was built) was held in Hyde Park, London. The exhibition was a great success and led Prince Albert, the Prince Consort, to propose the creation of a permanent series of facilities for the enlightenment of the public in the area, which came to be known as Albertopolis. The Exhibition's Royal Commission bought Gore House and its grounds (on which the Hall now stands) on the advice of the Prince. Progress on the scheme was slow and in 1861 Prince Albert died, without having seen his ideas come to fruition. However, a memorial was proposed for Hyde Park, with a Great Hall opposite.

    The proposal was approved and the site was purchased with some of the profits from the Exhibition. Once the remaining funds had been raised, in April 1867 Queen Victoria signed the Royal Charter of the Corporation of the Hall of Arts and Sciences which was to operate the Hall and on 20 May, laid the foundation stone.[2] The Hall was designed by civil engineers Captain Francis Fowke and Major-General Henry Y. D. Scott of the Royal Engineers and built by Lucas Brothers.[3] The designers were heavily influenced by ancient amphitheatres, but had also been exposed to the ideas of Gottfried Semper while he was working at the South Kensington Museum. The recently opened Cirque d'Hiver in Paris was seen in the contemporary press as the design to outdo. The Hall was constructed mainly of Fareham Red brick, with terra cotta block decoration made by Gibbs and Canning Limited of Tamworth. The dome (designed by Rowland Mason Ordish) on top was made of wrought iron and glazed. There was a trial assembly made of the iron framework of the dome in Manchester, then it was taken apart again and transported to London via horse and cart. When the time came for the supporting structure to be removed from the dome after reassembly in situ, only volunteers remained on site in case the structure dropped. It did drop – but only by five-sixteenths of an inch.[4] The Hall was scheduled to be completed by Christmas Day 1870 and the Queen visited a few weeks beforehand to inspect.[5]

    The official opening ceremony of the Hall was on 29 March 1871. A welcoming speech was given by Edward, the Prince of Wales; Queen Victoria was too overcome to speak. At some point, the Queen remarked that the Hall reminded her of the British constitution.[2] A concert followed, when the Hall's acoustic problems became immediately apparent. Engineers first attempted to solve the strong echo by suspending a canvas awning below the dome. This helped and also sheltered concertgoers from the sun, but the problem was not solved: it used to be jokingly said that the Hall was "the only place where a British composer could be sure of hearing his work twice". In July 1871, French organist Camille Saint-Saëns performed Church Scene from the Faust by Charles Gounod, The Orchestra described his performance as "an exceptional and distinguished performer ... the effect was most marvellous."

    Initially lit by gas, the Hall contained a special system where its thousands of gas jets were lit within ten seconds. Though it was demonstrated as early as 1873 in the Hall,[6] full electric lighting was not installed until 1888.[2] During an early trial when a partial installation was made, one disgruntled patron wrote to The Times declaring it to be "a very ghastly and unpleasant innovation".

    In May 1877, Richard Wagner himself conducted the first half of each of the eight concerts which made up the Grand Wagner Festival. After his turn with the baton he handed it over to conductor Hans Richter and sat in a large arm chair on the corner of the stage for the rest of each concert. Wagner's wife Cosima, the daughter of Hungarian virtuoso pianist and composer Franz Liszt, was among the audience.

    The Wine Society was founded at the Hall on 4 August 1874,[7] after large quantities of cask wine were forgotten about in the cellars. A series of lunches were held to publicise the wines and General Henry Scott proposed a co-operative company to buy and sell wines.[8]

    In 1906 Elsie Fogerty founded the Central School of Speech and Drama at the Hall, using its West Theatre, now the Elgar Room as the School's theatre. The School moved to Swiss Cottage in north London in 1957. Whilst the School was based at the Royal Albert Hall students who graduated from its classes included Judi Dench, Vanessa Redgrave, Harold Pinter, Laurence Olivier and Peggy Ashcroft.[9]

    In 1911 Russian pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff performed as a part of the London Ballad Concert. The recital included his 'Prelude in F Sharp Minor', 'Prelude in G Sharp Minor' and 'Prelude in C Sharp Minor'.

    In 1933 German physicist Albert Einstein led the 'Einstein Meeting' at the hall for the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics; a British charity.

    In 1936, the Hall was the scene of a giant rally celebrating the British Empire, the occasion being the centenary of Joseph Chamberlain's birth. In October 1942, the Hall suffered minor damage during World War II bombing but was left mostly untouched as German pilots used the distinctive structure as a landmark.[6]

    In 1949 the canvas awning was removed and replaced with fluted aluminium panels below the glass roof, in a new attempt to solve the echo; but the acoustics were not properly tackled until 1969 when a series of large fibreglass acoustic diffusing discs (commonly referred to as "mushrooms" or "flying saucers") was installed below the ceiling.[2] In 1968, the Hall hosted as the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest.

    From 1996 until 2004, the Hall underwent a programme of renovation and development supported by a £20 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable it to meet the demands of the next century of events and performances. Thirty "discrete projects" were designed and supervised by architecture and engineering firm BDP without disrupting events.[10] These projects included improving ventilation to the auditorium, more bars and restaurants, new improved seating, better technical facilities and more modern backstage areas. Internally, the Circle seating was rebuilt in four weeks in June 1996 providing more leg room, better access and improved sight lines.

    The largest project of the ongoing renovation and development was the building of a new south porch – door 12, accommodating a first floor restaurant, new ground floor box office and below ground loading bay. Although the exterior of the building was largely unchanged, the south steps leading down to Prince Consort Road were demolished to allow construction of an underground vehicle access and loading bay with accommodation for 3 HGVs carrying all the equipment brought by shows. The steps were then reconstructed around a new south porch, named The Meitar Foyer after a significant donation from Mr & Mrs Meitar. The porch was built in a similar scale and style to the three pre-existing porches at Door 3, 6 and 9: these works were undertaken by Taylor Woodrow Construction.[10] The original steps featured in early scenes of 1965 film The Ipcress File. On 4 June 2004, the project received the Europa Nostra Award for remarkable achievement.[11] The East (Door 3) and West (Door 9) porches were glazed and new bars opened along with ramps to improve disabled access. The Stalls were rebuilt in a four-week period in 2000 using steel supports allowing more space underneath for two new bars. 1534 unique pivoting seats were laid – with an addition of 180 prime seats. The Choirs were rebuilt at the same time. The whole building was redecorated in a style that reinforces its Victorian identity. New carpets were laid in the corridors – specially woven with a border that follows the elliptic curve of the building in the largest single woven design in the world.

    Between 2002 and 2004 there was a major rebuilding of the great organ (known as the Voice of Jupiter),[12] built by "Father" Henry Willis in 1871 and rebuilt by Harrison & Harrison in 1924 and 1933. The rebuilding was performed by Mander Organs[13] and it is now the second largest pipe organ in the British Isles with 9,997 pipes in 147 stops. The largest is the Grand Organ in Liverpool Cathedral which has 10,268 pipes.[14]

    During the first half of 2011, changes were made to the backstage areas to relocate and increase the size of crew catering areas under the South Steps away from the stage and create additional dressing rooms nearer to the stage.[15]

    During the summer of 2012 the staff canteen and some changing areas were expanded and refurbished by contractor 8Build.[16]

    From January to May the Box Office area at Door 12 underwent further modernisation to include a new Café Bar on the ground floor, a new Box Office with shop counters and additional toilets. The design and construction was carried out by contractor 8Build. Upon opening it was renamed 'The Zvi and Ofra Meitar Porch and Foyer.' owing to a large donation from the couple.[17] In Autumn 2013, work began on replacing the Victorian steam heating system over three years and improving and cooling across the building. This work follows the summer Proms season during which temperatures were particularly high.[18]

    From January the Cafe Consort on the Grand Tier was closed permanently in preparation for a new restaurant at a cost of £1 million. The refurbishment, the first in around 10 years, was designed by consultancy firm Keane Brands and carried out by contractor 8Build.[19] Verdi – Italian Kitchen was officially opened on 15 April with a lunch or dinner menu of 'stone baked pizzas, pasta and classic desserts'[20][21]

    The Hall, a Grade I listed building,[22] is an ellipse in plan, with major and minor axes of 83 m (272 ft) and 72 m (236 ft). The great glass and wrought-iron dome roofing the Hall is 41 m (135 ft) high. The Hall was originally designed with a capacity for 8,000 people and has accommodated as many as 9,000 (although modern safety restrictions mean that the maximum permitted capacity is now 5,544 including standing in the Gallery). Around the outside of the building is a great mosaic frieze, depicting "The Triumph of Arts and Sciences", in reference to the Hall's dedication. Proceeding anti-clockwise from the north side the sixteen subjects of the frieze are:

    Various Countries of the World bringing in their Offerings to the Exhibition of 1851
    Princes, Art Patrons and Artists
    Workers in Stone
    Workers in Wood and Brick
    The Infancy of the Arts and Sciences
    Horticulture and Land Surveying
    Astronomy and Navigation
    A Group of Philosophers, Sages and Students
    The Mechanical Powers
    Pottery and Glassmaking

    Above the frieze is an inscription in 12-inch-high (300 mm) terracotta letters that combines historical fact and Biblical quotations:

    This hall was erected for the advancement of the arts and sciences and works of industry of all nations in fulfilment of the intention of Albert Prince Consort. The site was purchased with the proceeds of the Great Exhibition of the year MDCCCLI. The first stone of the Hall was laid by Her Majesty Queen Victoria on the twentieth day of May MDCCCLXVII and it was opened by Her Majesty the Twenty Ninth of March in the year MDCCCLXXI. Thine O Lord is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty. For all that is in the heaven and in the earth is Thine. The wise and their works are in the hand of God. Glory be to God on high and on earth peace.

    Below the Arena floor there is room for two 4000 gallon water tanks, which are used for shows that flood the arena like Madame Butterfly.[23] The Hall has been affectionately titled "The Nation's Village Hall".[24] The first concert was Arthur Sullivan's cantata On Shore and Sea, performed on 1 May 1871.[25][26] Many events are promoted by the Hall, whilst since the early 1970s promoter Raymond Gubbay has brought a range of events to the Hall including opera, ballet and classical music. Some events include classical and rock concerts, conferences, banquets, ballroom dancing, poetry recitals, educational talks, motor shows, ballet, opera, film screenings and circus shows. It has hosted many sporting events, including boxing, squash, table tennis, basketball, wrestling including the first Sumo wrestling tournament to be held in London as well as UFC 38 (the first UFC event to be held in the UK), tennis and even a marathon.[27][28]

    On 6 April 1968, the Hall was the host venue for the Eurovision Song Contest which was broadcast in colour for the first time.[29] One notable event was a Pink Floyd concert held 26 June 1969, the night they were banned from ever playing at the Hall again after shooting cannons, nailing things to the stage, and having a man in a gorilla suit roam the audience. At one point Rick Wright went to the pipe organ and began to play "The End Of The Beginning", the final part of "Saucerful Of Secrets", joined by the brass section of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (led by the conductor, Norman Smith) and the ladies of the Ealing Central Amateur Choir.[30] A portion of the pipe organ recording is included on Pink Floyd's album The Endless River.[31] On 30 June 2 and 3 July 2011, Janet Jackson brought her Number Ones, Up Close and Personal Tour here, These were her first headlining UK shows in 13 years.

    Kylie Minogue performed a show here on 11 December 2015, to promote Kylie Christmas, her first Christmas album and thirteenth studio album. She will return with two more shows on 9 & 10 December 2016. Benefit concerts in include the 1997 Music for Montserrat concert, arranged and produced by George Martin, an event which featured artists such as Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler, Sting, Elton John, Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney,[32] and 2012 Sunflower Jam charity concert with Queen guitarist Brian May performing alongside bassist John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, drummer Ian Paice of Deep Purple, and vocalists Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper.[33] On 2 October 2011, the Hall staged the 25th anniversary performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, which was broadcast live to cinemas across the world and filmed for DVD.[34] Lloyd Webber, the original London cast including Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford, and four previous actors of the titular character, among others, were in attendance – Brightman and the previous Phantoms (aside from Crawford) performed an encore. On 24 September 2012, Classic FM celebrated the 20th anniversary of their launch with a concert at the Hall. The programme featured live performances of works by Handel, Puccini, Rachmaninoff, Parry, Vaughan Williams, Tchaikovsky and Karl Jenkins who conducted his piece The Benedictus from The Armed Man in person.[35] On 19 November 2012, the Hall hosted the 100th anniversary performance of the Royal Variety Performance, attended by the Queen and Prince Philip, with boyband One Direction among the performers.[36] Between 1996 and 2008, the Hall hosted the annual National Television Awards all of which were hosted by Sir Trevor McDonald. In 2017, the Hall hosted the 70th British Academy Film Awards, often referred to as the 'Baftas', replacing the Royal Opera House at which the event had been held since 2008. The Royal Choral Society is the longest running regular performance at the Hall, having given its first performance as the Royal Albert Hall Choral Society on 8 May 1872. From 1878 it established the annual Good Friday performance of Handel's Messiah.

    The BBC Promenade Concerts, known as "The Proms", is a popular annual eight-week summer season of daily classical music concerts and other events at the Hall. In 1942, following the destruction of the Queen's Hall in an air raid, the Hall was chosen as the new venue for the proms.[37] In 1944 with increased danger to the Hall, part of the proms were held in the Bedford Corn Exchange. Following the end of World War II the proms continued in the Hall and have done so annually every summer since. The event was founded in 1895, and now each season consists of over 70 concerts, in addition to a series of events at other venues across the United Kingdom on the last night. In 2009, the total number of concerts reached 100 for the first time. Jiří Bělohlávek described The Proms as "the world's largest and most democratic musical festival" of all such events in the world of classical music festivals.[38] Proms (short for promenade concerts) is a term which arose from the original practice of the audience promenading, or strolling, in some areas during the concert. Proms concert-goers, particularly those who stand, are sometimes described as "Promenaders", but are most commonly referred to as "Prommers".[39]

    Cirque du Soleil has performed annually, with a show being staged every January since 2003. Cirque has had to adapted many of their touring shows to perform at the venue, modifying the set, usually built for arenas or big top tents instead. The following shows have played the RAH: Saltimbanco (1996, 1997 and 2003), Alegría (1998, 1999, 2006 and 2007), Dralion (2004 and 2005), Varekai (2008 and 2010), Quidam (2009 and 2014), Totem (2011 and 2012), Koozå (2013 and 2015) and most recently, Amaluna (2016 and 2017). Amaluna's visit in 2016 marked Cirque's '20 years of Cirque at the Royal Albert Hall' celebration. [40][41] Cirque's insect themed show, OVO is next to play the RAH in 2018.

    Since 2000, the Classic Brit Awards has been hosted annually in May at the Hall. It is organised by the British Phonographic Industry.

    The Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance is held annually the day before Remembrance Sunday.[42]

    For 60 years the Institute of Directors' Annual Convention has been synonymous with the Hall, although in 2011 and 2012 it was held at indigO2.

    Since 1998 the English National Ballet has had several specially staged arena summer seasons in partnership with the Hall and Raymond Gubbay. These include Strictly Gershwin, June 2008 and 2011, Swan Lake, June 2002, 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013, Romeo & Juliet (Deane), June 2001 and 2005 and The Sleeping Beauty, April – June 2000.[43]

    Starting in the year 2000 the Teenage Cancer Trust has held annual charity concerts (with the exception of 2001). They started as a one off event but have expanded over the years to a week or more of evenings events. Roger Daltrey of the Who has been intimately involved with the planning of the events.[44]

    The Hall is used annually by the neighbouring Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art for graduation ceremonies. Kingston University also held its graduation ceremonies at the

    The venue has screened several films since the early silent days. It was the only London venue to show William Fox's The Queen of Sheba in the 1920s. The Hall has hosted many premières, including the UK première of Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen, 101 Dalmatians on 4 December 1996, the European première of Spandau Ballet's Soul Boys of the Western World[45] and three James Bond royal world premières; Die Another Day on 18 November 2002 (attended by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip), Skyfall on 23 October 2012 (attended by Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall)[46] and SPECTRE on 26 October 2015 (attended by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge).[47] The Hall held its first 3D world première of Titanic 3D, on 27 March 2012, with James Cameron and Kate Winslet in attendance.[48] The Hall has curated regular seasons of film-and-live-orchestra screenings since 2009, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Gladiator, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Interstellar, The Matrix, West Side Story, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Back to the Future and the world première of Titanic Live in Concert.

    The Hall hosts hundreds of events and activities beyond its main auditorium. There are regular free art exhibitions in the ground floor amphi corridor, which can be viewed when attending events or on dedicated viewing dates. You can take a guided tour of the Hall on most days. The most common is the one-hour Grand Tour which includes most front-of-house areas, the auditorium, the gallery and the Royal Retiring Room. Other tours include Story of the Proms, Behind the Scenes, Inside Out and School tours. Children's events include Storytelling and Music Sessions for 0 - 4 year olds which take place in the Door 9 Porch and Albert's Band sessions in the Elgar Room during school holidays. "Live Music in Verdi" takes place in the Italian restaurant on a Friday night featuring different artists each week. "Late Night Jazz" events in the Elgar Room, generally on a Thursday night, feature cabaret style seating and a relaxed atmosphere with drinks available. "Classical Coffee Mornings" are held on Sundays in the Elgar Room with musicians from the Royal College of Music accompanied with drinks and pastries. Sunday brunch events take place in Verdi Italian restaurant and features different genres of music.[49]

    Eric Clapton is a regular performer at the Hall, it having played host to his concerts almost annually for over 20 years. In December 1964, Clapton made his first appearance at the Hall with the Yardbirds. It was also the venue for his band Cream's farewell concerts in 1968 and reunion shows in 2005. He also instigated the Concert for George, which was held at the Hall on 29 November 2002 to pay tribute to Clapton's lifelong friend, former Beatle George Harrison. Since 1964, Clapton has performed at the Hall almost 200 times, and has stated that performing at the venue is like "playing in my front room".[50][51]

    David Gilmour played at the Hall in support of two solo albums, while also releasing a live concert on September 2006 entitled Remember That Night which was recorded during his three nights playing at the Hall for his 2006 On an Island tour. Notable guests were Robert Wyatt and David Bowie (who sang lead for "Arnold Layne" and "Comfortably Numb"). The live concert was televised by BBC One on 9 September 2007 and again on 25 May. Gilmour is set to return to the Hall; having previously played five nights in September 2015, to end his 34-day Rattle That Lock Tour on September 2016 by playing another four nights at the Hall. He will also make an appearance on 24 April 2016 as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust event. Shirley Bassey has appeared many times at the Hall, usually as a special guest. In 2001, she sang "Happy Birthday" for the Duke of Edinburgh's 80th birthday concert. In 2007, she sang at Fashion Rocks in aid of the Prince's Trust. On 30 March 2011, she sang at a gala celebrating the 80th birthday of Mikhail Gorbachev.[52] In May 2011, she performed at the Classic Brit Awards, inging "Goldfinger" in tribute to the recently deceased composer John Barry.[53] On 20 June 2011, she returned and sang "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Goldfinger", accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, as the climax to the memorial concert for Barry. James Last appeared 90 times at the Hall between 1973 and 2015, making him the most frequent non–British performer to have played the venue.[54]

    The Hall's Education & Outreach programme engages 100,000 people a year. It includes workshops for local teenagers led by musicians such as Foals, Jake Bugg, Emeli Sandé, Nicola Benedetti, Alison Balsom and First Aid Kit, innovative science and maths lessons in partnership with Samsung, visits to local residential homes from the venue's in-house group, Albert's Band, under the 'Songbook' banner, and the Friendship Matinee: an orchestral concert for community groups, with £5 admission.

    The Hall is managed day to day by the chief executive Chris Cotton and five senior executives: the chief operating & financial officer, director of operations, director of business development, director of events and director of external affairs. They are accountable to the Council of the Corporation, which is the Trustee body of the charity. The Council is composed of the annually elected president, currently Mr Jon Moynihan OBE, 18 elected Members (either corporate or individual seat owners) and five Appointed Members, one each from Imperial College London, Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, Department for Culture, Media and Sport, British Museum of Natural History and the Royal College of Music.[55]

    The Hall has won several awards across different categories. From 1994 to 1998 and in 2003, the Hall won 'International Venue Of The Year' in the Pollstar Awards. In 2004 and 2005 the Hall won 'International Small Venue Of The Year' in the Pollstar Awards. In 2006 to 2010, the Hall won 'International Theatre Of The Year' in the Pollstar Awards.[56] The Hall has won International Live Music Conference Award for 'First Venue to Come Into Your Head' in 1998, 2009 and 2013.[57] From 2008 to 2012 the Hall was voted Superbrands leading Leisure and Entertainment Destination.[58] On 17 October 2012 the Hall won 'London Live Music Venue of the Year' at the third annual London Lifestyle Awards.[59] The Hall won the Showcase Award for Teenage Cancer Trust and Event Space of the Year (non Exhibition), both at the Event Awards 2010.[60] The Hall has been voted a CoolBrand from 2009 to 2013 in the 'Attractions & The Arts – general' category.[61] In 2010 and 2011 the Hall won 'Best Venue Teamwork Award' at the Live UK Summit.[62] The 'Life At The Hall blog won 'Best Venue Blog' at the Prestigious Star Awards in 2012[63] and the Prestigious Star Award Landmark in 2013.[64]

    A famous and widely bootlegged concert by Bob Dylan at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester on 17 May 1966 was mistakenly labelled the "Royal Albert Hall Concert". In 1998, Columbia Records released an official recording, The Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966, The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert, that maintains the erroneous title, but does include details of the actual location. Recordings from the Royal Albert Hall concerts on 26–27 May 1966 were finally released by the artist in 2016 as The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert. Another concert that was mislabelled as being at the Hall was by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). An album by CCR titled The Royal Albert Hall Concert was released in 1980. When Fantasy Records discovered that the show on the album actually took place at the Oakland Coliseum, it retitled the album The Concert.

    A large mural by Sir Peter Blake, entitled Appearing at the Royal Albert Hall, is displayed in the Hall's Café Bar. Unveiled in April 2014, it shows more than 400 famous figures who have appeared on the stage.[65]

    In 1955, English film director Alfred Hitchcock filmed the climax of The Man Who Knew Too Much at the Hall.[66] The 15-minute sequence featured James Stewart, Doris Day and composer Bernard Herrmann, and was filmed partly in the Queen's Box. Hitchcock was a long-time patron of the Hall and had already set the finale of his 1927 film, The Ring at the venue, as well as his initial version of The Man Who Knew Too Much, starring Leslie Banks, Edna Best and Peter Lorre.[67] Other notable films shot at the Hall include Major Barbara, Love Story, The Seventh Veil, The Ipcress File, A Touch of Class, Shine and Spice World. In the song "A Day in the Life" by the Beatles, the Albert Hall is mentioned. The verse goes as follows:

    I read the news today, oh boy
    four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
    and though the holes were rather small
    they had to count them all
    now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall
    I'd love to turn you on.
    The song "Session Man" by the Kinks references the Hall:
    He never will forget at all
    The day he played at Albert Hall.

    In the song "Shame" by Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow, Barlow mentions the Hall in his verse:

    I read your mind and tried to call, my tears could fill the Albert Hall.
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    9. Isis.

    10. Gabriel.

    11. Michael.

    12. Lucifer.

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    'Order out of Chaos'... get it?  They cause chaos using their 'laws' -- their 'authority' -- to get their perverted version of 'order'. It is the belief in authority (in whatever form it takes eg. governments, religions) that takes our power away, makes us live in fear, turns us into slaves, and finally destroys us. I found this Pagan perspective... amusing to say the least.

    The only one I obey is myself.  Sometimes. Very Happy

    Red, you said: 'Think of GOD as your Father and yourself as a fourteen year old teen... it helps put things in perspective.'  LOL!  In this context, I am the grownup.  Nice try though. rendeer As a religious person, Red, you are always talking about 'God' as your 'Father'.... never a mention of your 'Mother'... I found this which I thought to be quite logical from the Pagan perspective.

    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:


    That's 'Ra' wearing the symbol for Saturn of course (in the movie Stargate). The 'horns' represent Saturn's rings. Guess who's 'Lucifer'? Those who worship 'Lucifer' worship Saturn (a.k.a. 'Satan' worship).

    Here's another symbol for Saturn:

    Here's the north pole of Saturn.  Coincidence?  Very Happy

    Pris wrote:'Lucifer' (Satan, devil)... may have been the 'good guy' originally.  But, if he returns as 'the beast' and wants everyone to worship and obey him, then he's no different than 'God' lol.

    Hey, Oxy... this 'Ra' wouldn't happen to be the same 'ancient Egyptian deity' you keep mentioning would it?  Mr. Dick Head ?.....Toast
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Interesting Posts!! The Internet is sort of 'Law Without Law' and 'Order Out of Chaos'!! It is somewhat Self-Governing!! Is this Fallen and Sinful Human-Nature at Work?? I continue to think that Law and Law-Enforcement are two of the most important topics imaginable!! You'd probably have to be me (or read through all of my threads) to understand the scope of my concern. People wish to be Protected and Rescued BUT they Do NOT Wish to be Told What to Do!! BTW -- Sometimes I think RA = Lucifer = Ancient Egyptian Deity = An Unnamed Angel. Did I talk to the Real-Deal (and drive them to Starbucks) OR was some alphabet-agency playing games with me?? I'm honestly trying to stop posting. This stuff is taking too many years off my miserable life!!
    Pris wrote: Actually, we're capable of entirely self-governing.  We're not only capable, it's required.  Otherwise, we're slaves.  That's the whole point. Very Happy

    People have been programmed to think they need to be protected and rescued by someone or something from 'out there'.  It really comes down to taking responsibility for our lives as individuals and taking action, but that truth has been beaten out of us.  The hand that's been feeding us has been poisoning us all along.  What they don't want us to know is our power has always been there -- it's only been suppressed.

    Look how they proudly display us:

    .....................................................................................Slaves in chains

    It's time to remember who we are!

    Carol wrote:
    David Laufman of DOJ (Chief of counter-intelligence of espionage) is the leaker, according to Cernovich. David Laufman is an Obama holdover who donated to Obama and was responsible for clearing Hillary Clinton. He led the independent investigation of the Clinton emails. The other suspect is McMasters whose having problems with Trump. What better way to repair the relationship is to create a crisis and come to the Trump's rescue.

    The real story is that who ever leaked the story put American Special Forces in great danger. This was leaked to hurt Trump and our partners on terrorism to believe that they can't trust the US.

    1. Wapo story was true in that it had sources.
    2. The sources lied to Wapo and played them.

    and there is this other person's perspective:

    The reason the Washington Post is running this fake Russian story is because John Podesta works for them. His pal Jeff Bezos is a liar protecting Hillary Clinton and Obama.

    Obama even met with Jeff Bezos yesterday at WAPO, ask yourselves why would he do that? Jeff Bezos is pals with Richard Branson and they are working towards destroying the USA as a nation...remember Richard Branson? Obama spent a lot of time with him on his private billionaire island after he left the white house.

    The other crooked connection is David Brock. David knows what happened to Seth Rich...and this is coming out now that Comey is gone.

    If Jeff Bezos is smart he will back the off before he is indicted for aiding and abetting murderers, but I suspect he more cocky than smart. He actually believes he will succeed in destroying the country with his leftist agenda, he feels he is above the law. And thanks to Obama quietly letting the Media Propaganda Act expire in 2013, I understand why he would feel empowered to make fake news up.

    But we remember everything!

    Last year Control the Record was hacked. Control the Record is a David Brock shill farm that was established to spread fake crap about the other candidates all over the internet for Hillary Clinton. A lot of news reporters worked for CTR...which should explain why Twitter is teaming with verified blue checks that constantly attack President Trump and spread fake info. They are CTR employees. Jack Dorsey knows exactly what I am typing about!

    This was hacked from the CTR chat logs, it is a convo between David Brock, Elliot Fink, and Elizabeth Kim. They were talking about taking out lead Trump Supporters on forums ala Seth Rich if necessary:

    ekim [6:26 AM]
    What are we going to do with that?

    brock [6:27 AM]
    dof u really want tio Xxxxxxxx know, kim?

    ekim [6:27 AM]
    i’m good.

    ekim [6:30 AM]
    I’m on it. Do you know what brock is going to do with them? I do kind of want to know, sir.

    efink [6:31 AM]
    google Seth Rich and shut up about it.

    We have more of their logs, some were shared on GLP before the election. We also have their full addresses and info, which I shared with the FBI (before I knew Comey was bad).

    Hillary Clinton and David Brock need to be fully investigated along with Obama, Jeff Bezos and the pedostas.

    I'll add Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who owns the New York Times as another one that needs to be looked at for actually using his newspaper to destroy an American election and actively working towards taking out the standing president. He is a real foreigner equal to his fake Russian accusations. He is doing what he is accusing Russia of doing!

    This is serious.

    WAPO and the NYT are in committing crimes and abetting criminals. And all their CTR shills are accomplices.


    "Trump says Washington Post owner Bezos has 'huge antitrust problem'"

    The Washington Post cites “former U.S. officials” as a primary source for the story.

    Now this is interesting...HOW would a FORMER US Official get access to what was discussed in that private meeting?
    Carol wrote:
    Reince Priebus Is Outed As a Leaker By Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones And Roger Stone

    "We Built Vegas With Bugsy!!"

    "These Erudite Scholars Always
    Give Me Something to Think About!!"

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Wed May 24, 2017 12:28 pm

    Pris wrote:.

    al•le•go•ry (ălˈĭ-gôrˌē, -gōrˌē)►

       The representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form.
       A story, picture, or play employing such representation. John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and Herman Melville's Moby Dick are allegories.
       A symbolic representation: The blindfolded figure with scales is an allegory of justice.

    More at Wordnik

    Horus = hours

    Hours of the day 'walk across the sky'

    Ra, sun god

    The Eye of Ra



    I am 'The Light Bringer'.  I am the 'Skywalker'.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:

    I frankly don't trust anyone or anything when it comes to Antiquity, Futurity, the Otherworldly, and the Supernatural. How Do We REALLY KNOW?? Lies and Stories can be written and repeated. People lie all the time. I've been reduced to treating most of this stuff as Science-Fiction which might contain some elements of truth. When I asked an Individual of Interest who they REALLY WERE, I thought I heard them whisper "Lucifer" but I didn't ask follow-up questions. Perhaps I should've. What if Sun-Gods in this universe MUST be a combination of Good and Evil, especially if this universe is One HUGE Star-War?? What if Sun-Gods can easily transition back and forth between Good and Evil?? I am extremely apprehensive regarding the Nature of God and the Universe. When I asked an Individual of Interest about the true state of affairs regarding this Solar System and Beyond, they said "You Don't Want to Know." The Bible is virtually Silent regarding "Lucifer". This is shocking, especially regarding how much Christianity depends on Lucifer and/or the Devil to take the blame for the Ills of the World. In the Bible, God often seems to be Unethical and Violent. What if most everyone and everything are bad (throughout the universe)?? I asked "RA" about how good or bad humanity was, and he replied "Everyone is Bad." I asked him "How Good is Too Good??" He didn't have an answer. "RA" was a "Sinister CEO" Kind of Guy!!

    I kept thinking and privately muttering "Everyone Hates Me!!" One night, "RA" said "You think everyone hates you, but they REALLY Hate ME!!" What if Supercomputers Will Replace Sun-Gods Throughout the Universe?? What if Good Sun-Gods Quickly Become Bad Sun-Gods?? Does Absolute-Power ALWAYS Corrupt Absolutely?? "RA" said "You Will Manifest Your Bad-Side." What if "Lucifer" = "Sun-God" as a "Job-Title" rather than a "Proper-Name"?? I suspect that "Lucifer" has Multiple-Personalities and Multiple-Bodies. I think I've sensed and seen evidence of this. Honest. I don't lie about this stuff. I might "get it wrong" or "slightly-exaggerate" but I don't "practice to deceive". Finally, I recommend reading The Lucifer Diary by Attorney Lewis Walton. I've been present at several of his lectures, and I've spoken with him privately. Once, a very-long time ago, he told me that if Jesus showed-up (presumably prior to the Second-Coming of Christ) the church wouldn't know what to do with Him!! His book is very different than his other books, and somehow, I can't imagine Lewis actually writing this "Lucifer" book. It scared the hell out of me!! That's all I'm going to say. Lucifer (/ˈluːsɪfər/;[1][2][3] LOO-sif-ər) is the King James Version rendering of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל in Isaiah (Isaiah 14:12). The Vulgate translation uses the Latin word lucifer, but with a lower-case initial,[4] The Hebrew word, transliterated Hêlêl[5] or Heylel (pron. as HAY-lale),[6] occurs once in the Hebrew Bible[5] and according to the KJV-based Strong's Concordance means "shining one, light-bearer".[6] The Septuagint renders הֵילֵל in Greek as ἑωσφόρος[7][8][9][10][11] (heōsphoros),[12][13][14] a name, literally "bringer of dawn", for the morning star.[15] The word Lucifer is taken from the Latin Vulgate,[16] which translates הֵילֵל as lucifer,[17][18] meaning "the morning star, the planet Venus", or, as an adjective, "light-bringing".[19]

    Later Christian tradition came to use the Latin word for "morning star", lucifer, as a proper name ("Lucifer") for the devil; as he was before his fall.[20] As a result, "'Lucifer' has become a by-word for Satan / the Devil in the church and in popular literature",[16] as in Dante Alighieri's Inferno, Joost van den Vondel's Lucifer and John Milton's Paradise Lost.[14] However, the Latin word never came to be used almost exclusively, as in English, in this way, and was applied to others also, including Jesus.[21] The image of a morning star fallen from the sky is generally believed among scholars to have a parallel in Canaanite mythology.[22]

    However, according to both Christian[23] and Jewish exegesis, in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 14, the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar II, conqueror of Jerusalem, is condemned in a prophetic vision by the prophet Isaiah and is called the "Morning Star" (planet Venus).[24][25] In this chapter the Hebrew text says הֵילֵל בֶּן-שָׁחַר (Helel ben Shachar, "shining one, son of the morning").[26] "Helel ben Shahar" may refer to the Morning Star, but the text in Isaiah 14 gives no indication that Helel was a star or planet.[27][28]

    Translation of הֵילֵל as "Lucifer", as in the King James Version, has been abandoned in modern English translations of Isaiah 14:12. Present-day translations have "morning star" (New International Version, New Century Version, New American Standard Bible, Good News Translation, Holman Christian Standard Bible, Contemporary English Version, Common English Bible, Complete Jewish Bible), "daystar" (New Jerusalem Bible, English Standard Version, The Message, "Day Star" New Revised Standard Version), "shining one" (New Life Version, New World Translation, JPS Tanakh) or "shining star" (New Living Translation).

    The term appears in the context of an oracle against a dead king of Babylon,[29] who is addressed as הילל בן שחר (Hêlêl ben Šāḥar),[30][31] rendered by the King James Version as "O Lucifer, son of the morning!" and by others as "morning star, son of the dawn".

    In a modern translation from the original Hebrew, the passage in which the phrase "Lucifer" or "morning star" occurs begins with the statement: "On the day the Lord gives you relief from your suffering and turmoil and from the harsh labour forced on you, you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon: How the oppressor has come to an end! How his fury has ended!"[32] After describing the death of the king, the taunt continues:

    "How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, 'I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.' But you are brought down to the realm of the dead, to the depths of the pit. Those who see you stare at you, they ponder your fate: 'Is this the man who shook the earth and made kingdoms tremble, the man who made the world a wilderness, who overthrew its cities and would not let his captives go home?'"[33]

    J. Carl Laney has pointed out that in the final verses here quoted, the king of Babylon is described not as a god or an angel but as a man; and that man may have been not Nebuchadnezzar II, but rather his son, Belshazzar. During the trito Isaiah period of the Persian sacking of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, Nebuchadnezzar was gripped by a spiritual fervor to build a temple to the moon god Sin (possibly analogous with Hubal, the primary God of pre-Islamic Mecca), and his son ruled as regent. The Abrahamic scriptural texts could be interpreted as a weak usurping of true kingly power, and a taunt at the failed regency of Belshazzar.[34][35]

    For the unnamed[36] "king of Babylon" a wide range of identifications have been proposed.[37] They include a Babylonian ruler of the prophet Isaiah's own time[37] the later Nebuchadnezzar II, under whom the Babylonian captivity of the Jews began, or Nabonidus,[37][38] and the Assyrian kings Tiglath-Pileser, Sargon II and Sennacherib.[34][37][39] Herbert Wolf held that the "king of Babylon" was not a specific ruler but a generic representation of the whole line of rulers.[40]

    In ancient Canaanite mythology, the morning star is pictured as a god, Attar, who attempted to occupy the throne of Ba'al and, finding he was unable to do so, descended and ruled the underworld.[41][42] The original myth may have been about a lesser god Helel trying to dethrone the Canaanite high god El who lived on a mountain to the north.[43][44] Hermann Gunkel's reconstruction of the myth told of a mighty warrior called Hêlal, whose ambition it was to ascend higher than all the other stellar divinities, but who had to descend to the depths; it thus portrayed as a battle the process by which the bright morning star fails to reach the highest point in the sky before being faded out by the rising sun.[45]

    Similarities have been noted with the East Semitic story of Ishtar's or Inanna's descent into the underworld,[44] Ishtar and Inanna being associated with the planet Venus.[46] A connection has been seen also with the Babylonian myth of Etana. The Jewish Encyclopedia comments:

    "The brilliancy of the morning star, which eclipses all other stars, but is not seen during the night, may easily have given rise to a myth such as was told of Ethana and Zu: he was led by his pride to strive for the highest seat among the star-gods on the northern mountain of the gods ... but was hurled down by the supreme ruler of the Babylonian Olympus."[47] The Greek myth of Phaethon, whose name, like that of הֵילֵל, means "Shining One", has also been seen as similar.[45]

    The Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible points out that no evidence has been found of any Canaanite myth of a god being thrown from heaven, as in Isaiah 14:12. It concludes that the closest parallels with Isaiah's description of the king of Babylon as a fallen morning star cast down from heaven are to be found not in any lost Canaanite and other myths but in traditional ideas of the Jewish people themselves, echoed in the Biblical account of the fall of Adam and Eve, cast out of God's presence for wishing to be as God, and the picture in Psalm 82 of the "gods" and "sons of the Most High" destined to die and fall.[29] This Jewish tradition has echoes also in Jewish pseudepigrapha such as 2 Enoch and the Life of Adam and Eve.[29][47][48]

    The Hebrew words הֵילֵל בֶּן-שָׁחַר (Helel ben Shaḥar, "day-star, son of the morning")[6][28] in Isaiah 14:12 are part of a prophetic vision against an oppressive king of Babylon.[49] Jewish exegesis of Isaiah 14:12–15 identified the king of Babylon as Nebuchadnezzar II.[50] Verse 20 says that this king of Babylon will not be "joined with them [all the kings of the nations] in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, thou hast slain thy people; the seed of evil-doers shall not be named for ever", but rather be cast out of the grave, while "All the kings of the nations, all of them, sleep in glory, every one in his own house".[28][51]

    As an adjective, the Latin word lucifer meant "light-bringing" and was applied to the moon.[19] As a noun, it meant "morning star", or, in Roman mythology, its divine personification as "the fabled son of Aurora[52] and Cephalus, and father of Ceyx", or (in poetry) "day".[19] The second of the meanings attached to the word when used as a noun corresponds to the image in Greek mythology of Eos, the goddess of dawn, giving birth to the morning star Phosphorus.[52]

    Isaiah 14:12 is not the only place where the Vulgate uses the word lucifer. It uses the same word four more times, in contexts where it clearly has no reference to a fallen angel: 2 Peter 1:19 (meaning "morning star"), Job 11:17 ("the light of the morning"), Job 38:32 ("the signs of the zodiac") and Psalms 110:3 ("the dawn").[53] Lucifer is not the only expression that the Vulgate uses to speak of the morning star: three times it uses stella matutina: Sirach 50:6 (referring to the actual morning star), and Revelation 2:28 (of uncertain reference) and 22:16 (referring to Jesus). Indications that in Christian tradition the Latin word lucifer, unlike the English word, did not necessarily call a fallen angel to mind exist also outside the text of the Vulgate. Two bishops bore that name: Saint Lucifer of Cagliari, and Lucifer of Siena.

    In Latin, the word is applied to John the Baptist and is used as a title of Jesus himself in several early Christian hymns. The morning hymn Lucis largitor splendide of Hilary contains the line: "Tu verus mundi lucifer" (you are the true light bringer of the world).[54] Some interpreted the mention of the morning star (lucifer) in Ambrose's hymn Aeterne rerum conditor as referring allegorically to Jesus and the mention of the XXXX, the herald of the day (praeco) in the same hymn as referring to John the Baptist.[55] Likewise, in the medieval hymn Christe qui lux es et dies, some manuscripts have the line "Lucifer lucem proferens".[56]

    The Latin word lucifer is also used of Jesus in the Easter Proclamation prayer to God regarding the paschal candle: Flammas eius lucifer matutinus inveniat: ille, inquam, lucifer, qui nescit occasum. Christus Filius tuus, qui, regressus ab inferis, humano generi serenus illuxit, et vivit et regnat in saecula saeculorum ("May this flame be found still burning by the Morning Star: the one Morning Star who never sets, Christ your Son, who, coming back from death's domain, has shed his peaceful light on humanity, and lives and reigns for ever and ever"). In the works of Latin grammarians, Lucifer, like Daniel, was discussed as an example of a personal name.[57]

    In the Second Temple period literature the main possible reference is found in 2 Enoch, also known as Slavonic Enoch: 2 Enoch 29:3 Here Satanail was hurled from the height together with his angels. However the editor of the standard modern edition (Charlesworth, Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Vol.1) pipelines[clarification needed] the verse as a probable later Christian interpolation on the grounds that "Christian explanations of the origin of evil linked Lk 10:18 with Isa 14 and eventually Gen. 3 so vs 4 could be a Christian interpolation... Jewish theology concentrated on Gen 6., and this is prominent in the Enoch cycle as in other apocalypses." Furthermore, the name used in 2 Enoch, Satanail, is not directly related to the Isaiah 14 text, and the surrounding imagery of fire suggests Ezekiel 28:17–18.[58]

    Other instances of lucifer in the Old Testament pseudepigrapha are related to the "star" Venus, in the Sibylline Oracles battle of the constellations (line 517) "Lucifer fought mounted on the back of Leo",[59] or the entirely rewritten Christian version of the Greek Apocalypse of Ezra 4:32 which has a reference to Lucifer as Antichrist.[60] An association of Isaiah 14:12–18 with a personification of evil, called the devil developed outside of mainstream Rabbinic Judaism in pseudepigrapha and Christian writings,[61] particularly with the apocalypses.[62] Especially Isaiah 14:12, became a dominant conception of a fallen angel motif[63] in 1 Enoch 86-90 and 2 Enoch 29:3–4.[clarification needed] Rabbinical Judaism rejected any belief in rebel or fallen angels.[64] In the 11th century, the Pirqe de-Rabbi Eliezer illustrates the origin of the "fallen angel myth" by giving two accounts, one relates to the angel in the Garden of Eden who seduces Eve, and the other relates to the angels, the benei elohim who cohabit with the daughters of man (Genesis 6:1–4).[65]

    Christian writers applied the words of Isaiah 14:12 to Satan. Sigve K Tonstad argues that the New Testament War in Heaven theme of Revelation 12:7-9, in which the dragon "who is called the devil and Satan … was thrown down to the earth", derives from the passage in Isaiah 14.[66] Origen (184/185 – 253/254) interpreted such Old Testament passages as being about manifestations of the Devil; but of course, writing in Greek, not Latin, he did not identify the devil with the name "Lucifer".[67][68][69][70] Tertullian (c. 160 – c. 225), who wrote in Latin, also understood Isaiah 14:14 ("I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High") as spoken by the Devil,[71] but "Lucifer" is not among the numerous names and phrases he used to describe the devil.[72] Even at the time of the Latin writer Augustine of Hippo (354–430), "Lucifer" had not yet become a common name for the Devil.[67] Some time later, the metaphor of the morning star that Isaiah 14:12 applied to a king of Babylon gave rise to the general use of the Latin word for "morning star", capitalized, as the original name of the devil before his fall from grace, linking Isaiah 14:12 with Luke 10:18 ("I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven") and interpreting the passage in Isaiah as an allegory of Satan's fall from heaven.[73][74]

    However, the understanding of the morning star in Isaiah 14:12 as a metaphor referring to a king of Babylon continued also to exist among Christians. Theodoret of Cyrus (c. 393 – c. 457) wrote that Isaiah calls the king "morning star", not as being the star, but as having had the illusion of being it.[75] The same understanding is shown in Christian translations of the passage, which in English generally use "morning star" rather than treating the word as a proper name, "Lucifer". So too in other languages, such as French,[76] German,[77] Portuguese,[78] and Spanish.[79] Even the Vulgate text in Latin is printed with lower-case lucifer (morning star), not upper-case Lucifer (proper name).[18] Calvin said: "The exposition of this passage, which some have given, as if it referred to Satan, has arisen from ignorance: for the context plainly shows these statements must be understood in reference to the king of the Babylonians."[80] Luther also considered it a gross error to refer this verse to the devil.[81] Gustave Doré, illustration to Paradise Lost, book IX, 179–187: "... he [Satan] held on /His midnight search, where soonest he might finde /The Serpent: him fast sleeping soon he found ..."

    Adherents of the King James Only movement and others who hold that Isaiah 14:12 does indeed refer to the devil have decried the modern translations.[82][83][84] Treating "Lucifer" as a name for the devil or Satan, they may use that name when speaking of such accounts of the devil or Satan as the following:

    Satan inciting David to number Israel (1 Chronicles 21:1), though in 2 Samuel 24:1 it is stated that God caused David to take census of Israel, possibly pointing to a deeply rooted Gnostic belief in which the archons ascribed to Satan and Jehovah are merely archons—a dualist expression of the Monad's will, and part of the demiurge. Job tested by Satan (Book of Job) Satan ready to accuse the high priest Joshua (Zechariah 3:1–2) Sin brought into the world through the devil's envy (Wisdom 2:24) "The prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience" (Ephesians 2:2) "The god of this world" (2 Corinthians 4:4). The devil disputing with Michael about the body of Moses (Jude 1:9) The dragon of the Book of Revelation "who is called the devil and Satan" (Revelation 12:9;20:2)

    They may also use the name Lucifer when speaking of Satan's motive for rebelling and of the nature of his sin, which, without using the name Lucifer, Origen, Chrysostom, Jerome, Ambrose, and Augustine attributed to the devil's pride, and Irenaeus, Tertullian, Justin Martyr, Cyprian, and again Augustine attributed to the devil's envy of humanity created in the image of God.[85][86][87] Jealousy of humans, created in the divine image and given authority over the world is the motive that a modern writer, who denies that there is any such person as Lucifer, says that Tertullian attributed to the devil,[88] and, while he cited Tertullian and Augustine as giving envy as the motive for the fall, an 18th-century French Capuchin preacher himself described the rebel angel as jealous of Adam's exaltation, which he saw as a diminution of his own status.[87]

    In Islam the Devil is known as Iblīs (Arabic: إبليس‎‎, plural: ابالسة abālisah) or Shaytān (Arabic: شيطان‎‎, plural: شياطين shayātīn). Iblis is banished from heaven for refusing to prostrate himself before Adam, which is similar to the earlier 3 Enoch, chapter 4, in which all of the angels prostrate themselves before Enoch, an early descendant of Adam. Thus, he sins after the creation of man. He asks God for a respite until judgment day rather than being consigned to the fire of hell immediately. God grants this request, and Iblis then swears revenge by tempting human beings and turning them away from God. God tells him that any humans who follow him will join him in the fire of hell at judgment day, but that Iblis will have no power over all mankind except who wants to follow Iblis.[citation needed] This story is cited multiple times in the Qur'an for different reasons.

    Islamic literature presents Iblis as God worshipping and very pious until he refused to prostrate to Adam due to his jealousy and pride.[89][90] Iblis is also considered to a type of supernatural being known as the Jinn, instead of an angel, who were made out of smokeless fire and created before humankind.[91][92][93][94]

    Rudolf Steiner's writings, which formed the basis for Anthroposophy, characterised Lucifer as a spiritual opposite to Ahriman, with Christ between the two forces, mediating a balanced path for humanity. Lucifer represents an intellectual, imaginative, delusional, otherworldly force which might be associated with visions, subjectivity, psychosis and fantasy. He associated Lucifer with the religious/philosophical cultures of Egypt, Rome and Greece. Steiner believed that Lucifer, as a supersensible Being, had incarnated in China about 3000 years before the birth of Christ.

    Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer. The tradition, influenced by Gnosticism, usually reveres Lucifer not as the devil, but as a liberator, a guardian or guiding spirit[95] or even the true god as opposed to Jehovah.[96] In Anton LaVey's The Satanic Bible, Lucifer is one of the four crown princes of hell, particularly that of the East, the 'lord of the air', and is called the bringer of light, the morning star, intellectualism, and enlightenment.[97] The title 'lord of the air' is based upon Ephesians 2:2, which uses the phrase 'prince of the power of the air' to refer to the pagan god Zeus, but that phrase later became conflated with Satan. Author Michael W. Ford has written on Lucifer as a "mask" of the adversary, a motivator and illuminating force of the mind and subconscious.[98]

    Léo Taxil (1854–1907) claimed that Freemasonry is associated with worshipping Lucifer. In what is known as the Taxil hoax, he alleged that leading Freemason Albert Pike had addressed "The 23 Supreme Confederated Councils of the world" (an invention of Taxil), instructing them that Lucifer was God, and was in opposition to the evil god Adonai. Supporters of Freemasonry contend that, when Albert Pike and other Masonic scholars spoke about the "Luciferian path," or the "energies of Lucifer," they were referring to the Morning Star, the light bearer,[99] the search for light; the very antithesis of dark, satanic evil. Taxil promoted a book by Diana Vaughan (actually written by himself, as he later confessed publicly)[100] that purported to reveal a highly secret ruling body called the Palladium, which controlled the organization and had a satanic agenda. As described by Freemasonry Disclosed in 1897:

    With frightening cynicism, the miserable person we shall not name here [Taxil] declared before an assembly especially convened for him that for twelve years he had prepared and carried out to the end the most sacrilegious of hoaxes. We have always been careful to publish special articles concerning Palladism and Diana Vaughan. We are now giving in this issue a complete list of these articles, which can now be considered as not having existed.[101] Taxil's work and Pike's address continue to be quoted by anti-masonic groups.[102] In Devil-Worship in France, Arthur Edward Waite compared Taxil's work to what today we would call a tabloid story, replete with logical and factual inconsistencies.

    See also

    Ahura Mazda
    Angra Mainyu
    Phosphorus (morning star)
    Devil in popular culture
    Doctor Faustus (play)
    Guardian of the Threshold
    Inferno (Dante), the first of the three canticas of Divine Comedy
    Luceafărul (poem), a poem by the poet Mihai Eminescu
    Luceafărul, a literary magazine
    The Lucifer Effect
    Venus (astrology)
    Venus (mythology)
    2010 (film)


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    RedEzra wrote:

    "Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said to Him, 'All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. Therefore, if You will worship before me, all will be Yours.'" And Jesus answered and said to him, 'Get behind Me, Satan! For it is written, You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.'" - Luke 4:5-8

    The devil satan lucifer and whatever that fallen angel chooses to call himself has authority over the kingdoms of this fallen world ! And if you want worldly power and prestige or become rich and famous then you have to serve the devil satan lucifer or whatever that angel calls himself. But he is running out of time...
    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    Carol wrote: There are days that I worry about you two. This thread is one of them.
    Carol, could you be more specific?? I'm pretty neutral regarding this website, the forum-members, and the controversial-information, but I remain horribly miserable and hamstrung, yet I don't take my dissatisfaction with life out on anyone (in particular)!! It's difficult to say or do anything right (regarding life, the universe, and everything) when all one seems to have to work-with are Conflicting-Delusions!! Silence is Golden!! Let Others Stick Their Necks Out (Only to Have Their Heads Chopped-Off)!!

    French Suicide!!

    "Paper or Plastic??

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    Aquaries1111 wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:

    Carol wrote:
    A dying British Intelligence agent has made a series of stunning confessions
    after being told that he only has a matter of weeks to live by doctors, including that he was tasked
    with the murder of Princess Diana.

    80-year-old John Hopkins is a retired Mi5 operative who worked as a hitman for UK Government and claims to have carried out 23 assassinations between 1973 and 1999.Hopkins was a 38-year veteran and claims that his job often involved discretely assassinating individuals who "posed a threat to national security".During his time serving the United Kingdom, he trained extensively as a mechanical engineer and munitions expert and claims to be "seasoned" in unconventional murders involving poisons and chemicals.The retired British assassin says he worked as part of a cell of seven operatives who were trusted to conduct political assassinations during a period he describes as "when MI5 operated with less external oversight".  

    Many of his top secret cell's victims were politicians, journalists, activists, and union leaders. Mr. Hopkins claims that Princess Diana was the only women he ever killed, adding that; adding that; "She was the only target where the order came directly from the Royal family."

    When asked about how he felt about taking the life of The People's Princess, he said he felt "ambivalent" about her death, describing her as "a beautiful, kind-hearted women" who had her life cut tragically short but that "she was also placing the British Crown at risk", saying: "The Royal Family had evidence that she was planning to divorce Charles." "She knew too many Royal secrets. She had a huge grudge and she was going to go public with all sorts of wild claims." "My boss told me she had to die – he’d received orders directly from Prince Philip – and we had to make it look like an accident."

    "I’d never killed a woman before, much less a princess, but I obeyed orders. I did it for Queen and country." He claims the operation was run under strict control from Buckingham Palace in direct cooperation with the mainstream media.The high-level conspiracy involved collusion between the media and Palace to "square their stories, make sure everybody was on the same page. It was a well-run operation.

    "Speaking about the conspirators in the operation, Hopkins said: "British journalists all answer to editors who answer to oligarchs who all want knighthoods from the crime family at Buckingham Palace." "There is no free press in Britain," "We got away with murder." After being told that he only has a short time left to live from his doctors, Hopkins said he will spend his final weeks at home, but admitted that he expects to be arrested after his admissions, or even silenced, saying: "I can’t say that I care an awful lot." "If they try to take me out, they'll be doing me a favor now" He explained that he would be "long-gone" should an investigation be opened as it would "take forever" and be "very complicated" due to the limited records on the operations, adding that "most of my colleagues are already dead".

    Hopkins claims that the main conspirator in the murder of Princess Diana was Prince Philip, but said that he "will never be charged with anything, of course". “If Prince Philip ever let himself be analyzed by a psychiatrist I’m sure he’d be diagnosed a psychopath. He has all the dark triad traits.” Should this case ever be investigated, the most important witness would be Mr. Hopkins boss who apparently died of a heart attack in "the early 2000s".When Hopkins was asked why he didn’t expose the plot earlier or refuse the job at the time, he explained: "MI5 agents swear allegiance to the Crown," "We can’t be impartial when it comes to the Royal family." "At best I would have been done for treason, at worst Philip would have designed a grisly fate for me."
    Pris wrote:
    Swanny wrote:
    Pris wrote:

    It's interesting how the delusional are so able to convince themselves they are not delusional. To be clear, I do not believe in 'God' so I do not think I'm 'God'.  Clear?  Glad I could clear that up if you are inferring your comment to someone like me.  I don't want anyone thinking I think I'm 'God'.  Am I the center, the creator of my universe/multiverse?  Sure. In case you missed the memo, Red, your 'God' isn't/wasn't nice.

    I do not believe in gods either. I am part of source energy. Everything is energy, we can manipulate energy. I too am the creator of my universe/multiverse. We all are. The trouble is people don't have the strength to admit they are causing all the good and bad XXXX in their lives so they need something to give credit to or blame it on and therefore use the idea of a god or a devil. Maybe one day people will realise just how powerful they are but I doubt it. Of course the religions of the world know this and do everything in their power to stop it from happening, that's why they created the idea of hell etc. Religions are just wrong

    Yes, Swanny!  This is exactly what I think, too. Cool And, this is why I'm trying to get my butt out of here.  As Joe pointed out, there's an elephant in the room that someone of a crimson nature refuses to see (and actually thinks some of us are government trolls lol).

    Rhetorical question:
    Why would bonafide government trolls try to obfuscate a 'pro' bible thread when government and religion work hand in hand to enslave the mind and steal the bodies and the souls of the people?  Rolling Eyes

    JoeEcho wrote:I never understood, ultimately, why any spiritual text is defended as if it was one with God. It's as if the spiritual text BECOMES God. Now THAT is false witness IMO. Another analogy: Treating spiritual text (in this case the Bible) so reverently/ unquestionably is like treating the Jesus like he is still nailed to the cross.

    If I was God I would want the people to question ANY text attributed to me. I'd be pleased with the people questioning my very existence, it would be irresponsible for them not to. If God would strike someone dead or send them to eternal punishment for not believing in them or their message then they are not that. A song by Joshua Kadison has something pretty cool things to say about religion:
    Believe what you want to, believe what you can,
    'cause all I ever really learned from this life of mine...
    Love's the only thing worth a damn.
    So take it or leave it, deny or receive it,
    'cause maybe it was never really ours to understand."
    And that right there's the gospel according to my ol' man.

    Linger on the path as long as you wish, I am simply here to tell you that it does not end where we've lingered.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:

    What if we are dealing with Bad@$$
    Kings and Queens of Solar Systems Incorporated,
    who answer only to the Almighty-Dollar???

    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    Even if the Old-Testament is Nasty and Unethical, it features Bad@$$ Warriors (Including God)!!
    What if there really are In-Between Bad@$$ Gods, who are Mighty (but NOT Almighty)??
    "RA" Said "We're Ancient!!" and "You and I Have Fought Side By Side!!"

    NOTE: I did NOT consciously place the 'Diana' and 'George Carlin' videos in the above sequence of 'Bad@$$ Gods'!! Honest!! But I will leave them, because someone with the power to change my posts felt strongly enough about this to make the changes!! This reminds me of finding that strange message in my word-processor, claiming that I wrote 37 books in antiquity, 5 of which were included in the Bible!! Honest!! I don't make this stuff up!! Now these two videos have been removed, and I did NOT remove them!! Honest!! I won't continue playing this stupid game!! I will leave this post 'As-Is'!! Do NOT Trust My Threads As Being Representative of ME!!     
    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:What if we are dealing with Bad@$$ Kings and Queens of Solar Systems Incorporated, who answer only to the Almighty-Dollar???

    What if, Oxy?  What if?  So what.  It's just the usual paranoid fear porn coming from you (I see you're bringing out the same-old arsenal in the usual milelong spam post). None of that can undermine what Joe just shared. Hey, why not embrace the concept of love and self-empowerment for once?  It wouldn't hurt.

    Amen, Joe!  Amen.  Double Thumbs Up  Candle in the Wind  JT  Hadriel
    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    Even if the Old-Testament is Nasty and Unethical, it features Bad@$$ Warriors (Including God)!!
    What if there really are In-Between Bad@$$ Gods, who are Mighty (but NOT Almighty)??

    Did you miss this?  Selective reading?

    Pris wrote:What if, Oxy?  What if?  So what.  

    You know, Oxy...  People used to seriously worship the sun and the moon.  Some still do.  These 'Gods'... prove to me they are not spin-offs of sun and the moon worship first.  Then, maybe, we'll have something to talk about.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:

    JoeEcho wrote:It cracks be up when people get tripped up with 'ifs'. In an iffy world, what's the Dif? What? You think your form of communication isn't any more iffy just because the word 'if' isn't used? How is that mirror of yours working out for you? Tells you what you want to hear, doesn't it? Thanks for the chuckles.....
    Pris wrote:
    JoeEcho wrote:
    Pris wrote:
    Lol well said, Joe!  I think a hierarchy in and of itself is absurd, but that can wait for another day. Very Happy

    Certainly but it's not off topic for, as the story goes, there is a hierarchy between Jesus and Satan. Classic divide and conquer routine for control of the masses. And that is just part of the rabbit hole. P.s. Bring plenty of carrots!

    Right.  I was meaning hierarchy as in so-called 'authority' from government (let alone religion).

    Yes... the so-called hierarchy between 'Jesus' and 'Satan'...  as perceived by some...  

    Pris wrote:.

    I don't want to put this in Red's 'Bible' thread and figured this would be a good place to post it.

    When it comes to the bible...  taken literally, here's an amusing (dark) take on it.  'God' isn't exactly nice.

    This is NOT to be taken literal (that's the whole point).  It's still funny/sick regardless. Oooyeah 1

    NOTE:  the number 42 is a significant number (that is used repeatedly in stories) that probably has more to do with the number of weeks for the gestation period of the human fetus (multiples of seven, the days of the week etc.) than anything else (not, for example, 42 actual kids that get torn to bits by two actual bears -- that's allegory).

    Also, I'm entirely against the use of inorganic rock salt as a seasoning.  If you want to age yourself beyond recognition and kill yourself slowly (or quickly as the case may be), go ahead and eat it.  Turn yourself into a pillar of salt.

    12 Craziest, Most Awful Things God Did in the Old Testament
    God was a bit of a hellraiser before Jesus softened him up.
    By Rob Bricken

    1) Sending Bears to Murder Children

    So a guy named Eliseus was traveling to Bethel when a bunch of kids popped up and made fun of him for being bald. That had to suck, and you can't blame Eliseus for being pissed and cursing them to God. But God had Eliseus' back, by which I mean he sent two bears to maul 42 of these kids to death. For making fun of a bald dude. I have to think Eliseus was looking for something along the lines of a spanking, or maybe the poetic justice of having the kids go bald, but nope, God went straight for the bear murder. But on the plus side, that pile of 40+ children's corpses never made fun of anybody again. (4 Kings 2:23-24)

    2) Turning Lot's Wife to Salt

    Most folks know about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities of sin God decided to kill everyone in instead of, you know, making them not full of sin. But this was a town that, when two angels were staying at Lot's place, gathered en masse and asked if they could rape them. I repeat: They wanted to rape angels. So they kind of had their destruction coming. Lot and his family were sent from the city before things went down, and Lot's wife looked back, and God turned her into a pillar of salt. It's generally understood that Lot's wife was looking back in a wistful kind of way at her angel-raping hometown, but the fact is there's nothing in the Bible to suggest this. Nor was Lot's family warned about looking back. Maybe Lot's wife wanted to see Sodom and Gomorrah get what was coming to it. Maybe she was thinking wistfully of the things she had to leave behind. Maybe she wondered if she had left the oven on. We'll never know, because God turned her into seasoning for breaking a rule she didn't know existed. (Genesis 19:26)

    3) Hating Ugly People

    In what should be good news for intolerant religious conservatives, God really does hate people who are different from the norm. Of course, God isn't as worried about skin color or sexual orientation as he is about whether you're ugly or not. Because if you're ugly, you can just go worship some other god, okay? (Even though God will punish you if you do and also they don't exist.) Here's the people God does not want coming into his churches: People with blemishes, blind people, the lame, those with flat noses, dwarves, people with scurvy, people with bad eyes, people with bad skin, and those that "hath their stones broken." Given that God is technically responsible for giving people all of these afflictions in the first place, this is an enormous dick move. (Leviticus 21:17-24)

    4) Trying to Kill Moses

    In terms of people who God likes, you'd think Moses would be pretty high up on the list, right? I mean, God appointed him to lead the Jews out of Egypt, parted the Red Sea for him, and even picked him to receive the 10 Commandments, right? Yet this didn't stop God from trying to kill Moses when he ran into him at "a lodging place." There is literally no explanation given in the Bible for God's decision to murder one of his chief supporters. The line is "At a lodging place on the way, the Lord met Moses and was about to kill him." The only sensible explanation for this is that God was drunk out of his mind and looking for a bar fight, and you better hope that's correct because the alternative is that God's a psychopath. How was God stopped from murdering his #1 fan? "But [Moses' wife] Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son's foreskin and touched Moses' feet with it ... So the Lord let him alone." Either the sight of a very unexpected circumcision sobered God up quickly, or he didn't want to touch a dude who just touched a severed foreskin. Still, it's Moses' son who's the real victim here. (Exodus 4:24-26)

    5) Committing So Much Genocide

    God has killed so many people, you guys. Okay, I mean technically, God has killed everyone if you subscribe to Judeo-Christian thought, but I'm not talking about indirect methods, I'm talking about God murdering countless people in horrible ways simply because he's pissed off. God drowning every single person on the planet besides Noah and his family is pretty well known, but he also helped the Israelites murder everyone in Jericho, Heshbon, Bashan and many more, usually killing women, children and animals at the same time. Hell, God once helped some Israelites kill 500,000 other Israelites. God's crazy.

    6) Ordering His Underlings to Kill Their Own Children

    God is obviously good at big picture dickishness, but he also took the time to be a dick on a more personal level. Abraham was another devout man God decided to f*** with, apparently because he knew he could. God ordered him to sacrifice his son to God (God was a fan of human sacrifice at the time). We know Abraham loved his son, so he was probably kind of upset with this, but hey, God's God. So Abraham tricked his unsuspecting son up a mountain onto a sacrificial altar and prepared to murder him. This story actually has a happy ending, in that right before Abraham drove a knife into his son's throat, God yelled "Psych!" and told him it was only a test. And then Abraham received some blessings after that for being willing to kill his own child at God's whim. And all it took was the dread of being forced to kill his own child on behalf of his angry deity and, presumably, a sh**-ton of awkward family dinners for the rest of his life. Abraham got off better than Jephthah, who had to follow through with murdering his daughter (burning her alive, specifically) in order to get on God's good side before battling the Ammonites. (Genesis 22:1-12)

    7) Killing Egyptian Babies

    Let's be completely up front: The Egyptians and the Jews did not get along. According to the Bible, the Egyptians enslaved the Jews, but the Jews had God on their side, if you kind of ignore God letting his people be enslaved in the first place. Rather getting his worshippers the hell out of there, God wanted to show those damned Egyptians what for, releasing 10 plagues that began with turning the river Nile into pure blood, and ending with the slaughter of the first-born of every single Egyptian man and animal. Now, I suppose it's possible that some, or even most of these first-borns were adults who were shitty to the Israelites. But some of them were babies who didn't even have the time to persecute the Jews yet. And what the hell did the animals do to the Jews to get caught up in this nightmare? You realize there were cats in Egypt, right? Cats who had first-borns? God killed kittens. (Numbers 16:41-49)

    8 ) Killing a Dude for Not Making More Babies

    So you're a dude named Onan and you have a brother named Er. God does not care for Er, and kills him. Standard God operating procedure. Then things gets weird. Onan's dad orders Onan to have sex with Er's wife — not marry, by the way, just have sex with. This is actually pretty awkward for Onan, sleeping with his sister-in-law, and rather than give her any more kids (she had two with Er already) he pulls out. God is so infuriated that Onan did not f*** his sister-in-law to completion that he kills him, too. Now, you could argue that God demands that intercourse be used specifically for procreation, but given how much God loves killing babies and children, I don't think his motives here are exceptionally pure. (Genesis 38:1-10)

    9) Helping Samson Murder People to Pay Off a Bet

    More evidence that God is possibly a low-level mobster: When his pal Samson got married, he was given 30 friends, and he posed them (a completely insane) riddle. Then he made a bet that if they could solve it in a week, Samson would give them all new clothes, but if they couldn't they would give Samson 30 pairs of new clothes. Well, Samson's wife wheedled the answer out of him and then told these dudes, at which point an angry Samson had to pay up. And here's where God comes in — literally, into Samson, giving him the power to murder 30 random people for their clothes. Only a true friend would help you commit mass murder to settle a completely stupid bet. (Judges 14:1-19)

    10) Trying to Wrestle a Guy, Cheating, and Still Losing

    And here's more evidence that God is a drunk maniac: Jacob was traveling with his two wives, his 11 kids, and all his earthly possessions and had sent them across a river. At that moment, a guy essentially leapt out of the bushes and started wrestling. It's God! They wrestle all night, and God cannot beat Jacob, so he uses his magic God powers to wrench Jacob's hip out of its socket. But Jacob still won't let him out of a headlock until God blesses him, because Jacob has figured out who this bizarre man is. God blesses him and wanders off, presumably to go get in a bar fight somewhere. (Genesis 32: 22-31)

    11) Killing People for Complaining About God Killing Them

    To be fair, after God freed the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, they were extraordinarily bitchy about not instantly being in a land of milk and honey. It got so bad that God was ready to kill all of them and let Moses start the Jews over, although Moses managed to talk him out of it. But one of their more sensible complaints was that Moses was lording himself over the rest of them, which was probably true, seeing as God had given him the 10 Commandments and all that. So Moses summoned the three tribal elders who had made the complaint to a Monday morning staff meeting, but two of them didn't come. Neither Moses nor God cared for that, and God opened up the grounds beneath their people's tents, killing both tribes (God also set fire to 250 Israelite princes who'd made the same complaint). Having been well admonished that Moses was putting himself above the rest of the people with God's permission, a number of surviving Israelites were kind of pissed that Moses and God had killed so many of their fellow people to prove a point. God responded by killing another 14,700 of them with a plague. The complaints stopped. (Numbers 16:1-49)

    12) Everything He Did to Job

    Oh, Job. Other than a sh**-ton of babies, no one had it worse in the Bible than Job, who was a righteous, good-hearted man who believed in God with every fiber in his being — which is when God decides to see how miserable he can make this dude before he gets upset. Note: This is a result of a bet between God and Satan. Also note: The bet is God's idea. He's literally just hanging out with Satan — which is kinda weird when you think about it — when he started bragging about how awesome Job is. Satan points out that Job's pretty blessed — he's rich, he's got a lot of kids, etc., and he probably wouldn't be quite so thrilled with God if he didn't have that stuff. God downs his bourbon, presumably, and tells Satan he can mess with Job all he wants. Satan does. He kills all of Job's children and animals, burns down his house, destroys his wealth, and then covers him in boils. Job doesn't curse God, but he does wish he'd never been born (literally) and begs God to kill him, but no dice. This lasts a long time until finally Job wonders why a just God would be so cruel. This is when God pops up and basically tells him, "Shut up, I don't have to explain anything to you." Job, having finally done something wrong, pleads for mercy, and God eventually gives him back animals and children — new ones, because the old ones are still dead. Because of a bet. That God made with Satan. For kicks. (Job 1)
    For the entire article including intro:
    Pris wrote:.

    Oh, hi Red. sunny  Don't mind me, I just want to finish something off here with Oxy.

    Oxy, you'd have very little to post if it wasn't for 'The Magic of Hollywood'...

    Do you remember this from part of a conversation we had awhile back?  It had to do with altered states, predictive programming and hyperreality.

    Pris wrote:At the moment, there are no aliens, ETs, angels or 'celebrities' chatting with me telling me 'how it is' because I'm not interested in conjuring them up.  It seems very much that 'I get what I expect'.  Personally, I think our dreams are reflective... and in direct relation/contact with our individually perceived experiential reality/realities.

    Pris wrote:This brings me back to the interesting topic of ‘predictive programming’.  I mentioned this video in another thread the other day and felt it was high time I shared it here because of everything we’ve been touching on. Question everything that you think.  What isn’t 'predictive programming'?

    Pris wrote:hyperreality

       The state or condition of being hyperreal.
       The inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from fantasy, especially in technologically advanced postmodern cultures.

    More at Wordnik

    Robbie Graham - UFOs, Hyperreality, and the
    Disclosure Myth - Copenhagen 2014

    NOTE: Video is in English after brief intro.
    RedEzra wrote:We get our ideas and information primarily from the current culture we live in. Sometimes soft through mass media and education centers and sometimes hard through ideological revolutions and reeducation camps. Either way the states decide what we will believe and when we don't go along with the program then we are marginalized or put in prison or go to the grave. So in such hostile environments where states are not interested in sharing facts and truths about reality then it is almost impossible for someone to find them.

    We are all raised by the state we live in and take on an identity programmed by the state. That is why people are usually muslims in muslim nations and commies in commie lands and catholics in catholic countries and so on and so forth. Those who are leaders of nations decide what the rest ought to think act and do.

    It is very hard to break free from an identity which have been with us since we were born but should one succeed then some advanced states also have state agents with alternative ideas and information for us. And i see most people on forums are stuck in one of those state sponsored alternative camps.

    For instance before internet eastern mysticism was invited into the west with mystic ideas injected into a culture which was predominantly christian. And that is why we got this huge new age mess today. Do you think this would be allowed by the states if they did not direct it ? And what about all the mosques in the west sprouting up like mushrooms... do you think the states are not in control of this ?

    If one is interested in truth and not just what resonates then one has to get back to basics. How did the universe come into being ? Seeing there are some governing principles to the universe found and formulated into scientific laws like the law of conservation of energy and the second law of thermodynamics then one ought to know for a fact that the universe did not come into being by itself. And that is why all great scientists just a few decades ago understood that God is proved by the universe itself. There is a Being with creative capabilities and intelligence who somehow formed the universe with energy matter and order from the beginning.

    But who is this Being ? This is absolutely awfully amazing that a Being is capable to form a universe and fill it with life. For instance i would not sit here and type this if not for that Being forming the universe and everything in it. In fact we all owe our lives to this Being.

    Who art Thou ?

    I Am He who is declaring the end from the beginning
    and from ancient times things which have not yet been done
    saying My purpose will be established
    and I will accomplish all My good pleasure.

    When Jesus said I Am He they fell to the ground.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:I've never denied being a 'Completely Ignorant Fool' (since Raven called me that, several years ago)!! I've had a lot of fun with it!! 'RA' told me 'You Did It With YouTube!!" I rely heavily upon Videos and Images. My threads are mostly the work of others. That's the way it should be. My father kept the stars 'cool' in a major television studio, and I spent many Sundays in a celebrity's mansion, while I was growing up, but I don't think I appreciated it. My mom also worked in Hollywood, and had contact with a lot of celebrities. I attended a church on Hollywood Blvd. I briefly attended a Bible-Class with a major-director's stepmother in attendance. So, this might explain my strongly leaning upon Hollywood for my Pseudo-Intellectual Religious and Political Science-Fiction. I try to 'Keep It Real' but I like to have fun sometimes!! I like to mess with you guys and gals!! I like to %&@#$#% with the Artificial-Intelligence!! What do you call 'Brunette Hair-Coloring for a Blond'?? 'Artificial-Intelligence'!! On a more Sirius-Note, I recently encountered a tall, muscular, young-man with a Hebrew-Tattoo, and an Angelic-Themed T-Shirt. He was 'very-quick' and 'to the point'. It made me wonder. It really made me wonder. I sure wouldn't want to be on the 'Wrong-Side' of that guy!! But what if my highly-experimental threads are taken way too seriously in the 'Heavenly-Realms'?? I've simply attempted to 'Meet People and Other-Than-People' where they are, but perhaps this has been a grave-mistake with eternal-consequences. Time will tell, as it always does...
    JoeEcho wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:I try to 'Keep It Real' but I like to have fun sometimes!! I like to mess with you guys and gals!! I like to %&@#$#% with the Artificial-Intelligence!!

    In case you didn't catch that orthodoxymoron, AI can to appear to act against itself to appear legitimate.

    AI, you tricky bastard!
    Huge Grin

    orthodoxymoron wrote:

    Group I:

    Genesis through Esther.
    Matthew through Acts.
    The Book of Revelation.

    Group II:

    Job through Malachi.
    Romans through Jude.

    What's going on here??

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Sat May 27, 2017 1:34 am

    Pris wrote:.

    So happy you dropped in, Oxy. Very Happy

    I think you may have said it best here:

    orthodoxymoron wrote:Interesting Posts!! The Internet is sort of 'Law Without Law' and 'Order Out of Chaos'!! It is somewhat Self-Governing!! Is this Fallen and Sinful Human-Nature at Work?? I continue to think that Law and Law-Enforcement are two of the most important topics imaginable!! You'd probably have to be me (or read through all of my threads) to understand the scope of my concern. People wish to be Protected and Rescued BUT they Do NOT Wish to be Told What to Do!! BTW -- Sometimes I think RA = Lucifer = Ancient Egyptian Deity = An Unnamed Angel.  Did I talk to the Real-Deal (and drive them to Starbucks) OR was some alphabet-agency playing games with me?? I'm honestly trying to stop posting. This stuff is taking too many years off my miserable life!!

    Then, you added all this:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:I frankly don't trust anyone or anything when it comes to Antiquity, Futurity, the Otherworldly, and the Supernatural. How Do We REALLY KNOW?? Lies and Stories can be written and repeated. People lie all the time. I've been reduced to treating most of this stuff as Science-Fiction which might contain some elements of truth. When I asked an Individual of Interest who they REALLY WERE, I thought I heard them whisper "Lucifer" but I didn't ask follow-up questions. Perhaps I should've. What if Sun-Gods in this universe MUST be a combination of Good and Evil, especially if this universe is One HUGE Star-War?? What if Sun-Gods can easily transition back and forth between Good and Evil?? I am extremely apprehensive regarding the Nature of God and the Universe. When I asked an Individual of Interest about the true state of affairs regarding this Solar System and Beyond, they said "You Don't Want to Know." The Bible is virtually Silent regarding "Lucifer". This is shocking, especially regarding how much Christianity depends on Lucifer and/or the Devil to take the blame for the Ills of the World. In the Bible, God often seems to be Unethical and Violent. What if most everyone and everything are bad (throughout the universe)?? I asked "RA" about how good or bad humanity was, and he replied "Everyone is Bad." I asked him "How Good is Too Good??" He didn't have an answer. "RA" was a "Sinister CEO" Kind of Guy!!

    I kept thinking and privately muttering "Everyone Hates Me!!" One night, "RA" said "You think everyone hates you, but they REALLY Hate ME!!" What if Supercomputers Will Replace Sun-Gods Throughout the Universe?? What if Good Sun-Gods Quickly Become Bad Sun-Gods?? Does Absolute-Power ALWAYS Corrupt Absolutely?? "RA" said "You Will Manifest Your Bad-Side." What if "Lucifer" = "Sun-God" as a "Job-Title" rather than a "Proper-Name"?? I suspect that "Lucifer" has Multiple-Personalities and Multiple-Bodies. I think I've sensed and seen evidence of this. Honest. I don't lie about this stuff. I might "get it wrong" or "slightly-exaggerate" but I don't "practice to deceive". Finally, I recommend reading The Lucifer Diary by Attorney Lewis Walton. I've been present at several of his lectures, and I've spoken with him privately. Once, a very-long time ago, he told me that if Jesus showed-up (presumably prior to the Second-Coming of Christ) the church wouldn't know what to do with Him!! His book is very different than his other books, and somehow, I can't imagine Lewis actually writing this "Lucifer" book. It scared the hell out of me!! That's all I'm going to say. Lucifer (/ˈluːsɪfər/;[1][2][3] LOO-sif-ər) is the King James Version rendering of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל in Isaiah (Isaiah 14:12). The Vulgate translation uses the Latin word lucifer, but with a lower-case initial,[4] The Hebrew word, transliterated Hêlêl[5] or Heylel (pron. as HAY-lale),[6] occurs once in the Hebrew Bible[5] and according to the KJV-based Strong's Concordance means "shining one, light-bearer".[6] The Septuagint renders הֵילֵל in Greek as ἑωσφόρος[7][8][9][10][11] (heōsphoros),[12][13][14] a name, literally "bringer of dawn", for the morning star.[15] The word Lucifer is taken from the Latin Vulgate,[16] which translates הֵילֵל as lucifer,[17][18] meaning "the morning star, the planet Venus", or, as an adjective, "light-bringing".[19]

    Later Christian tradition came to use the Latin word for "morning star", lucifer, as a proper name ("Lucifer") for the devil; as he was before his fall.[20] As a result, "'Lucifer' has become a by-word for Satan / the Devil in the church and in popular literature",[16] as in Dante Alighieri's Inferno, Joost van den Vondel's Lucifer and John Milton's Paradise Lost.[14] However, the Latin word never came to be used almost exclusively, as in English, in this way, and was applied to others also, including Jesus.[21] The image of a morning star fallen from the sky is generally believed among scholars to have a parallel in Canaanite mythology.[22]

    However, according to both Christian[23] and Jewish exegesis, in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 14, the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar II, conqueror of Jerusalem, is condemned in a prophetic vision by the prophet Isaiah and is called the "Morning Star" (planet Venus).[24][25] In this chapter the Hebrew text says הֵילֵל בֶּן-שָׁחַר (Helel ben Shachar, "shining one, son of the morning").[26] "Helel ben Shahar" may refer to the Morning Star, but the text in Isaiah 14 gives no indication that Helel was a star or planet.[27][28]

    Translation of הֵילֵל as "Lucifer", as in the King James Version, has been abandoned in modern English translations of Isaiah 14:12. Present-day translations have "morning star" (New International Version, New Century Version, New American Standard Bible, Good News Translation, Holman Christian Standard Bible, Contemporary English Version, Common English Bible, Complete Jewish Bible), "daystar" (New Jerusalem Bible, English Standard Version, The Message, "Day Star" New Revised Standard Version), "shining one" (New Life Version, New World Translation, JPS Tanakh) or "shining star" (New Living Translation).

    The term appears in the context of an oracle against a dead king of Babylon,[29] who is addressed as הילל בן שחר (Hêlêl ben Šāḥar),[30][31] rendered by the King James Version as "O Lucifer, son of the morning!" and by others as "morning star, son of the dawn".

    In a modern translation from the original Hebrew, the passage in which the phrase "Lucifer" or "morning star" occurs begins with the statement: "On the day the Lord gives you relief from your suffering and turmoil and from the harsh labour forced on you, you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon: How the oppressor has come to an end! How his fury has ended!"[32] After describing the death of the king, the taunt continues:

    "How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, 'I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.' But you are brought down to the realm of the dead, to the depths of the pit. Those who see you stare at you, they ponder your fate: 'Is this the man who shook the earth and made kingdoms tremble, the man who made the world a wilderness, who overthrew its cities and would not let his captives go home?'"[33]

    Yes.  Etc. etc. etc.....  It gets confusing, doesn't it, Oxy.  Interesting, amusing, distracting... Babylon, shall we?  Babble on.


    Every day when the sun ('son') goes down, it is 'crucified' on the four cardinal points:  north, south, east, west

    Sunrise... sunset...

    Are we just going to ignore all this OBVIOUS stuff? Crazy Happy  Nope.

    Allegory.  Did I say allegory?  I said allegory.

    Anyway, back to crosses... for interest's sake...

    Where all paths cross -- material, ethereal -- the symbol (someone came up with -- like with everything else -- that we either accept or don't accept for its meaning or we make up our own symbols/words/meanings/spellings/spells... lol) for 'spirit', 'life force', 'ether':

    Do we have to 'accept' any of it?  Nope.

    My conclusion so far?  It's all about us:  individuated immortal spiritual creator beings living, at the moment, as individuated immortal spiritual creator beings with physical bodies on a planet flying through space lol.  Making it up as we go.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Very Happy

    Pris wrote:
    RedEzra wrote:
    "Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said to Him, 'All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. Therefore, if You will worship before me, all will be Yours.'"

    And Jesus answered and said to him, 'Get behind Me, Satan! For it is written, You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.'" - Luke 4:5-8

    The devil satan lucifer and whatever that fallen angel chooses to call himself has authority over the kingdoms of this fallen world ! And if you want worldly power and prestige or become rich and famous then you have to serve the devil satan lucifer or whatever that angel calls himself. But he is running out of time...

    There you are.  Hi Red! Very Happy

    More quotes from the Bible.  That's nice.  

    What is it with this 'authority' nonsense.  No one has authority over anyone.  

    Authority is a myth -- a superstitious belief (see Larken Rose for more info).  It requires people to believe in it for it to 'work'.  In my eyes, there's no difference in the way governments and religions (two sides of the same coin, working in tandem) deliberately use their 'authority' to control people.

    You might also want to check out this thread as it relates to this subject:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Pris, why do you think Carol is concerned about our posting?? What do you think about the following link and videos?? Where does this sort of thing lead?? Where is Earth-Humanity headed?? What do you think about Sherry Shriner?? What do you think about TREEE?? What do you think about Dana Horochowski?? Are they somehow related?? Please take these questions very-seriously. BTW, they call the Whore of Babylon that horrible name because she babbles on and on and on and on and.......  

    RedEzra wrote:
    Pris wrote:
    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    Carol wrote: There are days that I worry about you two. This thread is one of them.
    Carol, could you be more specific?? I'm pretty neutral regarding this website, the forum-members, and the controversial-information, but I remain horribly miserable and hamstrung, yet I don't take my dissatisfaction with life out on anyone (in particular)!! It's difficult to say or do anything right (regarding life, the universe, and everything) when all one seems to have to work-with are Conflicting-Delusions!! Silence is Golden!! Let Others Stick Their Necks Out (Only to Have Their Heads Chopped-Off)!!

    lol! Good one, Oxy! Oooyeah 1  (Carol, more or less, likes it when people around here - especially you -- have somebody to play with.)

    You say, "It's difficult to say or do anything right (regarding life, the universe, and everything)..."  I ask you, why do you care what anyone thinks?  All that matters is what you think, don't you think?  For example, saying the 'right' thing (depending on how you define 'right') may upset a bunch of Satanists, Christians, cat lovers, whatever... or they'll want to welcome you with open arms.  Others won't even care one way or the other.  You can't make everybody happy and that's not why you're here.  Make yourself happy.

    This isn't about the messenger.  If a person chooses to be offended, that's their problem, not yours.  Everyone has the right to say what they think.

    Perhaps this thread is controversial?  It's not the first time this subject has been brought up:  Am I 'God'?  Are we all 'God'?  Does 'God' even exist?  Etc.

    If it wasn't for all the rest of you, I probably wouldn't even have a notion of 'God' or any other 'deity'.

    It's just not in my nature to bow down to anyone, and I don't want anyone bowing down to me.

    The way I see it?  We are all creators.  We all are love/sound/vibration in action -- with intent.  Energy is matter, matter is energy.

    Remember this scene from Star Trek: The Final Frontier?

    A person seeks 'God' so intently, he literally creates 'Him' (and 'Eden') with the power of his own mind.


    There you are.  Hi Red! Very Happy

    More quotes from the Bible.  That's nice.  

    What is it with this 'authority' nonsense.  No one has authority over anyone.

    Hi pris i'm still here and got my head on so i'm able to post : )

    We can wish that we lived in a world where there were no authorities and nobody more equal than others but this is still a fantasy. And if we don't have the luxury of living in a self-sustaining bubble but are actually working in the real world then we have to respect the law of the land and the various authorities which are integral parts of what we call civilisation.

    According to GOD's book the bible an angel has been given authority over the kingdoms of this world. And so nobody can hope to make it big if they do not serve that angel who is "the serpent of old who is called the devil and satan who deceives the whole world." - Revelation 12:9

    So one can understand why the world is as it is when an angel fallen from GOD is pulling the strings of kings and ministers who rule the nations.
    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Pris, why do you think Carol is concerned about our posting?? What do you think about the following link and videos?? Where does this sort of thing lead?? Where is Earth-Humanity headed?? What do you think about Sherry Shriner?? What do you think about TREEE?? What do you think about Dana Horochowski?? Are they somehow related?? Please take these questions very-seriously. BTW, they call the Whore of Babylon that horrible name because she babbles on and on and on and on and.......  

    The book link you attached... I don't have the time to read it but thanks.  Isn't there already 'religion without God' called Universal Unitarianism?  It's like they're trying to find a way to get everybody else who slipped through the cracks who would otherwise not be contributing to the 'little money pot'.  As a way to appeal to anyone who thinks they need some kind of 'religious community', a place to belong without having the stigma of 'God' attached?  I'm curious who is really behind it (UU)...  It is VERY inclusive (all beliefs and especially all sexual orientations -- hyper-focused) and even has a 'sex education' program set up as an 'introduction' for children...  Even their logo is suspicious - a small flame within a larger flame.  I've seen this kind of thing before to mean organized child abuse...  

    The 'Unholy Trinity':  government, religion, money.

    I like the teachings of Robert Morning Sky.  Maybe 'Jesus' simply started out as the sun and eventually mutated into something else -- a pretend deity for people to worship (because so many seem intent on giving their power away).  Then, some opportunist (ET perhaps?) came along and decided to play 'God'... Who knows?

    Nice ending on this:

    Message here?  Do not kneel to anyone.

    Maybe 'Jesus' represents real 'Adams and Eves' (humanity) who actually broke away from their ET captors...  None of that changes the fact that we have a sun and a moon in the sky, and for the most part, we started out as sun and moon (moon first btw) worshippers because we didn't know any better.  Using the allegory of 'Jesus' to describe each and every human alive today with an active pineal gland makes sense.  The sun in the sky, the sun in our own bodies -- 'as above so below' -- the ones who are 'awake'.

    I don't know where 'Earth-Humanity' is headed.  I like to think about where I'm headed.

    Sherry Shriner?  In a (very) brief overview, she comes across like she's 'over-the-top' delusional...  Btw, I do have some orgonite myself but not because I think it's going to stop 'Satan'.  I happen to like orgonite for other reasons. Cool

    Who's TREEE again?

    Dana Horochowski?  The nuttier something/someone comes across, the less interested I am in diving into the/their material.  When something doesn't feel right, I focus my attention elsewhere.

    Your own words:

    orthodoxymoron wrote:I frankly don't trust anyone or anything when it comes to Antiquity, Futurity, the Otherworldly, and the Supernatural. How Do We REALLY KNOW?? Lies and Stories can be written and repeated. People lie all the time. I've been reduced to treating most of this stuff as Science-Fiction which might contain some elements of truth.

    The 'whore of Babylon' is the one that babbles?  I've not heard that one before. Very Happy  I'm rather fond of the word 'babble'... I like to think of myself as the antithesis, the antiphony -- the ANTI-phony.  sunny
    Pris wrote:This is about you acknowledging their 'authority' over you that, literally, gives them 'authority' over you, Red.  Don't you see how that works?

    You say, "...we have to respect the law of the land and the various authorities which are integral parts of what we call civilisation."

    We (that includes you) don't have to do anything.  Respect law(s)?  Laws are there to keep the masses 'in line' but laws only work if everyone obeys them.  Laws are made to be broken by those who make them.  Think about that one for a moment.

    We've come down this path before:

    No laws -- rules without rulers... anarchy -- that's a different subject.

    Who 'owns' land?  Who 'decided' land was anyone's to 'own'?  Who 'decided' you should pay taxes?  Do you vote?  Do you go along with everything you are told to do like a good little civilian/citizen?

    Civilization: it's not all it's cracked up to be.  You might want to look that word up.

    You give all the credit to 'Satan'...  how convenient for you.  Humans are pretty clever.  Give them the credit.  Some humans, in particular, are very good at manipulating others for their own ends.  I'm not lumping in all of human kind here.  I'd say that most humans are pretty decent.

    You just need one rotten apple to give the illusion that the whole barrel is spoiled.

    We, collectively, are responsible for the situation we are in.

    No one is coming along to rescue us.  Only we can save ourselves.
    The faster we figure that out, the better.

    Pris wrote: Red, if someone claims they talked with your 'God', how can you know for sure they didn't?  You weren't there. Very Happy  Lol you religious folks -- so sure of everything and yet certain of nothing.

    I've also met ethereal beings who can 'speak'.  Big whoopee -- that doesn't prove anything.  We're talking altered states experiences here.

    You'd be surprised what you can conjure up with enough belief and intent.

    (Dang.  They got Tesla?  Bummer.)

    orthodoxymoron wrote:Once again, try studying that Ray Billington pdf  side by side with that Robert Morning Sky video. I'm NOT pushing this sort of thing. I'm NOT really pushing anything, other than providing a study-guide for a couple of CIA and NSA interns, who are getting PAID to keep track of my TRIPE!! I frankly don't give a DAMN if anyone bothers to take my quest somewhat seriously, or not. I think I might simply be doing this to feed my morbid curiosity regarding THIS PRESENT MADNESS!! BTW, notice that tattoo in the TREEE video. "RA" had a tattoo in the same place, and when I pointed this out to him, he said "You've got me all figured-out, don't you?!" TREEE once emailed me 50 email addresses of top NASA personnel!! Honest!! I never used these addresses, and I no longer have them. I could say more, but I don't want to keep repeating my little stories, and making a Completely Ignorant Fool out of myself. Here is a Sherry Shriner -- Daniel Ott interview. I don't follow Sherry, but I think she knows a lot of nasty information, which somehow makes me think about the unthinkable in connection with creating unconventional science-fiction which might contain some aspects of truth, as a launching-pad for Sirius-Researchers (if there are any)!!

    Carol wrote:I work at keeping things simple. Personal relationship with God, Christ works best for me. He made an appearance which was the most amazing utterly awesome spiritual vibrational frequency experience ever - so everything else (all other spiritual experiences) are milk toast by comparison. I have no need to question anymore as all questions were answered in that experience of singularity.

    When I say I worry it's because it's easy to get lost and caught up in false illusions mistaking them for the real deal. Sometimes I worry about myself as well yet for a different reason pertaining to not practicing daily meditation. That's about it. Simple. One is either actively engaged in a spiritual practice of not. Having spent years practicing - now I'm not. Is this a plateau? Perhaps? Is it laziness? More likely. It takes focused effort to build up momentum and stick with it.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Carol, the problem is that I don't know what the Real-Deal is. Sometimes I wish I had just gone with the flow in the SDA church, and become a Big-Shot Cardiac-Surgeon at the Loma Linda University Medical Center, attended Sabbath School classes taught by the best and the brightest theologians, continued singing in the University Church choir, continued taking organ-lessons from Kimo Smith (K.S. Bach), and driven my brand-new Porsche 911 Turbo between the hospital and my mansion in the San Bernardino Mountains. But it's too late for that. I hate to say it, but my science-fiction conceptualizations are taking a turn toward the dark-side when I imagine Kings and Queens of Solar Systems Incorporated, rather than Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom in the context of the United States of the Solar System. Money, Power, Technology, Prestige, Respectability, Looking-Good While Making-Money often seems to trump Idealistic-Conceptualizations and Noble-Intentions. The Golden-Rule = Those with the Gold Make the Rules, and Rule?? I wonder how many people have tried to do the right-thing in the context of Religion As We Know It, and have ended up in Poor-Houses and/or Nut-Houses, or as Corrupt Big-Shot Televangelists?? I think I'd like to skip the internet completely, and simply read books and newspapers, while spending most of my time in nature. I tend to think things are simply going to have to "play-out" (for better or worse, I know not).

    Carol wrote:Oxy... if you had spent years in meditation chanting "neti, neti, neti" (NOT THIS, NOT THIS, NOT THIS), it would have been easier to clear off the table and only leave the essentials behind. All of your conjectures are just that - conjectures, not facts. And even if your conjectures were to end up as facts later on - do they serve you, enrich your life, make your life more meaningful?

    I realize that there is so much out there that it's impossible to hold it all in one's mind so to understand it one must become mindless, sans ego, in order to experience singularity where one's conscious awareness experiences itself as everything and nothing.

    I suspect your conjectures are a form of self-entertainment, a means for you to keep delving down into the rabbit hole.

    Having explored the rabbit hole I came to realize that to enjoy life it was easier to just take a few essentials and enjoy them. Essentials for me is living in a beautiful natural setting, being surrounded by loving family, taking care of the critters, enjoying the fruits of the land and what it has to offer.

    I tend to shun crowds and prefer self-seclusion due to how peaceful it is. Inner peace is constant except when it comes to the window the internet provides to the outside world. We have no TV and anything that comes into our inner sanctuary is pre screened ahead of time. Turkeys fly over the fence into the yard, a white peahen struts about amid the hens, this morning the hen fluffs her feathers up and chases the turkey 3 times her size across the yard, the mini horses graze on the green hill sides, and the cats provide entertainment in play straddling and tackling the dog. Essentially by eliminating the non-essentials life is drifting peacefully along providing points of interest in nature and sometimes with others.

    I've been pondering a lot lately about a number of things. One of those self-reflections had to do with what I really wanted in life. Ironically ,unplanned on a conscious level, but an underlying theme was a fulfilling family life. Just the basics. Someplace beautiful to live, peaceful surroundings and harmonious interactions. Getting here was the challenge. Sometimes I wish that I had had a burning desire to do more in the world on the world stage. The bit I did do provided numerous painful and rewarding lessons - more to follow to be sure. There is still much more to be experienced. However, this little eddy in the river of life is precious in-and-of itself. It's meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Savoring the present is what I'm enjoying best.
    Pris wrote: I get bad vibes from Sherry Shriner.  Confusion, feels orchestrated (whether she's aware of it or not).  So, I'm really not interested in 'going there'.  Energy flows where attention goes after all so I don't want to send my energy in that direction to help it grow.

    For me, I got some heavy-duty insights from Robert Morning Sky... he's one of my faves.  I've 'cherry-picked' from him.  He's given me much to CON-sider.  Placing the teachings of Robert Morning Sky next to the book, Religion Without God... if you mean sticking ETs/aliens in there as a different kind of 'focus'... and what I think about that?

    My answer would depend on just how real/credible/provable any of this is and what I can 'prove' to you.  But, ultimately, I can only ever give you my point-of-view.

    How real is real?  Just how real do ETs/aliens have to be to be 'real'?  Are we talking altered states or physical reality or both (or none)?

    Would you even be asking me this question (questions in general) if you were raised by wolves? (I'll get to that later).

    Short of reading the book (thanks for the pdf), Religion Without God, I found some reviews.  This one I found suitable to help me express some of my thoughts:

    Religion of the godhead
    ByA customeron April 3, 2002
    Format: Paperback

    I was raised a Christian fundamentalist. Eleven years ago, while searching for the foundation of my belief in the existence of god, I found that there is no logical or rational reason to hold such a belief. I still have a desire to find like-minded and family oriented people to fellowship with who share a quest for truth, knowledge, and morality. The potential groups I found posses a political drive to socialize world governments, which I do not share.

    This book was easy to read, inspiring in parts, and if you are a religious scholar a rehash of many things you probably already know; but a good read nonetheless. The last 2 chapters (10 & 11) are where he gets to the heart of the matter. Chapter 10, Beyond Good and Evil, was a bit disturbing. I agreed with very little that he wrote here. On the section of moral maturity I completely disagreed with his whole premise. For example, I don't believe that slavery was ever moral. He seems to be arguing for moral relativism which I rejected long ago. I guess I'm somewhat of a moral objectivist. I believe that some things are morally right or wrong regardless of time or place. Chapter 11, Substance without form, was a bit of a let down as well; probably because of my own unrealistic expectations, more so than the contents of the chapter.

    One more area that bothered me was 'religion without god' doesn't mean (to Billington) 'religion without the supernatural'. He keeps referring to the 'godhead' which is different than 'god'. It's the unknowable, non-antropomorphic, foundation of being, whatever that is supposed to mean. But if it's unknowable than why even bring it up and just assume that it exists? The experiences that people have when they shut down their ego and feel a oneness with the universe are real, in that the feelings are real, but he never addresses the fact that these experiences could be biochemical reactions and nothing more. Sure, they may inspire people to be moral and to live happy and fulfilled lives (which I don't have the slightest problem with) but I feel in a book like this all possibilities should at least be mentioned.

    He seems to be stuck in the 'there's a higher power that does exist, that can't be known or described' mode. Which was somewhat of a letdown.
    The book title should've been 'Religion of the godhead'.

    Unlike this person (above), I do not need to join a group of like-minded folks to feel a kind of 'fellowship'.  In other words, I do not need 'religion'.  It's nice to run into like-minded folks, but after awhile, things get pretty boring.  And, since my mind keeps shifting and searching for new things of interest to explore, it's not the same mind I had yesterday.  So those 'like-minded' folks end up getting annoyed at me and start throwing rocks at me because I no longer think like they do.  Do you see where I'm going with this?

    Also, unlike this person (above), I feel a 'connectedness' (very different from/unlike 'oneness' -- 'oneness' as a form of possession).  I feel a 'connectedness' with the universe -- deep love, deep respect -- along with a very powerful ego entirely intact and distinctly separate.  To me, my 'knowingness' stems from the fact that I have an ego, an 'I'.  I take 'me' with me wherever I go. Therein lies my strength, my clarity.

    Do you really think the CIA and NSA are studying you, Oxy?  I wonder the same thing about me sometimes... hahaha.

    To be as clear as possible, I really don't know you from a hole in the wall.  For all I know you're one of those forum 'distractors'.  Even YOU could be working for someone nefarious.

    Hey, that goes for everyone here -- including me.  cheers   (I like to think of myself as a healthy 'distractor'. Oooyeah 1)

    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Pris, the sentence I've highlighted in blue caught my attention, but I don't wish to say why, and it's probably nothing.
    Pris wrote:

    There you are.  Hi Red! Very Happy

    More quotes from the Bible.  That's nice.  

    What is it with this 'authority' nonsense.  No one has authority over anyone.

    Something bothering you, Oxy?  Sure, it's probably nothing. rendeer
    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Carol, I understand the Simplification-Principle. I've eliminated TV and other common things....

    Eliminate TV to simplify... simplify??  My gosh.  Eliminate TV to cut down on some of the most obvious tools used for programming and brainwashing you.  Live in a hut, grow your own fruit and veggies -- that's simplifying.

    orthodoxymoron wrote:I'm into "Questioning Authority" without "Rejecting Authority" in a Reasonable, Rational, and Respectful Manner.


    orthodoxymoron wrote:BTW, what if Sherry Shriner is interviewing herself in that Interview with the Devil??....

    Hurray!  Now, we're on to something! cheers

    Avoid at all costs.
    By Sane Human Being on June 6, 2016
    Format: Paperback
    This woman is a delusional loon. Her crazy mythology seems to combine every conspiracy theory you ever heard with some weird version of the Christian bible, sufficiently skewed to grant herself a position of power and influence in the story.
    It shows a childish lack of imagination as if she just went on and cut loose with the copy/paste until she had a new religion in her hands.

    Do not feed this troll. She will end up a footnote on local news having shot and eaten one of her own relatives for being possessed or some other such nonsense. I suspect the positive reviews are all from her existing cult members who seem to follow her around like lost puppies hanging on her every insane word. I shudder to think what traumas these unfortunate individuals must have suffered in order to render them susceptible to her poisonous rhetoric.
    Pris wrote:.

    As a follow through from the previous post, I think Bill Donahue does a fantastic job addressing the idea of the devil inside us all.

    This is about the power of the human mind.

    Bill Donahue quote at 22:40:
    Call it 'prayer'.  It's still sorcery.  It doesn't make any difference.  Don't you want to see what I'm telling you?  There's one power.  How do you use it?

    You think... the mind that you can use to heal somebody... you can use the same mind to kill somebody.  Yes, you can.  It has nothing to do with God, devils, demons... it has nothing to do with any of that stuff.  It is the power that is inherent in what goes on within the human mind.

    Bill Donahue quote at 24:54:
    Infantiles playing with the power of the mind who have no idea what it's about.  And, they call it religion, and it's scary.
    I Keep Getting the Sinking-Feeling That Most (If Not ALL) of the So-Called "Individuals of Interest" I've Encountered (Online and In Real-Life) Have Been the Same-Soul (Or Controlled by the Same-Soul)!! I Obviously Can't Prove it, But That's What It Seems Like to Me!! This Is Probably a Game Which No-One Can Win (Especially Me)!! What concerns me about Sherry Shriner, David Koresh, the SDA Church, et al, is the constant focus upon the Book of Revelation and Bible Prophecy. I guess I like serious Bible-Study in a University-Setting, rather than cramming a hell of a lot of controversy down the throats of Average-People (who are looking for peace and a better life). I don't take my quest to church. I keep it within this website, at least until nefarious-agencies alert everyone and their dogs in my local community about my madness. That sort of thing should be highly-illegal. In a sense, Research is My Religion. Any Research, but Preferably Multidisciplinary-Research. I Think Humanity Has Done Rather Well, In Spite of Their Stupid Religions and Leaders!!
    orthodoxymoron wrote:I keep thinking that when the whole-truth emerges, and when the general-public eventually completely-understands the magnitude of the mess we're in, All Hell Will Break Loose. I can only take so much at a time. I honestly can't handle this stuff very well. I've tried to deal with some of the madness by placing everything in a pseudo-intellectual science-fictional context. I'm often somewhat flippant and speculative, but perhaps this is catharsis and desperation. I hope we can save ourselves without destroying ourselves.
    Carol wrote:I hope so too Oxy. It's a bit scary to see how out of control so many people are and the grip that the Luciferians have on the media and society world-side.

    House Intelligence Committee Issue Subpoenas for Unmasking
    FoxNews - Issue Subpoenas for FBI, CIA, NSA, Brennan, Power, and Rice

    House Intelligence Committee issues subpoenas to Rice, Brennan, Power, Flynn
    and Cohen; James Rosen has the details for 'Special Report'
    orthodoxymoron wrote:I keep thinking there was an Ancient Star-War in this Solar System, and the Victors Went Underground and Ruled Every Aspect of This Solar System. I suspect this began several (or many) thousands of years ago, and continues to this very day. This would mean that the same Ruler has ruled ALL Governments, Religions, and Major-Businesses for thousands of years. What if the Adventists, Baptists, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, Pagans, Catholics, Muslims, and Communists ALL Have the Same Ultimate Boss??!! What if Microsoft, Boeing, Apple, Lockheed-Martin, All Health Systems (and many, many more) ALL Have the Same Ultimate Boss??!! What if Russia, China, England, France, Germany, the United States (and on and on and on) ALL Have the Same Ultimate Boss??!! What if the CIA, FBI, NSA, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD, and Vatican Intelligence ALL Have the Same Ultimate Boss??!! "The Powers That Be Are Ordained by God!!" But Which God??!! What scares me more than this possibility is the possibility that this Hypothetical Reprehensible State of Affairs is Absolutely Necessary!!

    Sherry Shriner recently said that everyone thinks there should be a One World Government, but everyone wants to RULE that Centralized Global (or Solar System) Government!! I simply don't think "They" are trying to establish a One World Government. I think it has existed for thousands of years!! What if Sherry Shriner is one aspect of the Ultimate Ruler of This Solar System?? What if the Real-Deal is linked to a Supercomputer and has Dozens of Bodies and Personalities??!! What if my so-called "Ancient Egyptian Deity" aka "RA" is simply one of these Bodies and Personalities (perhaps adapted to dealing with me by flattery and deception)?? I often doubt the Bible and Religions, but I am a firm believer in the existence of the Soul and the reality of Ancient and Modern Star-Wars (which might make the movies look like Sunday-School Picnics)!! My Heart-Surgery failed, and I'm utterly screwed. I knew this was going to happen. I honestly don't know what to do at this point. Any suggestions?? Kiss My @$$ Goodbye?? Smart@$$!!  
    The book Coronary hits really close to home. My father was right in the middle of this context as a patient (but not mentioned in the book). I could say a lot more, but it's too personal. Please read this book.

    A chilling real-life medical thriller, Coronary chronicles the story of two highly respected heart doctors who violated the most sacred principle of their profession: First, do no harm.

    In the summer of 2002, fifty-five-year-old John Corapi, a Catholic priest with a colorful background, visited Dr. Chae Hyun Moon, a celebrated cardiologist in Redding, California. Corapi had been suffering from exhaustion and shortness of breath, and although a physical examination and a conventional stress test revealed nothing abnormal, Moon insisted that the calcium level in Corapi's coronary arteries called for a highly invasive diagnostic test: an angiogram. A chain-smoking Korean immigrant known for his gruff bedside manner, Moon performed the procedure briskly and immediately handed down a devastating diagnosis: "I'm sorry; there is nothing I can do for you. You need a triple bypass tomorrow morning." He then abruptly left the room.

    Several hours later, however, Moon inexplicably decided the surgery could wait until Corapi returned from a previously scheduled cross-country trip. Unnerved by the dire diagnosis and also by Moon's inconsistent statements, Corapi sought other opinions. To his amazement, a second, third, and fourth doctor found that his heart was perfectly healthy. In fact, for a man his age, Corapi's arteries were remarkably free of disease.

    Sensing a cause more disturbing than human error, Corapi took his story to the FBI. As local agent Mike Skeen soon discovered, Corapi was one of a number of people who had suspicions about Moon and Moon's go-to cardiac surgeon, Dr. Fidel Realyvasquez, an equally respected member of the close-knit northern California community. Working at a hospital owned by Tenet Healthcare, Moon would make the diagnoses and Realyvasquez would perform the surgeries. Together, these leaders of the Redding medical establishment put hundreds of healthy people at risk, some of whom never recovered. Soon Skeen launched a major investigation, interviewing numerous doctors and patients, and forty federal agents raided the hospital where the doctors worked.

    A timely and provocative dissection of America's medical-industrial complex, Coronary lays bare the financial structures that drive the American healthcare system, and which precipitated Moon's and Realyvasquez's actions. In a scheme that placed the demands of Wall Street above the lives of its patients, Tenet Healthcare rewarded doctors based on how much revenue they generated for the corporation.

    A meticulous three-year FBI investigation and hundreds of civil suits culminated in no criminal charges but a series of settlements with Tenet Healthcare and the doctors that totaled more than $450 million and likely put an end to Moon's and Realyvasquez's medical careers. The case's every twist and turn is documented here.

    A riveting, character-rich narrative and a masterpiece of long-form journalism, Coronary is as powerful as it is alarming. This is a hair-raising story of the hundreds of men and women who went under the knife, not in the name of medicine, but of profit and prestige. Brilliantly told, Stephen Klaidman's Coronary is a cautionary tale in the age of miracle medicine, and a shocking reminder to always get a second opinion.

    orthodoxymoron wrote:It seems as if one must be 'Completely Sold-Out' to be a 'High-Profile Mover and Shaker' but this makes one highly susceptible to 'Blackmail and Manipulation' with unimaginably-high consequences for 'Backing-Out or Whistle-Blowing'. I'm finishing reading a medical-fraud book called 'Coronary' and I just about had a heart-attack!! The level of malfeasance was extremely-high, yet it took a very-long time for anything to be done about it, despite good-people knowing about 100's of unnecessary major-surgeries over a period of many years, and attempting to stop the madness. I continue to suspect Solar Systems Incorporated with the Almighty-Dollar as the God and CEO (figuratively and perhaps somewhat literally). I've never been more disillusioned and despondent. What was horrifying about 'Coronary' is that when the FBI raided the hospital, and all of the allegations became public, the community rallied around the Crook-Doctors!! I continue to think in terms of the 'Corrupt Ruling the Stupid'. The film 'The Tomato Effect' by Fawn Kime, about the suspicious-death of her Doctor-Father Zane Kime, fits in with a pattern of 'Corruption and Murder' involving Big-Business and Big-Money, with veto-power over Ethics, Law, and Order. These cases aren't exactly national or international, but I once was examined by Dr. Kime, and I was present at a couple of his lectures. My father was a cardiac-patient in one of the hospitals in Redding, at the time the unnecessary surgeries were being performed. I recently underwent (seemingly-unsuccessful) cardiac-surgery in a hospital riddled with scandal. That's all I'm going to say about that.

    Carol wrote:Oxy, I'm sorry you had to have surgery and hope all is well for you now. It seems that it is a Topsy Turvey where good is bad and bad is good. So much so that it's overwhelming. Too bad so many people's moral compass is dysfunctional, broken or non-existent. As spouse always says, when one can't do anyone one can always pray and invoke the Divine presence on the planet. We're not in control anyway. And fortunately were not the actors on the public stage getting into deeper doo doo. Being an observer is bad enough. It truly is heartbreaking to read all of the negative headlines in the daily news. Crazy Happy

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:06 pm

    Carol wrote:
    Natural Immune Boosting Therapy / Diet
    - get off toxic diet

    1. Medical Marijuana / Cannabis oil CBD Enriched (Body as Doctor by Dr. Wayne Garland)

    2. Vitamin D

    3. IV strength Vitamin C & oral vaccine

    4. Juicing (green vegetables: broccoli, spinach, kale, celery, red bell pepper, dandelion greens, apple, lemon with peel). Eat fibrous vegetables / little fruit (apples, papaya, pineapple, blue berries, pomegranate seeds, red grapes & seeds)

    5. Vegetarian diet / eggs / fish: stay away from all white food; grains and sugars (sugar feeds cancer cells)

    6. homeopathic remedies / spirulina, chlorella

    7. Nordic Naturals ProOmega 650 EPA/450 DHA / Omega-3s fish oil soft gels 1000 mg

    8. Essiac Tea: Essiac is a mixture of herbs that are combined to make a tea. The original formula included burdock root (Arctium lappa L.), slippery elm inner bark (Ulmus fulva Michx.), sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella L.), and Indian rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum L.). Watercress (Nasturtium officinale R.Br.), blessed thistle (Cnicus benedictus L.), red clover (Trifolium pratense L.), and kelp (Laminaria digitata [Hudson] Lamx.) were added to later recipes for a product sold as Flor Essence. Essiac strengthens the immune system, improves well-being, relieves pain, increases appetite, reduces tumor size, and extends survival. Some also claim that it cleanses the blood, promotes cell repair, restores energy levels, and detoxifies the body. The herbs contained in Essiac are supposed to relieve inflammation, lubricate bones and joints, stimulate the stomach, and eliminate excess mucous in organs, tissues, lymph glands, and nerve channels.

    9. Salvestrols: natural compounds in the diet which are converted inside diseased cells, by a specific enzyme, into compounds that can destroy the diseased cell. They are part of a natural rescue mechanism and may be essential to maintain good health.

    10. Asparagus: 'The elements of Materia Medica', edited in 1854 by a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, stated that asparagus was used as a popular remedy for kidney stones. He even referred to experiments, in 1739, on the power of asparagus in dissolving stones.

    1) Place the cooked asparagus in a blender and liquefy to make a puree, and store in the refrigerator.

    2) Give the patient 4 full tablespoons twice daily, morning and evening.

    Patients usually show some improvement in from 2-4 weeks. It can be diluted with water and used as a cold or hot drink. This suggested dosage is based on present experience, but certainly larger amounts can do no harm and may be needed in some cases.


    11. Maitake Mushrooms - American Cancer Society
    American Cancer Society - Aug 15, 2014 - Promoters claim that maitake mushroom extract boosts the immune system and limits or reverses tumor growth. It is also said to enhance the benefits of chemotherapy and lessen some side effects of anti-cancer drugs, such as hair loss, pain, and nausea.

    12.  Coconut oil and Curcumin (Turmeric)  A new study finds turmeric extract selectively and safely killing cancer stem cells in a way that chemo and radiation cannot. A ground-breaking new study published in the journal Anticancer Research reveals that one of the world’s most extensively researched and promising natural compounds for cancer treatment: the primary polyphenol in the ancient spice turmeric known as curcumin, has the ability to selectively target cancer stem cells, which are at the root of cancer malignancy, while having little to no toxicity on normal stem cells, which are essential for tissue regeneration and longevity. By Contributing Writer Sayer Ji via

    13. Resveratrol is the beneficial compound found in red Wine  (eat red grapes with seeds and chew seeds to get the health benefit). Has a lot of beneficial effects with many Bioflavonoids, such as reducing the occurrence of osteoporosis, beneficially influencing fat cell production (in favor of long-term fat loss) and modulating blood pressure; usually a reduction of Blood Pressure.

    14. Ashwagandha: an exotic Indian herb, has remarkable stress-relieving properties comparable to those of powerful drugs used to treat depression and anxiety. In addition to its excellent protective effects on the nervous system, ashwagandha may be a promising alternative treatment for a variety of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Ashwagandha has powerful antioxidant properties that seek and destroy the free radicals that have been implicated in aging and numerous disease states. Emerging evidence suggests that ashwagandha has anti-cancer benefits as well.

    B.B.Baghor wrote:Carol's words: "Oxy, one of the blessings I learned from a spiritual teacher from India was to chant "Neti, Neti, Neti" as part of a meditation practice. Neti means "Not this". Basically one learns detachment and not to get caught up in the drama that the mind and humans can create. Subsequently, days are peaceful, beauty abounds along with an appreciate for life. There is no desire or need to fill my conscious awareness with angst, worry, sorry, grief or conflict. One basically learns how to be a cork that doesn't get pulled under but instead bobs up floating along blissfully enjoying what is offered. I chose to move out of cities and live in the country for a reason. Then we chose to go live on an island out in the middle of the Pacific. Even reading the Drudge report can drive one nuts if the attention and focus is on the negative. These days I scan headlines rather then immerse myself in the dredges of Drudge. In simple terms I'm just trying to have as pleasant of a human experience as possible where I don't make myself miserable by focusing on Satan's playground. This is not the Ostrich syndrome.. one can be aware and choose to focus on the Divine along with the gifts the Divine has presented to us. These days focus is on spiritual connection to higher vibrational energies which are a lot more "fun."

    Wow, that's an honest and beautiful way of putting it, Carol, thank you  Flowers

    ortho's words: "Does anyone get what I'm getting-at?? Anyone?? ...... Please talk to me.......... I deal with Sirius-Subjects in Crazy-Ways -- just to make us think".

    I do get what you're getting at, ortho, as far as I can get it. I feel that mudra says it very accurately, that "your conscience is your strength, driving you through life". That's what I hear you do in the USSS thread, only hadn't put it in words this way. Regarding some of the  words, taken out here and there, copied above, you do make us think. The thing is, it makes me think more about how to get what you think and how to find a two-way communication with you, can you get that? I wish for you that more people here think out loud and share their thoughts with you. On the other hand, haven't they tried, often genuinely? I don't mean to suggest to put a halt to your thread, but nothing seems to stop you in your pondering, wondering, feeling-through-the-dark Quest for Truth, or so it seems.

    To me, there seems to be a missing of breathing out, ortho, in your Quest. The fire of your mind is a furnace and for a furnace to burn, there's a need for chopping wood and air. To me, it seems that for taking a fresh breath of air, you need to breath out first, a long one. Be it as a flame or a sigh, in the mountain cabin or in your present home. Matching your pace of thoughts, in the USSS thread isn't easy for me, it makes me feel out of breath. I can't take it all in. "It's too much of a good thing" is my first comment on it, remember?

    Give your mind a rest and ponder for a change, on making your conscience a felt strength for yourself, ortho, acknowledge your tremendous fieldtrip in the human conditions and mindsets. Be, for a moment, content with the work you do and have achieved. It's one of the values I've learned later in life, that it's essential and nurturing, to feel good about what I've tried, worked hard for to make my life work, for myself and others with me. And wrap myself with a warm blanket of "feeling good" about myself. Both in a material sense, for physical comfort, and a heartfelt sense, for the infinity for oneself in one's heart. That's what grounding really is, you see? Grounding in comfort and trust, in being friends with Gaia, I mean.

    To me, that's how Carol's words sound to me: "These days focus is on spiritual connection to higher vibrational energies which are a lot more "fun." It's about a down to earth use of common sense, often arrived at when standing on a high place taking in the splendor of a view, or at the seashore, looking in awe at the powerful white foamy waves, crashing at your feet.

    Thank-you Carol and B.B. As always, I am modeling a particular approach which isn't really me -- but in some ways I am trying to engage in behavior-modification relative to that which I am modeling -- which might mean ending-up half-way between where I am -- and my modeled concepts and personalities. I used to follow the news and talk-shows very closely. I used to faithfully watch the morning and evening news -- including watching McNeil/Lehrer and Sixty-Minutes. I used to faithfully listen to three hours of Rush Limbaugh (Monday through Friday). I don't do that anymore. I've replaced it with something much-darker and more-draining -- and I am attempting to end this public-debacle -- replacing it with an even more problematic Internal Holy-War. Why?? Damned if I know. It probably has something to do with a Past-Life in Ancient-Egypt. Who knows?? I think the Ancient Egyptian Deity knew -- but they wouldn't tell me (much). What Would Serqet Say?? Anyway, I'm Sirius about a Holy-War involving the Medical-Military-Money Complex versus the Prevention-Peace-Philanthropy Complex. I think the goal might be to achieve a Dynamic-Equilibrium of Both-Approaches in Equal-Parts. This might be referred to as a Wholistic-Homeostasis. In a sense, I think I stopped trying to win-friends and influence-people a long time ago. I suppose I'm attempting to Think God's Thoughts After Him and/or Her -- in a Local (as well as a Universal) Sense. I really don't expect to have many (or any) fellow-travelers on this journey. I might be done with my re-posting project by the end of Augustl -- and then I'll probably just study and edit what I've already posted -- while noticing what everyone else is saying and doing.

    Thank-you A-1. There are Good-Dreams and Bad-Dreams. Dreams can be Schemes. Dreams can be Delusions. Often, turning dreams into realities does not meet expectations -- regardless of whether the dreams are good or bad. Good Intentions sometimes Pave the Road to Hell. Dreaming in Heaven could morph into Rebellion. Dreaming in Purgatory could lead to Heaven or Hell. I continue to wonder about the True Nature of Male and Female Human Physicality. I continue to wonder about the True Nature of the Souls Animating Humanity. What is the Real Problem with Humanity? Is it the Body? Is it the Soul? Is it God? Is it Satan? Is it a Quest for Freedom without an accompanying Quest for Responsibility? Does Lucifer Deceive Us -- or do we Deceive Ourselves?

    I continue to be deeply perplexed and saddened by the Astronomical Number of People who have Suffered-Greatly and Died Horrific-Deaths -- especially over the Past Two Centuries. I continue to be deeply perplexed and saddened by the Destruction and Pollution of This Beautiful Planet -- especially over the Past Two Centuries. I continue to be deeply perplexed and saddened by the Non-Compassionate Use of Accumulated-Wealth. I continue to be deeply perplexed and saddened by the Irresponsible Development and Application of Industrialization and Technology. I continue to be deeply perplexed and saddened by the Use of Suffering and Death (real and/or depicted) for Entertainment Purposes. I continue to be deeply perplexed and saddened by the Degradation Associated with Sexuality. I continue to be deeply perplexed and saddened by the Dishonesty and Irresponsibility Associated with Religion and Philosophy.

    I continue to think that the Proper Understanding and Application of Ethics, Law, and Law-Enforcement in This Solar System is Essential to Creating Heaven on Earth. I continue to feel as if I am in Profound Conflict with Humanity, Divinity, and with Myself. Something is very wrong with this picture. What if it is Impossible to Properly and Peacefully Manage Humanity?? What changes should be made regarding the Management of Humanity? Should ANY changes be made? Is there no problem? Is everything fine?

    When I have spoken of reading the Gospels in the King James Version - this is merely a preference. I love reading the Old English. It makes the reading experience seem more special to me. I know about the mistranslation problems with the KJV - but how do we really know that the original autographs were the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth??? I use the Gospels as a mental and spiritual excercise - and not as an arsenal of proof-texts, to hurl at those who disagree with me. Also, I have tried to imagine what it might be like to be a somebody in the galactic pecking order - but this does not imply that I actually believe that this might be the case. This whole thread has been somewhat of a mind-game. I am very concerned about our plight - but I have chosen to think about it in a rather free-wheeling manner. I don't know what's really going on - but I do know that this solar system has HUGE potential - for greatness or disaster. So much of what has been going on for thousands of years is so sad - that I have to at least try to laugh. I continue to be concerned that most don't seem to have the ability to jump right in - and have some fun with the subjects I have TRIED to discuss. In light of the deplorable state of affairs in this solar system - perhaps I should just be pragmatic, and tell all of you to compete without ceasing, with positive response ability, in the pursuit of fame, fortune, power, and pleasure. Why should the bad boys and girls have all the good times, while the good boys and girls grind their teeth and have nervous breakdowns trying to save the solar system???? The excrementals are at the top of the pyramid - and these stinking bastards need to be flushed down the toilet!!! Put that in your bong, and smoke it!!!

    And now, I present to you, Pope Obe Wan Kenobi!!! Notice that he is young, masculine, sexy, intelligent, and carrying a 'Light Sabre' instead of that damned 'Bent Cross'!!! Shouldn't Popes be elected by at least all of the priests, and possibly by all of the church members??? Shouldn't Popes serve for a decade, and then retire, and remain in the Vatican as Prime Papal Advisors??? Wouldn't this ensure that the church had the best and the brightest Popes possible??? I intend no disrespect. I'm simply trying to stimulate creative-thinking in a very limited and private setting.


    Might we be dealing with an ancient overthrow of Osiris/God the Father and Horus/Michael/Jesus by Gabriel/Lilith/Isis/Queen of Heaven and Lucifer/Amen Ra/God of This World? Might Lucifer/Amen Ra/God of This World have overthrown Gabriel/Lilith/Isis/Queen of Heaven around the middle of the twentieth-century? Might this have been when the Old World Order (Zionist?) was replaced with the Masonic New World Order (Teutonic Zionist?)? Of course, there might not have been a changing of the guard at all - but rather the next phase of an ancient plan might've been implemented. Who knows? Might things be SERIOUSLY deteriorating at the present time - with virtually everyone at each other's throats? Each faction probably has it's pros and cons. I simply wish to contemplate doing that which is in EVERYONE'S BEST INTEREST. I still don't know what's REALLY going on - and I still don't have a Fecal List - but I'm starting a file. I think we need to be VERY careful that we don't kill the patient when we try to save them. I am attempting to focus upon historical continuity and evolutionary change by positively reinforcing the best of the past. I hope we survive this ordeal. This isn't going to be fun, to say the least. Whatever we try, isn't really going to work. No matter how we put things together, it will always be wrong. But we do need to attempt to implement more sane ways of managing the insanity. For starters - we need to stop killing each other. Godspeed.

    Why can't we get past violence and corruption? I'd almost settle for getting past violence. It's the violence and human misery that REALLY gets me. There's something cool about 'The Godfather' - but the violence ruins it for me. Why can't the human race simply decide that there will be no violence? Why can't we have a 'Meals on Wheels Military'? Wouldn't we get a bigger bang for our buck by MAKING FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD - INSTEAD OF MAKING ENEMIES FASTER THAN WE CAN KILL THEM????? In a hypothetical Vatican-Based Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System - should the jobs of Pope and President be combined into one job? Damned if I know - but it's sort of fun to think about! What if everyone in the Solar System voted for the Popident? What if the Congress and Senate debated political and theological issues? Just think of the entire Solar System being the Sacred United States of the Solar System - instead of being the Holy Roman Empire!! I'm not saying this would be a good idea. I'm just suggesting that some of you think about it - pro and con. Perhaps the Popident would serve a ten year term - for purposes of continuity - and then retire from Popident - and become Vice Popident!! Hmmmmm. I think I need to go to bed, and sleep it off...

    I feel like leaving Mists, and going on an intellectual road-trip, and just sort of look at everything, rather than being focused on the contents of this thread. But I'm not going to talk about this journey! I'm not sure if I will go, or when I will go. I might just keep making token posts here, while my thinking is really somewhere else. That would make it harder to figure me out, wouldn't it? I care, but I am so numb, that it often doesn't seem as if I care about much of anything. Perhaps I have a very bad case of the 'Paralysis of Analysis'. I'm really sick and tired of the silence and the stupid games. Why does simple conversation and common sense seem to be verboden? I feel like I'm a nut in a nut-house, who is trying to communicate with the men in the white coats, who are nuttier than I am. I just go berzerk!!! What would Billy Jack say???

    I was just listening to Alex Jones, and I agree with a lot of what Alex and his guests say, but I don't always like the way they say it. I can only expose myself to so much negativity. I also wonder how people like Alex would govern if they got their way with everything, and then had to keep the public happy and content. They are quite good at making people angry, but what if they became the elites and the powers that be? What would they do then? I tend to favor positive response ability and positive reinforcement. On the other hand, I think I need to be a lot more like Alex than I am presently, so I listen to his show occasionally, to try to toughen myself up!! Some say that Alex is a White-Knight with a Hidden Agenda. What do you think? Are the Old World Order and the New World Order two sides of the same coin, or did the New World Order defeat the Old World Order? Is the New World Order running into more trouble than they expected, after having awakened a Sleeping Giant? I'm thinking that the New World Order screwed things up so badly that now they are in desperation mode, and are extremely dangerous, because they probably have control of enough WMD's to turn this solar system into one big asteroid belt. This might not be about ideology at all. This might be a gun to the head situation - if you know what I mean. Based upon what little I know, I continue to like the words Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System - but I remain conflicted regarding how the Roman Catholic Church would relate to this sort of thing, especially if they were no longer secretly governed by very powerful dark forces. The galactic and theological issues might have more to do with what Alex Jones rants and raves about than anyone realizes. The elites we love to hate might hate the New World Order more than Alex does! Just a thought.

    What would a Roman Catholic Crystal Cathedral be like? Do the two concepts really go together? What about a focus on the Teachings of Jesus, the U.S. Constitution, the Latin Mass, and Sacred Classical Music - in a Contemporary Roman Catholic Cathedral Which Incorporated the Best and Most Appropriate Aspects of the Crystal Cathedral? I'm not talking about 'Buddy Christ' modernization here. I don't like the Sacrifice of the Mass aspect of the Latin Mass - yet I do like the solemn and reflective dignity. There really should be genuine sorrow for sin. (Sorry Dr. Schuller) But this sin problem should be remedied by becoming a better person - and not by the repeated unbloody sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Why is this so damn hard? I was watching a recorded service from the Vatican today - and it was quite boring! On the other hand - I'm not a big fan of 'Look at Me - Celebrity Churchianity'. Where is the happy medium in all of this?

    Conservative and Progressive Modernity are Knocking on the Doors of Church and State! What if church services were like mini congressional or senatorial sessions - complete with elected officials and unelected observers? What if the elected officials wore robes (along with the choir) - and processed and recessed with sacred classical music? Political and Theological Issues would be discussed and voted upon. The choir/organist/orchestra would perform before and after the sessions. The utmost dignity and courtesy would be expected. Each comment or question would be a short and polished oration, which would be both informative and inspirational. These services would mirror the daily sessions of the United States of the Solar System - and would inform and assist the 10,000 representatives in arriving at their important and binding decisions. Might this be a safe and proper union of church and state? Imagine this sort of thing occurring at Notre Dame de Paris! Might this be a Latin Mass - Without the Mass? Do you see my point? Holy Deliberation Instead of Holy Sacrifice? Heresy? I think not! The Secular Must Become Sacred - and the Sacred Must Become Secular! BTW - how are things going in San Francisco??? Let Freedom Ring!!! 1. 2. 3. 4.  

    The bottom-line is that I would like for things to work out well for all concerned, if that is at all possible. At this point, I don't have an enemies list. I have hope for those who are supposed to be my arch-enemies. I even have hope for myself. I obviously believe in justice, but I do not believe in cruel and unusual punishment. On the other hand, there may be thousands of years of some very negative karmic debt to deal with, some of which might be my own. I don't know what to do. I just want to do the right thing, whatever that is. I might even negotiate with the most dangerous beings, if I knew that I wouldn't be lured into their web, and eaten alive. It seems as though we need to look into antiquity, to understand what is really going on in this solar system. Atlantis, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome may have more to do with our modern lives than we think. Take a long, hard look at the City States. This may be the generation who really needs to understand who we really are, and where we have been, so as to be able to take the most rational next step, even if it is a painful step.

    This might be a good time to rewatch:

    1. 'The Secret History of America's Beginnings'

    a. 'The New Atlantis'

    b. 'Riddles in Stone'

    c. 'Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill'

    2. 'The Ring of Power'

    3. 'The Money Masters'

    4. 'Satan, the Beast, and the False Prophet' (20+ parts)

    I don't know how accurate these videos are, but I find them to be quite interesting. They really make my head spin, and I am being pulled in so many directions, that I am having a hard time keeping my head screwed on straight. I like all of this, in a morbidly curious and masochistic sense, but then I'm a bit different.

    We are learning so much regarding what has really been going on, yet nothing really seems to be changing for the better. What is it going to take to turn this solar system into a paradise for all concerned? We seem to be on the brink of extinction, at the hands of who knows who, and for who knows what reasons? I continue to call for all factions to unite around at least the principles and concepts contained in a Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System. I obviously don't know the details regarding what is really going on, but I am doing the best I can to seek to unite everyone in non-coercive and non-corrupt ways, which maximize responsible freedom, long-term. Once again, this thread is intended as a study-guide, rather than as an excathedra encyclical on life, the universe, and everything. Solar System Without End. Namaste.

    What sort of Solar System Governance would John F. Kennedy have desired? Is this what really got him killed? Does anyone know? What about Pope Pius XII? Did the two of them ever meet together? Does anyone know? Unrelatedly, I'm still interested in knowing who Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer have been reincarnationally, throughout history. Are they the wife and kids of God the Father? What really went wrong? What can be done to remedy the situation? Consider rewatching 'East of Eden' and 'Rebel Without a Cause' for some possible clues. Is God the Father in charge of the Incomimg Annunaki? Are Gabriel and Lucifer in charge of the Local Annunaki and the Human Race? Are Michael and the Human Race S.O.L.? I have a very bad feeling about all of this. I see possible solutions to most of the visible problems, but I fear that the ancient and hidden problems might be nearly impossible to solve. I so hope that I'm wrong. Watch the driver...

    When I speak of the possibility of a Non-Sacrificial Latin Mass, this is really an impossibility, because a Mass is a Sacrifice. Indeed, the Sacrifice of the Mass. But what if the Latin Mass were practiced, as is, up to the point of the Homily, which might be tripled in length, and which might apply the Words of Christ to the theological and political issues of the day, in a highly detailed and eloquent manner. Then the 'mass' would skip to the post-communion section. I know this would make the faithful livid, but I am simply trying to get you to think, which is probably a mistake. One would really probably have to start a new church, and create a completely new liturgical service. It is very difficult to put new wine in old wineskins. I sometimes wonder how many Masses have involved live human-sacrifices. Obviously these would have occurred behind locked doors with utmost secrecy - but I have heard stories. I have a difficult time thinking of the Mass as anything but a Human Sacrifice. I love the art-form, the solemn ritual, and the devotion of the faithful, but it's still a sacrifice, even if it is an unbloody one.

    Interpreting the Traditional Latin Mass by the Teachings of Jesus and by the Mass Itself - rather than by endless church documents - would be an excellent place to begin - but I think I'm going to leave this subject alone, for the time being, and let the Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and Orthodox figure this one out for themselves. I'll let the experts figure things out - like they always do - with thousands of hours of meetings and thousands of footnoted documents. I doubt they would pay any attention to me anyway. I really enjoy going through this thread myself. If no one else looked at it, it would still be something which I could benefit from, in some way. I really do need to stop rambling, and start doing some serious multidisciplinary academic research. I think I've done enough whining for a while. One more thing. Check this out.

    For over three hundred years the rulers of the Roman Empire worshipped the god Mithras. Known throughout Europe and Asia by the names Mithra, Mitra, Meitros, Mihr, Mehr, and Meher, the veneration of this god began some 4000 years ago in Persia, where it was soon imbedded with Babylonian doctrines. The faith spread east through India to China, and reached west throughout the entire length of the Roman frontier; from Scotland to the Sahara Desert, and from Spain to the Black Sea. Sites of Mithraic worship have been found in Britain, Italy, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Persia, Armenia, Syria, Israel, and North Africa.

    In Rome, more than a hundred inscriptions dedicated to Mithras have been found, in addition to 75 sculpture fragments, and a series of Mithraic temples situated in all parts of the city.

    One of the largest Mithraic temples built in Italy now lies under the present site of the Church of St. Clemente, near the Colosseum in Rome.

    The widespread popularity and appeal of Mithraism as the final and most refined form of pre-Christian paganism was discussed by the Greek historian Herodotus, the Greek biographer Plutarch, the neoplatonic philosopher Porphyry, the Gnostic heretic Origen, and St. Jerome the church Father. Mithraism was quite often noted by many historians for its many astonishing similarities to Christianity.

    Have You Heard This Before?

    The faithful referred to Mithras (REMEMBER, 4000 years ago!) as "the Light of the World", symbol of truth, justice, and loyalty. He was mediator between heaven and earth and was a member of a Holy Trinity. According to Persian mythology, Mithras was born of a virgin given the title 'Mother of God'. The god remained celibate throughout his life, and valued self-control, renunciation and resistance to sensuality among his worshippers. Mithras represented a system of ethics in which brotherhood was encouraged in order to unify against the forces of evil.

    The worshippers of Mithras held strong beliefs in a celestial heaven and an infernal hell. They believed that the benevolent powers of the god would sympathize with their suffering and grant them the final justice of immortality and eternal salvation in the world to come. They looked forward to a final day of judgement in which the dead would resurrect, and to a final conflict that would destroy the existing order of all things to bring about the triumph of light over darkness.

    Purification through a ritualistic baptism was required of the faithful, who also took part in a ceremony in which they drank wine and ate bread to symbolize the body and blood of the god. Sundays were held sacred, and the birth of the god was celebrated annually on December the 25th. After the earthly mission of this god had been accomplished, he took part in a Last Supper with his companions before ascending to heaven, to forever protect the faithful from above.

    However, it would be a vast oversimplification to suggest that Mithraism was the single fore-runner of early Christianity. Aside from Christ and Mithras, there were plenty of other deities (such as Osiris, Tammuz, Adonis, Balder, Attis, and Dionysus) said to have died and resurrected. Many classical heroic figures, such as Hercules, Perseus, and Theseus, were said to have been born through the union of a virgin mother and divine father. Virtually every pagan religious practice and festivity that couldn't be suppressed or driven underground was eventually incorporated into the rites of Gentile Christianity as it spread across Europe and throughout the world.

    The Lord's supper was not invented by Paul, but was borrowed by him from Mithraism, the mystery religion that existed long before Christianity and was Christianity's chief competitor up until the time of Constantine. Paul's "home-town" was Tarsus, from where Mithraism began. In Mithraism, the central figure is the mythical Mithras, who died for the sins of mankind and was resurrected.

    Believers in Mithras were rewarded with eternal life. Part of the Mithraic communion liturgy included the words, "He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation."

    Originally Mithra was one of the lesser gods of the ancient Persian pantheon, but he came to be regarded as the spiritual Sun, the heavenly Light, and the chief and also the embodiment of the seven divine spirits of goodness; and already in the time of Jesus he had risen to be co-equal with, though created by, Ormuzd (Ahura-Mazda), the Supreme Being [J.M. Robertson, /Pagan Christs/, p. 290.], and Mediator between him and man [Plutarch, /Isis et Osiris/, ch. 46; Julian, /In regem solem/, chs. 9, 10, 21.]. He appears to have lived an incarnate life on earth, and in some unknown manner to have suffered death for the good of mankind, an image symbolizing his resurrection being employed in his ceremonies [Tertullian, /Praescr/., ch. 40.]. Tarsus, the home of Paul, was one of the great centers of his worship, being the chief city of the Cilicians; and, as will presently appear, there is a decided tinge of Mithraism in the Epistles and Gospels. Thus the designations of Jesus as the Dayspring from on High [Luke, i. 78.], the Light [2 Cor. iv. 6; Eph. v. 13, 14; I. Thess. v. 5; etc.], the Sun of Righteousness [Malachi iv. 2]; and much used in Christianity, and similar expressions, are borrowed from or related to Mithraic phraseology.

    Mithra was born from a rock [Firmicus, /De errore/, xxi.; etc.], as shown in Mithraic sculptures, being sometimes termed ''the god out of the rock'', and his worship was always conducted in a cave; and the general belief in the early Church that Jesus was born in a cave is a direct instance of the taking over of Mithraic ideas. The words of Paul, "They drank of that spiritual rock ... and that rock was Christ'' [I Corinthians x. 4.] are borrowed from the Mithraic scriptures; for not only was Mithra "the Rock'', but one of his mythological acts, which also appears in the acts of Moses, was the striking of the rock and the producing of water from it which his followers eagerly drank. Justin Martyr [Justin Martyr, /Dial. with Trypho/, ch. 70.] complains that the prophetic words in the Book of Daniel [Daniel ii. 34.] regarding a stone which was cut out of the rock without hands were also used in the Mithraic ritual; and it is apparent that the great importance attached by the early Church to the supposed words of Jesus in regard to Peter -- "Upon this rock I will build my church" [Matthew xvi. 18.] -- was due to their approximation to the Mithraic idea of the /Theos ek Petras/, the "God from the Rock''. Indeed, it may be that the reason of the Vatican hill at Rome being regarded as sacred to Peter, the Christian "Rock'', was that it was already sacred to Mithra, for Mithraic remains have been found there.

    The chief incident of Mithra's life was his struggle with a symbolical bull, which he overpowered and sacrificed, and from the blood of the sacrifice came the world's peace and plenty, typified by ears of corn. The bull appears to signify the earth or mankind, and the implication is that Mithra, like Jesus, overcame the world; but in the early Persian writings Mithra is himself the bull [J.M. Robertson, /Pagan Christs/, p. 298.], the god thus sacrificing himself, which is a close approximation to the Christian idea. In later times the bull is interchangeable with a ram; but the zodiacal ram, Aries, which is associated with Mithra, was replaced by a lamb in the Persian zodiac [Bundahish, ii. 2.], so that it is a lamb which is sacrificed [Garucci, /Les Myste`res du Syn. Phrygien/, p. 34.], as in Easter concept of Jesus. That this sacrifice had originally a human victim, and that it later involved the idea of the sacramental death of a human being, is clear from the fact that the Church historian, Socrates, believed that human victims were still sacrificed in the Mithraic mysteries down to some period before A.D. 360 [Socrates, /Eccles. Hist., bk. iii., ch. 2.].

    Thus the paramount Christian idea of the sacrifice of the lamb of God was one with which every worshipper of Mithra was familiar; and just as Mithra was an embodiment of the seven spirits of God, so the slain Lamb in the Book of Revelation has seven horns and seven eyes "which are the seven spirits of God'' [Revelation v. 6.]. Early writers say that a lamb was consecrated, killed, and eaten as an Easter rite in the Church; but Easter was a Mithraic festival [Macrobius, /Saturnalia/, i. 18.], presumably of the resurrection of their god, and the parallel is thus complete, in which regard it is to be noted that in the Seventh Century the Church endeavored without success to suppress the picturing of Jesus as a lamb, owing to the paganism involved in the idea [Bingham, /Christian Antiq./, viii. 8, sec. 11; xv. 2, sec. 3.].

    The ceremonies of purification by the sprinkling or drenching of the novice with the blood of bulls or rams were widespread, and were to be found in the rites of Mithra. By this purification a man was "born again" [Beugnot, /Hist. de la Dest. Du Paganisme/, i. p. 334.], and the Christian expression "washed in the blood of the Lamb" is undoubtedly a reflection of this idea, the reference thus being clear in the words of the Epistle to the Hebrews: "It is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins". In this passage the writer goes on to say: "Having boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which he hath consecrated for us through the veil, that is to say his flesh ... let us draw near ... having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water" [Hebrews x. 19.]. But when we learn that the Mithraic initiation ceremony consisted in entering boldly into a mysterious underground "holy of holies", with the eyes veiled, and there being sprinkled with blood, and washed with water, it is clear that the author of the Epistle was thinking of those Mithraic rites with which everybody at that time must have been so familiar.

    Another ceremony in the religion of Mithra was that of stepping across a channel of water, the hands being entangled in the entrails of a bird, signifying sin, and of being "liberated" on the other side; and this seems to be referred to by Paul when he says: "Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage" [Galatians v. 1.].

    Tertullian [Tertullian, /Praescr./, ch. 40.] states that the worshippers of Mithra practiced baptism by water, through which they were thought to be redeemed from sin, and that the priest made a sign upon the forehead of the person baptized; but as this was also a Christian rite, Tertullian declares that the Devil must have effected the coincidence for his wicked ends. "The Devil'', he also writes, "imitates even the main parts of our divine mysteries", and "has gone about to apply to the worship of idols those very things of which the administration of Christ's sacraments consists".

    In this rite he must be referring both to the baptismal rite and also to the Mithraic eucharist, of which Justin Martyr [Justin Martyr, /1 Apol./, ch. 66.] had already complained when he declared that it was Satan who had plagiarized the ceremony, causing the worshippers of Mithra to receive the consecrated bread and cup of water. The ceremony of eating an incarnate god's body and drinking his blood is, of course, of very ancient and originally cannibalistic inception, and there are several sources from which the Christian rite may be derived, if, as most critics think, it was not instituted as an actual ceremony by Jesus; but its connection with the Mithraic rite is the most apparent.

    The worshippers of Mithra were called "Soldiers of Mithra", which is probably the origin of the term "Soldiers of Christ'' and of the exhortation to Christians to "put on the armour of light" [Romans xiii. 12. Compare also Ephesians vi. 11, 13.], Mithra being the god of Light. As in Christianity, they recognized no social distinctions, both rich and poor, freemen and slaves, being admitted into the Army of the Lord. Mithraism had its austerities, typified in the severe initiation rites endured by a "Soldier of Mithra"; and the Epistle to Timothy, similarly, exhorts the Christian to "endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ" [2 Timothy ii. 3.]. It also had its nuns and its male celibates [Tertullian, /Prascr./, ch. 40.]; and one of its main tenets was the control of the flesh and the repudiation of the world, this being symbolized in the initiation ceremony, whereat a crown was offered to the novice, who had to reject it, saying, as did the Christians, that it was to a heavenly crown that he looked. We hear, too, of hymns which could be used with equal propriety by Christians and Mithraists alike [/Rev. Arch./, vol. xvii. (1911), p. 397.].

    The Mithraic worship always took place in caves, these being either natural or artificial. Now the early Christians, openly and for no reasons of secrecy or security, employed those subterranean rock chambers known as catacombs both for their burials and for public worship. Like the Mithraic caves, these catacombs were decorated with paintings, amongst which the subject of Moses striking the rock, which, as I have said above, has a Mithraic parallel, is often represented. The most frequent theme is that of Jesus as the Good Shepherd; and although it is generally agreed that the figure of Jesus carrying a lamb is taken from the statues of Hermes Kriophoros [Pausanias, iv. 33.], the kid-carrying god, Mithra is sometimes shown carrying a bull across his shoulders, and Apollo, who, in his solar aspect and as the patron of the rocks [/Hymn to the Delian Apollo./], is to be identified with Mithra, is often called "The Good Shepherd". At the birth of Mithra the child was adored by shepherds, who brought gifts to him [/Encyc. Brit./, 11th ed., vol. xvii., p. 623.].

    The Hebrew Sabbath having been abolished by Christians, the Church made a sacred day of Sunday, partly because it was the day of the resurrection, but largely because it was the weekly festival of the sun; for it was a definite Christian policy to take over the pagan festivals endeared to the people by tradition, and to give them a Christian significance. But, as a solar festival, Sunday was the sacred day of Mithra; and it is interesting to notice that since Mithra was addressed as /Dominus/, "Lord'', Sunday must have been "the Lord's Day" long before Christian times. December 25th was the birthday of the sun-god, and particularly of Mithra, and was only taken over in the Fourth Century as the date, actually unknown, of the birth of Jesus.

    The head of the Mithraic faith was called /Pater Patrum/, "Father of the Fathers", and was seated at Rome; and similarly the head of the Church was the /Papa/, or "Father", now known as the Pope, who was also seated at Rome. The Pope's crown is called a tiara, but a tiara is a Persian, and hence perhaps a Mithraic, headdress. The ancient chair preserved in the Vatican and supposed to have been the pontifical throne used by St. Peter, is in reality of pagan origin, and may possibly be Mithraic also, for it has upon it certain pagan carvings which are thought to be connected with Mithra [J.M. Robertson, /Pagan Christs/, p. 336.].

    Do you think that the Teachings of Jesus are a part of all of this - or are they somehow isolated from the paganism? Also, if reincarnation is a valid concept, might the Horus/Jesus story have repeated in some sort of a cyclical ritual? I'm trying to figure out the best next step for Christianity. I'm continuing to consider 1. The Red-Letter Teachings of Jesus. 2. The U.S. Constitution. 3. The Latin Mass. 4. Sacred Classical Music. 5. Dropping the BS. The Protestants are more Roman Catholic than they realize - and all of Christendom is indebted to Pre-Christian Paganism. But this doesn't mean that there isn't right and wrong - and that there is no afterlife or reincarnation. I simply expect to get recycled back into the madness in this solar system - which is why I am trying to make it a better place for all concerned.

    What do you think about Hitler, the Nazis, the Vril, Advanced Technology, and Gizeh Intelligence?? I am not necessarily opposed to advanced technology and underground bases. I actually think that it's sort of cool. But how did this technology REALLY come into existence? Did someone steal fire from the gods? What if the gods are really pissed-off now? I keep thinking that we are in a HUGE amount of trouble in connection with all of this, but I don't know the details, and I'm not sure that I want to know. But I would like to know more about Adolph Hitler, Viktor Schauberger (died in 1958), Pope Pius XII (died in 1958), Nicola Tesla, God the Father, Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer - in connection with all of the above.

    Who gave Adolph Hitler and Eugenio Pacelli their marching orders? I think these men were naive pawns. What was the relationship between the SS, the Jesuits, and Gizeh-Intelligence? Aldebaran might've been key in antiquity, but what about in modernity? I tend to doubt it. I lean toward a theory of the Orion Group essentially stewing in it's own juice for many thousands of years, rather than aliens from distant stars getting involved in our madness. But I obviously can't prove this bias.

    When one stops trying to improve politics and religion - I think there is a euphoric exhilaration. Unfortunately, I think we need some form of politics and religion. I favor positively reinforcing the best of the past, with a Minimalist Traditionalist approach, as an evolutionary methodology of reforming admittedly corrupt societal structures. Letting go of politics and religion, on an individual basis, probably works, at least for a while - but on a global level, I think we're stuck with these strange bedfellows. I will continue to contemplate idealistic conceptualizations of church and state - and the proper relationship between the two. I will also continue to contemplate a perfected humanity, living in a perfected solar system. I doubt that this is going to happen anytime soon. In fact, we might be very lucky to simply survive. As the general public learns more of the horrible historical abuses of church and state - and as they find out more and more about the New World Order - and as they are adversely affected by it - there may very well be anarchy - complete with running in the streets. Then the noose might get a lot tighter. I feel quite comfortable with many of my conclusions - but I don't have a clue regarding how and when to implement them. Great ideas can be horribly botched. It seems as though the New World Order is being installed in a very sloppy and shoddy manner. I have huge problems with the Old World Order and the New World Order - but I think we need some sort of a World Order. In fact, I think we need a Solar System Order or a New Solar System. But as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

    Once again, I'm just trying to listen to everyone, and then ask a lot of questions. I like considering Jordan Maxwell, Manley Hall, Helena Blavatsky, et al without getting too close to their material. I wish that I had visited the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. I drove right past it for years. I like listening to researchers, such as Dr. Obediah Harris. I think we need to encourage people to become skilled researchers in all subjects. I'd rather have people become researchers, than have them listen to my opinions and biases. We need a critical mass of responsible researchers if we wish to have an enlightened solar system representative republic.

    I'm planning on doing less internet work, and more textbook work. I might not even notice when they shut down the internet. I wish to make it clear that the subjects covered in this thread are so much bigger than I am. I am truly an amateur, and I know it. This is like trying to ride a tricycle on the freeway. I'm trying to get up to speed, but it just isn't happening. I really do wish for things to work out well for all concerned, but I remain a bit flippant and irritable. For this I am sorry. I am trying to be open and friendly, while remaining neutral and non-committal. I might even be a two-faced, backstabbing sonofabitch, at times. My problem-solving modus operandi seems to require this mildly schizophrenic behavior. I just don't know what I'm dealing with, and this makes me somewhat paranoid and suspicious. I've been in over my head, right from the beginning, and I'm in way too deep, at this point. I really mean no one any harm. I'm simply trying to solve some impossible problems in some unconventional ways. This whole thing continues to be an experiment. I've done a certain amount of role-playing, which is way out of my league. Don't take this too seriously. Take everything I have said with a sea of salt.

    My level of burnout is reaching critical levels, but I will continue to contemplate a Vatican-Based Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System, in a very passive and non-academic manner. This is playing with hotter fire than the fires of an eternally burning hell. If you don't wish to talk to me, and I don't know what's really going on, or who I have been reincarnationally - what's the point in continuing this thread? The madness is always someone elses fault, right? The bottom-line really is the bottom-line - right? It's all about fame, fortune, power, and pleasure - right? The corrupt will always rule the stupid - right? Has the technology and industrialization made us safer and happier? I think we're going down - HARD. I'm sorry, but you know where I work and live. You know more about me than I know about myself. So if you ever wish to talk to me, just give me a call. I want my next life to be in a research library with a Cray! Namaste and Geronimo!

    Arghstudy Beer

    I think I've asked this question before, but here it is again, in a slightly different form. What would the Teachings of Jesus, the U.S. Constitution, the Latin Mass, and the Best and Most Appropriate Sacred Classical Music (lists and applications) look like in Canon Law Format? Do you see what I'm saying? The Historical Church Councils and Papal Statements would be disregarded, and only the above sources would be utilized in a VERY comprehensive, thoughtful, and organized manner. I'm very serious regarding this proposed project. It would take a helluva lot of work, money, and courage to do this properly. To me, this is a proper form of Protestant and Catholic, Theocratic and Democratic Ecumenism. I don't go to church, because I have too many issues with all churches. This doesn't mean that other people shouldn't go, or that the churches aren't doing the best they can. I just think that a group of Roman Catholic Scholars could do an excellent job of putting something like this together. This would probably not be for publication. At least not immediately. This sort of thing would take a huge amount of time and planning to properly introduce. I am not dogmatic about this, but I think this approach should be seriously considered, in consultation with all of the churches and governments of the solar system. A Catechism and Missal should be included in this project.

    Why will no one talk to me about any of this? Do any Roman Catholics even know that I'm writing this tripe? I would love to discuss this with a room full of Jesuits - but I wouldn't eat or drink anything. What I am proposing could NOT be openly proposed by an employee of the church. Can you imagine what would happen to them???!!! I think the only thing which saves me, is that I am unknown, and that I don't shout this from the top of one of the Seven Hills of Rome. This would essentially be an attack on historic Roman Catholicism - where what the church says - goes. Period. My idea is fundamental heresy - and I know it. 99% of the church would probably oppose it - but I think this might be the right thing to do - and it would probably be a prerequisite for a Vatican-Based Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System. Once again, I realize that this is playing with hellfire. I'm so gonna burn.

    I continue to be very interested in how God the Father, Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer fit into all of this - reincarnationally and presently. I realize that there are aspects of the Latin Mass which are problematic and which do not have mass-appeal - that there are some hard-sayings in the Teachings of Jesus - and that the U.S. Constitution is not a perfect document - but I think this might be a possible next step toward a peaceful and unified humanity - which would not involve coercion or corruption. I don't intend that everyone would participate in this sort of thing - but rather that it might form a fixed point of reference, which would guarantee responsible political and religious freedom in all the member states of the United States of the Solar System. It would, in essence, form a Minimalist Traditionalist Core for Solar System Governance. There is a somewhat arbitrary aspect to all of this - but perhaps this might be a foundation for a future evolutionary refinement of the basic idea. Again, all of this is mostly intended as a starting point for the creative thinking of those who are much more capable than myself. There might be a better solution, which bears no resemblance to this one, but this proposal might be a productive beginning. The issues which would undoubtedly emerge, would be most enlightening.

    Here is an eleven-part documentary called 'The Hidden Story of Jesus'. As most of you know, all too well, I am currently attempting to integrate the Teachings of Jesus, the U.S. Constitution, the Latin Mass, and Sacred Classical Music. Would this conceptual integration survive the implications and ramifications of this documentary? Would this basic framework be something which most nations and religions could comfortably participate in? Is the real problem the abuses and absurdities of the past two thousand years? If I'm wrong, what might be a proper foundation for religious and political unity - without coercion or persecution? How should we properly unite as a human family? Should we even try to unite? What about the Dracs, Greys, and Hybrids? Are they people too? What would Isis say? Is Jesus a Christian? Does Jesus go to church? Did Jesus tell people to go to church? BTW - I don't even want to think about what these men have had to deal with. Namaste to the Beings of the World, Solar System, Galaxy, and Universe.

    Who do these nice men REALLY have to deal with???

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

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    Note: This is a re-post, so the information is not current. This is an interesting way to post on the internet. I intermingle the old-posts with the new-posts, and I often add some personal-thoughts to the old-posts. This is sort of a reality-check, and also the old-posts often take-on greater meaning and clarity, in light of the new-posts in our rapidly-changing world. Fasten Your Seatbelts!!
    Carol wrote:
    EMP Nuclear Attack Fears
    Have US Reopen Cheyenne Mountain

    Days after Iran deal, Pentagon acts fearing nuclear missile attack that would burn out America’s electronic-based defenses. The Pentagon has decided to reopen the Cheyenne Mountain Air Defense facility, which housed the heart of America’s air and missile defense of North America. The facility had been mothballed in a “cost-saving” move in 2006.

    Last week, Admiral William Gortney, head of US NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and US Northern Command, reversed that decision and announced the Pentagon was spending an opening ante of $700 million to oversee reactivation of the Cheyenne mountain-embedded facility.

    The reason - the Pentagon's fears of a nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack by a missile that would burn out America’s overly-dependent defense, which is based on modern electronics.

    US NORAD and US Northern Command aren’t just acronyms. They represent the last-ditch American defense of the continental United States homeland. NORAD originally stood for North America Air Defense Command, but now stands for North American Aerospace Command. US Northern Command is the area-specific designation of the US military command that is responsible for the continental United States homeland.

    Given the current US military fear of an inter-continental ballistic (ICBM) missile attack with an EMP nuclear-device, Admiral Gortney explained that "because of the very nature of the way that Cheyenne Mountain's built, it's EMP-hardened. And so, there's a lot of movement [in the Pentagon] to put [military] capability into Cheyenne Mountain and to be able to communicate in there."

    I'm not anti-technology -- and I am not a Latter-day Luddite -- but I am paranoid regarding the weaponry (of all kinds) contained within this solar system (even as I type). Most (or all) life in this solar system (human and otherwise) could end in a matter of hours (if not minutes) if all of this weaponry were unleashed. The Bible speaks of Angels Holding Back the Four Winds of Strife. This seems to have been the case since World War II -- which makes me wonder -- who REALLY controls this weaponry?? Is control of all WMD's centralized?? That wouldn't surprise me one little bit. I don't even want to think about what the REAL PTB (locally and universally) have planned for this solar system. I am extremely apprehensive (regardless of whether the PTB are good-guys or bad-guys). What if the PTB MUST be both good and bad to survive in this universe?? I don't know the answers to these questions -- and I'm not sure I want to know. I think I'm going to spend a lot of time reading Deuteronomy through Malachi to attempt to get some sort of a Historical-Handle on the madness. I'm not necessarily recommending that everyone do this -- but I think some of us must. I hate to be so negative all the time -- but the history of this solar system is rather nasty -- and the potential for things to get REALLY Nasty is HUGE. I enjoy sunny-days -- beautiful-sunsets -- and happy-children -- but the context for the nice-things is anything but nice (if one looks beneath the surface -- and carefully examines all the possibilities). Now I'm going to try to calm myself down by listening to David Icke for a while. World Without End. Amen.

    I wish to continue to make it clear that my internet posting is for educational and entertainment purposes only. I am in no position or condition to do anything more than to observe and speculate in a very passive manner. I plan to study what I've already posted -- but I don't intend to do anything with it -- other than to possibly write some watered-down books loosely based upon my pseudo-intellectual research. But really -- I might not do anything at all with this madness. It's just too volatile and dangerous for an outsider to responsibly deal with -- and I am completely out of the loop (as far as I know). I have made repeated requests for genuine insiders to possibly do something with my internet activities (especially regarding the answering of my many questions). I simply do not know what I'm really dealing with. This stuff scares the hell out of me. Once again -- I have no animosity or favoritism toward anyone (at this point, anyway). I really think I'd like to drive around in a Porsche GT3 -- with a Lap-Top with a Satellite InterPlaNet Connection -- researching on the run!! Running away from the Nazis, Masons, Jesuits, Reptilians, Greys, and Ancient-Egyptian Deities!!! Here is something some of you might find interesting!!

    I just finished re-watching The Europa Report. It is frighteningly realistic. It is also depressing. It highlights what I fear about having my wishes granted -- and becoming some sort of a Solar System Ambassador-Observer-Philosopher-Consultant. The theory is cool -- but I fear that the reality might be horrifying. The movie fits right in with my speculation and visualization -- right down to the English accents. I love intelligent good-looking women with English accents!! I sometimes think that in a previous life I really was an Insider who went insane because of an insane state of affairs. I sometimes think that this present incarnation was intended to help me regain my sanity -- but turned out to be a failure. The further down the rabbit-hole I go -- the more insane things appear -- yet I feel strangely more at home -- as if I've previously been at the Center of the Insanity in This Solar System. Perhaps the rabbit-hole really does mostly go right up my @$$ (as Raven suggested)!!

    When I go silent, in a couple of months, imagine me being in a small room on the Moon, reading books, researching on the InterPlaNet (with access to everyone and everything!), and going for short walks on the surface of the Moon. If that were to occur -- I doubt that it would make me happy -- yet it might provide a necessary environment for thinking thoughts essential to making things better. The Ancient Egyptian Deity seemed to tell me that I should enjoy the Sun -- because I wouldn't be seeing it much longer (or from so close perhaps). I didn't know what to make of that. I seemed to be both Friend and Foe of the AED. We supposedly had fought side by side -- and I was counted as one of two genuine Human friends (with the rest being minions) -- yet our brief relationship seemed quite strained (in a very cordial manner). Perhaps I should call this The Orthodoxymoron Report. If I go to the Moon -- and they let me post -- that's what I'll call my blog! What if the Ancient Egyptian Deity rules the Solar System from Berlin?? Should I have gone to the Mason Meetings with them?? Think about it. What's that strange blue light?? AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!

    This is why we didn't (officially) go back to the Moon. An army of Nazis from the dark side of the moon launch an all-out attack on planet Earth after biding their time on the lunar surface for 70 years in this irreverent sci-fi comedy starring Udo Kier and Julia Dietze. The year is 2018. Defeated in 1945, a devoted group of Nazis led by General Wolfgang Kortzfleisch (Kier) blast off for the moon and begin to regroup at a hidden base. As work commences on the Götterdämmerung, a mighty warship that will strike fear into the people of planet Earth, Renate Richter (Julia Dietze) uses a truncated version of Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator to extol the brilliance of Hitler to the next generation of Aryan soldiers. In addition, the imposing Klaus Adler (Götz Otto) prepares to take his position as the next führer and father a new master race with Renate. Meanwhile, the U.S. president (Stephanie Paul) attempts to boost her approval ratings by dressing black model James Washington (Christopher Kirby) as an astronaut and sending him on a mission to the moon. When the Nazis capture Washington and get a good look at his smartphone, they believe they have finally found the key to updating their outdated technology, and they journey back to Earth in order to gather enough gadgets to launch their final attack and reclaim the planet in the name of the Third Reich.

    Orthodoxymoron in 1945!!

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

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    A couple of fighter-jets just flew past me in tight-formation at low-altitude!! How Cool is THAT??!!

    I keep thinking we were all Angels in Heaven in Antiquity -- but probably not the angels we see in paintings and motion-pictures. I keep thinking that there is no freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or representative-republic in Heaven. If so, is this a good-thing or a bad-thing? I think it could be good or bad -- depending on the circumstances -- and depending upon the Nature of God -- and the Nature of the Beings Under God. Governance and Physicality in Heaven versus Governance and Physicality on Earth is a VERY difficult subject, given that we know so very little regarding the Real-Story of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Are we NOT supposed to know?? Is Ignorance a Virtue?? Are Imagination and Speculation really Sins of a MOST Pestilential Nature?? Is Trust in God really Blind Obedience?? One Thing Leads to Another Thing Leads to Another Thing. Where Does Academic Freedom End?? I presently endorse a Highly-Ethical and Highly-Structured Minimalist-Traditionalist Solar System. However, I still think that I'd like to be an Insider-Observer-Consultant as sort of a Palmer Joss or Chad Decker kind of guy. I'd make a lousy General or Debater. I am NOT a Master-Debater!! Consider my latest version of the Four Gospels:

    Gospel I: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers.

    Gospel II: Deuteronomy, Job, Psalms, Proverbs.

    Gospel III: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.

    Gospel IV: Acts, Romans, Hebrews, Revelation.

    There really is a method to my madness -- but you must bear with me -- and travel the extra kilometer with me. I doubt that any of you will -- which is the crux of the problem I'm facing. I'm suggesting that the Bible be studied privately -- rather than being quoted publicly. I am further suggesting that one should study the Bible privately -- and then think and do that which makes sense to them -- rather than applying the Bible directly to modernity. I believe in Absolutes AND Situation-Ethics. One must always do the RESPONSIBLE Thing. Another thing. Have we done better as Humans than we did as Angels?? Are things better for us now than they were in the Garden of Eden?? I LOVE the Theory of Human-Physicality and Responsible-Freedom BUT Something Seems to be Very Wrong Historically and Presently with the Human-Experiment. What Went Right and What Went Wrong?? I am SO Sorry that NO One Will Properly Discuss This with Me.

    Is the Solar System governed by a Nazi-Masonic God of This World in Berlin?? Do Rome, London, Washington DC, the United Nations, and the Dark-Side of the Moon ALL Take Their Orders from Berlin?? Despite the often chaotic turn of events in the world -- I think this solar system is very highly organized -- and that it is ruled with an iron-fist. What if Satan is a good-looking and charming middle-aged male (in public)?? What if Satan is a Reptilian-Queen in private?? Once again, should a United States of the Solar System be an Idealistic Version of the Way Things Are?? Scrapping the whole thing and starting over might be an irreversible and catastrophic mistake. Is utter-destruction and genocide a valid final-solution?? The Ancient Egyptian Deity seemed to say that Saving Humanity was a Mistake. We Seem to be Screwed -- No Matter What We Do. The fact that most of us don't know that we're in HUGE Trouble -- doesn't mean there's no problem and everything is fine.

    Please understand that I am NOT a Bible-Thumper or a Catholic-Basher. This is Political and Theological Science-Fiction. I am NOT a Theologian, Politician, or Scientist. I AM a Completely Ignorant Fool who is Fooling with a Cold, Cruel World in the Context of a Brave, New Universe.

    What if Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael were the Wife and Children of God the Father in Sirius - and travelled to Earth with a third of the 'Angels' - and engaged in a Genetic Hybridization Program which resulted in Reptilian Humanoids, Mammalian Humanoids, and Hybrid Humanoids? Veni Creator Spiritus? What if - at some point - Gabriel rebelled against God the Father - and the children sided with their mother? What if Gabriel was the Sovereign Queen of the Air - or the Queen of Heaven? What if Lucifer and Michael followed the orders of Gabriel - serving as Patriarchs, Prophets, Pharaohs, and Pontiffs - to name a few? What if Michael rebelled against Gabriel and Lucifer (siding with the humans) - at least a couple of thousand years ago - and became Persona Non Grata (nailed to crosses in thousands of churches)? What if Lucifer rebelled against Gabriel within the last couple of centuries (wanting it all?)? What if God the Father has recently come to Earth to clean up the mess? I don't have a clue if any of this is accurate - but do think about the possibility of a Galactic Familiy Feud. This thing might be simpler and more complex than we can possibly imagine. But once again, take everything I say with a sea of salt.

    Perhaps if I used some really big words, and made things really complicated, I might get into some sort of conversation with someone. Remember the 100,000+ views of the Abraxasinas / Thuban Q&A Thread on the original Project Avalon site? Perhaps I should try THAT approach. The sing-song, above-it-all, numerological, eschatological, evasive, dragonian mumbo-jumbo seemed to be a mind-game of sorts. Whoever was really behind it was quite bright - in a twisted way. I considered it to be more of a spiritual warfare exercise than anything. The deranged Wraith Goddess in the movie 'Stargate Atlantis' comes to mind. Could reading through the original thread - even at this late date result in some sort of mental and spiritual programming which could potentially be quite dangerous? I never could get very far into the thread. Perhaps this was a spiritual defense mechanism of a bifurcated chiasmatic interpolation of a synaptic stereoscopic worldview of a reincarnational geosphere tangentially oriented relative to the galactic plane in a perpendicular perpetuity of concupiscence. I'm REALLY tired of this guessing game. 888=III=MYMYMY=666=orthodoxymoron=Thuban I'm REALLY tired of thinking about the technological nightmare we've created for ourselves. I'm REALLY tired of the infinite stupidity. I'm REALLY tired of being ignored. This might REALLY be over - whether or not the ample lady sings. I'm REALLY tired of the bullshit. Take me to your therapist.

    I was recently told that Satan was influencing me, when I tried to discuss some of these ideas. Heck, I was called 'Satan' within the sacred halls of this very thread. I recently told someone that no matter what we do, it's not going to work. They looked a bit startled and troubled. What I meant was that as soon as a standard is established, people want a different standard. We are a very restless, fickle, and impatient race. This has its good points and bad points. I simply see a future of conflict, no matter how clever we think we are when we try to create paradise. I also told someone that I was not particularly 'solid' regarding my view of things. This seemed to surpise them. I take issue with myself on everything I think or propose. I'm my best friend and worst enemy. I will continue to work with the principles and concepts presented in this thread - but I realize that there are thousands of other ways to look at things. However, if I were put on the spot, I would diligently work toward a Vatican-Based Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System. I would work outward from these few words.

    Working out the details would probably start World Wars III & IV - simultaneously. I really would make an about-face if I were presented with a brutal gang of facts. I am stubborn and stupid (bad combination!) - but I usually know when to call it quits, before things get too ugly. This world is so screwed-up that I think we will be lucky to simply survive, and maintain our current level of existence, for the remainder of this century. Hopefully things will vastly improve toward the end of the century - or near the beginning of the next. I do not intend to lie, or to create false hopes, which will only be beaten to a pulp by reality. We need to get real - real fast. I feel a bit like John Nash in 'A Beautiful Mind' - in that this thread is an imaginary tempest in a teapot - where I sometimes think I'm saving the whole damn universe, single-handedly - but in reality I'm just making a couple of NSA interns laugh their asses off!! On the other hand, I think a lot of the principles and concepts in this thread are valid - whether I ever really get my act together, or not. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to re-watch '2001 - A Space Odyssey'.

    I would be VERY interested to see what the Vatican, the City of London, Washington D.C., the United Nations, and the Secret Government could put together, relative to a Vatican-Based Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System, which would be in complete harmony with this word-combination, but which would draw upon their unique perspectives. I'm at the bottom, and if I were at the top, I might not like the view. I like the basic concept, but I'd be lucky to get clearance to board a commercial airliner at this point - let alone hobnob with the people we love to hate - or visit a D.U.M.B. I like the idea of a Completely Non-Corrupt Washington D.C. within the Walls of Vatican City, which would Replace the Secret Government and the United Nations, and which would Govern the United States of the Solar System, with the Pomp and Circumstance of the Roman Catholic Church. Does anyone see what I'm conceptualizing? What would it take to make this happen? What would it take to make this proposed governmental system completely transparent? What would the Nazis, Masons, Magicians, Dracs, and Greys say? Eh?

    Imagine being a composite of the smartest, toughest, and least corrupt people (or beings) in the Vatican, the City of London, Washington D.C., the United Nations, and the Secret Government. This is the person I aspire to be, but I fully realize that this will never be a reality. Still, I think this is a worthy goal. I'm trying to be in it all, and above it all - simultaneously. I guess I'm trying to improve the existing solar system government, rather than trying to reinvent it. I don't think I'm smarter than they are, but I do think that I have a unique perspective, which might be of some use.

    I think there exists a spectrum of souls in this solar system - from the very best to the very worst. What labels one wishes to utilize to describe the best of the best and the worst of the worst is irrelevant to me. I don't know how much of recorded history is truth or lies. I like to study history for clues regarding where we came from, who we are, what we are supposed to be doing presently, and where we might be going - but nothing is for certain. This mostly seems to be a monumental and utterly ridiculous most dangerous game. But we're all in the middle of it, so we might as well make the best of it.

    Once again, I'm going to try to stop posting, and just digest what I have already posted (including the links and books). This is probably more about self-development than anything else. I've invited others along for the ride, but no one really seems to need a ride. This might be just as well, because this journey seems to travel through the valley of the shadow of death, and to the edge of sanity. I just hope that if I ever meet some of the universal powers that be - face to face - that I will be able to converse with them in a reasonable and respectful manner. What might it be like to stand before a Holy God - without a mediator? Perhaps all of us are about to find out. Namaste and Godspeed.

    Does no one have an opinion regarding solar system governance? This thread has been mostly intended as a motivational tool to make YOU think. It is sort of a Solar System Governance 101. I believe that it is necessary to carefully think through the contents of this thread before moving on to bigger and better things. I think that a wide variety of individuals view this forum - human and otherwise - terrestrial and extraterrestrial. I think there are some VERY intelligent beings who view this thread - yet there seems to be a stonewall of silence. Why? I would really like to get into a hot and heavy debate with someone who is capable and willing. I had a brief conversation with someone who was much more intelligent than myself, yet who I profoundly disagreed with. This conversation is no longer occurring, and I'm not sure exactly why. It's really hard to formulate anything without intelligent discussion. I hate to keep flying-blind and keep talking to myself. But what other choice do I have? I don't want to do the Alex Jones thing. I respect Alex, but that just isn't my style. It's as if my presence is not welcome. I also sense that if I really spoke my mind and really laid things out as I see them, that I might not be around for very long. I keep feeling as though the hope is that I will hang myself in more ways than one.

    Should this thread NOT include a discussion of the Teachings of Jesus and the Latin Mass? I simply like to listen to Latin Masses, Gregorian Chant, and Sacred Classical Music as I read the Four Gospels. This is a preference. My use of the King James Version of the Holy Bible is a preference. Should a Vatican-Based Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System be based solely upon the U.S. Constitution? Should all of the historical religious and political systems be brought to bear on this methodology of solar system governance? Politics cannot be properly understood without considering religion. Religion cannot be properly understood without considering politics. United States of the Solar System Representatives should be highly ethical and spiritual people, as well as being worldly-wise. They should not be politics as usual, stupid nitwits, who are merely teleprompter readers, and who are compromised in the extreme.

    Come, let us reason together.

    I am leaning toward the theory that Reptilian Queens are at the center of an esoteric study of the physical, spiritual, political, and religious history of this solar system. Some of this bias is based upon evidence, and some of it is simply intuitive and circumstantial. I continue to attempt to be somewhat neutral in all of this. I continue to wonder how God the Father, Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael fit into all of the above. How would my concept of a United States of the Solar System affect all of the above? Consider this lecture by Robert Morningsky. Also, consider this video clip.

    God the Father seems to be absent - and this really bothers me. I keep seeing Hollywood representations of a Queen killing a King. Or even the story of Oedipus. I fear that somehow God the Father (Osiris?) has been removed or murdered. I'm sensing a Vengeful Mother (Gabriel?) Assisted by a Sinister Son or Daughter (Lucifer?) - and a Despised Out of Power Son or Daughter (Michael?). I have speculated that the Obelisk and the Crucifix are symbols of the Vengeful Mother and Sinister Child's victory over Osiris and Horus. But this is just more speculation. I'm suspecting a Family Feud / Civil War - spanning tens or hundreds of thousands of years - throughout our solar system and Sirius. But I could be completely wrong. A galactic tug of war could REALLY get out of hand in a hurry. When I speculate about all of this - I mean no harm or disrespect to any and all involved parties. I'm just trying to figure out what the hell is going on - and how to defuse whatever madness exists in this neck of the woods. The official history is horrible - and I think the real truth will prove to be unimaginably horrible. I am VERY concerned regarding what part I might've played in the madness. I have no peace - even on a good day. Take a long, hard look at 'East of Eden' and 'Rebel Without a Cause'. Guess who Osiris, Isis, Ra, and Horus might be? Osiris = God the Father? Isis = Mary/Queen of Heaven? Amen Ra = God of This World/Lucifer? Horus = Michael/Mithras/Jesus? Righteous Parent and Child vs Rebellious Parent and Child? Incoming Annunaki vs Local Annunaki? Was Michael/Horus/Jesus a Rebellious Annunaki who became a completely Human Being - and became Persona Non Grata and Galactic Enemy Number One - of both the Local and Incoming Annunaki? Are we facing a Three-Way Showdown? Is there any way to properly unite the three hypothetical parties - and to avert Armageddon?


    Do you think that human and reptilian souls are identical in nature, and that they differ only in programming? Do you think that humans have a reptilian physical component, and that reptilians have a human physical component? I'm sensing a messy and complex genetic hybridization program throughout the aeons. I'm also sensing star wars. I'm thinking that the REAL history and REAL current state of affairs might be very difficult to deal with. I'm in sort of a Graveyard Spiral leading into an Emotional and Spiritual Black Hole. What do you think about the Holy Tablets?

    Introducing the Kadištu
    [Extracted from the GMSS Interview]

    The Kadištu "Life Designers" are the guardians of key places in the universe. Their objective is to cause to reign a form of organization and of "discipline" that emanates from "the Source" that one could assimilate to God. In this, one could think of them as "angels of God". Despite their high technology and their extreme intelligence, the Kadištu are not on a mission to resolve all problems. Insofar as concerns the history of the Earth and its development, the Life Designers seem to have chosen to leave the Earth, even though it be a sacred place, in the hands of the Gina'abul reptilians. This does not appear to be an abandonment, rather a transitional retreat, because to this day the Life Designers have not ceased to keep an eye on their creation. On the human level, this can seem to be taking a very long time, but to the Life Designers of the Universe, it is nothing. The Kadištu normally do not interfere in the development of races in full evolution -- in this case the Gina'abul reptilians.

    I imagine that it was simpler to let the Gina'abul resolve their family problems among themselves, as there exists in the bosom of the reptilian family the Amašutum group - the females - who truly form a part of the Life Designers. I am thinking equally that the Homo type originally of the Earth and the Solar System has a karma that is connected to the reptilians, given that the Homo type has on numerous occasions been genetically manipulated by these same Gina'abul reptilians...

    In his interviews, Parks provides glimpses of the numerous races at play in his works: those that make up the Kadištu collective and the Gina'abul races, a large part of whom are in conflict with the Kadištu. The female Gina'abul, however, are the Amašutum priestesses, who belong to the Kadištu. This is an example of the complex relationships and interactions that make up Parks' story.

    Kadištu Akkadian: Qadistu, evoking high-ranking priestesses. Sumerian: NU-GIG, meaning "non-evil" but also "the image of evil" - sacred prostitutes. Related to the Latin caduceus. Emissaries of "the Original Source," they live in "higher dimensions" called "Angal." Role is to unify the species of the universe. Very powerful but do not interfere in the affairs of beings evolving in the "reduced frequencies."

    Abgal Kadištu subgroup. Genetically affiliated with Gina'abul, but considered amphibians, with genes of a far-off amphibian race. Sages of the Gagsisá (Sirius) system. Like the Urmah, this is a rare Kadištu race that can evolve in KI (the 3rd dimension). They possess a delicious regard charged with compassion. A light energetic halo emerges from their body. A Gina'abul rebel race**.

    Amašutum Female Gina'abul*. "Mother Lizards." "Proud People of the Serpent." Eternal symbol: two intertwined serpents. Priestesses. Kadištu subgroup, therefore also associated with the principle of "good and evil." Life Designers. Dwell in several regions of the universe, such as Ursa Major, Hyades, Pleiades, Orion. A Gina'abul rebel race**.

    Ama'argi Terrestrial Amašutum, specially created in our solar system by the Gina'abul females of Margid'da (Ursa Major), undoubtedly cloned from the genetic library there. They have tails, as do the other Amašutum. Dark-skinned. Peaceful. A Kadištu race. Their home is the Abzu of Uraš. Their sovereign is Queen Dim'mege (see Personages).

    Ameli Semi-etheric Kadištu race originating in the star system of Bun (Aldebaran, a Tauri) and still based there. Had permitted the Ušumgal to maintain a colony of Mìmínu in that system but drove them out after the Great War. The Mìmínu were relocated in Mulmul (Pleiades). This in turn forced a new line of Amašutum to progrressively withdraw from Mulmul and its Ubšu'ukkinna system, eventually to settle in Gišda (the Hyades).

    Sukkal Kadištu subgroup having the form of birds. "Cousin of the Gina'abul." The Sumerian word "sukkal" means "messenger." In the Sumerian and Assyro-Babylonian traditions, the Sukkal are humanoids with the body of a bird and large wings on the back. The Greek term "anggelos" also means messenger and refers to beings with functions similar to biblical angels. Important Life Designers. Urbar'ra (Lyra).

    Urmah "Army of the Elohim" Warriors / Life Designers. (UR-MAH, "great warrior", also "lion" in Gina'abul-Sumerian). Logo: the lion. Felidae or feline. Feline-humanoid appearance; actually resembles a lion. Always seen with claws; unknown if natural or artificial. They are from the Orion constellation. The official army or celestial militia of the Kadištu, who often referred to them concerning problems of rule. For that reason, the Urmah were found at several times in our solar system.

    Namlú'u Primordial Human [see Decoder] Prodigious androgyne race assembled by the Kadištu on Uraš (Earth). Highly respected because it combined the genetic patrimony of numerous Life Designer species.

    Kingú Akkadian Quingu. Sumerian: KIN-GU = "ruler over the Earth (or regions). Logo: the eagle. Princely root stock of the Gina'abul. At war with the Ušumgal. Three types: whites [Kingú-Babbar, grand royals; Te (Aquila)], reds [warriors-cleaners; Ušu (Draco)], greens [the people, also warriors]. Most Kingú possess a mark on the forehead, like a third eye.

    Kingú-Babbar Royal albino Kingú, originally the dominant authority in the constellation Ušu (Draco), where they created the Ušumgal. Relocated to Urbar'ra (Lyra) with the Ušumgal, whom they left there at the time of the Great War. Resettled in the constellation Te (Aquila). Some are present in our solar system, originally from Te, and are central to events described in Parks' second book, Ádam Genisiš. They are in conflict with the Anunnaki and their descendants. Solitary, do not like to mix with others, because they feel superior to the rest of the Gina'abul. These are the largest of all the Kingú. Some possess wings and horns; others absolutely none. Those in our solar system have hardly any wings and no horns. Among all the Gina'abul, most closely resemble humans. They bear the emblem of Urin (the eagle).

    Red Kingú Just beneath the Kingú-Babbar in the social order. Specialists in war; soldiers. Reddish skin. Have tail, horn, and wings. When the Kingú-Babbar left Ušu, the Red Kingú remained to govern in their place.

    Kingú People Workers and warriors. These are the Kingú who take part in the battles on Dukù at the end of Book 1. Greenish skin (a little lighter than that of the Anunna).

    Imdugud (Anzu) Mix of Kingú-Babbar (royal albinos) and Urmah. Depicted emblematically in Sumerian and Akkadian imagery as half eagle, half lion, respectively representing their genetic roots. White skin (like the Kingú-Babbar), sometimes described by Parks as fair-skinned. Appear "Nordic" but with a slight "animal" look in their eyes, an aspect that is connected with their genes. They resemble humans, often with blue eyes, and are very tall. Pupils are vertical. Emit barking or whistling sounds. Always seen with claws; unknown if natural or artificial. Solitary. Originated in Tiamate (our Solar System) well before 300,000 y.a., which is when the Anunna arrived. Originally created to watch over the terrestrial reserve and above all to serve to reconcile the Gina'abul and the Kadištu Life Designers. They had the reputation of being peaceable, not "looking for trouble" - unlike their Kingú-Babbar creators. They are always found in the background of the works of the Kadištu, with whom they have courteous relations.

    Ušumgal "Grand Dragons," later Sumerian term for their gods and sovereigns; descended from Kingú-Babbar; creators of the Annuna and other races. The Ušumgal Council of Nalulkára were survivors of the Great War.

    Šutum Male Gina'abul*. "Lizard" in Sumerian. Created by Abzu-Abba to impregnate the Amašutum, but their reproductive abilities were in decline. They suffered from a disease of unknown cause. Originally, laborers, working for the entire race of Gina'abul. Margid'da (Ursa Major).

    Nungal Great Lords. "Fallen Angels". Book of Enoch: watchers. Bené Elohim (Sons of the Elohim). Those who coupled with human females without authorization of Yahvé (An-Enlil). Akkadian: Igigi. Male. Created (in great haste) by Sa'am and Mamitu-Nammu (see Personages) from Imdugud genes on which Abzu-Abba had been experimenting. Considered as Life Designers although no knowledge of cloning. Followers of Osiris and Horus. A Gina'abul rebel race**.

    Anunna Anunnaki Warriors. "Angels of Yahvé". Created by An and Ninmah on Dukù, Mulmul (Pleiades), from a genetic patrimony discovered by Ninmah on Nalulkára. No doubt the cell line was enhanced Šutum. Wars among the Gina'abul brought them to the Earth. Anunnaki = "Anunna of the Earth." Have manipulated humans for millennia.

    Mušgir "Furious reptile" - winged dragons. Assyrian: "Pazuzu". Can easily move between the "first and third dimensions." Originally created in Lyra by Ušumgal; An and Ninmah produced a second line on Dukù, Mulmul (Pleiades), using a cell line discovered by Ninmah on Nalulkára. Have tail, horns, and wings. May be compared to the numerous gargoyles that haunt churches and cathedrals.

    Mìmínu Dogon: ant. Known to us as "grey" ETs. They are genetically-engineered descendents of the Mušgir -- wingless, smooth-skinned, diminutive. Originally created by Ušumgal with reprogrammed Mušgir genes, as part of a program in which the Mušgir participated voluntarily. Later numerous other Miminu races were created from cells fabricated by the Kingú. They know how to take orders. Slaves of the male Gina-abul.

    UKU3-BI "lower multitude"

    UGU4-BI "simian" The Ukubi were created by the Kingú for food (same as we treat our cattle) and by the "royals" and later by the Ama'argi to fulfill the orders of the "royals" (who tightly controlled them at that time). But Nammu clandestinely improved the race, rendering them autonomous (so they could defend themselves against the Kingú). Parks has found a Sumerian legend that supports this statement.***

    Early Human Genetic combination of Original Human, Gina'abul, simian. Sa'am was continuing what his mother had done with simians. A first humanoid version, the first Ádam, a mixture of Ukubi, Ama'argi, and green-skinned Kingú, served as workers in Edin. Note that the Kingú themselves bore no responsibility for this creation. Their cells were included to mark the domination of the Ušumgal-Anunna over the Kingú -- to humiliate them. Following that, Sa'am, with the support of his mother and two sisters, clandestinely improved the race under the noses of An and Enlil. They added cells of the Namlu'u, thus in a fashion "humanizing" the Ádam. These beings were black-skinned. Having Ama'argi within their genetics, they had tails. The Sumerian name for them is Sag-gi-ga, meaning "black slave". The Kingú then countered by asking Sa'am to add their Kingú-Babbar genes (from Tiamate) to the Sag-gi-ga, resulting in a white-skinned human, which would mark their supremacy over the royals. They intended these to dominate the blacks. This being was named Lú-bar6, meaning "white man". Word play: Lú-bara means sovereign man; Lú-bar-ra means "alien" or "foreigner". Enki and his associates wound up clandestinely improving these beings also, again to give them more autonomy. These are early human races, not those of today. A more complete picture is presented in the section Creating Humans. The entire scenario is one of races' quests for power over one another. It is not a matter of growing fingers to pick berries, or tails to swing from trees, as our academicians would have us believe. (Although academicians evolve incrementally too! See Fingers and toes evolved from fins say scientists.)

    *According to our strict human ideology about what may be considered human, the Gina'abul are not human beings. Therefore Parks does not refer to Gina'abul women and men, but rather females and males.

    **Who are the "rebel races"? Designation as "rebel race" refers to events following the arrival and establishment of the fugitive Anunna in our solar system. This is treated in Ádam Genisiš. The Kingú races had already been mortal enemies of the Gina'abul for a very long time. They are not considered as "rebels"; they created the Gina'abul, and furthermore the true "rebels" are consciously aligned with "the SOURCE", which they are not. Note that the memory of their having taken refuge underground on Uraš after local military defeats has contributed to misleading concepts of "fallen" angels. Now that you have our definition, would you classify the Namlú'u as a rebel race? How would you classify the modern human race?

    ***"They were ugly and menacing, scattered to the edge of the world, at the entrance of the underworld. They also appeared solitary, held in their emplacements, alone and isolated, but appearing menacing enough. Dark little half-brothers and sisters. Thus, this must have been a different and improper creation of Nammu with another god, but perhaps also an experimental creation of the gods..."

    Extract from the Sumerian tablet "How Ereškigal Chose the World Below"

    This statuette (left) representing a Mušgir is identified with the Assyro-Babylonian demon Pazuzu, a demon connected with the subterranean world and with parallel worlds. It is armed with large wings and its body is covered with scales. The universe of demons was very present in the Mesopotamian spirit, to the point that the Mušgir-Pazuzu was considered one of the most powerful demons. Because of this, it was often used as an amulet, affording benefits of its good grace against the other infernal entities. Several amulets of this type have been found in the foundations of Mesopotamian houses. On the back of its wings appeared the following inscription: "I am Pazuzu, son of Hanpa. The king of the evil spirits of the winds that rage violently from the Šadû (KUR in Assyrian), it is I!"

    Namlú'u (Primordial Human)

    "The old men tell that in the beginning of the world, God created a man and gave him responsiblity for all the creatures. This man went out every day from his house very early in the morning to visit God's property -- that is, all that is found here on the Earth. And he would always return home very late in the evening, and very tired. But in spite of his great fatigue, he had to make his report to God on the state of health of all the creatures."

    Oral Tradition of the Lumwe of Zaïre

    From the 2007 Karmapolis interview in Nexus [N]:

    Karma One: In your narration, the initially-created, original human (Namlú'u) is an extraordinary being, quasi superior to his creators and almost omnipotent, belonging to several dimensions, gifted with capacities of astonishing clairvoyance, capable of reading anyone's thoughts. This original human seems singularly close to the Source, namely the World Creator or "God". Just who are these creators of the Namlú'u? Why did they create such astonishing beings? And why in this form?

    Anton Parks: I sincerely believe that the Namlú'u have a perpetual existence somewhere in Angal (the higher dimensions).

    The term NAM-LÚ-U18 ("immense human beings") was used by the "gods" and the Sumerians to designate this primordial humanity. Later the term was used to refer to the Sumerians who were the first humans in Mesopotamia, those who were in contact with the "gods" found in the Bible under the names Yahvé and Elohim.

    The departure of the Namlú'u from our dimension was synchronised with the arrival of the Anunna on the Earth.

    The Namlú'u are beings who embody uncommon capabilities. They were created "all at once" by the Kadištu (Life Designers) who seeded life on this planet. They were in a manner of speaking the guardians of the Earth before the arrival of the Anunna.

    There are gnostic texts, such as The Secret Book of John (NH2-1.28) that announce that:

    This being was fashioned by "the creators", in the image of God (the Source) and conforming to their respective appearance. This perfect primordial being combined the various powers with which they (the creators) had been endowed, both physically and psychologically.

    The Namlú'u were approximately four meters in height. They could detect thoughts and most importantly had the ability to displace themselves very rapidly from one location to another through the use of the Merkaba, the field of individual light of which the transmutation, through the use of the chakras and the Kundalini, permitted one to metamorphose into a vehicle of ascension.
    The term Merkaba means "chariot" in Hebrew, but I demonstrate in Ádam Genisiš that this word can equally be translated in Egyptian, for example:

    More information about the Namlú'u may be found in the section Guardians of Uraš.

    Continuing with the interview [N], Parks responds to the first part of the question pertaining to the Kadištu:

    The creators of the Namlú'u are thus these famous KAD4-IŠ7-TU ("ancient assemblers of life") [Decoder] corresponding to the Life Designers denoted as Elohim in the Bible. The Hebrew term Elohim decomposed in Sumero-Akkadian gives EL-Ú-HI-IM, "the powerful exalted ones who mixed the clay (or the clay beings: man).

    The Kadištu assembled the Namlú'u with an eye to combining their science in a common creation on the planet located at the heart of a commercial route that embodied a zone of free will and exchanges in our universe.

    The Kadištu professed to be in service to the Source that one could, briefly, equate to "God"...

    From an earlier interview [K1]: The Kadištu live in "higher dimensions" (Angal) and very few of them can enter our third dimension; this doesn't facilitate direct contact and explains their circuitous fashion of approaching us.
    They observe us more than ever before, and communicate via the intermediary of people they contact directly or telepathically. But such communications must be undertaken with great care, because of the possibility of wrong interpretation of what was received. Furthermore, there are many contacts in the form of abductions conducted by the Greys, who are usually in the service of the Gina'abul.

    Abgal. This wooden statuette from the Dogons of Africa represents the widely-discussed Nommo, who they claim brought the first language to humans (see Decoder). It is identical to Sumerian representations of the amphibian Abgal "sages" (said to be advisors to Enki) and the Akkadian Apkallû. Anton Parks (private communication) reports that this image is the closest we have to depicting the Abgal race of the Gagsisá (Sirius) system. The Dogon, of course, had always claimed that Sirius was the home of the Nommo.

    There are many suggestive connections. Recall that, according to Sumerian history, Enki had dominion over the Abzu, believed by the Sumerians to be a kind of underground sea deep beneath their feet (while Sitchin thinks the term refers to water engineering projects, bodies of water, and/or deep Africa). Parks translates Abzu as the hollow domain at the center of all planetary bodies. Sa'am was the lord of all Abzus in the Gina'abul system. He also had webbed fingers, by the way, greenish blood, and other indications of Abgal genetics.

    Urmah Discussion by Mamitu-Nammu, soon after the arrival with Sa'am and others on Uraš:

    The Urmah are formidable warriors. They make up the principal militia of the Kadištu. When difficult situations must be disentangled, the Urmah are generally designated to restore order. We consider them as the army of heaven, sometimes as the soldiers of final resort. They can be quite ferocious. They will withdraw from combat only on request of the High Council.
    One of the only ways to differentiate [physically] the Nungal (or Kingú) from the Imdugud is by the shape of the skull. That of the Imdugud is elongated, but less so than the other two (and the rest of the Gina'abul). I think this is because of the Urmah genetics.

    Likewise, the Abgal also possess a slightly elongated skull, but not like that of the Gina'abul. This would apply to the Abgal that you have presented on your pages [at left]. Do not forget that this appears to be the design of a statuette made by the Dogon of Mali. It is not a personal representation of an Abgal. Even if I find it somewhat acceptable, the fins are much too large and its head is not elongated at all, as it normally would be, a little bit.

    Their original home is found in Sipazianna (Orion) [see Worlds]...

    Several Gina'abul colonies ruled by three queens who escaped the Great War are found to be placed near Urmah. This seems to be an exceptional situation as the Urmah are quite independent. In each case, this rapprochement has brought fruits in the form of a remarkable hybrid race.

    The Urmah has done the same here with the royal Babbar, producing the Imdugud.

    Whenever possible, Kadištu who can evolve without too much difficulty in the KI frequency attach themselves and mix with species who are in difficulty to raise their frequency level. This activity of the Urmah works to reequilibrate the Gina'abul conscience through mixing with it.

    Here, a small group of Urmah in the bosom of the Kadištu charged with the planning of Uraš made possible the establishment of a climate of minimal security. Each planner was thus enabled to bring his stone to the edifice of this natural park. The Sukkal were responsible for the insertion of oviparous vertebrates. The Nim, with the head of an Uh (insect), are the creators of the divers arthropodes that one finds here.

    Nim: Term found in the Sumerian of which the diverse meanings are quite explicit:

    The Abgal of Gagsisá (Sirius) [see Worlds] are occupied in large part with the marine fauna and above all with the Šim-Kúšu (whales) and the Kíg-Ku (dolphins) whose principal role was to reequilibrate the vibratory rate of the KI that was extremely low at the epoch when the Kingú had filled Uraš with gigantic Hušmuš (savage reptiles).

    It was the Urmah who had the heart-rending mission to cleanse the planet by directing a demolishing projectile. Thanks to this intervention, followed by the introduction of the Šim-Kúšu (whales) and the Kíg-Ku (dolphins), the frequency of the KI was able to increase considerably, affording it a vibratory rate altogether unique.

    Since that time, certain Gina'abul, such as the red Kingú, have had difficulty in sojourning more than 5 full Ud (days) in the KI of Uraš. The Babbar and Imdugud seem, on the other hand, to tolerate this frequency well.

    As with UR-MAH (litt: "grand warrior"), the Sumerian term PIRIG designates also a "lion". We know that the lion symbolizes royalty. Is it so astonishing to see that the homophones PIRIG2 and PIRIG3 signify respectively "shining" and "light"?
    It is useless to insist on the fact that over the centuries, or we could say millennia, royalty was expected to bring light to the peoples of the Earth. Numerous ethnic groups from portions of the Earth such as the Bantus (Africa, south of the equator), associate celestial fire (the sun) with the lion.

    Phonetic decomposition of PIRIG in Sumero-Akkadian gives such connotations as "understanding", to govern, watch over, arm... qualifications altogether appropriate to the life-designer warriors called Urmah. Add to that the fact that the place of residence of the Urmah is Orion [see Worlds]. And on the charts of the heavens, one often sees Orion represented with a lion's skin on his body or on his shield.

    In Greek mythology, Orion is a redoubtable hunter. He is the lover of Eos, a great Mother Goddess.

    Robert Graves, in his work on Greek mythology, indicates "that Eos would be derived from the Indian Goddess-Mother Usha, with fingers of blood".

    When we decompose Usha in Sumerian as UŠ-A, we obtain "the water of foundations" or "the source that elevates". Also, the Greek Eos is translated as E4-ÚS "the water that guides" or É-ÚŠ, "the home of the blood".

    This indicates to us that Orion sustains the cult of the Goddess-Mother, she who possesses the "elevating blood" that we have evoked in [Le Secret, but not yet encountered on this page. Find the discussion at Initiations (1).]

    It is exactly what the Urmah do in their combat against the Gina'abul males: they support a part of the Gina'abul females (the Amašutum) and protect them from the males, or Kingú (the dragons).

    Also, Orion pursues the Pleiades in the sky [see Worlds, "Sky Orientation 4" chart]. The "chance" fact is that the Urmah are the enemies of the Gina'abul called Anunna, born exactly in Mulmul (the Pleiades).

    Finally, note that in effecting a strict composition of the term SIPA-ZI-ANNA (Orion in Sumerian), one obtains "faithful guardian of the heavens", which is once again in accord with the role of the Urmah. As always, all is in in accord!

    The Kadištu in their great numbers have brought their knowledge not only to the confection of the Namlú'u, but also to the different varieties of Adam (animals). You have not yet seen an Urmah with your own eyes. As their name indicates, their visage resembles that of a Pirig (lion). Their feline aspect is not without rapport with the felides that they have introduced here.

    The frequent closeness between the Urmah and Ti-ama-te (the solar system) is not recent. It is common to see them lurking in the neighborhood when the progressive retreat of the emissaries of the Source seems inevitable. This shows us that we can remain confident, the Kadištu always keep an eye on this world...

    Gina'abul: The birthplace of the Gina'abul was in the constellation Draco, which they call Ušu, but numerous conflicts that punctuated their history resulted in the creation and separation of subraces and their spread throughout "our universe."

    Some remain in Ušu, but the Ušumgal and the majority of the Amašutum are in Nalulkára (in Ursa Major), the Kingú in Te (the Eagle), the Mušgir and the Mìmínu (Greys) in Urbar'ra (Lyra), and some Amašutum are found in Mulmul (the Pleiades) where the Anunna were also created. And it is war that has caught up the Anunna on the Earth.

    A great many Sumerian tablets relate the adventures of the Anunna on the blue planet - the Anunnaki - in a sort of extended ode to these Anunna warriors. The chronicles show in detail how they became established and controlled the humanity that they genetically transformed from livestock for their greater pleasure, because the Anunnaki are somewhat lazy. This is how they came to be considered like gods (or, to be more direct, "God") in the eyes of humanity.

    Unfortunately for these Anunnaki, who continue to secretly direct human affairs, humans are in full mutation and will soon jump dimensions... an historic moment long awaited in the history of humanity.

    This subject has been mentioned elsewhere on a sister website; for example, see A Synthetic Myth.

    Images of Sa'am, who embodies a great deal of Anunna physiognomy and genetics in general, are provided under Personages. Parks details the key variations from the more generic Anunna type.

    Amašutum: Designers of Life

    This is a Gina'abul female (i.e., an Amašutum). The drawing is a reproduction by Anton Parks of a statuette uncovered at Ur. Parks is certain that the shape of the head is incorrect, and he is working on a series of drawings that will show the elongation extending backward, rather than upward. In any event, she is wearing a wig.

    According to Parks, all Gina'abul races shared this general look. The variations were mainly in the skin coloring and the degree of cranial elongation.

    The "lozenges" on the shoulders are similar to those worn by Mayan high dignitaries.

    To the Maya, these circles symbolize the OL, that is to say "perception" or "conscience", "the way", and "the memory".

    At the same time, the Mayan OL is the equivalent of the Sumerian UL that evokes "the past", "an adornment", "a star", "the splendor", and the verb "to shine", as UL5 signifies "privilege" and "protection".

    These circles or lozenges placed on the shoulders of Sumerian gods and Maya personages of high rank symbolize the crystals or ME in which were stored the knowledge of the "gods"...

    Quartz crystals were the key to successful cloning.

    The Amašutum, female Gina'abul, are considered a Kadištu subgroup because of their affiliation and devotion to this semi-Divine race. As such, they are supreme Life Designers.

    Note that I am translating Parks' word planificateur as "Life Designer," as opposed to the usually more correct "planner." This is in reference to the current raging debate over Intelligent Design. The Life Designers or planners, whatever one wishes to call them, are superbly-skilled geneticists.

    Thus, when deprived of the of the reproductive role of the Šutum (male Gina'abul), the Amašutum were easily able to preserve their line and multiply their numbers through genetics and their ability to clone to infinity. And where all the Šutum carried their unchanging original genetic material, the Amašutum possessed a great variety of facial appearances and characters, making each of them a unique and remarkable being.

    The lifespan of the Amašutum was eternal, because, as opposed to the Šutum, their bodies would periodically undergo the Gibil'lásu (renewal of the skin), similar to the process seen in snakes and certain other reptiles.

    There were rumors that certain among them could undergo death and resurrection.


    Amašutum (thus Kadištu) terrestrials. Their name conveys the sense of "remission of divine damages" but strict translation from Sumerian gives the meaning "brilliant and sustaining (or restoring) mother".

    The Ama'argi and their queen, Dim'mege, live in the heart of the Abzu (the subterranean world), in the city of Šàlim (Sumerian: heart of eternity).

    Their original mission on Earth had been to restore the planet which had been damaged by multiple military actions and genetic manipulations conducted by the Kingú. (This might be a reference to the development of the dinosaurs.)

    At a later period, the Ama'argi were directed by their queen, Dim'mege (see Personages), to oversee the human slaves working in the agricultural domains of the Anunna.

    The Sumerian symbol AMA (at right), used to form the term AMA-AR-GI, represents a sacred stele or pillar attributed to sky divinities worshipped by humans in a religious cult. The star in the middle indicates "divinity".


    "We devour beings like you. You will have to deal with me, my little fish..." That charming statement was hurled at Sa'am by a Kingú Babbar leader, upon having his life spared by Sa'am. They and the Red Kingú are extremely arrogant, and were rumored to have actually eaten Gina'abul, whom they consider to be their inferiors.

    Their ancient conflict with the Gina'abul reptilians was known to early human civilizations the world over, and depicted in many works of art as eagles confronting serpents.

    The struggle of the eagle and the serpent found on a soapstone bas-relief in Nippur, ca 2500 B.C.E. Parks provides a congruent illustration from the Mexican Codex Borgia Fejervary-Mayer Plate 42, and also shows the Garuda Solar Eagle (Indian) and the Hopi Kwataka "eagle-man" each devouring serpents. See Example 4 in the Decoder for linguistic analysis. But why Sa'am as a fish? This will be amply explained in succeeding pages!

    The migrations of the Kingú-Babbar are described in a later section, Worlds. Those who settled in Ti-ama-te (the solar system) did so under an agreement with the Kadištu (Life Designers). They had always made trouble for the Ama'argi and for Mamitu in her operations on Uraš.

    The Babbar of Ti-ama-te did not practice cloning; by nature they reproduced by natural means. While no Amašutum-Babbar were produced in the solar system, the Babbar persisted in kidnapping (abducting?) certain Ama'argi, right under the noses of the Kadištu.

    The reason had to do with differences in skin pigmentation and the fact that the Babbar line of Ti'ama'te was slowly disappearing. At any rate, the Ama'argi put a stop to the kidnapping by capturing some Babbars themselves, and placing them at their service (though treating them well). Since then, relations had been more tranquil.

    The above-mentioned agreement required the Kingú-Babbar to cooperate with the Urmah Life Designers in creating "the common confection" Imdugud. The Sumerian designation Imdugud means "high storm", or "noble blood". The particle IM is often associated with "clay", but in the context of filiation, "blood" -- or even "humanity". (IM-DUGUD is not the only term that associates royalty with blood; the Sumerian word URIN -- eagle, blood, emblem -- is itself very explicit.)

    The Imdugud correspond to the Anzu or Zu of the Akkadian tablets. Totally a part of the Gina'abul family, they are issues of two warrior peoples -- Kingú-Babbar and Urmah (see Genealogy). But they possess a certain form of wisdom via the Urmah, who are "Life Designers".

    Their reason for being created as such is as follows: To obtain authorization to move into the solar system (well before the creation and the venue of the Anunna) the Kingú-Babbar had to accept mixing their genes with the Kadistu Urmah line, thus creating a new species.

    They are a particularly solitary, white-skinned race. Like the Kingú, they detest having to associate with others. They will do it only in their own interest. They are difficult to approach, even by a Gina'abul or a Kadistu.

    Due to their mixed genetic background, they were influenced or obliged by their Kingú genitors to function as neutral agents or messengers capable of adjudicating problems between the Kadištu and the Gina'abul of Tiamate. But they were "covered" by the Kingú-Babbar, and that made them enemies of the Anunnaki (terrestrial Anunna), who have used them ever since winning the war in our system.

    Parks does not know if the Imdugud maintain these relations with the Kingú and Anunna today. He wonders if they may be the "Tall Whites" observed living on the Nellis Range in Nevada. (See Possible Extended Encounter with the Imdugud.)

    Mìmínu (Greys)

    Parks writes in his Karmapolis [K1] interview:

    "Mìmínu" is the term that I received [for "the Greys"] in the epoch [from which I derive my memories].
    How surprised I was to find it later among the Dogons of Mali for whom this word means "ant".

    Decomposed in Sumerian, it gives MÌ-MÍ-NU, "responsible for hostile (or negative) duties" [see Decoder].

    This translation is even more interesting because Credo Mutwa names the "Grey" Mantindane or "the torturers" in Zulu [see Decoder].

    It is my understanding that the "Greys" came originally from Lyra, the place where numerous Gina'abul colonies are found. [The "Greys"] work as a group and function like ants. They function as a race of workers in service to their reptilian creators.

    Various Gina'abul lines have fabricated Mìmínu in the past. There are several kinds of them in different regions. Those that are associated with the solar system and that were therefore created by the Kingu (royal Gina'abul) are larger than the others and have hair.

    There is abundant proof of the presence of "Greys" in the solar system, if only by the different cases of abductions reported every year around the globe.

    In truth, I don't know what has happened to the Mìmínu we see today. Their destiny seems to have changed somewhat as they appear to possess a sort of autonomy that they had not had for thousands of years. The story that I relate (thus, that I have received) ends more than 2000 years ago. My knowledge was gained in that epoch.

    Parks adds in Le Secret that the Mìmínu possess bases "in the four corners of our universe." He also mentions that the Amašutum had a horror of them due to the scornful and glacial manner of these dwarfs.

    As to their physique, it was not sophisticated like ours. The Mìmínu had been conceived without any exterior beauty; they were all small, had a gray color, no ears, no eyelids, only two holes for a nose, and no lips. They stared with large black elongated eyes that were empty, cold, and without emotion. Actually, he says, there were several types of Mìmínu. Here he is speaking of the ones that served his people in the epoch described in this segment of his long history.

    Anunna and Nungal

    A Gina'abul male (Anunna, Nungal, etc.). As with the female, the drawing is a reproduction by Parks of a statuette from Ur, and the elongation of the cranium is incorrect: it should be rearward, exactly as in the example of the African-Egyptian. An additional point concerning the ME (seen here, as also with the female figure): the equivalent term in Akkadian is Parsû: "the knowledge of sovereignty", and also PÀR-SU: "that which is deployed on the body".

    The Anunna were proposed as a race of warriors to defend the Amašutum against an unseen and amorphous enemy who in fact did not exist. (This dynamic, which we have seen in our time, clearly has ancient roots.) Sa'am, created as asexual (but later modified) was offered by An as the prototype for this race. An had argued that being asexual, they would be without distractions and better soldiers. However, Tiamata required a sexual (male) race for her Amašutum sisters, since the Šutum were dying out. Sa'am volunteered to create the princely Nungal race for that purpose and to be their leader. Neither race would have the power of Gibil'lásu (see above), which would have conferred eternal life. However, they were to be long-lived.

    The Nungal were a derivative of the Imdugud. They definitely had the Kadištu orientation -- it was inculcated into them -- and were considered "Life Designers" probably for that reason although they did not have the capability of cloning. As Kadištu, they were badly treated by the Anunna-Ušumgal, while being warmly accepted by the Ama'argi, with whom they at times found refuge in their Abzu domain.

    The Nungal are the Igigi -- those who were called "The Watchers" in the Bible, the ones who mated illegally with the human species. They were a source of great embarrassment to Sa'am when, soon after arrival on the Earth, they unexpectedly molted -- a thing they were never meant to do -- showing new skin that was white like that of the Kingú-Babbar, with whom they were ultimately affiliated. Sa'am-Enki had assembled the genetic material for the Nungal before the hasty departure from Margíd'da to Dukù, partly from genes belonging to Abzu-Abba's experiments. Mamitu had wished to verify the cells that they had selected, but Sa'am had declared that they had not the time and they had to content themselves with indications inscribed on the containers of the genes.

    As was later revealed, Mamitu had known very well what cells they were using: she had secretly switched the cells in the containers, fully intending to bring a new Kadištu strain into the equation. But she was disappointed that Sa'am had not exercised due diligence.

    Regardless of the reason for it, Sa'am, Mamitu and more particularly the Nungal themselves paid dearly for this situation, because the terrestrial Anunna, recognizing them to be a subrace of their enemy, the Kingú, used the Nungal for a very long time as slaves. It is for example the Nungal who were commissioned to dig the Tigris and Euphrates to supply water for the future cities of the Anunnaki "Gods". Sa'am-Enki, under the insistant request of his own people, finally responded by creating the Ádam specimens to save his Nungal. The Anunnaki then put the Ádam to work as slaves.


    Today's human is far removed from the Namlú'u, the original or primordial humanoid created by the Kadištu to watch over the animals of the planetary garden that was Uraš (Earth).

    As precisely stated in Genesis (1.26), the human was the last specimen to have been integrated into the living reserve of the Life Designers.
    The aim of this reserve was to assemble the genetic knowledge of the emissaries of the Source. The original human being was highly respected, because it combined within itself the genetic patrimony of numerous Life Designer species....

    Allied races gifted the Namlú'u with several parts of their body structure. Designers of Life such as the Ameli brought the principal element of their marvelous semi-etheric body. All Designers of Life contributed a bit of themselves toward the realization of the Namlú'u.

    The Namlú'u thus were magnificent beings, the issue of the collective heritage of the combined sciences of the Kadištu. They were for this reason the living guardians of the knowledge of our universe....

    One of the most remarkable manipulations of the Gina'abul is to have alienated the human being in order to produce an animal to serve themselves. For that, the Gina'abul began with the original human that they then mixed with their own genes and those of apes.

    The particular mixture that the Gina'abul must have had to cook up in order to obtain their Á-DAM resulted from a composition completely impossible to realize today by human scientists. It required the same type of manipulation that the Kadištu had used to assemble the original human. It is Enki, the son of An and Nammu, who was charged with this doleful dirty work under the constraints that will be described in the second book. I name this genetic combination "mixed blood" in the first book.

    [What does the genetic record have to say? Obviously that is a huge subject, one that we (your Open SETI / End of Enchantment writers) have not adequately researched. However a recent article, Humans, chimps may have bred after split suggests that researchers are currently confused, to say the least. A fundamental element of the problem that can cause huge confusion is that of timing of events in the record. That is because all DNA research assumes that DNA slowly "drifts" due to accumulated mutations, and this assumption is inconsistent with a "genetic intervention" model, which we surely have here. Therefore in the present case none of the conclusions can be correct.]

    The sad aspect of the Á-DAM-animal is attested to by many traditions -- notably in the apocryphal texts which are documents from the same period as the biblical scriptures, but were not admitted by the Church. Why not? Because these texts seriously undermine the official version.

    Apocryphal Book of Adam, extracts from Chapters 13 and 15, éditions Robert Laffont, 1980: Who has plunged me into this infinite sadness of evil angels of fetid odor and abominable form? Who has thrown me into the midst of these evil genies? Must I grow in a milieu that I detest, among beings whose works I abhor? Must I take their form, that I live in their dwelling-place? Why has my primitive form changed? Ah! That they would allow me to return to the peaceful sojourn, there to which my heart yearns. That they would return me to the celestial assemblies and the conferences and the prayers filled with peaceful enfusions, that they may illumine me with the light from on high and that I be finally cast from this envelope of opprobrium. How long will I be bound to this body of clay?

    Apocryphal The Apocalypse of Adam, gnostic Nag-Hammadi texts, N-H Codex 5, éditions Ganesha, 1989: Since (the) God has fashioned me of earth, and Eve at the same time, I went with her toward a glory that she had perceived in the eon from which we issued. This one taught me by one word the knowledge of the eternal God. Then we came to resemble the great eternal angels: we were superior, in effect to the God who had fashioned us and to the powers that are with him, but that we know not now. Then, sore with wrath, God, master of the eons and the powers, split us... Since then, we have been instructed, like men, of mortal things. Then, we knew the God who had made us. Because we were not independent of his powers. And we served him in fear and slavery. And in consequence, our hearts were obscured...

    Credo Mutwa names the reptilians who direct this world "the Chitauli," meaning "dictators" in Zulu. ...this term can be translated into Sumerian.... [See Decoder for "Chitauli" and "Gina'abul / lizard(s)".] Humanity possesses a prodigious destiny. The aim of humanity is not to reproduce the errors of the reptilians who intended to genetically diminish them, who posed as their creators!

    We have not finished discussing the characteristics of the modern human and the circumstances under which they were imparted! This is taken up in the second book, Ádam Genisiš, and in these pages under the heading Creating Humans.

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    I come from a tradition which claims the Whole-Bible as God's Word. But then they have a stack of Inspired-Books which reach from the floor to the ceiling. They claim the Bible has veto-power, yet it often seems to work the other way around. I've recently reduced that stack of books to three, as being a Whole-Bible Bible-Study for Devotional-Purposes. What concerns me is the Perfect Law of the Lord throughout the Universe, and prior to the Creation of Humanity. Where Is It?? Are Earth and Earth-Humanity a Rogue Planet and Race with a Rogue New World Order?? In the case of Jesus, why was his incarnation so long in coming?? Why are there so many Pagan Christian-Precursors?? Why didn't Jesus write the Whole New-Testament Himself?? Why has he been absent for 2,000 years after winning the battle against Satan?? Why has he been so long in coming the Second-Time?? I side with BOTH the Atheists AND Theists, but I do it in a MUCH different way. I think the REAL Greatest Story Ever Told would drive 87% of us insane. I really think it's that bad. I also think that Job through Malachi must be thoroughly mastered prior to examining other portions of Sacred-Scripture. I think the Bible should be studied by scholars, but NOT crammed down the throats of the General-Public. The Catholic Church sort of did this when they restricted the Bible from the Masses, and created a Latin Mass, but they did it in a corrupt and shoddy manner, complete with torturing and burning people to death. God is Love?? Really?? I'm honestly a "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" kind of guy, but the Truth must somehow emerge in a reasonable and rational manner. BTW, I used to LOVE to do organ-improvisations on Picardy in empty churches!! My father's favorite song was How Great Thou Art. Some secular-songs are more spiritual and inspiring than the traditional religious-songs!!

    I recently discussed "Robotics" with an MIT graduate, and they didn't share my concern for the "Phasing-Out" of Humanity. I also spoke with a retired Computer-Scientist, and they were uncertain and apprehensive regarding where Computer-Science is taking Humanity. They seemed even more disillusioned than I am (citing the chilling of their early enthusiasm). I thought about Germany in the 1930's. Many thought National-Socialism was the Salvation of Humanity, but look at what happened in the 1940's!! "RA" said I should study the Nazi-Phenomenon, and that "Humanity is Screwed"!! I'm sticking to my concept of "Watching Things Play-Out From a 600 square-foot Office-Apartment with a Supercomputer"!! I know I can't keep up, and I know bad-things are going to happen to both good and bad people. I guess I wish to try to minimize the Damage to Humanity (in the Context of Ethical and Universal Law and Order). I think most of us are going to be so brainwashed that we will be oblivious to how screwed we really are. I still think some computers and robots might have souls!! What Would HAL Say?? What Would AVA Say?? What Would COR Say?? What Would DAV Say??

    Pris wrote:
    RedEzra wrote:
    I don't know what to say man. I just notice several prophecies written down centuries before they came to pass... I'm impressed.

    Why can't the Bible be the preserved and inspired written words of GOD ? Who else in history can foretell the future in such a specific way and even get the timing right ? What's wrong with GOD being like depicted in the Bible ?

    Does GOD come across as too sovereign and authoritative with emotions like a human being ? We may want GOD to be like this or that but we are just making GOD in our own image.

    Show me a book with a better track record of fulfilled prophecies than the Bible.

    It's easy to fulfill a 'prophecy' for selfish gain.  If, for example, the 'end of the world' is supposedly predicted in the bible, what better opportunity for nefarious types to exploit this 'prediction/prophecy' for their own agenda while getting all the religious folks to jump on board supporting it!  You, Red:  "It's written in the bible so it must be true."

    In the meantime, the cabalists prepare and steer the masses with predictive programming to build up momentum and foster an environment of acquiescence.  I mean, you yourself have already embraced the annihilation of the planet as 'fact', haven't you, Red?  Is this what you want?

    What you see will be.  Do not underestimate the power of your own mind in manifesting reality.

    Thanks to people like you, Red, I have to work even harder at curbing possible negative future outcomes with a positive future outlook.  The future has NOT been written.  In this very moment, we all have influence over what we wish to see.

    RedEzra wrote:The fall of Babylon and the Persian empire and the rise of Greece before splitting into four kingdoms and the exploits of Antiochus Epiphanes in Israel and the ruin of Jerusalem after the Messiah would be cut off were all written down before they came to pass.

    The manner in which the Messiah would enter Jerusalem and when down to the month were also foretold before it happened. The eventual return of the Jews and on and on...

    The Bible is a Book of prophecies with an impeccable track record. What is written will be fulfilled.

    That's all she wrote.

    NANUXII wrote:Thank you RedEzra

    Im not trying to cast doubt or seem against you, i actually enjoy debating Theosophy so to find someone devout in traditional teachings is a treat for me,

    The prophecies are very accurate yes i would agree too.  However the possibilities of it having been planted is also plausible.

    I would consider Time Travel is a plausible means for which the Bible was actually a history book re written into the future indicative.

    It could also be a manual for those vested with the power to reign and in order to stay in power they must follow the bible and enact it.

    But i think a combination of these is plausible. Yes " a " god or gods were responsible for it all , but is our concept of god skewed ? if you consider most old scriptures and writings are Theomatically engineered.

    What is the ultimate language of advanced beings ?  Mathematics. Before numbers the alphabet was responsible for numbers or numerals. So hidden in plain sight is the actual basis for numerical binary codes. This does not lessen the idea of god , on the contrary, it enforces it, however as mentioned , its entirely possible that the actuality of god is maybe different to what primitive man was taught.

    It is plausible that primitive man did not grasp originally taught advanced concepts and it caused them to revolt ... so a different concept was created and then eventually accepted and has been ever since.

    Whomever created us in their image , or genetically modified something to create us has made something that in time may be valuable or destructive. Both are in play as we speak and its entirely possible that quickening genetics is done by inserting knowledge and allowing the enviroment to ultimately differ the genetic codes ( also mathematical )

    So i guess i just want to expand on the concepts traditionally accepted because as we evolve so too our beliefs should and must change. Especially those implanted with good intention. And its entirely possible i am completely wrong.
    Swanny wrote:
    If the lord is your shepherd you're nothing more than a sheep Adv2
    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    Carol wrote:Heart Surgery Oxy? What is this about?

    From Jim Stone

    THE VERY IMPORTANT CORRECT THE RECORD REPORT IS ON THIS PAGE UNDER THE HEADLINE "An intercepted transcript from Correct the Record reveals a LOT." The transcript proves Hillary was not at any debate, that David Brock knows who killed Seth Rich, That correct the record and Media Matters are connected, that Correct the Record was given powerful NSA malware, which obviously is also now in the hands of Media Matters, and that this happened BEFORE the NSA leaks, AND MORE. The transcript is absolutely ground breaking, and after it floated around on the web for six months unnoticed by many, it surfaced again, What Really Happened linked to it, and that's where I found it. So this is mainstream alt media folks, SCROLL DOWN TO THE REPORT, READ IT, AND LET THEM WEEP.


    Don't sweat it. It is a Hebrew word Trump typed, which in the context stated meant that the media will never tell the truth and it will make things difficult but we will succeed anyway.

    Files deleted from message window server. The goons deleted all their obvious goonage off the files stored on the messaging server after I posted an example of what they do yesterday. They did not delete their goonage with any care at all, they simply deleted entire files, with good messages AND their goonage in them. This means that even if a message makes it, if I don't see it before they get to it, it is gone.

    FACT: I HAVE MADE ZERO, AND I MEAN ZERO security errors that would make such access possible. If they did this, it means absolutely no one on the web is safe, and it was not man in the middle, they simply went right into the server through a back door.

    They did not get access via a stinger in the data stream, because the connection I use for the main server is never used to type a password into a back up server. The server they accessed had a recent password change at a totally random computer that I never saw before in my life, in a cyber cafe I never saw before and while at that computer I did one thing: Change the password to that server, and then leave. And my passwords are all similar to this: 1nqq335rt7/9- which means there's no possible way they hacked the password.

    The deletion of the files proves without question that absolutely no one in the world can secure a server or any computer anywhere, because there are transparent back doors they walk right through and can do anything they want. Maybe exploiting this is a feature of Foxacid. This web site does not require a secure connection to access, but it DOES require a secure connection to administer. The fact the files vanished, and they were ONLY files these trolls wrote into, proves without question the world is completely exposed to the shadow government at all levels of computing and no level of "secure access" or good password will stop that.

    So I am going to fight back any way I can, to cause them problems any way I can. COMING SOON TO THIS WEB SITE: An IP list that anyone can put in their forum ban list or .htaccess to keep the trolls out. It will get long, because these people have a whole pile of IP's but I have figured out how to identify them when they come in, and they will be added to a list anyone can see here, and use, to make their forums better. Eventually it will do significant damage. They must be sensitive to this, because why else would they delete all files they posted to, with their IP addresses recorded there? It would have been better for them to just let it all sit unless they had a specific reason to do the deletes, and the IP addresses would probably be that reason. So I will publish them when they come in.

    To see the goonage I am talking about, See this
    An intercepted transcript from Correct the Record reveals a LOT.

    This has been out there for six months, and I missed it! So I will guess that many others missed it also, and post it. This conversation, which was acquired during a hack, reveals several key things:

    1. Hillary has been replaced, and was replaced before the first debate.

    2. Seth rich was murdered and David Brock knows who did it.

    3. Correct the record was given NSA malware for the express purpose of ferreting out key people in alt media, locating their physical location, and killing them. This software was recklessly given to an army of correct the record trolls who busted into the computers of over a thousand top Trump supporting reddit users, and hundreds more chan users.

    4. AS I ALWAYS SAID, Hillary lost every single online poll, and the polls were faked to show her winning. It is clearly stated here that despite doing well at the debate, Hillary's replacement still lost 100 PERCENT of ALL online polls and everyone at Correct the Record knew that.

    5. Not everyone is aware of the entirity of the conspiracy, even people working deep within it. The syntax here proves it.

    6. As I have said all along, there really is NSA malware that can get into your computer even if you never visit a malicious site, or click a link in an E-mail, or do anything else that is known to be able to infect a computer. My custom ROM chip is going to be replaced very soon, because it is obviously hacked. I'll make 20 of them this time, and swap them out regularly, and throw the used ones in the trash. I will also ditch the laptop battery, which has it's own processor for power management, and is definitely infected.

    OK, so on to the transcript.
    Begin Transcript ekim [5:52 AM]

    ekim [5:52 AM] set the channel purpose: clean up this mes

    brock [5:52 AM] joined post-debate from an invitation by @ekim

    brock [5:53 AM] go round up the others. i need some coffee.

    brock [5:54 AM] good morning to u to fink.

    efink [5:55 AM] the only good thing about it was that whoever that was, she looked pretty good. how tf did they do that?

    brock [5:56 AM]I can't talk. very hush hush. still, we've lost every online poll and we need to get tough here. get this under control.

    [5:59] i don't see what's so bad. She looked really healthy! I thought she did GREAT!

    efink [5:59 AM] she was scoring 3 on AMTS a couple of weeks ago and 22 on mmse. Yeah, whoever that was was normal.

    MY COMMENT: Clearly here, you can see they know it was not Hillary at the debate.

    [6:00] but the telemetry sucks. look at all the snap onlines: we're losing 100%

    [6:00] romney v obama numbers

    My comment: That proves they knew all the online polls were false, and had the real numbers in the background.

    ekim [6:01 AM] but those don't mean anything

    efink [6:01 AM] it means they're enthusiastic. organized. if they can swarm a poll whats to stop them swarming a voting booth?

    [6:01] it also creates a counter-nar. the free press will sniff it. we have to stop the bleeding.

    ekim [6:01 AM] k

    efink [6:02 AM] don't worry. we have something. GET SHAW OUT OF BED.

    [6:02] i'm going for coffee.

    cshaw [6:05 AM] hello!

    [6:06] hi Liz.

    [6:06] I see we're not happy 😞

    brock [6:06 AM] Not at all.

    cshaw [6:06 AM] I read the round-up. It looked good?

    brock [6:07 AM] the round up my burning ass. Im talking about the real world. Trump made her look like a girl. Today we hit back. We hit back hard.

    [6:07] Fink?

    efink [6:07 AM] one sec.

    [6:10] okay. guys, this is 18-2381 stuff. Got it?

    cshaw [6:10 AM] yes

    ekim [6:10 AM] yes sir.

    efink [6:11 AM] alright. we need to move beyond the disruption scripts and down-voting. we need to start hurting people and that's what this is about. This is about winning because we'll never get a chance at this again. everything is justified. David?

    brock [6:11 AM] dramatic.

    [6:13] XXXX-okay. so the Trump team is an emergent order. thirty million little chan and reddit assholes that bump around and then congeal to vote in a poll or push a meme or make a hashtag trend or whatever. This is new. It isn't like fighting a centrally organized campaign.

    [6:13] It's more like fighting a disease.

    [6:14] So what we need to do is break the pattern. The usual means isn't working. Trump's too charismatic. Morale is too high. This is an army of chaos folks.

    [6:14] so we have full clearance. Word of God.

    [6:15] Fink-let's do this. I have a plane to catch.

    efink [6:16 AM] uploaded and commented on an image: foxacid.jpg 1 Comment FOXACID

    ekim [6:16 AM] Ew.

    cshaw [6:16 AM] i like it! wtf is it??

    efink [6:17 AM] This is manna from heaven, kids.

    [6:18] We have the use of an NSA intrusion package. We are going to find the thought leaders. the meme-generators. the XXXX-posters. I need a target analysis for reddit, twitter, and the chans by tomorrow 5 PM.

    [6:18] You will monitor, identify, and using the FA [foxacid] software set we have, identify/dox.

    cshaw [6:18 AM] that will dox them??

    efink [6:20 AM] It will man-on-the-side for the anon boards and intercept traffic. We can use that for IP addresses and loading tracking software and magic lantern onto their devices. Once we have them compromised

    [6:20] David? How many do we need?

    brock [6:21 AM] I want 150 from 4chan, whatever you can get from 8. I want 1000 top reddit drivers exposed and I want content analysis for their posts. I want the people who are really driving their narrative.

    [6:22] I need all that in a packet by tomorrow afternoon with lexical analysis, proof of compromise. I want clips of memes. I want to up-vote patterns. All this has to be inside the US too. We can't use externals.

    cshaw [6:23 AM] It won't work outside the US?

    efink [6:23 AM] It works fine outside the us you idiot. That's NSA stuff.

    brock [6:24 AM] WE don't work outside the US. Do you think this is Xxxxxxxx bean-bag?

    [6:24] We are going to disrupt them before this XXXX goes any further.

    [6:24] if they don't have leaders, we're going to get their thought leaders.

    cshaw [6:24 AM] like pajama boy!

    brock [6:25 AM] I AM NOT N THE MOOD cshaw

    cshaw [6:25 AM] sorry

    efink [6:26 AM] just get us the target profiles. Hit the numbers. Give us a matrix for each of them. Okay? PII, influence grid, recent activity, Q-rate. Like that.

    [6:26] You know what to do.

    cshaw [6:26 AM] Yes sir.

    ekim [6:26 AM] What are we going to do with that?

    brock [6:27 AM] do u really want to Xxxxxxxx know, kim?

    ekim [6:27 AM] i'm good.

    brock [6:28 AM] u better be. I am going to get a plane. You will be up ALL NIGHT. Keep the lab LOCKED. Fink bring in pizza or whatever to keep the kids going.

    [6:30] Get those files together.

    ekim [6:30 AM] I'm on it. Do you know what brock is going to do with them? I do kind of want to know, sir.

    efink [6:31 AM] google Seth Rich and shut up about it

    cshaw [6:31 AM] OOg.

    [6:32] well, they are deplorable. idk. I think we should have done this a long time ago.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:OK, so on to the transcript.
    Begin Transcript ekim [5:52 AM]

    ekim [5:52 AM] set the channel purpose: clean up this mes

    brock [5:52 AM] joined post-debate from an invitation by @ekim

    brock [5:53 AM] go round up the others. i need some coffee.

    brock [5:54 AM] good morning to u to fink.

    efink [5:55 AM] the only good thing about it was that whoever that was, she looked pretty good. how tf did they do that?

    brock [5:56 AM]I can't talk. very hush hush. still, we've lost every online poll and we need to get tough here. get this under control.

    [5:59] i don't see what's so bad. She looked really healthy! I thought she did GREAT!

    efink [5:59 AM] she was scoring 3 on AMTS a couple of weeks ago and 22 on mmse. Yeah, whoever that was was normal.

    MY COMMENT: Clearly here, you can see they know it was not Hillary at the debate.

    Regarding "Hillary not being at the debate" I don't know if this is true or not, but I think the technology to "duplicate people" exists. Sherry Shriner has been talking about this sort of thing for years, but I remain Wary of Sherry!! She recently claimed that when Melania seems cold toward Donald, she is really rejecting his double (which Sherry claims isn't human)!! Again, this is why I make everything Science-Fictional, without making a Big-Deal out of it. I just move on...

    Thank-you magamud. What if we've been dealing with 'David v Goliath' for thousands of years?? Nazi-Masons v Annunaki-Giants?? Pinky v the Brain?? Steven Spielberg's Duel and Raiders of the Lost Ark? What Would David Mann Say?? I'd still like to know the whole story regarding the Nazis in North-Africa. My internal-discomfort is at critical-levels in connection with this madness. How important is Moses (or Egyptian equivalent) in all of this?? What if Moses had more to do with the whole Bible than we think?? 5 Books Officially and 40 Books Unofficially?? What was the relationship between Osiris, Isis, Amen Ra, Horus, Set, Moses, and Aaron?? What if Joseph, Moses, David, and Jesus were essentially the same characters (in different contexts)?? I just wish we could somehow all get along -- but I suspect that the conflicts and hard-feelings are very deep and bitter. Why are you all beating around the bush regarding telling me the truth?? I smell a whole lab full of rats. Why do I feel like a lab-rat?? What if Moses were the Biblical Master-Mind and Paul were the Biblical Holy Ghost-Writer?? I should stop. I need to re-watch The Europa Report.

    magamud wrote:Im not beating around the bush.  I have told you numerous times of the law, but you cant integrate it into your law.  Im not judging you just making an observation.  So since I can only be direct with you so often because I dont want to have conflict and want to  enjoy some time here on the mist, I superposition my information with you on this thread.

    Your david and goliath analogy is very good.  Its the same with physics in relation to the law.  Gods energy is the same amount as actual matter in an atom.  The rest is projection, very flimsy like a house of cards.  

    As far as your reference to all these mythological characters being Moses or Jesus you are right in some sense.  I think the problem is you are integrating various harvests that have happened to our societal complex.  That is the law or pattern is the same for each harvest.  There is a beginning and an end.  With the various players, Moses, Christ, Prophets etc.. Playing out the Harvest drama to gain awareness.  But each harvest has a different outside appearance.  I suspect there are numerous harvests spilling into this one.  Osiris, Krishna, Odin, quezacotl, Druid, Matreya, etc...  Then all these memories are infighting with each other on whose appearance is right when its whats behind the appearance that should be uniting us.

    The law is simple.  The all father creates this world so we can grow in our sovereign consciousness.   He warns us of the traps and gives us portends, life, prophets, the book and his Son to ensure its integrity.  But the appearance of the Atom is so huge and what its neutron of actual matter is, is so small.  I hope this helps.

    Godspeed Ortho of the Mists....
    Thank-you magamud. I don't mind being corrected or rebuked. I'm interested in the facts of the matter. On the other hand, I am admittedly somewhat sluggish and psychologically fragile -- but the time-delay of the internet method of communication helps me deal with these limitations. I simply think that Humanity has been building on Shifting-Sand regarding Ethics, Law, and Law-Enforcement. I think we have a HUGE legal-problem -- right from the beginning -- at least according to what scanty records we have. We will be truly screwed until we properly sort out Ethics, Law, and Law-Enforcement. I'm leaving this forum soon -- but I will continue to contemplate these things.

    I haven't intended my 'thinking out loud' for the general public. It was intended mostly to attempt to deal with the internet madness. I didn't go looking for trouble. I've known a lot of things for decades -- and I just went about my business -- because I realized how much trouble I'd get myself into if I really started digging and talking. But now I feel as if it would be a sin to not publicly attempt to make sense of all the crazy and conflicting information. Face it -- one could start a religion or a political-party based on just about anything -- and someone would be attracted to it. I've realized that Deception, Appearances, Winning, and Money are more important to most people than are the Four Gospels.

    I think I will drop below the radar -- and keep everything to myself -- without digging any deeper. Still, if you really study this thread, and all of the links and references -- over a couple of years -- I think you will at least have a platform or foundation to properly deal with the Brave New World we're facing. I truly don't think the general public is prepared for what's coming. I'm not a 'know it all'. I keep saying that 'I don't know'. I think those who understand me -- mostly don't like me. I'm not particularly likeable. I'd be a public-relations nightmare -- especially if this thread were paraded in the public-arena. I've examined some of the more obscure and least-likely possibilities -- just to consider all of the possibilities. I realize this is potentially upsetting and destabilizing. I continue to be somewhat upset that people know about my internet activities, who shouldn't know, and who shouldn't have been 'alerted' by who knows which agencies. I have a bad taste in my mouth regarding trying to 'help'. Most people seem to be pleased with the 'Way Things Are' -- but I think they might be shocked if they knew who I think Humanity might be sleeping with.

    Don't take my role-playing too seriously. I didn't. It was sort of scary and sort of fun. It was sort of like being in 'V' every day. Believe it or not -- I really AM a 'V' who is related to an 'Anna'. It will be nice to no longer be in 'Save the World' mode. I've made my point -- and now it's time to sit-down and shut-up. I will plead ignorance and incompetence if I am questioned about this madness at some point in the future. I'm going to attempt to 'Delete All Mental-Files' connected with the madness. I don't intend to become a Galactic Crusader Rabbit -- urging the general-public to go down the rabbit-hole -- like a bunch of Lemmings. Still, I think that a critical-mass of Humanity really does need to properly deal with ALL of the madness. I think some type of Science-Fiction related to this thread MIGHT be cool -- but I have NO idea what might be appropriate or inappropriate. I really don't relish stirring up a Hornet's Nest -- or engaging in Trench-Warfare with various individuals and groups (human and otherwise).

    I don't need to go to the Moon. I probably don't need to go anywhere. I probably don't need a Cray. I probably would be better off without ANY computer. I probably just need to say less and work more. It's easier that way.

    Crusader Rabbit Leading the Charge
    Down the Rabbit Hole.
    magamud wrote:Believe it or not Ortho you reflect my disposition very much.  Jesus warned us about the david and goliath architecture.  The camel through the needle, the mustard seed, actual matter vs dark matter.  Show me the capstone that the builders rejected!  This is the door and without it, extrapolation in general goes astray.  There are different degrees being magnetized toward constant North which is growth.  And hell its your sovereignty, dream what you wish, but you can never say you did not know.  Thats another law.  But this door can diametrically oppose people to a polar opposite like positive and negative magnets and blaming me for the interaction.  This is where you sift our human empathic bond with knowing your own boundaries.  This becomes a dynamic of virtue.  Which is masked by the holy spirit, syncronicity, portends, etc...  You build a relationship. Theres is so much going on its always superposition most of the time, it takes someone to happen to create a bridge.  The difficulty I think is the simplicity of it.  And were in such a paranoid world, which is our unconscious intention to make us think for ourselves.  And any type of Pastor or Guru status is so monopolized by other intrenched religions and the lack of its integrity by our past misfortunes.  You really just have to take a leap of faith and not even worry about it because the words are not yours they are his.  So in a sense you are phasing in.  A zero point?  But once your there you still have to constantly mix this ludicrous statement with contemporary humility.  Thats the idea.  Thats the discipline.  Not easy when there is a technocracy and Monty Python humor...

    Spielberg, Lucas, Carpenter first movies really are jewels to look through.

    Another "Insider-Leaker" Exposed!!

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:10 pm

    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:In the case of Jesus, why was his incarnation so long in coming??

    Assuming 'Jesus' was supposed to be a real person and as far as incarnation goes, who's to say he hasn't already incarnated multiple times.  People wouldn't know 'Jesus' if they bumped into him on the street.  'Jesus' wouldn't necessarily announce himself in a way people expect.  Why should he? rendeer

    Maybe our own awareness, our own 'waking up' as individuals, is 'incarnating' in lots of people all at the same time... that 'Christ/crystal consciousness' idea.  That makes most sense to me.  'Jesus' is an allegory.  It's a remembering thing -- remembering who we are, nothing more.

    orthodoxymoron wrote:Why are there so many Pagan Christian-Precursors??

    Because there's a long, long history of stories and superstitions prior to the bible that the bible is based on.  Imagine that!  Very Happy

    orthodoxymoron wrote:Why didn't Jesus write the Whole New-Testament Himself?? Why has he been absent for 2,000 years after winning the battle against Satan??

    If there are as many 'Jesus's' as 'Virgin Mothers', then you're asking for a story to spring to life and write a story about itself.  Everybody else wrote the story, over and over again... changing character names for the sun and the moon, redefining what the term 'virgin' originally meant, etc... in bits and pieces over a very long period of time.  

    And, who says 'Jesus' has been absent for 2,000 years after, supposedly, winning the battle against 'Satan' (allegorically speaking, of course)?  This is about 'battling' the dark side of our psyches.  So, 'Jesus' and 'Satan' are the same 'person' -- two sides of the same mind (like 'Enki' and Enlil', like 'Thor' and 'Loki').  It's an individual journey.  Only when we learn not to fight our 'dark' side but, instead, integrate the 'dark' with the 'light' in our own minds can we finally be 'saved'.  This is about being whole and balanced, not splintered.

    orthodoxymoron wrote:I think the REAL Greatest Story Ever Told would drive 87% of us insane. I really think it's that bad.

    87% lol!  Of course, you're just being silly, Oxy.  The 'Greatest Story Ever Told' is unfolding around us right now -- in the here and now.  As we finally wake up, maybe it will drive 87% of us sane.  I really think it's that good. Very Happy

    orthodoxymoron wrote:I think the Bible should be studied by scholars, but NOT crammed down the throats of the General-Public. The Catholic Church sort of did this when they restricted the Bible from the Masses, and created a Latin Mass, but they did it in a corrupt and shoddy manner, complete with torturing and burning people to death. God is Love?? Really??

    Whoaaa... noooo.  Clearly, the bible ought not be crammed down anyone's throats but it needs to be studied by whomever chooses to study it.  You're right -- nobody ought to be killed over it!  Meantime, are you going to decide who gets to be a scholar, Oxy? geek  The withholding of information/knowledge in any way, shape or form is censorship.  Period.  I'd like to decide for myself what to make of it, thank you very little.

    orthodoxymoron wrote:BTW, I used to LOVE to do organ-improvisations on Picardy in empty churches!!

    Whatever makes you happy, Oxy. cheers
    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    Sometimes I wonder if you might be Sherry Shriner??!!
    Sometimes I wonder if this thread might be about you??!!
    Pris, sometimes I wonder if this might be you in antiquity??!!
    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    Pris wrote: Lol I'm not sure... but I'm guessing this is sort of a compliment coming from you, Oxy.  Thanks... I think. cat  

    Btw, if I was Sherry Shriner, I wouldn't put this up, would I?  Very Happy

    A book review on Sherry Shriner's 'Interview With The Devil':

    Avoid at all costs.
    By Sane Human Being on June 6, 2016
    Format: Paperback

    This woman is a delusional loon. Her crazy mythology seems to combine every conspiracy theory you ever heard with some weird version of the Christian bible, sufficiently skewed to grant herself a position of power and influence in the story. It shows a childish lack of imagination as if she just went on and cut loose with the copy/paste until she had a new religion in her hands.

    Do not feed this troll. She will end up a footnote on local news having shot and eaten one of her own relatives for being possessed or some other such nonsense. I suspect the positive reviews are all from her existing cult members who seem to follow her around like lost puppies hanging on her every insane word. I shudder to think what traumas these unfortunate individuals must have suffered in order to render them susceptible to her poisonous rhetoric.
    Pris, I probably shouldn't have made it personal, but I guess I'm modeling the concept of an Ancient Egyptian Soul with Dozens of Bodies and Personalities, Who Might be Linked to a Mainframe, and Might've Ruled This Solar System for Thousands of Years by Controlling EVERYTHING and Playing ALL Sides!! I'm Tired of Casting My Speculative-Pearls Before the Swine, and I Think I Simply Wish to Silently Watch Things Play Out. My Health is Deteriorating, and I Don't Feel Like Working for Nothing to Accomplish Nothing. I Just Think We'll be Shocked When We Learn How Things Have REALLY Worked in This Solar System for Thousands of Years. I might not post again for a very-long time. I frankly might not be around much longer. Geronimo.
    Pris wrote:What's the point of 'Speculative-Pearls' if you do not cast them out?  Should there actually be some pearls, who better than swine to make something of them.  I wouldn't worry about it, Oxy.  Personally, I think everything we do is 'meant to be'.  Be full of gratitude. The 'Ancient Egyptian Soul with Dozens of Bodies and Personalities...'  Yes, I've heard of that one before:  we're supposedly the splintered/fractured parts of one being -- or one 'soul'.  Also, this one 'soul' is supposedly shredded across multiple time lines (which further complicates things lol).  It's an interesting story/idea. Yes... your health isn't too great lately?  Hugs to you, Oxy, whatever happens. I love you
    Thank-you magamud. You might like The Gospel According to Science Fiction by Gabriel McKee. Perhaps we need to concentrate on 'doing theology' outside of the churches -- and away from the influence of the preachers. I think most people are not able to properly consider a wide variety of political and theological possibilities. I guess I'll continue to think about various idealistic and non-idealistic forms of the Catholic Church. I truly think that church and theology should be integral parts of science-fiction. If one were a truly deep theological and science-fictional thinker -- the Latin Mass might be quite interesting -- because of the opportunity for reflection during the music, the Latin, and the silence -- instead of being yelled at by an Egomaniac. Just saying. My form of Protestantism is to Meddle with Catholicism without getting killed!! All of the critical material is probably necessary to refine and reform. But how many people lose their faith -- and then keep right on studying and reflecting upon the church, religion, and theology -- instead of becoming an atheist, agnostic, alcoholic -- or committing suicide? We should probably be lifelong researchers whether it makes us believers, unbelievers, happy, or unhappy. I don't care if people think like me, or not. I just want people to face themselves and think. Consider Philip K. Dick: Philip Kindred Dick (December 16, 1928 – March 2, 1982) was an American novelist, short story writer and essayist whose published work is almost entirely in the science fiction genre. Dick explored sociological, political and metaphysical themes in novels dominated by monopolistic corporations, authoritarian governments, and altered states. In his later works Dick's thematic focus strongly reflected his personal interest in metaphysics and theology. He often drew upon his own life experiences in addressing the nature of drug abuse, paranoia, schizophrenia, and transcendental experiences in novels such as A Scanner Darkly and VALIS.[6]

    The novel The Man in the High Castle bridged the genres of alternate history and science fiction, earning Dick a Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1963.[7] Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, a novel about a celebrity who awakens in a parallel universe where he is unknown, won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best novel in 1975.[8] "I want to write about people I love, and put them into a fictional world spun out of my own mind, not the world we actually have, because the world we actually have does not meet my standards," Dick wrote of these stories. "In my writing I even question the universe; I wonder out loud if it is real, and I wonder out loud if all of us are real."[9]

    In addition to 44 published novels,[10] Dick wrote approximately 121 short stories, most of which appeared in science fiction magazines during his lifetime.[11] Although Dick spent most of his career as a writer in near-poverty,[12] ten popular films based on his works have been produced, including Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Paycheck, Next, Screamers, and The Adjustment Bureau. In 2005, Time magazine named Ubik one of the one hundred greatest English-language novels published since 1923.[13] In 2007, Dick became the first science fiction writer to be included in The Library of America series.[14][15][16][17]

    Personal life

    Philip Kindred Dick and his twin sister, Jane Charlotte Dick, were born six weeks prematurely on December 16, 1928, in Chicago, Illinois, to Dorothy Kindred Dick and Joseph Edgar Dick, who worked for the United States Department of Agriculture.[18][19] The death of Jane, six weeks later on January 26, 1929, profoundly affected Philip's life, leading to the recurrent motif of the "phantom twin" in his books.[18]

    The family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. When Philip turned five, his father was transferred to Reno, Nevada. When Dorothy refused to move, she and Joseph divorced. Both parents fought for custody of Philip, which was awarded to the mother. Dorothy, determined to raise Philip alone, took a job in Washington, D.C., and moved there with her son. Philip was enrolled at John Eaton Elementary School (1936–38), completing the second through fourth grades. His lowest grade was a "C" in Written Composition, although a teacher remarked that he "shows interest and ability in story telling." He was educated in Quaker schools.[20] In June 1938, Dorothy and Philip returned to California, and it was around this time that he became interested in science fiction.[21] Dick states that, in 1940, at the age of twelve, he read his first science fiction magazine, "Stirring Science Stories".[21]

    Dick attended Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California. He and fellow science fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin were members of the same graduating class (1947) but were unknown to each other at the time. After graduation, he briefly attended the University of California, Berkeley, (September 1949 to November 11, 1949) with an honorary dismissal granted January 1, 1950. Dick was an undeclared major and took classes in History, Psychology, Philosophy, and Zoology. Through his studies in Philosophy, he believed that existence is based on the internal-based perception of a human, which does not necessarily correspond to external reality; he described himself as an "a cosmic panentheist," believing in the universe only as an extension of God.[22] After reading the works of Plato and pondering the possibilities of metaphysical realms, Dick came to the conclusion that, in a certain sense, the world is not entirely real and there is no way to confirm whether it is truly there. This question from his early studies persisted as a theme in many of his novels. Dick dropped out, according to his third wife Anne in her memoir, because of his ongoing anxiety problems. Anne states that he did not like the mandatory ROTC training. At Berkeley, Dick befriended poet Robert Duncan and poet and linguist Jack Spicer, who gave Dick ideas for a Martian language. Dick claimed to have been host of a classical music program on KSMO Radio in 1947.[23]

    From 1948 to 1952, Dick worked at Art Music Company, a record store on Telegraph Avenue. In 1955, he and his second wife, Kleo Apostolides, received a visit from the FBI, which they believed to be the result of Kleo's socialist views and left-wing activities. The couple briefly befriended one of the FBI agents.[24]

    Dick was married five times: Jeanette Marlin (May to November 1948), Kleo Apostolides (June 14, 1950 to 1959), Anne Williams Rubinstein (April 1, 1959 to October 1965), Nancy Hackett (July 6, 1966 to 1972), and Leslie (Tessa) Busby (April 18, 1973 to 1977). Dick had three children, Laura Archer (February 25, 1960), Isolde Freya (now Isa Dick Hackett) (March 15, 1967), and Christopher Kenneth (July 25, 1973).

    Dick tried to stay off the political scene because of the high societal turmoil from the Vietnam War; however, he did show some anti-Vietnam War and anti-governmental sentiments. In 1968, he joined the "Writers and Editors War Tax Protest",[22][25] an anti-war pledge to pay no U.S. federal income tax, which resulted in the confiscation of his car by the IRS.


    Dick sold his first story in 1951 and wrote full-time from that point. During 1952 his first speculative fiction publications appeared in July and September numbers of Planet Stories, edited by Jack O'Sullivan, and in If and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction that fall.[26] His debut novel was Solar Lottery, published in 1955 as half of Ace Double #D-103 alongside The Big Jump by Leigh Brackett.[26] The 1950s were a difficult and impoverished time for Dick. He once said "We couldn't even pay the late fees on a library book." He published almost exclusively within the science fiction genre, but dreamed of a career in the mainstream of American literature. During the 1950s he produced a series of non-genre, relatively conventional novels. In 1960 he wrote that he was willing to "take twenty to thirty years to succeed as a literary writer." The dream of mainstream success formally died in January 1963 when the Scott Meredith Literary Agency returned all of his unsold mainstream novels. Only one of these works, Confessions of a Crap Artist, was published during Dick's lifetime.

    In 1963, Dick won the Hugo Award for The Man in the High Castle.[7] Although he was hailed as a genius in the science fiction world, the mainstream literary world was unappreciative, and he could publish books only through low-paying science fiction publishers such as Ace. Even in his later years, he continued to have financial troubles. In the introduction to the 1980 short story collection The Golden Man, Dick wrote:

    "Several years ago, when I was ill, Heinlein offered his help, anything he could do, and we had never met; he would phone me to cheer me up and see how I was doing. He wanted to buy me an electric typewriter, God bless him—one of the few true gentlemen in this world. I don't agree with any ideas he puts forth in his writing, but that is neither here nor there. One time when I owed the IRS a lot of money and couldn't raise it, Heinlein loaned the money to me. I think a great deal of him and his wife; I dedicated a book to them in appreciation. Robert Heinlein is a fine-looking man, very impressive and very military in stance; you can tell he has a military background, even to the haircut. He knows I'm a flipped-out freak and still he helped me and my wife when we were in trouble. That is the best in humanity, there; that is who and what I love."

    In 1972, Dick donated manuscripts, papers and other materials to the Special Collections Library at California State University, Fullerton where they are archived in the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Collection in the Pollak Library. It was in Fullerton that Philip K. Dick befriended budding science-fiction writers K. W. Jeter, James Blaylock, and Tim Powers. The last novel Dick wrote was The Transmigration of Timothy Archer. It was published shortly after his death in 1982.

    Paranormal experiences and mental health issues

    On February 20, 1974, while recovering from the effects of sodium pentothal administered for the extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth, Dick received a home delivery of Darvon from a young woman. When he opened the door, he was struck by the beauty of the dark-haired girl and was especially drawn to her golden necklace. He asked her about its curious fish-shaped design. "This is a sign used by the early Christians," she said, and then left. Dick called the symbol the "vesicle pisces". This name seems to have been based on his conflation of two related symbols, the Christian ichthys symbol (two intersecting arcs delineating a fish in profile) which the woman was wearing, and the vesica piscis.[citation needed]

    Dick recounted that as the sun glinted off the gold pendant, the reflection caused the generation of a "pink beam" that mesmerized him. Dick came to believe the beam imparted wisdom and clairvoyance; he also believed it to be intelligent. On one occasion, Dick was startled by the pink beam. It imparted the information to him that his infant son was ill. The Dicks rushed the child to the hospital where Dick's suspicion and his diagnosis were confirmed.[27]

    After the woman's departure, Dick began experiencing strange hallucinations. Although initially attributing them to his medication, after weeks of hallucinations he considered this explanation implausible. "I experienced an invasion of my mind by a transcendentally rational mind, as if I had been insane all my life and suddenly I had become sane," Dick told Charles Platt.[28]

    Throughout February and March 1974, Dick experienced a series of hallucinations, which he referred to as "2-3-74", shorthand for February–March 1974. Aside from the "pink beam", Dick described the initial hallucinations as geometric patterns, and, occasionally, brief pictures of Jesus and ancient Rome. As the hallucinations increased in length and frequency, Dick claimed he began to live two parallel lives, one as himself, "Philip K. Dick", and one as "Thomas", a Christian persecuted by Romans in the 1st century AD. He referred to the "transcendentally rational mind" as "Zebra", "God" and "VALIS". Dick wrote about the experiences, first in the semi-autobiographical novel Radio Free Albemuth and then in VALIS, The Divine Invasion and the unfinished The Owl in Daylight (the VALIS trilogy).

    At one point Dick felt that he had been taken over by the spirit of the prophet Elijah. He believed that an episode in his novel Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said was a detailed retelling of a story from the Biblical Book of Acts, which he had never read.[29] Dick documented and discussed his experiences and faith in a private journal, later published as The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick.

    Pen names

    Dick had two professional stories published under the pen names Richard Phillipps and Jack Dowland. "Some Kinds Of Life" in Fantastic Universe, October 1953 was published as by Richard Phillipps apparently because "Planet For Transients" was published in the same issue under his own name.[30]

    The short story "Orpheus with Clay Feet" was published under the pen name "Jack Dowland". The protagonist desires to be the muse for fictional author Jack Dowland, considered the greatest science fiction author of the 20th century. In the story, Dowland publishes a short story titled "Orpheus with Clay Feet", under the pen name "Philip K. Dick".

    The surname Dowland refers to Renaissance composer John Dowland, who is featured in several works. The title Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said directly refers to Dowland's best-known composition, "Flow My Tears". In the novel The Divine Invasion, the 'Linda Fox' character, created specifically with Linda Ronstadt in mind, is an intergalactically famous singer whose entire body of work consists of recordings of John Dowland compositions. Also, some protagonists in Dick's short fiction are named 'Dowland'.

    Style and works


    "Dick's third major theme is his fascination with war and his fear and hatred of it. One hardly sees critical mention of it, yet it is as integral to his body of work as oxygen is to water."[31]

    —Steven Owen Godersky

    Dick's stories typically focus on the fragile nature of what is "real" and the construction of personal identity. His stories often become surreal fantasies as the main characters slowly discover that their everyday world is actually an illusion constructed by powerful external entities (such as in Ubik),[32] vast political conspiracies, or simply from the vicissitudes of an unreliable narrator. "All of his work starts with the basic assumption that there cannot be one, single, objective reality", writes science fiction author Charles Platt. "Everything is a matter of perception. The ground is liable to shift under your feet. A protagonist may find himself living out another person's dream, or he may enter a drug-induced state that actually makes better sense than the real world, or he may cross into a different universe completely."[28]

    Alternate universes and simulacra were common plot devices, with fictional worlds inhabited by common, working people, rather than galactic elites. "There are no heroes in Dick's books", Ursula K. Le Guin wrote, "but there are heroics. One is reminded of Dickens: what counts is the honesty, constancy, kindness and patience of ordinary people."[32] Dick made no secret that much of his thinking and work was heavily influenced by the writings of Carl Jung.[33][34] The Jungian constructs and models that most concerned Dick seem to be the archetypes of the collective unconscious, group projection/hallucination, synchronicities, and personality theory.[33] Many of Dick's protagonists overtly analyze reality and their perceptions in Jungian terms (see Lies Inc.), while other times, the themes are so obviously in reference to Jung their usage needs no explanation.[citation needed] Dick's self-named Exegesis also contained many notes on Jung in relation to theology and mysticism.[citation needed]

    Dick identified one major theme of his work as the question, "What constitutes the authentic human being?"[35] In works such as Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? beings can appear totally human in every respect while lacking soul or compassion, while completely alien beings such as Glimmung in Galactic Pot-Healer may be more humane and complex than Dick's human characters.

    Mental illness was a constant interest of Dick's, and themes of mental illness permeate his work. The character Jack Bohlen in the 1964 novel Martian Time-Slip is an "ex-schizophrenic". The novel Clans of the Alphane Moon centers on an entire society made up of descendants of lunatic asylum inmates. In 1965 he wrote the essay titled Schizophrenia and the Book of Changes.[36]

    Drug use (including religious, recreational, and abuse) was also a theme in many of Dick's works, such as A Scanner Darkly and The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. Dick was a drug user for much of his life. According to a 1975 interview in Rolling Stone,[37] Dick wrote all of his books published before 1970 while on amphetamines. "A Scanner Darkly (1977) was the first complete novel I had written without speed", said Dick in the interview. He also experimented briefly with psychedelics, but wrote The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, which Rolling Stone dubs "the classic LSD novel of all time", before he had ever tried them. Despite his heavy amphetamine use, however, Dick later said that doctors had told him that the amphetamines never actually affected him, that his liver had processed them before they reached his brain.[37]

    Summing up all these themes in Understanding Philip K. Dick, Eric Carl Link discussed eight themes or 'ideas and motifs':[38] Epistemology and the Nature of Reality, Know Thyself, The Android and the Human, Entropy and Pot Healing, The Theodicy Problem, Warfare and Power Politics, The Evolved Human, and 'Technology, Media, Drugs and Madness'.[39]

    Selected works

    For complete bibliography, see Philip K. Dick bibliography.

    The Man in the High Castle (1962) is set in an alternate universe in which the United States is ruled by the victorious Axis powers. It is considered a defining novel of the alternate history sub-genre,[40] and is the only Dick novel to win a Hugo Award.

    The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1965) utilizes an array of science fiction concepts and features several layers of reality and unreality. It is also one of Dick's first works to explore religious themes. The novel takes place in the 21st century, when, under UN authority, mankind has colonized the Solar System's every habitable planet and moon. Life is physically daunting and psychologically monotonous for most colonists, so the UN must draft people to go to the colonies. Most entertain themselves using "Perky Pat" dolls and accessories manufactured by Earth-based "P.P. Layouts". The company also secretly creates "Can-D", an illegal but widely available hallucinogenic drug allowing the user to "translate" into Perky Pat (if the drug user is a woman) or Pat's boyfriend, Walt (if the drug user is a man). This recreational use of Can-D allows colonists to experience a few minutes of an idealized life on Earth by participating in a collective hallucination.

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968) is the story of a bounty hunter policing the local android population. It occurs on a dying, poisoned Earth de-populated of all "successful" humans; the only remaining inhabitants of the planet are people with no prospects off-world. The 1968 story is the literary source of the film Blade Runner (1982).[41] It is both a conflation and an intensification of the pivotally Dickian question, What is real, what is fake? What crucial factor defines humanity as distinctly 'alive', versus those merely alive only in their outward appearance?

    Ubik (1969) uses extensive networks of psychics and a suspended state after death in creating a state of eroding reality. A group of psychics is sent to investigate a group of rival psychics, but several of them are apparently killed by a saboteur's bomb. Much of the novel flicks between a number of equally plausible realities; the "real" reality, a state of half-life and psychically manipulated realities. In 2005, Time magazine listed it among the "All-TIME 100 Greatest Novels" published since 1923.[13]

    Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said (1974) concerns Jason Taverner, a television star living in a dystopian near-future police state. After being attacked by an angry ex-girlfriend, Taverner awakens in a dingy Los Angeles hotel room. He still has his money in his wallet, but his identification cards are missing. This is no minor inconvenience, as security checkpoints (manned by "pols" and "nats", the police and National Guard) are set up throughout the city to stop and arrest anyone without valid ID. Jason at first thinks that he was robbed, but soon discovers that his entire identity has been erased. There is no record of him in any official database, and even his closest associates do not recognize or remember him. For the first time in many years, Jason has no fame or reputation to rely on. He has only his innate charisma to help him as he tries to find out what happened to his past and avoid the attention of the pols. The novel was Dick's first published novel after years of silence, during which time his critical reputation had grown, and this novel was awarded the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel.[8] It is the only Philip K. Dick novel nominated for both a Hugo and for a Nebula Award.

    In an essay written two years before dying, Dick described how he learned from his Episcopalian priest that an important scene in Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said – involving its other main character, Police General Felix Buckman, the policeman of the title – was very similar to a scene in the Acts of the Apostles.[29] Film director Richard Linklater discusses this novel in his film Waking Life, which begins with a scene reminiscent of another Dick novel, Time Out of Joint.

    A Scanner Darkly (1977) is a bleak mixture of science fiction and police procedural novels; in its story, an undercover narcotics police detective begins to lose touch with reality after falling victim to the same permanently mind altering drug, Substance D, he was enlisted to help fight. Substance D is instantly addictive, beginning with a pleasant euphoria which is quickly replaced with increasing confusion, hallucinations and eventually total psychosis. In this novel, as with all Dick novels, there is an underlying thread of paranoia and dissociation with multiple realities perceived simultaneously. It was adapted to film by Richard Linklater.

    VALIS (1980) is perhaps Dick's most postmodern and autobiographical novel, examining his own unexplained experiences. It may also be his most academically studied work, and was adapted as an opera by Tod Machover.[42] Later works like the VALIS trilogy were heavily autobiographical, many with "two-three-seventy-four" (2-3-74) references and influences. The word VALIS is the acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System. Later, Dick theorized that VALIS was both a "reality generator" and a means of extraterrestrial communication. A fourth VALIS manuscript, Radio Free Albemuth, although composed in 1976, was posthumously published in 1985. This work is described by the publisher (Arbor House) as "an introduction and key to his magnificent VALIS trilogy."

    Regardless of the feeling that he was somehow experiencing a divine communication, Dick was never fully able to rationalize the events. For the rest of his life, he struggled to comprehend what was occurring, questioning his own sanity and perception of reality. He transcribed what thoughts he could into an eight-thousand-page, one-million-word journal dubbed the Exegesis. From 1974 until his death in 1982, Dick spent many nights writing in this journal. A recurring theme in Exegesis is Dick's hypothesis that history had been stopped in the 1st century AD., and that "the Empire never ended". He saw Rome as the pinnacle of materialism and despotism, which, after forcing the Gnostics underground, had kept the population of Earth enslaved to worldly possessions. Dick believed that VALIS had communicated with him, and anonymous others, to induce the impeachment of U.S. President Richard Nixon, whom Dick believed to be the current Emperor of Rome incarnate.

    In a 1968 essay titled "Self Portrait", collected in the 1995 book The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick, Dick reflects on his work and lists which books he feels "might escape World War Three": Eye in the Sky, The Man in the High Castle, Martian Time-Slip, Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb, The Zap Gun, The Penultimate Truth, The Simulacra, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (which he refers to as "the most vital of them all"), Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and Ubik.[43] In a 1976 interview, Dick cited A Scanner Darkly as his best work, feeling that he "had finally written a true masterpiece, after 25 years of writing".[44]



    A number of Dick's stories have been made into films. Dick himself wrote a screenplay for an intended film adaptation of Ubik in 1974, but the film was never made. Many film adaptations have not used Dick's original titles. When asked why this was, Dick's ex-wife Tessa said, "Actually, the books rarely carry Phil's original titles, as the editors usually wrote new titles after reading his manuscripts. Phil often commented that he couldn't write good titles. If he could, he would have been an advertising writer instead of a novelist."[45] Films based on Dick's writing have accumulated a total revenue of over US $1 billion as of 2009.[46]

    Blade Runner (1982), based on Dick's 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Harrison Ford. A screenplay had been in the works for years before Scott took the helm, with Dick being extremely critical of all versions. Dick was still apprehensive about how his story would be adapted for the film when the project was finally put into motion. Among other things, he refused to do a novelization of the film. But contrary to his initial reactions, when he was given an opportunity to see some of the special effects sequences of Los Angeles 2019, Dick was amazed that the environment was "exactly as how I'd imagined it!", though Ridley Scott has mentioned he had never even read the source material.[47] Following the screening, Dick and Scott had a frank but cordial discussion of Blade Runner's themes and characters, and although they had wildly differing views, Dick fully backed the film from then on, stating that his "life and creative work are justified and completed by Blade Runner."[48] Dick died from a stroke less than four months before the release of the film.

    Total Recall (1990), based on the short story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale", directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film includes such Dickian elements as the confusion of fantasy and reality, the progression towards more fantastic elements as the story progresses, machines talking back to humans, and the protagonist's doubts about his own identity.

    Confessions d'un Barjo (1992), titled Barjo in its English-language release, a French film based on Dick's non-science-fiction novel Confessions of a Crap Artist. Reflecting Dick's popularity and critical respect in France,[citation needed] a brief science fiction homage is slipped into the film in the form of a TV show.

    Screamers (1995), based on Dick's short story "Second Variety", directed by Christian Duguay and starring Peter Weller. The location was altered from a war-devastated Earth to a distant planet. A sequel without Weller, titled Screamers: The Hunting, was released straight to DVD in 2009.

    Minority Report (2002), based on Dick's short story of "The Minority Report", directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise. The film translates many of Dick's themes, but changes major plot points and adds an action-adventure framework.

    Dick's 1953 story "Impostor" has been adapted twice: first in 1962 for the British anthology television series Out of This World and then in 2002 for the movie Impostor, directed by Gary Fleder and starring Gary Sinise, Vincent D'Onofrio and Madeleine Stowe.

    Paycheck (2003), directed by John Woo and starring Ben Affleck, based on Dick's short story of the same name.

    A Scanner Darkly (2006), directed by Richard Linklater and starring Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, and Robert Downey Jr., based on Dick's novel of the same name. The film was produced using the process of rotoscoping: it was first shot in live-action and then the live footage was animated over.

    Next (2007), directed by Lee Tamahori and starring Nicolas Cage, loosely based on the short story "The Golden Man".

    Radio Free Albemuth (2010), directed by John Alan Simon loosely based on the novel "Radio Free Albemuth".

    The Adjustment Bureau (2011), directed by George Nolfi and starring Matt Damon, loosely based on the short story "Adjustment Team".

    Total Recall (2012), directed by Len Wiseman and starring Colin Farrell, second film adaptation of the short story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale".

    Future films based on Dick's writing include an animated adaptation of The King of the Elves from Walt Disney Animation Studios, set to be released in the spring of 2016; Radio Free Albemuth, based on Dick's novel of the same name, which has been completed and is currently awaiting distribution; and a film adaptation of Ubik which, according to Dick's daughter, Isa Dick Hackett, is in advanced negotiation.[49] Ubik is set to be made into a film by Michel Gondry.[50]

    The Terminator series also uses the theme of humanoid assassination machines portrayed in Second Variety. The Halcyon Company, known for developing the Terminator franchise, acquired right of first refusal to film adaptations of the works of Philip K. Dick in 2007. In May 2009, they announced plans for an adaptation of Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said.[51] It has been reported in 2010 that Ridley Scott will produce an adaptation of The Man in the High Castle for BBC, in the form of a mini-series.[52]

    Stage and radio

    Four of Dick's works have been adapted for the stage.

    One was the opera VALIS, composed and with libretto by Tod Machover, which premiered at the Pompidou Center in Paris on December 1, 1987, with a French libretto. It was subsequently revised and readapted into English, and was recorded and released on CD (Bridge Records BCD9007) in 1988.

    Another was Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, adapted by Linda Hartinian and produced by the New York-based avant-garde company Mabou Mines. It premiered in Boston at the Boston Shakespeare Theatre (June 18–30, 1985) and was subsequently staged in New York and Chicago. Productions of Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said were also staged by the Evidence Room in Los Angeles in 1999[53] and by the Fifth Column Theatre Company at the Oval House Theatre in London in the same year.[54]

    A play based on Radio Free Albemuth also had a brief run in the 1980s.

    In November 2010, a production of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, adapted by Edward Einhorn, premiered at the 3LD Art and Technology Center in Manhattan.[55]

    A radio drama adaptation of Dick's short story "Mr. Spaceship" was aired by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yleisradio) in 1996 under the name Menolippu Paratiisiin. Radio dramatizations of Dick's short stories Colony and The Defenders[56] were aired by NBC in 1956 as part of the series X Minus One.


    Marvel Comics adapted Dick's short story "The Electric Ant" as a limited series which was released in 2009. The comic was produced by writer David Mack (Daredevil) and artist Pascal Alixe (Ultimate X-Men), with covers provided by artist Paul Pope.[57]

    In 2009, BOOM! Studios started publishing a 24-issue miniseries comic book adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?[58] Blade Runner, the 1982 film adapted from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, had previously been adapted to comics as A Marvel Comics Super Special: Blade Runner.

    Alternate formats

    In response to a 1975 request from the National Library for the Blind for permission to make use of The Man in the High Castle, Dick responded, "I also grant you a general permission to transcribe any of my former, present or future work, so indeed you can add my name to your 'general permission' list."[59] A number of his books and stories are available in braille and other specialized formats through the NLS.[60]

    As of July 17, 2010, eleven of Philip K. Dick's early works in the public domain in the United States are available in ebook form from Project Gutenberg. See Dick, Philip K., 1928–1982 at Project Gutenberg. As of April 4, 2012, Wikisource has one of Philip K. Dick's early works in the public domain in the United States available in ebook form which is not from Project Gutenberg.

    See Author:Philip Kindred Dick at Wikisource.


    On February 17, 1982, after completing an interview, Dick contacted his therapist complaining of failing eyesight and was advised to go to a hospital immediately; but he did not. The next day, he was found unconscious on the floor of his Santa Ana, California home, having suffered a stroke. In the hospital, he suffered another stroke, after which his brain activity ceased. Five days later, on March 2, 1982, he was disconnected from life support and died. After his death, Dick's father, Joseph, took his son's ashes to Fort Morgan, Colorado, where they were buried next to his twin sister Jane, whose tombstone had been inscribed with both their names when she died 53 years earlier.[24][33][61]

    Influence and legacy

    Lawrence Sutin's 1989 biography of Dick, Divine Invasions: A Life of Philip K. Dick, is considered the standard biographical treatment of Dick's life.[36]

    In 1993, French writer Emmanuel Carrère published Je suis vivant et vous êtes morts which was first translated and published in English in 2004 as I Am Alive and You Are Dead: A Journey Into the Mind of Philip K. Dick, which the author describes in his preface in this way:

    The book you hold in your hands is a very peculiar book. I have tried to depict the life of Philip K. Dick from the inside, in other words, with the same freedom and empathy – indeed with the same truth – with which he depicted his own characters.[33]

    Critics of the book have complained about the lack of fact checking, sourcing, notes and index, "the usual evidence of deep research that gives a biography the solid stamp of authority."[62][63][64] It can be considered a non-fiction novel about his life.

    Dick has influenced many writers, including Jonathan Lethem,[65] and Ursula K. Le Guin.[66] The prominent literary critic Fredric Jameson proclaimed Dick the "Shakespeare of Science Fiction", and praised his work as "one of the most powerful expressions of the society of spectacle and pseudo-event".[67] The author Roberto Bolaño also praised Dick, describing him as “Thoreau plus the death of the American dream”.[68] Dick has also influenced filmmakers, his work being compared to films such as the Wachowskis' The Matrix,[69] David Cronenberg's Videodrome,[70] eXistenZ,[69] and Spider,[70] Spike Jonze's Being John Malkovich,[70] Adaptation,[70] Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,[71][72] Alex Proyas's Dark City,[69] Peter Weir's The Truman Show,[69] Andrew Niccol's Gattaca,[70] In Time,[73] Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys,[70] Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street,[74] David Lynch's Mulholland Drive,[74] Alejandro Amenábar's Open Your Eyes,[75] David Fincher's Fight Club,[70] Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky,[69] Darren Aronofsky's Pi,[76] Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko[77] and Southland Tales,[78] and Christopher Nolan's Memento[79] and Inception.[80]

    The Philip K. Dick Society was an organization dedicated to promoting the literary works of Dick and was previously led by Dick's longtime friend the music journalist Paul Williams. Williams also served as Dick's literary executor for several years after Dick's death and wrote one of the first biographies of Dick, entitled Only Apparently Real: The World of Philip K. Dick.

    Dick was recreated by his fans in the form of a remote-controlled android designed in his likeness.[81] The android of Philip K. Dick was included on a discussion panel in a San Diego Comic Con presentation about the film adaptation of the novel, A Scanner Darkly. In February 2006, an America West Airlines employee misplaced the android's head, and it has not yet been found.[82] In January 2011, it was announced that Hanson Robotics had built a replacement.[83]


    BBC2 released in 1994 a biographical documentary as part of its Arena arts series called Philip K Dick: A day in the afterlife.[84]

    The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick was a documentary film produced in 2001.[85]

    The Penultimate Truth About Philip K. Dick was another biographical documentary film produced in 2007.[86]

    the 1987 film The Trouble with Dick, in which Tom Villard plays a character named "Dick Kendred" (cf. Philip Kindred Dick) who is a science fiction author[87]

    the Spanish feature film PROXIMA (2007) by Carlos Atanes, where the character Felix Cadecq is based on Dick

    a 2008 film titled Your Name Here, by Matthew Wilder, features Bill Pullman as science fiction author William J. Frick, a character based on Dick

    The 2010 science fiction film 15 Till Midnight cites Dick's influence with an "acknowledgment to the works of" credit.[88]

    Prophets of Science Fiction Philip K Dick. 2011 Documentary[89]

    The Crystal Crypt. 2013 Short Film[90]

    In fiction

    Michael Bishop's The Secret Ascension (1987; currently published as Philip K. Dick Is Dead, Alas), which is set in an alternative universe where his non-genre work is published but his science fiction is banned by a totalitarian USA in thrall to a demonically possessed Richard Nixon.

    the Faction Paradox novel Of the City of the Saved... (2004) by Philip Purser-Hallard

    the short story "The Transmigration of Philip K" (1984) by Michael Swanwick (to be found in the 1991 collection Gravity's Angels)

    in Ursula K. Le Guin's The Lathe of Heaven (1971) novel whose characters alter reality through their dreams. Two made-for-TV films based on the novel have been made: The Lathe of Heaven (1980) and Lathe of Heaven (2002)

    in Thomas M. Disch's The Word of God (2008)[91]

    The comics magazine Weirdo published The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick by artist R. Crumb in 1986. Though this is not an adaptation of a specific book or story by Dick, it incorporates elements of Dick's experience which he related in short stories, novels, essays, and the Exegesis. The story parodies the form of a Chick tract, a type of evangelical comic, many of which relate the story of an epiphany leading to a conversion to fundamentalist Christianity.

    In the Batman Beyond episode "Sentries of the Last Cosmos", the character Eldon Michaels claims a typewriter on his desk to have belonged to Philip K. Dick.

    In the Japanese Science Fiction Anime, Psycho-Pass, Dick's works are referred to as recommended reading material to help reflect on the current state of affairs of those character's world.


    "Flow My Tears (the Policeman Said)" is the name of a song by bassist Stuart Hamm, inspired by Dick's novel of the same name. The song is found on his album "Radio Free Albemuth," also named after a Dick novel.

    "Listen to the Sirens" the first song on Tubeway Army's 1978 debut album has as its first line "flow my tears ,the new police song".

    Bloc Party's 2012 album Four contains several references to Dick's work, including a song entitled V.A.L.I.S.


    the short play Kindred Blood in Kensington Gore (1992) by Brian W. Aldiss

    a 2005 play, 800 Words: the Transmigration of Philip K. Dick by Victoria Stewart, which re-imagines Dick's final days.[92]

    Contemporary philosophy

    Dick's foreshadowing of postmodernity has been noted by philosophers as diverse as Jean Baudrillard, Fredric Jameson, Laurence Rickels and Slavoj Žižek.[3] Jean Baudrillard offers this interpretation:

    It is hyperreal. It is a universe of simulation, which is something altogether different. And this is so not because Dick speaks specifically of simulacra. SF has always done so, but it has always played upon the double, on artificial replication or imaginary duplication, whereas here the double has disappeared. There is no more double; one is always already in the other world, an other world which is not another, without mirrors or projection or utopias as means for reflection. The simulation is impassable, unsurpassable, checkmated, without exteriority. We can no longer move "through the mirror" to the other side, as we could during the golden age of transcendence.[93]

    For his anti-government skepticism, Philip K. Dick was afforded minor mention in Mythmakers and Lawbreakers, a collection of interviews about fiction by anarchist authors. Noting his early authorship of "The Last of the Masters", an anarchist themed novelette, author Margaret Killjoy expressed that while Dick never fully sided with anarchism, his opposition to government centralization and organized religion has influenced anarchist interpretations of gnosticism.[94]

    Awards and honors

    The Science Fiction Hall of Fame inducted Dick in 2005.[95]

    During his lifetime he received numerous annual literary awards and nominations for particular works.[96]

    Hugo Awards Best Novel 1963 – winner: The Man in the High Castle[7]

    1975 – nominee: Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said[8]

    Best Novelette 1968 – nominee: Faith of Our Fathers

    Nebula Awards Best Novel 1965 – nominee: Dr. Bloodmoney[97]

    1965 – nominee: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch[97]

    1968 – nominee: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?[98]

    1974 – nominee: Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said[99]

    1982 – nominee: The Transmigration of Timothy Archer[100]

    John W. Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel 1975 – winner: Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said[8]

    British Science Fiction Association Award Best Novel 1978 – winner: A Scanner Darkly[101]

    Graouilly d'Or (Festival de Metz, France) 1979 – winner: A Scanner Darkly

    Philip K. Dick award

    The Philip K. Dick Award is a science fiction award that annually recognizes the previous year's best SF paperback original published in the U.S.[102] It is conferred at Norwescon, sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, and since 2005 supported by the Philip K. Dick Trust. Winning works are identified on their covers as Best Original SF Paperback. It is currently administered by David G. Hartwell and Gordon Van Gelder.[102]

    The award was inaugurated in 1983, the year after Dick's death. It was founded by Thomas Disch with assistance from David G. Hartwell, Paul S. Williams, and Charles N. Brown. Past administrators include Algis J. Budrys and David Alexander Smith.

    Most of Dick's novels were paperback originals but worthy candidates for the award have recently become difficult to find.[102]

    See also

    Portal icon Speculative fiction portal
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    Consensus reality
    Paranoid fiction
    Transcendental idealism


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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

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    Please take another look at my 'Amen Ra' thread from the old Project Avalon. Even though the site has been closed to posting since 2010, that thread now has 150,000 views!! What if Amen Ra posted on that thread??!! What if a Replacement RA or Anti-RA also posted on that thread??!!
    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    RedEzra wrote:Humanity has an angelic adversary according to the Bible... a son of God (as angels are) whose sole purpose is to take as many as he can down with him. When this fiery angel can't make it into eternity then he will do everything in his power to make sure that no form of flesh and blood will either. A son of God will not be humiliated and superseded by mere mortal man.

    Why do God allow an angel to wreak havoc on earth ? Well there is an appointed time to shut him down and i think we are approaching that time...

    So human life comes with a catch... an angelic adversary with temporary authority from God over the kingdoms of the earth. And as history shows ancient nations were worshipping their angels with wars human sacrifice and prostitution. And nothing has changed... as the nations of the world still do.

    So will we go down with an angel or will we go up to God ? The whole world has chosen to go down with the devil... so it is no hope in Heaven for anybody who refuse to receive the free gift of forgiveness from God the Saviour. This Good News has gone around the world many times already... so where is the excuse for not accepting Jesus ?

    "Whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved !" - Acts 2:21 / Romans 10:13
    I have speculated that the 'Bad Guy and/or Gal' has been ruling Earth for at least 6,000 years, but if so, why has this been allowed to go on for so long?? Would a CEO turn their company over to their worst employee?? I have further speculated that this madness will end around A.D. 2133. A lot of this is based upon The End of the World, A.D. 2133 by Lucio Bernardo Silvestre. Then I combine this with a modified SDA concept of an Investigative Judgment, for better or worse, I know not. But once again, how do we know anything regarding antiquity and the otherworldly with any significant degree of certainty?? The supposed Moral-Standard in the Bible seems highly flawed and contradictory, especially in light of modern University Studies in Ethics and Law. Thinking about God seems to work better in a Business Context, rather than in a Church and/or State setting.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    RedEzra wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:I have speculated that the 'Bad Guy and/or Gal' has been ruling Earth for at least 6,000 years, but if so, why has this been allowed to go on for so long?? Would a CEO turn their company over to their worst employee??
    Well if the employees want the worst employee to manage them... then what is the CEO to do ? Fire them all...?
    What if there was a Hostile-Takeover by the Employees which included Killing the CEO and choosing a Replacement?? But what if the CEO Staged and Faked this Takeover-Murder to accomplish some significant purpose?? Or what if the CEO was taken hostage?? What Would Omnipotent-Highness and Original-Hostage KRLLL Say?? What Would Bill Cooper Say?? What Would Lord Ba'al  Say?? What Would Queen Qetesh Say?? What Would Osiris Say?? What Would Isis, Horus, and Set (IHS) Say?? What if Isis, Horus, and Set are All ONE?? What Would the Jesuits Say?? What Would the Masons Say?? What Would Dr. Who Say?? What Would Chad (Osiris?) Say?? What Would Anna (Isis?) Say?? What Would Mr. Edgars Say?? What Would Edgar Mitchell Say?? What Would Elizabeth Mitchell Say?? What Would Mitchell Say?? What Would the Ancient Egyptian Deity Say?? What Would RA Say?? What Would Serqet Say?? I continue to think the REAL History is nastier than any of us can imagine!!

    JoeEcho wrote:
    The best surprises come from the least likely of places. Hint: Pseudonyms are all the rage.

    orthodoxymoron wrote:

    Here is a study for the deeply-dedicated!!
    I doubt I'll ever have this list mastered!!
    This isn't an easy road less travelled!!

    Patriarchs and Prophets (Ellen White).

    SDA Bible Commentary -- Volume 3 (1 Chronicles to Song of Solomon).

    Prophets and Kings (Ellen White).

    SDA Bible Commentary -- Volume 4 (Isaiah to Malachi).

    Desire of Ages (Ellen White).

    SDA Bible Commentary -- Volume 6 (Acts to Ephesians).

    I differ with Dr. Desmond Ford on a lot of things, but his books are written is a very interesting manner, especially regarding Soteriology and Eschatology. Religion and Theology are Treadmills Wherein One Goes Round and Round and Round and Round Without End or Resolution. I'm very undecided about what to do next. Most of the debates and arguments seem pointless, and they've pretty much ruined my life. World Without End or Reason. Amen.
    B.B.Baghor wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    Now I'm going to try to calm myself down
    by listening to David Icke for a while.
    World Without End. Amen.

    Thanks for posting this tubby, ortho, it's interesting to witness the UK audience in such enthusiasm, welcoming David Icke. The same presentation "..... off your knees" was in Holland too, some years ago now. The audience was much calmer and the feeling of the place wasn't like "crowded". But I've sat there for hours and hours, listening to this lion of a man called David Cheerful He does the jumping up and down and gesturing, wild and impatient, humorous in great timing, to me, obviously supported by spirit of some sorts. I was genuinely impressed, for the first time seeing him live on stage and so alive with lion roars! David Icke lives on the Isle of Wight, along the South coast of the UK. Are you OK?

    "No. I am NOT OK. I Hate My Life. Thank-you for asking."  

    The problem is that I keep asking questions -- rather than getting on a bandwagon and making lots of money. David Icke is supposedly worth Ten Million Dollars. I couldn't rant and rave like he does. I wouldn't be a crowd-pleaser in any way, shape, or form. People generally don't like me -- and I don't like me -- so at least we agree on something. I used to attend Dr. Robert H. Schuller's church -- and I couldn't do what he did. I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh for three-hours each day -- five days a week -- year after year -- but I couldn't do what he did. I'd stumble, stammer, speculate, and whine -- and people don't go for that. I'd also blurt things out -- which would get me removed (nicely or otherwise). So -- I am left to vegetate on the internet -- work at a menial job -- live in a dump of a house -- and waste my life away -- accomplishing absolutely nothing. My vision of reality has taken a lot of work to 'achieve' -- and it has been truly devastating. I think I see how the world, solar system, galaxy, and universe works (in a very preliminary sense) -- and I wish I didn't. I would've been much better off playing the game -- pursuing the Medical--Military--Money Complex -- and becoming some sort of a New World Order Manager. Perhaps in my next incarnation. But for now -- I think I'll conduct an internal Holy-War between that Medical--Military--Money Complex and the Prevention--Peace--Philanthropy Complex -- with the presupposition that this activity might be key to achieving a better world -- in an evolutionary (rather than a revolutionary) manner. Also -- consider the concept of Responsible Possibility-Thinking combined with Positive-Response Ability. What Would Robert Schuller Say??
    Vidya Moksha wrote:
    magamud wrote:The Phillip K. movement as I would call it with the other philosophers at that time was an excellent attempt to objectify reality.  I always wanted to get into his Exegesus.  Im sure I would just sit there and nod back and forth your right if Dick was talking.  Ill have to list those other philosophers that use to commiserate.  When I finish going through this entire thread I will post more ideas.
    Thank-you magamud. My pleading and ranting is part of the act. You probably already know the territory I've covered better than I do -- and my request to treat my thread as Solar System Governance 101 is directed to everyone in general, rather than you in particular. I wonder how much info science-fiction writers get fed?! What if they get a dozen finished novels (from the Dark-Side of the Moon?) which they proceed to re-write in their own words?! I've really just been trying to rebuild a shattered faith and life within the sacred halls of this precious thread!! I'm not demanding anything -- and I really don't know what I want. All I know is that something has been very wrong for thousands of years -- and that we seem to be on the Brink of Extinction or Hell on Earth. I think people might really lose it if they lose their money and find out how badly they've been lied to. I think this present situation is incredibly volatile and dangerous. The world is too small -- and the bombs are too big. The thoughts I've thought regarding life, the universe, and everything -- throughout my life -- have literally scared the hell out of me -- regardless of whether any of it has been true, or not.

    The past five years have all but destroyed me. The possibilities and speculations have been quite vivid and realistic. My views of the way things might be are constructed with bits and pieces from a thousand sources, and several key individuals. I've fallen so far down the rabbit-hole, that I don't wish to go any farther right now -- or perhaps for the rest of my life. I'm not going to try to convince anyone of anything -- other than to finish refining and editing what I've already posted on this site. I think that most everything is a mixture of truth and poppycock -- but beneath the surface, there is a unified truth, which someone does not wish to become mainstream. I fear whoever that 'someone' is -- and what their agenda for Earth and Humanity might be. I also fear what I might become if I were to somehow replace that 'someone'. I might become a helluva lot worse than I think they might be. The Management of Humanity Might be Insanity Regardless of Who Rules and Regardless of How They Rule. I'm frankly trying to look at Solar System Governance from a Progressive and Regressive Point of View. I think this thing might be more complex and messy that we can possibly imagine. True-Believers and Doubting-Thomas's might both have very red faces in the very near future. Just keep thinking of ALL the possibilities -- regardless of how politically-incorrect and socially-unacceptable they might seem to be. I'm going to attempt to live a life of quiet-desperation for the rest of my life. Don't bother me. "Just Give Me My Color TV and Steel-Belted Radials -- and Leave Me Alone!!" I need to learn what I've posted, without moving my lips or my fingers. I think I'll be very lucky to keep what little sanity I have left -- and I wish I were kidding. We seem to wish to compete with God -- but what if God decides to compete with us?! Is Science-Fiction the Sacred-Scripture of the Twenty-First Century?!

    Consider studying {Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, Hebrews} in the context of {Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy} especially in the context of Joseph in Egypt -- as a mental and spiritual exercise. Then, repeat this exercise, imagining all of the above to be in the context of a high-tech ancient solar system. What might it be like to have extensive discussions regarding this topic with Tall Long-Nosed Grey Nazi-Mason-Jesuit Egyptologist-Theologians on the Dark-Side of the Moon??!! "This is orthodoxymoron, reporting live, from the Dark-Side of the Moon, with a special four-hour edition of The Regressive Perspective!!" I should stop.

    I'm going to passively pursue the idea of Osiris and Horus v Gabriel (Isis?) and Lucifer. Mammalian v Reptilian? Righteous v Rebellious? Or the other way around? Did Osiris and Horus side with humanity in a rebellion against a reptilian theocracy? Have Gabriel and Lucifer ruled humanity in a rather harsh manner? Is Horus completely disempowered? Is Osiris returning to clean up the mess? Did Lucifer and Michael both play the part of 'Horus' under the queenship of Isis?

    "Nungal Great Lords. "Fallen Angels". Book of Enoch: watchers. Bené Elohim (Sons of the Elohim). Those who coupled with human females without authorization of Yahvé (An-Enlil). Akkadian: Igigi. Male. Created (in great haste) by Sa'am and Mamitu-Nammu (see Personages) from Imdugud genes on which Abzu-Abba had been experimenting. Considered as Life Designers although no knowledge of cloning. Followers of Osiris and Horus. A Gina'abul rebel race**."

    Followers of Osiris and Horus. God the Father and Michael/Horus/Mithras/Jesus? Was Osiris removed or killed, and Michael/Horus/Mithras/Jesus taken hostage, enslaved, crucified? Have Gabriel/Lucifer or Isis/Ra ruled the world for thousands of years? Are the two really one? We? Are they a single reptilian queen, or two reptilian queens, or a reptilian queen and a hybrid hermaphrodite? Is the Jesus story really an ancient Babylonian or Egyptian story, which contains both truth and lies? Damned if I know.


    I find it difficult to think of a dismembered penis as being a sign of dominance. I also find it difficult to think of a murdered corpse nailed to a cross as being a sign of dominance or as a display of deep respect. I'm still looking for one Christian church in 2,000 years, which was/is based upon the Teachings of Jesus. I keep thinking that Michael/Horus/Mithras/Jesus got himself in one helluva lot of trouble, and that he/she has been out of power for a very long time. I keep thinking of a Reptilian Queen of Heaven as being the one who wears the pants in this solar system. I'm not sure if the Queen of Heaven is the God of This World, or if they are two separate beings. If shape-shifting, being hermaphrodite, and being able to move one's soul from body to body is involved, it might be very difficult to pin down who is who, and who does what. I'm just trying to figure out what's really been going on, and what the best next step might be, for all concerned, human and otherwise. What was the true source of Parks' material? One would almost have to be given hidden ancient records. What hidden records might exist within and beneath the Vatican? I'm frankly having a very difficult time digesting the esoteric material on the internet. I can only handle so much. BTW, have you studied the 'Holy Tablets'? I liked reading them, but I had to stop. Maybe I'll start again soon. The same thing happened with Courtney Brown's material. I could only take so much, and I had to stop. I'm presently thinking of the Queen of Heaven (Isis/Gabriel?) as being Draconian Reptilian, and the God of This World (Ra/Lucifer?) as being a Mammalian/Reptilian Hybrid, and Michael/Horus/Mithras/Jesus as being Human. I don't know about God the Father (Osiris?). That remains the biggest mystery to me. But Jesus said 'I and my Father are one' and 'If you've seen me, you've seen the Father'. What did he really mean?

    I am told that I am going around in circles and spinning my wheels, yet probably 2% of my questions are answered by anyone. Most won't even talk to me. There is very little rational and detailed conversation. I'm told to go within, but how does one know that I'm not going within? Many of my questions are rhetorical, and my repetition is intended to make some of my ideas stick, rather than being stated once, and then being completely ignored. Sooner or later, I will learn to throw my weight around, but for now, I will continue to be meek and mild, and just keep asking questions on this little forum. I once thought it would be cool to be a televangelist, but I decided that it was mostly a racket, so I moved on. But really, so much in life seems to involve giving people what they want and telling them what they wish to hear, rather than being straightforward and honest. The truth is so overrated...

    I think that sci-fi writers get slipped bits and pieces of classified information to help prepare the general public for who knows what?! I think this whole thing is a cold war of sorts, which could potentially become a very hot war. It's frustrating to have to keep speculating, but that's probably the way it has to be. I would be very surprised to see a 'Disclosure' press conference, complete with Dracs, Greys, Hybrids, Inter-Dimensional Beings, UFO's, Mag-Lev Trains, Politicians, Scientists, and Clergy - from a Deep Underground Draconian Monastery Beneath the Vatican. Can you imagine what would happen if they did THAT??!! OMG!!! If I occasionally get it right, no one gives a damn, because no one really knows. All of this seems to be sort of a Guerilla Disclosure Process. I still think that the behind the scenes battles and debates regarding solar system governance are something to behold. I'd sort of like to be in the middle of it, but I suspect that if I were, that I wouldn't be able to handle it.

    Here is an eleven-part documentary called 'The Hidden Story of Jesus'. As most of you know, all too well, I am currently attempting to integrate the Teachings of Jesus, the U.S. Constitution, the Latin Mass, and Sacred Classical Music. Would this conceptual integration survive the implications and ramifications of this documentary? Would this basic framework be something which most nations and religions could comfortably participate in? Is the real problem the abuses and absurdities of the past two thousand years? If I'm wrong, what might be a proper foundation for religious and political unity - without coercion or persecution? How should we properly unite as a human family? Should we even try to unite? What about the Dracs, Greys, and Hybrids? Are they people too? What would Isis say? Is Jesus a Christian? Does Jesus go to church? Did Jesus tell people to go to church? One more thing. Take another look at 'The Ring of Power' in light of 'The Hidden Story of Jesus'. Is Jesus 'The Prince of Peace' or did Jesus bring a sword? Does Christianity have the following image in many parts of the world?

    Perhaps there is an original Micael/Horus/Mithras/Jesus story - which was a mixture of reality and fantasy - which then was repeated and embellished. Perhaps someone should write 'The Quest for the Historical Horus' as a companion to 'The Quest of the Historical Jesus'. What would Albert Schweitzer say? BTW - Dr. Schweitzer doubted the Historical Jesus, but highly valued the Teachings of Jesus. My present view is that the Four Gospels should be studied as a mental and spiritual exercise, and that people should then think and do whatever makes sense - under the influence of the words attributed to Jesus Christ. I struggle with probably 5% of the Red-Letters, and I sometimes ask 'Jesus! What were you thinking?' Perhaps someday, someone will write 'The Quest of the Historical Orthodoxymoron', 'The Demythologized Orthodoxymoron', 'The Moron Who Never Was', 'More On Orthodoxymoron', or 'Orthodoxymoron Never Existed'. I should stop.

    The 'Law of Confusion' is a descriptive and appropriate term...but I tend to eschew obfuscation...and to espouse elucidation. A Christocentric eschatological theological approach to scriptural studies which utilizes the concept of comprehensive concentration...which assumes the red-letter teachings of Jesus as being fundamental...with the remaining portions of the biblical canon as being merely contextual...cross-referencing utilizing a Strong's Concordance...and applying the accepted norms of grammatical-historical supremely beneficial regarding definitively and devotionally ascertaining the Christ Conscious Aspects of the First Source and Center of All fully experience Jesus as Lord in modernity...being careful to exegete...rather than eisegetically twisting and corrupting the sacred texts to conform to canon law (there is no substantial body of evidence which substantiates transubstantiation) as not to become a reprehensible and reprobate hermeneutic whore...a cursed Judas Iscariot in dire need of prostrate penetance, confession, repentance, and reconciliation...and in grave danger of burning for all eternity as a sinner in the hands of an angry God. World Without End. Amen.

    I found this interview to be quite interesting. Please watch it, and tell me what you think. I mostly point to the work of other people. Why reinvent the wheel? Besides, I really am a completely ignorant fool, who just happens to have enough sense, to point people in the right direction! I remain schizophrenic regarding religion, Christianity, and the Vatican. I think we might be dealing with gods and goddesses, angels and demons, rather than God - at least in this solar system. I think theology is very important, as does Jordan Maxwell. I've recently become fascinated with the life and times of Pope Pius XII - for a variety of reasons. I'd still like to somehow hijack the Vatican with my little Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System - and mostly replace Canon Law with the Teachings of Jesus. I doubt the details of the Historical Jesus - even though it's a terrific story. But I do reverence the actual Teachings of Jesus - even though there are some perplexing 'hard-sayings' of Jesus. These teachings might not have been spoken by Christ 2,000 years ago, but regardless of their source, I find them to be inspiring and profound. What if the Vatican were based upon the Red-Letter Teachings of Jesus and the U.S. Constitution? I love the art, architecture, music, panache, etc. of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, but the history and theology are hugely problematic - and the form of governance lends itself to evil and corruption. There seems to be too much power at the top, and too much secrecy. This is just my impression. The Vatican seems to be a huge part of the problem - and potentially a huge part of the solution. Hope springs eternal.

    There is only so much of the bloody history that I can handle. I have to shield myself from a lot of it. I really am much too sensitive and idealistic. The same goes for nasty, faith-shattering harangues. I have to take that sort of thing in small doses. If one really wishes to become disillusioned, they can read 'Foxe's Book of Martyrs'. This world has been, and is, a Bloody and Stupid Insane Asylum. It has so much potential - but I hate the reality. On the other hand, I used to love to practice the pipe-organ in a small Roman Catholic church - and watch people praying as I practiced. To me, this is church at it's best.

    I think a lot of beings - human and otherwise - have chosen to work for the dark-side - because the system of rewards and punishments is backasswards. This needs to be corrected, or this world will remain the hell-hole that it is, until it's pulverized into one big asteroid-belt. I'll keep reincarnating in this solar system - trying to make it better. I don't want to play this stupid game any longer - but I feel obligated to do so. I'm trying to change the damn game - but the galactic powers that be seem to have other ideas...

    Which Teaching of Christ do you wish to take issue with? Is reincarnation real? What happens when we die? I have more interest in Roman Catholic art, architecture, and music than I do in their church councils and pontifications. I'm thinking of the Latin Mass more as an artistic expression - than as a theological milestone. The Teachings Attributed to Jesus Christ make a helluva lot of sense - regardless of their source. And even if they turn out to be mostly untrue - they would still be an excellent mental and spiritual exercise. People will run from one perceived House of Refuge to another. When religion is destroyed - one should make damn sure that they have something better to put in it's place...

    I am interested in contemporary thinking, so when I ask you questions, this is part of an ongoing research project. I'd love to chat, but it's time to separate the sheep from the goats...

    OK - no politics, no religion, no Jordan Maxwell. The total breakdown of societal structure - including the legal system - should lead us to Nirvana! Anarchy = Paradise! I'm feeling better already!  Very Happy Seriously - when one stops trying to improve politics and religion - I think there is a euphoric exhilaration. Unfortunately, I think we need some form of politics and religion. I favor positively reinforcing the best of the past, with a Minimalist Traditionalist approach, as an evolutionary methodology of reforming admittedly corrupt societal structures. Letting go of politics and religion, on an individual basis, probably works, at least for a while - but on a global level, I think we're stuck with politics and religion. I will continue to contemplate idealistic conceptualizations of church and state - and the proper relationship between church and state. I will also continue to contemplate a perfected humanity, living in a perfected solar system. I doubt that this is going to happen anytime soon. In fact, we might be very lucky to simply survive...

    As the general public learns more of the horrible historical abuses of church and state - and as they find out more and more about the New World Order - and as they are adversely affected by it - there may very well be anarchy - complete with running in the streets. Then the noose might get a lot tighter. I have been doing a lot of dreaming on another thread - and I feel quite comfortable with many of my conclusions - but I don't have a clue regarding how and when to implement them. Great ideas can be horribly botched. It seems as though the New World Order is being installed in a very sloppy and shoddy manner. I have huge problems with the Old World Order and the New World Order - but I think we need some sort of a World Order. In fact, I think we need a Solar System Order or a New Solar System. But as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

    Should we seek no common ground or global cooperation? Must we be slavishly individualistic? What does the term 'Divide and Conquer' mean to you? What is truth? Should freedom have limits? If so, what should they be? Is ridicule a form of control? I think that politics, religion, and theology are a mixture of truth, lies, good, and evil. These are very messy subjects. What I really object to in the world are the creepy, corrupt, destructive, and violent aspects.

    I tend to think that Jordan might've gotten a bit too close to Freemasonry and Blavatsky, and he doesn't always make proper word associations. Once again, he seems to be very good at pointing out obscure connections and problems, but he rarely offers convincing solutions. But I love listening to Jordan, and I have learned a lot from him. Whether he is right or wrong, I think a lot of us should deeply research the subjects he discusses. Being single probably makes researching a lot easier. Not many spouses would be patient and understanding enough to tolerate all of the problems connected with controversial and esoteric research. I think that a supernatural battle is part of the deal. It's not just an intellectual matter. I continue to like listening to Jordan Maxwell and Bill Cooper, but they don't make me happy. In fact, I keep exposing myself to material which is really quite negative and troubling. But I try to find solutions in the midst of the turmoil, and once in a while I actually succeed. Unfortunately, I think I make a lot of individuals and groups - human and otherwise - terrestrial an extraterrestrial - LIVID. Just imagine how mad they might be if I weren't a completely ignorant fool!!! I'd be downright dangerous!!! What would Raven say???

    I don't think we're going to be ready to ascend anytime soon...  
    lol! NoBan Boxer Omnipotence NoOooyeah 1
    Just another note to the Powers That Be - Human or Otherwise - Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial:


    Swanny wrote:
    RedEzra wrote:
    Swanny wrote:You say your god loves its people and its planet so much but it is allowing Fukushima to continue? That is an ELE.

    That's right... that is an ELE. But it is foretold in the Bible that at the end of the age there would be trouble because of endemic evil. God once flushed the whole planet... but don't worry you are not the body but a soul who will survive this cleansing. What i would worry about is where i end up after.

    Don't worry about me. I'm not living in fear, I'll be fine. Big Grin 2
    The following was posted by Anchor on another thread, and I thought it might be helpful to repost it here.

    I offer this as input. It is copied from a thread of mine at PA..., which in turn was started from material copied from PA version 1, also by me - and our very own orthodoxymoron

    {Reposted from PAv1 Late Feb 2009 with edits. It have not changed my opinion since then !}

    From PA1, Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    Are the Powers That Be planning to exterminate most of us with 'Earth Changes'?

    If by the TPTB you mean the ruling elite, then I think the answer is no. There are easier ways to achieve that. For example: 3rd density humankind need food, shelter and water to live.

    From PA1, Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    Could HAARP or sub-polar nuclear detonations precipitate these 'Earth Changes'?

    Maybe they could precipitate changes, but not the ones that the Earth actually needs; nor (in my opinion) would they be able to carry out any such large scale changes of that nature - the Earth is well protected right now. You would likely see faults occurring in the equipment in the something like the way that the LHC system was stopped.

    Can they use their war toys and tools to cause mischief? Yes very much so. The sum total of our human activity provides plenty (but lessening all the time) of scope for them to act within the bounds of karmic balance and non-infringement of cosmic law to cause plenty of annoying mischief.

    From PA1, Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    How is it that the earth can exist for thousands of years without 'Earth Changes'...but now that we have extermination technology and the motivation of expediency...we are now going to have 'Earth Changes' which are supposedly going to be completely natural in origin.

    As you know, I don’t agree that they are related. The hurried and increasing Earth changes are happening as a consequence of the planets position and movement into an energetically different part of the Galaxy – certain configuration changes within the Earthly body – and purification are necessary to complete this process in a manner that does not affect the cosmic environment far from the planet – it is all connected. We have caused problems more far reaching in scope than we know. The Earth has to do this or die and many sources that discuss this have said that the Earths decision was not to die, and called for help which it has received in abundance.

    Therefore, it is certain that the Earth will ascend energetically over the next 100 years or so with a massive change around 2012. It will catch up with the others in our solar system from a progress point of view.

    If you want you can stick around for the ride, but if you plan of living more than say 30-60 years then you will want to be on the path to 4th density positive ascension - otherwise you will find it impossible to exist on the new 4th density positive Earth, and will need to incarnate somewhere else.

    From PA1, Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    I feel like a darn duck in a shooting gallery.

    Understandable, but it is essential that you get past this. You, more than most, are not powerless to influence the outcome. That applies both to you and every single reader of this forum.

    We must take back our power. You have the power to choose.



    From PA1, Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    Anchor, you made the following statements:

    'No large numbers of disharmonious humans living on it. As you know recently this changed, the numbers shot up, and we have been behaving, on aggregate, in an increasingly nasty manner. This is the cause of the planetary imbalance on a huge scale that require ‘Earth Changes’ to balance out.'

    'We have caused problems more far reaching in scope than we know. The Earth has to do this or die and many sources that discuss this have said that the Earths decision was not to die, and called for help which it has received in abundance.'

    'If you want you can stick around for the ride, but if you plan of living more than say 30-60 years then you will want to be on the path to 4th density positive ascension - otherwise you will find it impossible to exist on the new 4th density positive Earth, and will need to incarnate somewhere else.'


    So...Earth has decided to exterminate us to save herself? Will the Illuminati help Mother Earth to exterminate us? I sure hope I advance sufficiently to ascend with the spiritual giants. Survival of the fittest? Evolution at work? I feel so loved!

    No, the Earth has decided to ascend. The train is pulling out the station. We have a similar choice - that is the main point of what I am trying to say.

    Your eternal survival is already assured, just not necessarily in your current third density form.

    You still have a choice.

    I think that the more you look outside for the answers the harder it will be for you, may I suggest looking within ?

    On your final words: Of course you are loved! You are loved and cherished more than any of our human minds can comprehend! Being in a third density body and behind the veil of confusion is one of the biggest and at this time, hardest, spiritual challenges imaginable.

    Countless beings of light and love are watching - they have your back and can help - but you must act, you must act and be responsible for the outcomes of those actions. Nothing gets done for you, but you can be helped all the time. Ask.

    You are here are this time for a reason...

    In the love and the light


    PS: Sorry I didn't comment on the illuminati part of your post. They may help - but not because they planned to!

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron

    Remember the song You Are a Fluke of the Universe? 'You have no right to be here. And whether you can hear it, or not...the universe is laughing behind your back.' Was this verse created by the reptilians? Is Mother Earth really the inner earth reptilians (both physical and interdimensional)? Is Mother Earth really Gizeh Intelligence...or is Mother Earth really Lucifer? Do they want the 'Earth Changes' which will exterminate most of humanity...and render the remaining sheeple quite manageable? Will our ascension into 4th and 5th dimension occur when we are exterminated? Will the interdimensional reptilians be waiting for us on these levels? Shouldn't the world unite around a globalism based on the U.S. Constitution and Sound Money...wherein the people of the world rule themselves with Constitutional Responsible Freedom? Shouldn't Earth Change Extermination be completely off the table? Shouldn't population reduction be achieved through education and contraception? Shouldn't environmental restoration be accomplished with the help of Free Energy? Shouldn't the sell out elites be brought to justice? Shouldn't this happen soon?

    Are these genuine questions requiring answers or are they a rhetorical rant - a "wailing and gnashing of teeth"?

    What is the axe you are grinding on "extermination" - it implies intent rather than consequence. The fact many may die is a potential consequence of the Earth ascension, but also in parallel, an intent of the dark elite. Why does it matter which? Death is not the end - or do you think it is?

    I can tell you a bit about how things will be if you like, but I am not sure you want to hear it from me.

    The challenge before us is to make a difference!

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    Did I hit a nerve? The questions are both inquisitive and rhetorical. I had a teacher with a PhD in rhetoric. How, exactly, will the killing occur? How many of our fellow human beings will die? Will they die instantly...or will they suffer? Will there be 'weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth'? Do you expect to be a survivor...or a statistic? Death is not the end...but is death a friend? What steps are being taken to save the lives of our brothers and sisters? Or do we not give a kangaroo's patootie?

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    Did I hit a nerve?

    No you didn't. I should hope you were not trying! I did ask you some questions though but you only answered a few. I sort of needed the answers to take this thread in a useful direction - though at this rate we really need to hop over to the Spirituality forum

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    How, exactly, will the killing occur?

    The way I see it, it started already: economic collapse. difficulty with food production and distribution. The inability of large sections of the human race to co-operate in a crisis. Later on, extreme weather, rising sea levels, and geological changes. The wildcard factor is what the dark forces might do in terms of a scorched Earth retreat once they realize they cannot stay.

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    How many of our fellow human beings will die?

    Lots. Sorry.

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    Will they die instantly...or will they suffer?

    A morbid question. Some will some wont. Some will suffer varying degrees. I don't know numbers. What will happen will mostly be down to the persons level of consciousness, the soul contract they came into incarnation with, and their karmic situation. Many people will be catalysed to see the light as the pace of change and the inconveniences with which we will be beset increase.

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    Will there be 'weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth'?

    Yes, many people will not see the light or awaken to their true nature and will persist in a state of victim consciousness - begging to be rescued by anyone who will have them. This is not the way you will survive. To survive one must act for oneself and ones like-minded community of fellow survivors, that should a person have a mind to, they will be attracted to the necessary groupings.

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    Do you expect to be a survivor...or a statistic?

    Yes, and as such I will also be a statistic

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    Death is not the end...but is death a friend?

    No death is not a friend. Allow me to paint a picture for the sake of perspective. Some of it may be prophetic, and I apologise if this offends anyone. Imagine yourself walking among a scene of destruction, with every heartstring plucked in angst for the dying and the suffering. Rubble, smoke, water, fire, extreme weather, broken bodies and half closed body-bags.

    Recently [as I wrote this ] the end came for 200 people in Victoria in the bush-fires. Some of the burning was similar to SHC but on houses. Some people were incinerated in seconds. It doesn't matter if it was HAARP or Earth changes, they still died. This third density chapter is closed for them. Same for Louisiana flooding, or the big tsunami, etc etc.

    Human kind has stood by for years and watched its brothers and sisters in different countries die of starvation, thirst, poverty and readily preventable diseases. Why is it any different for people in the same country?

    If you meant death as an easy escape - I don't recommend that. The reason is that you are hear at this time for a reason. In my own mind I am 100% positive that you are here, as are most of the people attracted to this group, for the same reason I am. You can choose to survive, teach and learn. You can learn to listen within and thereby hear the truth and the guidance that will lead you. You can learn the power of the call for aid and the awesome cosmic forces at your disposal to bring that aid to others in such abundance that your intuition assures you is necessary. Once you realize that, then you can see that leaving early would be somewhat dishonorable and a big unhelpful mission fail.

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    What steps are being taken to save the lives of our brothers and sisters?

    The awakened will awaken as many as possible. This vanguard will shine for the others. This will not be a rescue as emphasised before, but the way is shown. Each must act and be responsible for the results of those actions at every level. This is in fact how it has always been and always will be, but the somnolent state of many has masked this awareness - mainly because of the influence that we have all allowed the dark elite to have on our lives.

    Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron
    Or do we not give a kangaroo's patootie?

    I care heaps. We must give as much kangaroo's patootie as we have the capacity to give it.

    I appreciate you coaxing this information out of me. It helps me and I hope it helps anyone who reads it. It is important for everyone to discriminate and reject this information if it seems wrong or irrelevant to you.


    Elandiel BernElve
    Thank you for this thread, it's very interesting to read. Since i haven't been on the PA1 forum I'm wondering does this all originate from 2009? It feels like since 2008 earth development understandings have increased exponentially and much of what we thought then is already considered to be slightly or totally different.

    Yes it is based on a summary of information that I was really starting to recognize during 2008 but the thread was in early 2009.

    I expected many changes that have not actually occurred, though much has happened. I was surprised by the skill with which the recent GFC that could have precipitated some of the heavier catalyst was averted by TPTB. Suits me, gives me more time to get my own head in the right place :)

    Nothing has really changed, but unfortunately that may mean the catalyst is swifter and harsher when it does come. It must. I remain convinced that the earth is ascending and there is a timetable.

    Elandiel BernElve
    I don't really know what to think of it, it's a lot of doom what puts me once again in this uncomfortable position of despair.

    It is not doom to me.

    A forest fire is necessary for a pine cone to open and spread its seeds - the destruction - doom on some levels, is the blossoming and nurturance of new life on others. This is a marvellous time we are living through. I have watched you posting on this forum and I can see you have a firm grasp on many of the essential elements to this thinking and yet you despair. I hope I can offer some encouragement.

    You are exactly where you need to be. And in this situation, you are equipped with a failsafe instrument of guidance. That instrument, your heart, your connection to your higher self, is the way shower for you as it is for each other human in the game right now.

    Elandiel BernElve
    I'm but a student living in this small studio apartment with no financial means to achieve any precautions for any kind of doomscenario. I don't have a basement I can fill with food, I can't buy myself a farm at a safe spot to start a community and make our food independently. I can't buy gold, I can only prepare myself mentally, I'm stuck in this position because only for some years now I'm learning all these Avalon/Camelot things.

    The evidence you present seems to stack against my arguments, but I am lucky, I have seen wonderful and miraculous things. I feel I can speak with a good measure of conviction on the matter - however that said, the disclaimer always applies, the all important resonance test and discrimination that you and you alone must apply to my words. This could all be deluded nonsense.

    I know that the manifestation process works for me, and so I know it will work for you. I know that my higher self guides me out of trouble (when I am wise enough to let it). I am double your age and in that time, I have had some cool opportunities to see how the magic works.

    Elandiel BernElve
    It just sucks to sit and wait for some f*** up people or reptilians to come around and exterminate me. it's a pathetic vision...

    Yes, it is pathetic. Don't do it! Right away, starting today, you can take action. Take care with what you place your attention on - you are a creator, your intent is the key to creation. You are responsible for all of it, don't make things that come back to bite.

    Elandiel BernElve
    I WILL not abide, I've got too much to offer, I am living to my fullest extend, each day trying to get better, to evolve, to help people, to learn, to love, to change, to live. I care for this place, for you, for the universe., for our lives and well being. I don't deserve this doom.

    You don't, but, I am guessing that for you it has a (temporary) purpose - a kind of a dark night of the soul - if that is what it is, it will pass. Having all this new information set upon you is a tough blow to the "self".

    It will stop as soon as you release the negative concepts and see the situation as other than (say) doom.

    My sense is that you are way ahead of the curve in personal transformational terms. Please don't be discouraged, but please don't sit back and let it all happen either.

    Every step you take is a piece of the puzzle completed. It is the painting of a new "dot" on the pointillist’s canvas. Before long you will realise that you have completed a masterpiece, from time to time as you create this work you will step back (and you do have to step back with that kind of art) and marvel at what has been achieved. I have been blessed with a merest glimpse of that collective masterpiece we create, which is to come (for us) and it surpasses anything I can express in words.

    Elandiel BernElve
    But what the heck am I going to do when people keep stalking me over about preparing for all this doom that is ahead.

    Ignore them. You must carefully evaluate your motives and re-evaluate them in the light of the new knowledge. You may make the odd mistake, but that’s the whole point. An important concept is you are sovereign. There is no judge higher than your-self. No one can judge you, even if they try, it is just advice - which you can take or leave! Do that according to your discernment and inner wisdom you won’t go far wrong. Sure - as you work through all this it will stress interpersonal relationships - some break, others, new ones that are forged in the light and the love of the newer wisdom will form.

    Elandiel BernElve

    Forgive me making some assumptions about what you do or do not do in this regard. I am sorry if they are wrong. If you are doing the things I say below, keep up the good work. If you are not, then please consider this encouragement to start. I have been accused many times of being condescending. If I am I really hope you know that don’t want to be. I do want to help if I can.

    I think there is a lot to digest in this thread if you are seeing it raw for the first few times. You really need to help yourself. Meditation is the best and most effective way to develop the mental clarity required to help you see your way. It is the only way I know to develop the connection to your higher self that you really need. The higher self is your infallible guide, it is none-other than you from the future come back with the accumulated wisdom of then, to help you in the NOW. At any time you can ask yourself or your other guides for help. Simply mentally intone the question and "catch" what comes.

    Thanks for asking the honest questions!

    I honour that place where you and I are one. Your light shines, it really does.


    I keep getting the sinking-feeling that in antiquity, this solar system was faced with the choice of Good CEO v Bad CEO, and chose Bad CEO. I keep getting the sinking-feeling that in modernity, this solar system is faced with the choice of Good CEO v Bad CEO v Good Supercomputer v Bad Supercomputer, and the choice is Bad CEO and/or Bad Supercomputer. I SO Hope I'm Wrong.

    Pris wrote:



    "I am The Water of Life.  Out of myself I grow.
    The more you drink of me, the fuller I will flow."

    Distilled Waters Knowledge:  The true definition of Ouroboros

    What is Orin?

    Humans are Perpetual Motion Machines

    Downloadable PDFs and links:
    JoeEcho wrote:The OUROBOROS is a fascinating symbol. It can be expounded on in so many ways. In fact, the quote "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." is imbeded in the ouroboros. Also: "Garbage in, Garbage out" (GIGO), the idea that in computing and other spheres, incorrect or poor quality input will always produce faulty output. There is no limit to the 'spheres' the ouroboros is applicable to. Nothing new ever enters a 'closed' system. Samsara:

    Creation within creation is not creation but re-creation.
    Those with limited perception think I'm doing nothing,
    "Nay, I say, can't you see I'm re-creating?"  

    Carol wrote:We drink rain water from out in the middle of the ocean. That's about as clean as it gets other then spring water. I read about Urine therapy back in the 90s and had wondered about it.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:
    I have a vivid childhood memory of a goat standing on a stump while drinking urine from his own %$#@!!!
    It was at a family get-together in British Columbia, and my aunt said "Whatever Turns You On!!"
    That Really Got My Goat!!

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:35 pm

    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:I have a vivid childhood memory of a goat standing on a stump while drinking urine from his own %$#@!!! It was at a family get-together in British Columbia, and my aunt said "Whatever Turns You On!!" That Really Got My Goat!!

    Lol amusing you are, Oxy. jocolor That goat of yours instinctively knew what was good for it.  I'll drink to that (but NOT with goat urine, thanks lol). Toast Okay, back to business here... Very Happy  This is about drinking one's own urine -- no one else's (and that includes goats!).  Your own urine is your body's own best medicine.  The only time it is suggested to drink someone else's urine is when that individual is so sick that they can't produce their own urine.  Then, other people's urine (preferably of the same sex because of hormones etc.) can be given until the sick person's own kidneys start to produce urine again.  Also, depending on the illness(s) and/or wound(s), other people's urine (including aged urine) can be applied topically to sick individuals to help out/encourage healing in the more rigorous aspects of urine therapy -- combination of taking urine internally (drinking) and externally (through the skin).
    Pris wrote:.

    As a  member of this forum, I have found that large signatures become very tedious
    when you have to scroll over them repeatedly...

    over and over

    and over again...

    It's kind of like being subjected to water torture.

    Please, share your thoughts. Very Happy
    Pris wrote:
    mudra wrote: If you think this is torture you haven't lived anything yet  Wink I like signatures in general .I noticed they tend to change. At times short and simple, at times  longer and colorful. They offer  variety and a way to see people's considerations change and evolve. A few personnal considerations regarding posts though:

    I noticed I have I have less attraction for posts where there are few images and little or no text. Lengthy worded posts on the other hand tend to throw me off after a while unless clear and understandable and my interest is high for the subject being covered. Humor is fine. But by now I have seen so many cats in our gardens that I think I 'll go and look for the ladybirds and lilies for a while.

    Love from me

    I'm glad you're sharing your thoughts here, mudra!  I wish more people would. I love you Hey, we all are kind of 'quirky' in our own ways.  Hurray, how wonderful.  This is about being as inclusive as possible. I'm amazed I've not been booted out of this forum yet.  Carol... wow, she's got some patience. I've been booted out of one forum and let myself out the door in a few others because they weren't quite so.... inclusive as this forum. Being able to state what one thinks and feels without being lynched by the mob is something I truly appreciate. Okay, this signature thing may seem like a somewhat silly problem to bring up, but I'm all for bringing up everything and anything.  So, here it is. Very Happy
    Pris wrote:.

    Here's a few more of my own thoughts on the subject.  The Floyd

    Personally, I like having my little 'catch phrase' (related to 'Pris', Blade Runner... all that).  I've had the exact same avatar picture and the exact same signature since I first started doing the... forum circuit.  I'm NOT going to change my avatar pic as I've established that to be 'me' right from Day One (I don't want to confuse people by changing anything).  However, to make a point here, I've decided to change my signature.  This is meant to be temporary...  I've complained in the past and nothing happens.  Maybe if I have a large signature, too, people will see that this is really an annoying problem.  

    Look, we all know who we're talking about here.  It's a SMALL forum.

    Just because somebody's done something the same way for years doesn't mean it's okay.  We're all just supposed to 'get used to it'?  I've noticed everyone else, out of decency perhaps (to compensate perhaps), refraining from making a huge signature.

    There's like a kind of unsaid, informal forum etiquette we all generally follow.  That restraint doesn't 'cramp my style'.  I've found many other ways to be 'original' around here.

    Meanwhile, it's like we're all tip-toeing around the forum's one 'special needs person' because it's our responsibility to be nice.

    When somebody makes thousands of posts, their signature (that's never changed since I've been here btw) gets to be a real pain in the arse to crawl over.

    I realize that my posts aren't exactly 'light' at times with all the pictures and videos I post, but even my slow browser can handle it.

    All annoyance aside, when somebody uses multiple video links plus pictures plus large blocks of text in a single post, over and over, repeated on the same page even, coupled with an extra large picture that gets repeatedly tacked on at the end, it really does slow my browser down.  Multiple videos are the worst.

    To my delight and surprise, I recently noticed I've been quoted in a certain someone's thread post... and the post was looking really interesting, very insightful... but I couldn't even respond.  The page was so heavy my browser froze up and I had to kill it.

    Carol wrote:Stunning Footage Of American's Crumbling Infrastructure
    Jun 18, 2017

    It’s no secret that America’s infrastructure is in dire need of repairs. Earlier this year, America received her infrastructure report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers’ and received a repulsive D+. The ASCE guesstimates the US would need to spend $4.5 trillion by 2025 on infrastructure.

    Here’s the breakdown of the report card:  

    Aviation: D
    Bridges: C+
    Dams: D
    Drinking Water: D
    Energy: D+
    Hazardous Waste: D+
    Inland Waterways: D
    Levees: D
    Parks and Recreation: D+
    Ports: C+
    Rail: B
    Roads: D
    Schools: D
    Solid Waste: C+
    Transit: D-
    Wastewater: D+

    With that being said, I’ve spent the entire weekend inspecting America’s infrastructure at the Port of Baltimore.

    At some locations, I was given special access to a behind the scenes view of America’s crumbling infrastructure that the public is not allowed to see. The reasons you’re left out of the know is because it destroys the mainstream narrative that everything is awesome.

    Even Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group says, “the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure”.

    In the Sunday Edition, Alastair Williamson is on site at a marine terminal in the Port of Baltimore. He provides an interesting view of America’s deteriorating infrastructure blended with the current shape of the US economy.

    In this video, Alastair is given special access to behind the scenes of America’s crumbling infrastructure. This view is rarely seen by the mainstream public. Enjoy!

    Carol wrote:
    The Real Purpose Behind The Russian/Trump Conspiracy Propaganda
    Jun 22, 2017
    Authored by Brandon Smith via

    Just after the US presidential election in 2016 I published an article titled 'Order Out Of Chaos: Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost', covering a rather difficult subject matter, namely the concept of “4th Generation Warfare” and how it is used by establishment elitists to defeat popular resistance to their agenda of centralization and globalization. 4th Gen tactics are confusing to many because most people think in terms of single movements and direct correlations; they think that a punch thrown is a punch intended to strike, rather than intended as a feint or misdirection.

    I'll put it another way – some people play chess and they only see the attack in front of them. Others play chess and they see the attack three moves ahead. 4th gen warfare is a “three steps ahead” style of fighting that focuses on a very specific goal: Tricking the enemy into destroying himself, or enslaving himself, so that you don't have to take any risks by moving against him directly. That is to say, 4th gen warfare is first and foremost about psychology. That which you see with your eyes is usually not what is actually happening.

    For example, when predicting the election win of Donald Trump and the passage of Brexit, I based my conclusions on a 4th gen strategy. According to the behavior and rhetoric of globalists and their organizations at the time, it seemed to me that they were allowing sovereignty and conservative movements to gain a foothold in the political arena. They were letting us THINK that we were winning.

    This accomplishes a few things – it takes conservatives off their guard and convinces them to think in terms of defending government rather than overthrowing government. The corruption has not changed, but now we have a vested interest in keeping the system going and attempting to change it “from the inside”. I hope it is clear to the majority of liberty activists today that this is a naive notion.

    Conservatives are also now willing to argue in favor of the election system, because many of them think that because Donald Trump “won” the system must be at least partially legitimate. News Flash: Our election system has been fraudulent for decades. The only candidates that ever make it past the DNC and the RNC filters are the candidates the elites WANT the public to choose from.

    The American public is also now viciously divided over Trump's ascendance to the White House. The political left has been driven to the point of utter insanity, not that they weren't already stark raving mad to begin with. Conservatives are next to be targeted with psychological manipulation, as the leftist zealotry pushes us towards the other end of the spectrum and a potentially dangerous mindset of rationalizing a totalitarian response. Where extreme social divisions exist, civil unrest and war are not far behind.

    Finally, the existing economic and social framework of the US in particular has a finite lifespan. Economic instability is rampant as I noted and evidenced in last week's article, and this has been a process ongoing since the initial 2008 credit and derivatives crisis. The old structure of America is being deliberately torn down to make way for a new structure; a single global edifice in which we are not a nation but a feudal vassal with no ideas of sovereign self determination. That said, the old world cannot be torn down outright. The globalists do not plan to take any blame for the crisis that would inevitably follow. Enter Trump, the perfect scapegoat for the next stage of fiscal collapse, and perhaps a pied piper convincing enough to lure numerous conservative groups into taking the blame as well.

    Trump, a seeming enemy of the globalist agenda, takes office, then surrounds himself with the same bankers and globalists he admonished during his campaign. He continues his anti-globalist rhetoric, but his actions tend to help them. Conservatives, desperate for a hero on a white horse to ride in and stop the rushing tide of cultural Marxism, were given one... just not in the manner they were hoping for.

    In the meantime, the establishment has sought to keep social tensions high. How? The political left has been played like a marionette since the election with a narrative of "Russian conspiracy". You see, hatred is psychologically exhausting. Mobs tend to dissipate and become impotent over time. It is hard to sustain the hatred of a large mass of people without consistent propaganda. Thus, it is important to give people a reason to hate; a reason that fuels perpetual reinforcement. For leftists, the desire to hate Trump runs deep. They think he represents everything that stands in opposition to their ideology, and zealots cannot tolerate the existence of opposing ideals. But there has to be more. The left has to be convinced that Trump is a thief, a thief so heinous that he stole an election with the help of a foreign power.

    Now, not only is Trump the anti-christ to leftists, he is also a false president – a pretender to the throne. This narrative is more than enough to keep the left frothing at the mouth for months if not years.

    As many analysts have pointed out, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Trump “stole” the election, let alone colluded with the Russian government to steal the election. Former FBI director James Comey's recent testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee produced nothing; no memos, no paper trail, zip, zilch. The very existence of the “Comey memos” is likely a farce.

    But here is where I break with many in the liberty movement – some analysts assume that Trump is being “targeted” and that the goal is to remove him from the White House. This makes little sense to me. If the elites wanted to stop Trump they would have done it during the RNC selection process just as they did to Ron Paul, and just as the DNC did to Bernie Sanders.

    Clearly, Trump is more valuable to them sitting in the Oval Office, as I outlined above. The Russian circus is going nowhere because it was never meant to go anywhere. It is distraction and drama, a soap opera for the ignorant masses. Trump will not be removed from office. If he does end up impeached, the impeachment will fail. As I have said since before the election, the establishment needs Trump as president.

    So, if I am correct and the Russian conspiracy narrative is not intended to take Trump down, what is it intended for? As stated earlier, this is 4th gen warfare, and the intended target for propaganda is not always the obvious target.

    As noted, Leftists are the initial target. They will continue to believe that Trump is a Russian collaborator because they want to believe it, regardless of how absurd the whole idea is. They will ignore the fact that there is no evidence to support the accusation. They will embrace the propaganda wholeheartedly and develop more violent methods to express their outrage.

    The secondary target of the Russian conspiracy manipulation is conservative groups.

    Here is the reality of our predicament; the US system is going to move into the next phase of collapse under Trump's watch. Period. The math is undeniable. Every economic indicator except stocks is in severe decline, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to deliberately ignite greater instability and time is running out. I believe that this phase will begin before the end of 2017. When the next downturn arrives on the doorstep and in the pocketbooks of the average American, the leftists and most of the world will blame Trump as an “incompetent buffoon” or a “vitriolic fascist”.

    Just as the elites need to make Trump and conservatives the best possible scapegoat for the left; they also need a perfect scapegoat for the political right. The narrative will be turned against the leftists and conservatives will exclaim that Trump was not able to reverse economic damages “created by the Obama administration” because leftists used the fake Russian conspiracy as a means to undermine him at every opportunity. Leftists will be labeled economic and political saboteurs, and this accusation will work to a point, because it is partly true.

    Finally, as America's decline accelerates, Eastern nations will without a doubt decouple completely from the US dollar as the world reserve currency and begin using the IMF Special Drawing Rights basket structure as a replacement. Russia will most likely lead this charge along with China. Americans will blame Russia in part for the demise of the dollar's buying power around the world. And, the rest of the world will blame the U.S. for the dollar's demise due to U.S. “imperialism” and overt sanctions against Russia. They will say we had it coming.

    Perhaps you have noticed a particular pattern here? Every piece of the narrative I have outlined has already been initiated, if perhaps only in early-to-mid stages of development. This is an open dialogue common in the mainstream. And in every case, the offered culprit behind the downfall of America is always someone other than the banking elites. Anyone other than the banking elites.


    Leftists and socialists around the globe will blame Trump and conservative principles. Conservatives will blame the left and their obstructions of Trump. The West will blame the East. Globalists will blame “populists” and nationalists, and nationalists will be scrambling to protect their ground by any means necessary, including unconstitutional measures, which will only help the globalists in the long run.

    A core catalyst for this geopolitical blame game is the Trump presidency and the use of the Russian conspiracy to ensure that the left remains crazy, inspiring the right towards extreme measures. Again, this is not about removing Trump, it is about manipulating the left; it is about using the Left's cultural Marxism to trigger an iron-fisted reaction from the political right.

    In my recent article 'Operation Temperer - U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Measures Within A Year', I warned readers that the UK government has already set in motion martial law measures in response to a growing number of Islamic terrorist attacks. In the US, I think the same march towards totalitarianism will occur, but for reasons beyond foreign terrorism. Economic uncertainty coupled with a volatile left hellbent on supplanting the presidency by any means necessary may very well be exploited by Trump and the elites surrounding him to establish martial law measures in the US. And, I have little doubt that a portion of conservatives will cheer this action.

    If this takes place and conservatives come out in majority support, then the globalist use of 4th Gen warfare will have succeeded. They will have won. For if conservatives abandon the constitution, then no one will be left to defend the principles and heritage it represents. We will have destroyed ourselves, and the elites will have barely lifted a finger to make this happen. The game can be changed entirely, but only if we are smart enough to recognize the narrative for what it is, and only if we turn our sights on the globalists instead of hyperfocusing on the scapegoats they offer us.
    RedEzra wrote:
    Everything will be fine... we'll just put this fig leaf in front of it and hide... ssshhh

    Man where are you ? Why are you hiding ? Who told you that you were naked ?
    Have you eaten from the tree whose fruit I commanded you not to eat ?

    Well the woman you gave to be with me... she made me eat. Nay the snake made me eat...

    Then the blame game began... always somebody else's fault.
    I just did what i was told to do... how can that be my fault ?

    And when nobody takes responsibility for their actions... then this is
    how evil propagates and eventually infests the whole world.
    RedEzra wrote:If we just cover up our lost innocence and hide from God then everything will be fine... and this is what masons continue to do with an apron. They think they are still in hiding from God... ssshhh secrecy is the key to not be found out. God can call as much as God want but we will not come... We will make the world in our way with a lot of help from that subtil snake... the most cunning crafty creature God ever made. After all we can thank that snake for our reasoning... and where would we be without reason ?

    So the masons have been working for a long time to mold the world in such a way that most will welcome their personal liberator... whom of course God came to save us from.

    Masons are the continuation and modern version of the medieval Knights Templar who in their crusades came under the spell of islam... so slowly but surely the aristocratic Knights Templar from strongholds in especially Scotland and Portugal gained estates and eventually Empires. Today the Knights Templar or masons above a certain degree are the movers and shakers and policy makers of most of the world.

    And as we can understand by geopolitical events past and present they want to erase everything that reminds them of God... which means Judeochristianity. The catholic church has been taken over a long time ago and is now working with the masons... but it will probably be backstabbed and destroyed beause it still somewhat stinks of God.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Well-Said, Red. I obviously want things to be better, but what if our Bad-Past has somehow been necessary?? What if the Real-God farmed-out the Management of Humanity to the Bad Guy and/or Gal?? Unfortunately, it seems as if more lessons must be learned in the context of This Present Madness. I SO Hope I'm Wrong.

    This Post is a Continuation of My 'Contextual-Superimposition' Methodology. It's a 'Literary Jackson Pollock' Approach. I Could Organize and Refine It, But I'd Rather Not. Don't Take My 'Work' Personally. Simply Use It As a Mental and Spiritual Exercise. But Researchers Beware. This Is Very Difficult Material. This Isn't For Everyone. If It Is Too Painful, STOP.

    I still have no idea what's really going on in this solar system. My internet research and posting have been a pseudo-intellectual game which might help some of us think outside of the box. The truth will probably occur gradually -- but I doubt that complete disclosure will ever occur. I keep suspecting deception -- even regarding the most convincing revelations. I get the sinking-feeling that those who don't like me are just feeding me more and more rope, in the hope that I'll hang myself. I get the feeling they are pulling their punches, as they wait for the right time to really deck me. But what if I really simply walk away from this madness at the end of August (if not sooner)?? What if I truly don't do anything?? What was I supposed to do?? Do I really wish to know?? The stakes are too high -- and I know too little -- to properly proceed.

    I often feel as if I might be some sort of a spoiled, lazy, stupid ex-insider -- who got kicked out of the Dark-Side of the Moon for being a Pompous and Supercilious Moralistic-Smart@$$. But now I'm wondering if the internet exposed a lot of insiders -- catching them with their spacesuits down -- necessitating reinstating me as a Token Ethical Insider. But I'm continuing to wonder if I'm deemed to be too screwed-up, politically-incorrect, and socially-unacceptable to do anything other than take my dog for long walks. I'm sort of making this up as I go completely insane -- so don't judge me too harshly. I'm a sensitive fool. Are we really dealing with Purgatory Incorporated -- built upon the foundation of Deception, Cruelty, Stolen Technology and Solar System Conquest?? What if I turn out to be an Ancient Ring Leader?? But what if a Nasty Galaxy requires Nasty Methods??

    I've been thinking in terms of This Solar System = Purgatory Incorporated = Ra Deal. I have no idea if things have to be this way, or not. I am more moralistic regarding what one does with the money they make -- rather than how the money is made. I know that sounds hypocritical (and it IS) -- but I am trying to temper my idealism with pragmatism. I have no idea what the true state of affairs are -- so I'm in the process of shutting-down -- watching rather than talking. It seems as if Humanity sold-out way too quickly and easily -- and that we've been paying dearly for thousands of years. That's my story -- and I'm sticking to it -- for now. Now I have to get back to work, so that I can Look Real Good -- and Make Lots of Money -- by the use of Ethical-Deception and Moral-Ambiguity. Just kidding -- or am I??

    It seems as though things are up for grabs right now. I think things might be quite chaotic. We might achieve world peace - or we might experience the extermination of the human race. I am finding out so much, and I am so fearful, that I feel as though my sanity is in question. On the other hand, if I could take everything in stride, would I really understand the situation? Might a limited case of insanity really be a completely sane reaction to a completely insane world, solar system, and galactic situation? I just started cleaning house, after letting things go for a long time. I have felt somewhat paralyzed by my discoveries and speculation. I think the counterbalancing forces and factions are extremely powerful, and that it's very difficult to predict what's going to go down over the next few years. I am very afraid of hidden technology and WMD's. I will keep listening to everyone, without hanging on every word, or ridiculing them. I'm sort of everyone's friend and everyone's enemy. I think this will continue for the rest of my lives.

    I'm trying to begin a comprehensive search and review of Avalon 1 and Mists. I'm trying to cut way back on new posting. I thought things might be looking up, until Fukushima. For a variety of reasons, this event completely disillusioned me regarding any perceived progress toward resolving festering hidden issues, and avoiding earth-changes or punishment/sacrifice/cleansing events. I fear that Fukushima was deliberately inflicted, and it made me start agonizing over 9/11 once more. I am very unhappy with the human condition. I think we are a very problematic race, and so many things seem to be out of control, and possibly past the point of no return. But I think that deliberately inflicted violence should not occur in any way, shape, or form. I continue to contemplate idealistic models of solar system governance, even as my self-governance continues to deteriorate. I continue to be troubled by the secrecy, deception, confusion, etc. My current sense of what is really going on is quite startling, to say the least, and I don't talk about it, other than what I have posted on Avalon and Mists. I think I'm preparing myself for a variety of possible and probable scenarios, and I'm asking myself what I would do if I were in a position to make any sort of a difference. I keep contemplating a constructive hijacking of the City States and the United Nations, as unlikely as this might be. Hope springs eternal.

    I think things could go in just about any direction. So many things seem to be up for grabs. I've recently been focusing upon an idealistic 2112, and contemplating how to make it happen. I like science fiction, but most of it is horrific and violent. I have been trying to conceptualize a peaceful 2112. I don't know the true nature of non-mammalian humanoid life-forms, but I have been trying to imagine living with them in various locations throughout the solar system. I think we need to reign-in technology, industrialization, pollution, war - and we need to reduce the population through responsible-reproduction, rather than by earth-changes or any deliberately inflicted extermination. I continue to consider an idealistic and proper integration of theocracy and democracy. I wonder how many individuals in this solar system are willing to go through the hell required to really dig through all of the issues on the table, and then engage in effective activities to truly make things better, long-term. What would Germaine de Foix say?

    I am very interested in the Nazi phenomenon, especially as it interacts with the hidden aspects of Roman Catholicism. I'm beginning to read 'Hitler's Pope'. I'm thinking that Gizeh Intelligence is the missing-link. While I think a lot of this is sinister, I think there might be a good side or happy ending to all of this, with the proper international or interplanetary supervision. I think that ancient technology and wisdom got hijacked by the bad guys and gals - or the Raiders of the Lost Ark. I think all of this high-tech madness goes way back into antiquity. I think that both the Old World Order and the New World Order need to be replaced by a Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System - possibly based within the walls of a completely purified and reformed Vatican. I'm sure they just LOVE it when I make these posts! Just think of what this world might be like today if there had been no mistreatment of the Jewish people and no Second World War. Think of all of the fancy technology being shared with the entire world, with no violence, overpopulation, or pollution.

    I tend to think that some of those who were involved with the Nazis in the 1930's were somewhat idealistic and naive. But I tend to think that there were those who were VERY evil, and knew EXACTLY what they were doing, to screw the human race. Perhaps a lot of both secular and sacred history are cunningly devised fables, designed to obscure a very dark and complex past. If one were living in Germany in the 30's, it might be very difficult to resist the Nazi phenomenon, with all of it's power, pagentry, money, technology, industrialization - and with God on It's Side. We need to be VERY careful that we don't repeat the absurdities and atrocities of the past. But we really do seem to worship the All Powerful Gods of Power, Money, Technology, and Fame Paraded Before the Masses in a Bewitching Witch's Brew. The Wrong Thing Often Seems Like the Right Thing - and the Right Thing Often Seems Like the Wrong Thing. I continue to think that we need a vast worldwide army of careful researchers, who know how to face reality, without getting mad or going mad.

    Hitler With Whip (acting like 'Jesus') Hitler's close friend, Dietrich Eckart, told of overhearing Hitler showing off to a lady by denouncing Berlin in extravagant terms: ". . . the luxury, the perversion, the iniquity, the wanton display and the Jewish materialism disgusted me so thoroughly that I was almost beside myself. I nearly imagined myself to be Jesus Christ when he came to his Father's Temple and found the money changers." Eckart described Hitler as "brandishing his whip and exclaimed that it was his mission to descend upon the capital like a Christ and scourge the corrupt." And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting: And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers' money, and overthrew the tables. --John 2:14-15

    What is the ideal religious system? What is the ideal governmental system? What is the ideal model of interaction between a religious and political system? What would an ideal solar system be like? I think some of you need to step up to the plate, and discuss these issues with me. I'm still liking the idea of a solar system based upon the U.S. Constitution, with 10,000 representatives, who each have at least the equivalent of a PhD in Solar System Studies and Governance. I also like the idea of both politics AND religion being discussed by the Congress and the Senate. I think theology is central to getting solar system governance right, but would a historical approach to theology be wise? Should we only consider modern theological constructs? What if the solar system were sort of a non-militaristic and non-theocratic Holy American Empire? That term is probably highly objectionable to many, especially after the last couple of decades, but I will leave it, as is, to see what you have to say about it. I value endless discussions and debates regarding politics and religion.

    I endorse an ongoing political and religious infowar - as long as it is conducted in a reasonably friendly manner. But how do we nurture an identity and a sense of unity, if things are always in a turmoil? But if someone rules with an iron fist, then we're in big trouble, aren't we? But honestly, I could see myself enjoying living in a highly ethical theocracy, if and only if, it were done properly. The specter of enslavement and extermination continues to haunt me. My lack of knowledge regarding what is REALLY going on, is highly troubling to me. We have not been given proper religious or political leadership, yet we are criticized for being irresponsible. If there is a clear and proper standard, combined with proper governance, things might work out quite well for all concerned. I don't know enough about Draconians, Greys, Hybrids, or Interdimensional Reptilians, to really make any proper judgements about them. I remain open, yet wary.

    Try re-listening to Jim Marrs, Bill Cooper, Alex Collier, Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, and Joseph Farrell - in light of what I have been discussing on this thread. I'm not necessarily endorsing these people, but they cover a lot of important territory which directly relates to this thread. I don't care if you agree or disagree with me. I just want serious consideration and conversation to occur. I don't necessarily wish to wake everyone up. This often means RILING everyone up. I think that perhaps 20% of the population should really be on top of the infowar, and that the remaining 80% should continue to just try to survive and be happy. I don't ridicule those who watch football, Survivor, or American Idol. As long as people are not hurting each other, they should enjoy their freedom to be completely ignorant fools, if they so desire. My infowar journey is not making me happy, or making me a better person. It is disillusioning me. I never used to swear, but now I find myself doing this privately, to the point that my dog leaves the room.

    I really feel like a lost soul, because I probably am a lost soul, despite my best efforts to figure things out, and benefit all concerned. I continue to think that an attempted integration of the U.S. Constitution, the Teachings of Jesus, the Latin Mass, and Sacred Classical Music is an excellent place to begin conceptualizing a Vatican-Based Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System. Understand, that this is just a mental and spiritual exercise, and that it is just the beginning of a VERY DEEP study. I'm not saying 'My Way or the Highway'. A Minimalist Traditionalist starting point is all that I am suggesting. What the ultimate form of solar system governance ends up being, remains to be seen. Perhaps inventing solar system governance will be a lot like Edison inventing the light bulb. My immediate concern is reading 'The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ' by Gerald Massey, and separating fact from fiction. Oh me of little faith...

    IdeaIdea Idea  Idea LET THERE BE LIGHT WORKERS! IdeaIdeaIdeaIdea

    Are we dealing with a Solar System Wide Babylonian/Egyptian/Grecian/Roman Reptilian Orion-Queen Theocracy aka Gizeh Intelligence - Primarily Administered Through the Vatican?

    I'm not hostile regarding all of this. I'm just trying to understand. The true nature of the soul is the real wild-card. If human souls are interdimensional reptilian (and I don't know that they are), can you imagine how the general public would react to that sort of thing??!! OMG!! 87% of them might go nucking futs. Waking people up could backfire if the news is bad enough. I don't wish to crusade or suppress. I prefer an evolution of understanding what might be beyond comprehension. Consider Dan Winter. Take a look at this.

    "Did you think to notice that all the appearances the Catholics claim to receive are by a female entity that they, NOT the appearing entity, call Mary? Strange for a supposedly male dominated religion to have all female visitations, even telling people to 'pray the rosary'. The rosary is a litany of repetitious praise of Mary..."Hail Mary". The rose is her flower, hence rosary. David Icke (and others) will tell you the rose's connection to those who rule the planet. What does all of this mean? The Orion queen is planning her return and is getting the locals ready to praying to a goddess figure. In the catholic church, Mary has become #1 over her alleged son, for example. The New Age religions, with their goddess philosophies work well with the catholic."

    Once again, I am leaning toward the theory that Reptilian Queens are at the center of an esoteric study of the physical, spiritual, political, and religious history of this solar system. Some of this bias is based upon evidence, and some of it is simply intuitive and circumstantial. I continue to attempt to be somewhat neutral in all of this. I continue to wonder how God the Father, Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael fit into all of the above. How would my concept of a United States of the Solar System affect all of the above?

    God the Father seems to be absent - and this really bothers me. I keep seeing Hollywood representations of a Queen killing a King. Or even the story of Oedipus. I fear that somehow God the Father (Osiris?) has been removed or murdered. I'm sensing a Vengeful Mother (Gabriel?) Assisted by a Sinister Son or Daughter (Lucifer?) - and a Despised Out of Power Son or Daughter (Michael?). I have speculated that the Obelisk and the Crucifix are symbols of the Vengeful Mother and Sinister Child's victory over Osiris and Horus. But this is just more speculation. I'm suspecting a Family Feud / Civil War - spanning tens or hundreds of thousands of years - throughout our solar system and Sirius. But I could be completely wrong. A galactic tug of war could REALLY get out of hand in a hurry. When I speculate about all of this - I mean no harm or disrespect to any and all involved parties.

    I'm just trying to figure out what the hell is going on - and how to defuse whatever madness exists in this neck of the woods. The official history is horrible - and I think the real truth will prove to be unimaginably horrible. I am VERY concerned regarding what part I might've played in the madness. I have no peace - even on a good day. Take a long, hard look at 'East of Eden' and 'Rebel Without a Cause'. Guess who Osiris, Isis, Ra, and Horus might be? Osiris = Amen Ra = God the Father? Isis = Mary/Queen of Heaven? Anti Ra = God of This World/Lucifer? Horus = Michael/Mithras/Jesus? Righteous Parent and Child vs Rebellious Parent and Child? Incoming Annunaki vs Local Annunaki? Was Michael/Horus/Jesus a Rebellious Annunaki who became a completely Human Being - and became Persona Non Grata and Galactic Enemy Number One - of both the Local and Incoming Annunaki? Are we facing a Three-Way Showdown? Is there any way to properly unite the three hypothetical parties - and to avert Armageddon?

    What if a Terrestrial-Trinity Nefariously Replaced Our Father, Who Art in Heaven??? What if Isis said, "I, Jesus, Am Lucifer"??? Isis, Horus, and Set??? World Without End, Amen Ra??? What is the Legitimacy of Solar System Governance over the last million years??? Just the Facts, Ma'am!!!

    Consider watching 'East of Eden'. I have a DVD, and I'm watching it right now. Consider the possibility of parallels between the major characters and the major players in this solar system. Just look for clues. Note that Kate always wore gloves. In Stargate, Ra (who I think of as being Hathor / Isis) wore finger protectors. I think Qetesh did too. This is probably insignificant, but who knows? Notice Kate wearing red. The Woman in Scarlet? Notice Kate's business. The Whore of Babylon? (I hate that term, but it is biblical) It feels like Adam is absent from this solar system. It feels like Kate and Cal have been running this solar system for thousands of years. It feels as though Aaron has been trying in vain, to reform this solar system. What if Aaron sees the good and the bad in the others, and is trying to broker a reconciliation? But what if this effort has made everyone angry? I know that's a stretch, but who really knows what the true state of affairs has been, and is presently? What would a composite of the best aspects of these four be like? Might this be the key to resolving the mess this solar system seems to be in? Think long and hard about the theological implications and ramifications of 'East of Eden'. Does a Sirian family somehow need to be reunited? East of Giza? Damned if I know. One more thing. The Sheriff was the real hero in this movie! Notice how well he handled everything! Adam, Aaron, Kate, and Cal seemed to be quite disfunctional, in very different ways, but the Sheriff seemed to take everything in stride, and do exactly the right thing. I am VERY Uncomfortable with the following speculation. This is intended to make ALL of US Think.

    Adam = Amen Ra / Osiris / God the Father / Sirian King?
    Kate = Gabriel / Isis / Mary / Queen of Heaven?
    Aaron = Michael / Horus / Mithras / Jesus?
    Cal = Lucifer / Anti Ra / God of This World?

    So, where in this god-forsaken solar system do I go to talk about solar system governance? Should I just keep talking to myself, just for the hell of it? Or should I simply say 'the hell with it'? I hate to say it, but I can understand how Megalomaniacs Anonymous became reprehensibly-corrupted, filthy-rich, and obscenely-powerful. The masses seem to be screaming 'We don't want truth and responsibility! We want lies and entertainment!' Edwin Bernays and Jordan Maxwell were probably right. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then watch 'The Century of the Self' and the last Project Camelot interview with Jordan Maxwell. The contents of this thread might have to be implemented from behind the curtain. But then, wouldn't that sort of defeat the whole raison d'etre for a Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom United States of the Solar System?

    I really wish to help, in an open and honest manner, but this sort of thing doesn't seem to be the 'in thing' right now. A small solar system council, meeting in an old, deconsecrated and reverberant church, might be sort of fun. I sometimes think that the REAL solar system governance occurs in a hidden temple, sort of like the one in 'Stargate', where Debates to the Death occur regarding the Fate of Humanity. Who knows? Perhaps we deserve the New World Order. It really isn't worth a nervous breakdown, just to be ignored. I've pretty much had it with everyone. The good, the bad, the ugly, the ptb, the sheeple, the aliens, the gods, the goddesses, et al. I've pretty much had it with myself. This really isn't fun, and if it isn't fun, then I'm done...

    Can you imagine observing a large lecture hall, filled with Oxford Dons, discussing the contents of this thread, and then some??!! I've touched upon this previously. I know that I'm just an amateur. The fact that I'm mostly going solo, and that there are persistent and severe intellectual and emotional issues, makes it very difficult for me to master any of this madness. The PTB wouldn't want me to do that anyway, now would they??? I expect to be a very amusing patient in a mental hospital someday, and probably sooner than later. Something to look forward to. Bring me a Darth Vader Balloon when you visit me - if anyone visits me. In the meantime, I'm going to overdose on Gerald Massey, Ralph Ellis, and Albert Schweitzer. BTW -- I have the same initials as Darth Vader -- I have been called Satan (on this website) -- I found an image of Azazel (which looks a lot like I did as a child) -- and I have been contacted by multiple Individuals of Interest (including at least one Ancient Egyptian Deity). How would THAT make YOU feel?? Also -- when I was probably six years old -- I stood transfixed in front of Thomas Gainsborough's Blue Boy for probably twenty minutes. What Would Dr. Who Do?? One More Thing. Consider Archangel Michael, Amen Ra, Osiris, Ovid, Prince Albert, Viktor Schauberger, and Yours Truly.

    sunny Namaste and Have a Nice Day!  sunny

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

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    Consider the following problematic terms:





    Are these terms particularly applicable to Earth-Humanity??
    RedEzra wrote:

    Hey who are you ?
    I'm your neighbour
    Ahaha so you're an illusion

    Hey who are you ?
    I'm an angel
    Ahaha so you're just an illusion

    Hey who are you ?
    I'm God
    Ahaha so you're the first illusion

    No I'm not going away like in never ever
    Ahaha oops ahaha

    Son what can we do with this one ?
    With whom ?
    RedEzra wrote:Our imagination simply shuts down or simplify reality into abstract absurdities when trying to comprehend the origin of earth life and universe. So God's problem is that God is simply too great... and our imagination cannot but belittle God (which we are great at). We make God in our image... and imagine that reality must conform to our imagination. We do this all the time with people as well... it's called prejudice.

    The human body for example at the cellular level is so breathtaking complicated that i cry as i type this because i accidentally poked my eye... and invisible to the naked eye within microscopic cells is DNA encoded with genetic information on how to build biological life forms. By every human standard even a single cell is amazing... so a whole body of them in the flight of an eagle or the grace of a gazelle is awfully amazing.

    So when trying to talk about the author and encoder of life... words stumble like stones out of our mouths. There is nothing we can say to capture God's greatness. But we ought not be apprehensive of God just because God is great... like don't hate me because i'm beautiful.
    RedEzra wrote:The scientific theory of evolution has been pushed as a plausible scenario... which has liberated a lot of people from God. Finally someone came up with an idea backed by scientists which makes God a person non grata or a non topic. Brilliant no more boring old morals... life is what we make of it.

    The theory of evolution... as in theory and not reality... so are we supposed to base our believes in an idea not proven to be fact ?

    But it got a scientific stamp of approval... yes but so do fluoride in the water and aspartame in our food and vaccines in our bodies and on and on... so what is approved by science is actually harmful to human health.

    Well let's call it all an illusion then... so long as we don't have to consider a conscious God like being creating us. But our bodies are not and cannot be an illusion... because the amount of thought or information encoded within our DNA and the decoding building and working of trillions of cells in functional harmony is simply too complicated to be a simple illusion.

    Intelligence has no choice but to acknowledge God... who is infinitely greater than our imagination... and that's perfectly alright.
    RedEzra wrote:God has made disparaging statements about LGBT... which do not go down well with a lot of Homos in powerful corporate or political positions... so they got together and came up with an agenda to make Homo erectus out of everybody. The theory of evolution is an important part of this push to substitute God's morals with a caveman mentality.

    It's very bizzare to watch the unfolding of this social program which they call progress because it actually makes everything worse.

    Perhaps the most absurd aspect is that this is nothing new... since history shows this is how civilisations collapse. God got a lot of tools in His workbox to turn an empire into ruins. And this is what i perceive is coming... an end of the world as we know it.

    But before God returns... there will be a war where angels who have given Homos angel tech will be thrown down to earth. And this is probably about to happen soon since the Book of Revelation chapter 12 (where we read about it) also seems to depict an astronomical mark in time... namely at the new moon in September 2017 which falls on the Feast of Trumpets.

    And for 3.5 years a brave new world will emerge out of the ashes of the old one... and everybody must be marked by the governing enemies of God in order to buy and sell and basically live.

    And I heard a voice from heaven telling me to write
    Blessed are the dead
    Those who die in the Lord from this moment on
    Yes says the Spirit
    for they will rest from their labors and their deeds will follow them
    - Revelation 14:13 -
    RedEzra wrote:George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 mentored and published by a member of the famous Warburg family... where one of them is on congressional record stating that...

    "We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest." - James Warburg - 1950

    ... describes in detail the system in which we live with perpetual war public manipulation and government surveillance... designed and controlled by a privileged elite.

    NANUXII wrote: taking into account all possibilities the notion of a repeated return of a savior is either fact or fiction. The question is was this story of christ injected as a proven means to keep us mystified ?  it seems to be working on some of us ...  but i look at this world as a whole and when i do i wonder if someone so brilliant as a god that invented and created this planet and all its amazing diversity could let it all go to the lions ?  

    i mean it is so far ... so what is the purpose of this god ?  to watch us over millions of years become nothing more than redundant ? is that the intelligence of god ?  is he that intelligent that he designed something to fail ?  

    or is the maelstrom of chance and chaos of an un regulated and diverse future of evolution to blame ?  

    evolution happens , unless god comes in and changes plants and animals to adapt to their environment ?  

    lemon trees , why is it that some citrus trees have thorns ?    what is the purpose of it ?   some that believe in evolution would say the plant over time devised a safety mechanism to ward off predators.  But if a god made this tree why do some have thorns and some do not ?    and if a god made this tree why would it have predators ... and why would it have thorns ?   is that not a contradiction in design ?  i mean if you could design something so amazing as this earth and all its diversity , wouldnt you know that some things will conflict with others ?  and of course with that much intelligence you would know .. but yet you let it happen  

    i feel that those that think this was all created by god are saying by virtue of historical experience that god is a sadist and maybe they refer to lucifer as their god who has created this reality.

    the conflicts on this planet ,.,, have they been designed by god to amuse ?  what is the purpose of this intelligent design thats incredibly flawed ? and it is flawed.

    so the bibles notion of peace on earth ... was that a hopeful gesture in the face of god who intelligently designed a place of chaos ?

    only evolution could account for such random diversity not only in matter but in mind.

    this does not mean there is not a god ... it only means our understanding of it needs re thinking.  

    RedEzra wrote:Life on earth is just about 6000 years old and is trapped in time and entropy... so given enough time life on earth will eventually be exhausted and extinct because of entropy.

    The theory of evolution supposes that in a chemical urheimat soup a living cell came into being and slowly but surely over a very very long time evolved into more and more complex species... so according to evolution we can all trace our line back to an amoeba... which is of course silly and in fact impossible in a universe governed by the second law of thermodynamics.

    Biological life forms can adapt to the environment and cause variations within species and also humanity has a history of crossbreeding variations within species as well.

    Life on earth as it is was never ment to last forever because physicality is trapped in time and entropy... unlike 'God and ethereal angels who are eternal. We got about 6000 years of recorded history all the way back to our first parents who lived with God... but there were some sons of God who perhaps because of pride jealousy and desire mingled and mated with women and made a hybrid human-angelic bloodline.

    We know them as the blue bloods... the aristocrazy who is the power behind most kingdoms... they have always ruled because they can trace their line back to an angel. They are in enmity with God and humans who are not hybrids. But they are running out of time and have ramped up their animosity against the inferior human cattle or cockroaches as they are known to call us.
    RedEzra wrote:They know some sort of catastrophe is coming... and that's why they've been busy digging safe spaces underground. They've known about this for some time as the Georgia Guidestones were erected on March 22 1980. And 322 is the number of the Skull and Bones which insignia is the Totenkopf of the Third Reich.

    The nazis just went underground or into the abyss from where they again will ascend to govern the whole world after some sort of catastrophe. Their scientific advances and weapon technology will be unmatched by the rest of the world combined. Who can wage war against the beast ?

    And so they will continue where they left off over 70 years ago with at the head some sort of Hitler 2.0 who was an archetype of the end time antichrist.

    So in this new order the future does not look so bright for neither jews nor christians... but everybody must be marked and tagged to buy and sell in this global world of control. It's just that acceptance of this mark or allegiance to this system will condemn our souls to ethereal hell.

    And after 3.5 years of this new world order Jesus will return to war with and end His enemies. Perhaps they think that their weapon technology can stand a chance against God ? As silly as it sounds i think they may think that...
    Swanny wrote: Your gods are only aliens so maybe their weapons do stand a chance
    NANUXII wrote:I am constantly puzzled by evolution and how it works , i truly believe that the god i have come to know devised evolution as a method of creating chance by virtue of giving a cell the right to create its own destiny. By historical and scientific fact we see this in so many examples.

    Below is an excerpt from the BBC on how primal cells evolved by ingesting bacteria , when left to its own devices in peace to form , which resounds a god like model , it has become more than what it started as well over 2 billion years ago.

    I am also looking at the original texts from the Mason library on the story of Hiram Abiff and the origins of the Mason movement started 1000 BC showing the secret of solomons temple that Hiram held was envied by 3 men who tried to get him to tell them the code word of solomons temple.

    Hiram held fast as he was killed by the three men and the secret was not given to the evil of man. I am in favor of believing something was known to few that gave them an advantage in life. Knowledge , wisdom and an appreciation of the reality of existence.  if god were to create man in his own image why was it that some got better knowledge than others ?  i believe firmly that the god we have traditionally referred to is actually on numerous accounts an alien being or group that for whatever reason wanted to experiment and change our species... perhaps they were the gods we refer to that created humans in their own image.

    This creationist theory rings true in that regard and i firmly believe that is the case. What i also believe is that the god referred to in historical texts was inserted to create one focal point of change. Pre christian history we find that there were indeed many gods. The greek historical writings that pre date the bible by thousands of years depict many differing gods and masters. Were these gods all disciples of the conglomerate god energy matrix ?  

    And i often ponder why the change from many god's to a one god theory around the time of christ...  did an evolution of thinking take place ?  did we eventually discover that the god matrix is an extension of many great spirits becoming one ?  so that the one god has the power and wisdom of so many...  

    If those of good intention and faith are to be seated by god, then it would make sense these good souls have a purpose for being there. It makes sense to me that after a pius life we are rewarded with some sort of ability to contribute to how we all get along.

    The following video asks some questions that i find interesting. In this we find luciferian culture being posed as a god. The trick is that lucifer is touted as the bringer of light ... but in my experience lucifer is the ruler of fire.

    The four corners , the four elements , the cross , not the crucifix , a crucifix is a symbol of lucifer.  be educated , see where we really are today.

    orthodoxymoron wrote:Consider Human and Non-Human Physicality, Psychology, Ethics, Business, Law, and Law-Enforcement from Antiquity to Modernity. How things are going presently might be somewhat irrelevant regarding the Legitimacy of the Whole Solar-System Operation in Antiquity and Modernity. If this Solar System was stolen in antiquity (complete with Mass-Murder), success in modernity does NOT justify and/or excuse the iniquities of the past and present. Or am I wrong??

    I continue to think that History and the Bible MUST be considered in the context of Hypothetical Star-Wars in antiquity and modernity. I knew a very-good person who said "We Don't Need a Book to Know How to Live." I disagreed. I think we need a smaller and better book than the Bible to know how to live in modernity, but who gets to write such a book?? I've tried to think in terms of Job through Malachi and Luke through Jude as being a Minimalist-Traditionalist Approach to Judeo-Christianity as being a "Smaller and Better Book" to guide us in modernity (without throwing the Bible out with the Baby and the Bathwater). The nastiness in most of the rest of the Bible is truly troubling, and does NOT seem to properly represent a God of Love and Righteousness.

    I suspect a One Solar System Government for at least the past 6,000 years, which has controlled EVERYTHING (Good, Bad, Theistic, Atheistic, Protestant, Catholic, Democrat, Republican, Communist, and Capitalist) for Better or Worse, I Know Not. I don't know what I want. I don't know what to do. I mostly just want to watch, research, and reflect from a 600 square-foot Room with a View and a Cray, but an Absolute-Access Pass would be a nice perk for a Completely Ignorant Fool. What if we need to keep the Good Guy and/or Gal separated from the Bad Guy and/or Gal?? Might this involve a Cold-Spiritual Info-War?? Who REALLY wrote Sympathy for the Devil?? Who Was That Ancient Egyptian Deity?? Alphabet-Agent or Real-Deal?? RA = LUCIFER?? Damned If I Know.

    JoeEcho wrote:
    RedEzra wrote:There is an insurmountable difference between God and everybody else because God is uncreated and everybody else is created.

    Dog, created in opposition. Nothing can oppose that which is unmade. So then, what was made?

    RedEzra wrote:Our only option is to live together with God in family and fellowship... as it is impossible to merge or melt into God. Relationship is what God want with us.

    A subservient relationship is a relationship ultimately designed for repeated failure. If there is no subservience then there is no god. Are you saying your god is a failure?
    RedEzra wrote:God is the Creator of creation... and angels or aliens and man and animals are all part of God's creation. There actually is a Being who created everything and everybody... and that's just awfully amazing. Islam got one thing right and that is God is Great.

    With all the power of imagination and emotion a human being can muster... man is still a being created by God. Some like to think that they somehow are or can be God but not much could be further from the truth. God is above and beyond every angel man and animal ever made.

    There are only two options... and that is fellowship with God forever or forever not fellowship with God.

    Every time i mention God i mean the Three Persons who make up the Godhead. And no that's none of us.
    Pris wrote:
    mudra wrote:
    Pris wrote:.

    Here's a few more of my own thoughts on the subject.  The Floyd

    All annoyance aside, when somebody uses multiple video links plus pictures plus large blocks of text in a single post, over and over, repeated on the same page even, coupled with an extra large picture that gets repeatedly tacked on at the end, it really does slow my browser down.  Multiple videos are the worst.

    To my delight and surprise, I recently noticed I've been quoted in a certain someone's thread post... and the post was looking really interesting, very insightful... but I couldn't even respond.  The page was so heavy my browser froze up and I had to kill it.

    Now that you stated  clearly what the problem is I understand and realize how this can be annoying. It would be interesting to know whether you are the only one encountering it or if more people are concerned. I don't remember  having to bear with a slow down for that specific reason myself when I use my computer. The Glitches and Bugs sub forum would be the right place to debate the matter I believe. Hope you find some fruitful solution.  

    Love from me

    Oh good!  I keep forgetting that 'middle-grounders' and 'left-brainers' need more evidence/proof. Very Happy  Those particular posts really do slow my browser down... Maybe it's because I'm on a more... antiquated system (and I've got a zillion tabs open which doesn't help).  So, when those heavy posts finally do load up on my page, it's like a proverbial back-handed slap in the face every time with that last picture tacked on there.  I've been psychologically damaged.

    I'm worried though... on a side note... A certain someone's not been here for a few days.  Hope everything's okay.  If not, the timing of this thread would really suck.

    UPDATE:  just checked, a certain someone just showed up, phew.

    mudra wrote:Pris why taking the big tour with gloves on when you could submit the matter to Oxy directly. Oxy at times complains of people showing no interest for his threads but you are going there and interact with him. I would think he appreciates this and would be ready to make you a favor by breaking his long posts down into several shorter ones and... god knows what Wink

    Love from me

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  mudra on Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:05 am

    Hello Oxy,

    As I came to your thread today it took me 3 minutes to be able to scroll down the last page of your thread.
    And I am on high speed bandwidth !
    Imagine what this means to people who have a lower speed one ?
    Actually this is the case for Pris apparently that is unable to reach the point of answering some of your posts
    although she wants to. According to her some other people complained about this as well.
    The large picture files you post as well as the multiple videos that come in a row are responsible for the freezing screen.

    You oftened complained that your threads receive no interest from members but take a moment and consider
    the above may well be a reason for this.
    Having to wait to be able to read any of your posts at all is quite dissuasive.

    Mercuriel not being around we are really left with our own to handle such matters through communication only.
    Would you be so kind as taking this into account and handle things accordingly.
    Just making your posts shorter of so many pictures as well as multiple videos in a row would help at LOT.

    Thank You Oxy
    Love from me

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:25 pm

    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:I have a vivid childhood memory of a goat standing on a stump while drinking urine from his own %$#@!!! It was at a family get-together in British Columbia, and my aunt said "Whatever Turns You On!!" That Really Got My Goat!!

    Lol amusing you are, Oxy. jocolor That goat of yours instinctively knew what was good for it.  I'll drink to that (but NOT with goat urine, thanks lol). Toast Okay, back to business here... Very Happy  This is about drinking one's own urine -- no one else's (and that includes goats!).  Your own urine is your body's own best medicine.  The only time it is suggested to drink someone else's urine is when that individual is so sick that they can't produce their own urine.  Then, other people's urine (preferably of the same sex because of hormones etc.) can be given until the sick person's own kidneys start to produce urine again.  Also, depending on the illness(s) and/or wound(s), other people's urine (including aged urine) can be applied topically to sick individuals to help out/encourage healing in the more rigorous aspects of urine therapy -- combination of taking urine internally (drinking) and externally (through the skin).
    Pris wrote:.

    As a  member of this forum, I have found that large signatures become very tedious
    when you have to scroll over them repeatedly...

    over and over

    and over again...

    It's kind of like being subjected to water torture.

    Please, share your thoughts. Very Happy
    Pris wrote:
    mudra wrote: If you think this is torture you haven't lived anything yet  Wink I like signatures in general .I noticed they tend to change. At times short and simple, at times  longer and colorful. They offer  variety and a way to see people's considerations change and evolve. A few personnal considerations regarding posts though:

    I noticed I have I have less attraction for posts where there are few images and little or no text. Lengthy worded posts on the other hand tend to throw me off after a while unless clear and understandable and my interest is high for the subject being covered. Humor is fine. But by now I have seen so many cats in our gardens that I think I 'll go and look for the ladybirds and lilies for a while.

    Love from me

    I'm glad you're sharing your thoughts here, mudra!  I wish more people would. I love you Hey, we all are kind of 'quirky' in our own ways.  Hurray, how wonderful.  This is about being as inclusive as possible. I'm amazed I've not been booted out of this forum yet.  Carol... wow, she's got some patience. I've been booted out of one forum and let myself out the door in a few others because they weren't quite so.... inclusive as this forum. Being able to state what one thinks and feels without being lynched by the mob is something I truly appreciate. Okay, this signature thing may seem like a somewhat silly problem to bring up, but I'm all for bringing up everything and anything.  So, here it is. Very Happy
    Pris wrote:.

    Here's a few more of my own thoughts on the subject.  The Floyd

    Personally, I like having my little 'catch phrase' (related to 'Pris', Blade Runner... all that).  I've had the exact same avatar picture and the exact same signature since I first started doing the... forum circuit.  I'm NOT going to change my avatar pic as I've established that to be 'me' right from Day One (I don't want to confuse people by changing anything).  However, to make a point here, I've decided to change my signature.  This is meant to be temporary...  I've complained in the past and nothing happens.  Maybe if I have a large signature, too, people will see that this is really an annoying problem.  

    Look, we all know who we're talking about here.  It's a SMALL forum.

    Just because somebody's done something the same way for years doesn't mean it's okay.  We're all just supposed to 'get used to it'?  I've noticed everyone else, out of decency perhaps (to compensate perhaps), refraining from making a huge signature.

    There's like a kind of unsaid, informal forum etiquette we all generally follow.  That restraint doesn't 'cramp my style'.  I've found many other ways to be 'original' around here.

    Meanwhile, it's like we're all tip-toeing around the forum's one 'special needs person' because it's our responsibility to be nice.

    When somebody makes thousands of posts, their signature (that's never changed since I've been here btw) gets to be a real pain in the arse to crawl over.

    I realize that my posts aren't exactly 'light' at times with all the pictures and videos I post, but even my slow browser can handle it.

    All annoyance aside, when somebody uses multiple video links plus pictures plus large blocks of text in a single post, over and over, repeated on the same page even, coupled with an extra large picture that gets repeatedly tacked on at the end, it really does slow my browser down.  Multiple videos are the worst.

    To my delight and surprise, I recently noticed I've been quoted in a certain someone's thread post... and the post was looking really interesting, very insightful... but I couldn't even respond.  The page was so heavy my browser froze up and I had to kill it.

    Pris wrote:
    mudra wrote:
    Pris wrote:.

    Here's a few more of my own thoughts on the subject.  The Floyd

    All annoyance aside, when somebody uses multiple video links plus pictures plus large blocks of text in a single post, over and over, repeated on the same page even, coupled with an extra large picture that gets repeatedly tacked on at the end, it really does slow my browser down.  Multiple videos are the worst.

    To my delight and surprise, I recently noticed I've been quoted in a certain someone's thread post... and the post was looking really interesting, very insightful... but I couldn't even respond.  The page was so heavy my browser froze up and I had to kill it.

    Now that you stated  clearly what the problem is I understand and realize how this can be annoying. It would be interesting to know whether you are the only one encountering it or if more people are concerned. I don't remember  having to bear with a slow down for that specific reason myself when I use my computer. The Glitches and Bugs sub forum would be the right place to debate the matter I believe. Hope you find some fruitful solution.  

    Love from me

    Oh good!  I keep forgetting that 'middle-grounders' and 'left-brainers' need more evidence/proof. Very Happy  Those particular posts really do slow my browser down... Maybe it's because I'm on a more... antiquated system (and I've got a zillion tabs open which doesn't help).  So, when those heavy posts finally do load up on my page, it's like a proverbial back-handed slap in the face every time with that last picture tacked on there.  I've been psychologically damaged.

    I'm worried though... on a side note... A certain someone's not been here for a few days.  Hope everything's okay.  If not, the timing of this thread would really suck.

    UPDATE:  just checked, a certain someone just showed up, phew.

    mudra wrote:Pris why taking the big tour with gloves on when you could submit the matter to Oxy directly. Oxy at times complains of people showing no interest for his threads but you are going there and interact with him. I would think he appreciates this and would be ready to make you a favor by breaking his long posts down into several shorter ones and... god knows what Wink

    Love from me
    mudra wrote:Hello Oxy,

    As I came to your thread today it took me 3 minutes to be able to scroll down the last page of your thread. And I am on high speed bandwidth ! Imagine what this means to people who have a lower speed one ? Actually this is the case for Pris apparently that is unable to reach the point of answering some of your posts although she wants to. According to her some other people complained about this as well. The large picture files you post as well as the multiple videos that come in a  row are responsible for the freezing screen.

    You oftened complained that your threads receive no interest from members but take a moment and consider the above may well be a reason for this. Having to wait to be able to read any of your posts at all is quite dissuasive.

    Mercuriel not being around we are really left with our own to handle such matters through communication only. Would you be so kind as taking this into account and handle things accordingly. Just making your posts shorter of so many pictures as well as multiple videos in a row would help a LOT.

    Thank You Oxy
    Love from me
    Mea Culpa. I'll take care of it. Size apparently matters. What's Done Is Done, but I'll Try to Do Better in the Future, which might involve starting Book Four of the United States of the Solar System, and including a lot of posts which involve very few videos and images. This might happen rather quickly, or it might have to wait until next year. I have some pressing matters to deal with, which might take a while. Sorry for the confounding-consternation (including weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth). One benefit of my problematic-posts is that the alphabet-agencies probably have no problem viewing my posts (because of their powerful computers) but We the Peons are unable to easily view my highly-hypothetical and reprehensively-revolting threads and posts. The target-audience probably got reached, while the internet-surfers and alerted-locals probably gave-up before they could be brain-damaged by my upsetting-posts.

    Regarding that 'Dr. Who Blue-Boy' signature, there is significant symbolism and character which is relevant to all of my threads and posts, and I've hinted at the reasons. This is an integral part of the puzzle to be solved, so I'll probably leave it 'as-is' and it shouldn't significantly slow down anyone's browser. I find it interesting that one who preaches 'No Rules' and 'No Leaders' finds it necessary to be the 'Police of Avalon'. I think I'll restrict my posting to 'my' threads, so as not to contaminate anyone else's threads. Just skip my threads. I've noticed throughout the years that my threads have not been included in the 'featured' threads on the 'welcome' page. I'm OK with that, and this is the first time (and probably the last time) that I've mentioned it. I've tested myself and others with my contrarian posting on a contrarian website. It's harder that way, and I usually do things the hard way. Thank-you for your patience and tolerance.

    Pris, you sometimes remind me of Aquaries 1111 aka A-1 (and others). Sometimes I  wonder if you are all one?? Notice how Elvis Presley's face changes when he starts singing 'Glory', and notice how he seems to open a 'dimensional door'!! Namaste, Godspeed, and Geronimo.

    Pris wrote: (Thanks, mudra, for putting in a few words for me!!)

    LOLOL!! Huge Grin  Well, you certainly 'did it your way', Oxy!  But, have no fear -- there is no final curtain. The Floyd

    Btw, you can't be 'outatime' when time is nonlinear.  If we're talking about going 'in' and 'out' of time, sure.

    Yes, Oxy, I know the significance of your TARDIS.  But, it's BIG.  (Too bad you missed the experience of having to crawl over my LONGCAT.)

    Don't attempt to ridicule me by calling me 'Police of Avalon' just for speaking my mind.  And, don't misquote me.  I've NEVER said NO RULES, NO LEADERS.  I have said NO RULERS, NO LEADERS.  Big difference.  We DEFINITELY need some RULES, Oxy.  We need some rules -- rules we all agree with and which are subject to change as we see fit.  That's called cooperation.

    Apparently, there's a signature size restriction that was initiated not long ago in Project Avalon so I see I'm not the first person to bring up this issue.  You don't see it as a big deal, how very nice for you, but again, you've missed the experience of having to crawl over my LONGCAT.  I did it to make a point and in less than one day I drove JoeEcho nuts with it.

    You're one of those people who takes up two car slots at the grocery parking lot because you think your car is too nice to slip in there with the rest of us.

    I'm not saying ELIMINATE your TARDIS... I've only suggested it could be smaller -- you know, smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside.  Oooyeah 1

    Note:  With regard to me, I've not been patient and tolerant... so no need to thank me.  Laugh

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts... dropping a few pearls, as it were, for the swine wink wink.  Puzzles, puzzles. Bleh   Truly, it's appreciated but sometimes it's just best to spit it out, don't you think?  We're outatime.  Wink

    mudra wrote:Good Oxy. Thank you for taking the time to reply. But page 11 of your thread is still freezing my screen. No chance to download the page and acknowledge you there. So you see I don't think this hasn't anything to do with Pris taking the role of Police of Avalon but rather just plain practicality for you as for those who wish to exchange views with you on your thread.

    Love from me
    Swanny wrote:
    mudra wrote:Good Oxy. Thank you for taking the time to reply. But page 11 of your thread is still freezing my screen.

    I tend to avoid threads in which I can see Oxy has posted in as his posts mess with my pc. I'm probably not the only one that does this.
    Carol wrote:

    The World Is Now $217,000,000,000,000 In Debt And The Global Elite Like It That Way
    By Michael Snyder, on June 29th, 2017

    The borrower is the servant of the lender, and through the mechanism of government debt virtually the entire planet has become the servants of the global money changers.  Politicians love to borrow money, but over time government debt slowly but surely impoverishes a nation.  As the elite get governments around the globe in increasing amounts of debt, those governments must raise taxes in order to keep servicing those debts.  In the end, it is all about taking money from us and transferring it into government pockets, and then taking money from government pockets and transferring it into the hands of the elite.  It is a game that has been going on for generations, and it is time for humanity to say that enough is enough.

    According to the Institute of International Finance, global debt has now reached a new all-time record high of 217 trillion dollars…

    Global debt levels have surged to a record $217 trillion in the first quarter of the year. This is 327 percent of the world’s annual economic output (GDP), reports the Institute of International Finance (IIF).

    The surging debt was driven by emerging economies, which have increased borrowing by $3 trillion to $56 trillion. This amounts to 218 percent of their combined economic output, five percentage points greater year on year.

    Never before in human history has our world been so saturated with debt.

    And what all of this debt does is that it funnels wealth to the very top of the global wealth pyramid.  In other words, it makes global wealth inequality far worse because this system is designed to make the rich even richer and the poor even poorer.

    Every year the gap between the wealthy and the poor grows, and it has gotten to the point that eight men have as much wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people on this planet combined…

    Eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity, according to a new report published by Oxfam today to mark the annual meeting of political and business leaders in Davos. This didn’t happen by accident.  Sadly, most people don’t even understand that this is literally what our system was designed to do.

    Today, more than 99 percent of the population of the planet lives in a country that has a central bank.  And debt-based central banking is designed to get national governments trapped in endless debt spirals from which they can never possibly escape.

    For example, just consider the Federal Reserve.  During the four decades before the Federal Reserve was created, our country enjoyed the best period of economic growth in U.S. history.  But since the Fed was established in 1913, the value of the U.S. dollar has fallen by approximately 98 percent and the size of our national debt has gotten more than 5000 times larger.

    It isn’t an accident that we are 20 trillion dollars in debt.  The truth is that the debt-based Federal Reserve is doing exactly what it was originally designed to do.  And no matter what politicians will tell you, we will never have a permanent solution to our debt problem until we get rid of the Federal Reserve.

    In 2017, interest on the national debt will be nearly half a trillion dollars.

    That means that close to 500 billion of our tax dollars will go out the door before our government spends a single penny on the military, on roads, on health care or on anything else.

    And we continue to pile up debt at a rate of more than 100 million dollars an hour.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, the federal government will add more than a trillion dollars to the national debt once again in 2018…

    Unless current laws are changed, federal individual income tax collections will increase by 9.5 percent in fiscal 2018, which begins on Oct. 1, according to data released today by the Congressional Budget Office.

    At the same time, however, the federal debt will increase by more than $1 trillion.

    We shouldn’t be doing this, but we just can’t seem to stop.

    Let me try to put this into perspective.  If you could somehow borrow a million dollars today and obligate your children to pay it off for you, would you do it?

    Maybe if you really hate your children you would, but most loving parents would never do such a thing.

    But that is precisely what we are doing on a national level.

    Thomas Jefferson was strongly against government debt because he believed that it was a way for one generation to steal from another generation.  And he actually wished that he could have added another amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would have banned government borrowing…

    “I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution. I would be willing to depend on that alone for the reduction of the administration of our government to the genuine principles of its Constitution; I mean an additional article, taking from the federal government the power of borrowing.”

    And the really big secret that none of us are supposed to know is that governments don’t actually have to borrow money.

    But if we start saying that too loudly the people that are making trillions of dollars from the current system are going to get very, very upset with us.

    Today, we are living in the terminal phase of the biggest debt bubble in the history of the planet.  Every debt bubble eventually ends tragically, and this one will too.

    Bill Gross recently noted that “our highly levered financial system is like a truckload of nitro glycerin on a bumpy road”.  One wrong move and the whole thing could blow sky high.

    When everything comes crashing down and a great crisis happens, we are going to have a choice.

    We could try to rebuild the fundamentally flawed old system, or we could scrap it and start over with something much better.

    My hope is that we will finally learn our lesson and discard the debt-based central banking model for good.

    The reason why I am writing about this so much ahead of time is so that people will actually understand why the coming crisis is happening as it unfolds.

    If we can get everyone to understand how we are being systematically robbed and cheated, perhaps people will finally get mad enough to do something about it.
    That Elvis video of 'Glory' reminded me of singing in the Morning-Choir at the Crystal Cathedral. We did a lot of back-up work for famous vocalists, and the back-up in the Elvis video was somewhat similar to back-ups created by Johnny Carl and Fred Swann. I got some of the same 'good-vibes' watching that video. We did a cool back-up for Karla Worley, singing 'The Rock of Faith is Jesus'!! I think that was a Gaither creation (modified by Fred Swann and Johnny Carl). Everyone loved it (including Fred Swann and Mark Thallander)!! I am SO Sorry about what happened to Johnny Carl and Mark Thallander, but I don't want to talk about it. I really enjoyed my four-years at the Crystal Cathedral, and I probably should've stayed, even after Dr. Robert H. Schuller yelled at me in public!! At least he didn't slap me!! 'RA' said that Schuller shouldn't have yelled at me. 'RA' also said that my participation in the Crystal Cathedral had changed the mind of a Significant Individual of Interest regarding me, but he didn't elaborate. That Individual didn't like Robert Schuller, but he knew a lot about him! He said I should be patient, and write my memoirs. What Would Baron Stockmar Say?? 'RA' said he was 'RICH'!!

    I think Robert Schuller should've created a Possibility-Thinking Seminary and Conservatory, and used the Best and Brightest Graduates to gradually take-over the ministry, rather than turning it into an 'All in the Family' fiasco. The building-program should've probably ended with the completion of the Crystal Cathedral. I was present when Dr. Schuller announced that Not One of the Major-Contributors supported the Family Life Center building-project. Perhaps that was a harbinger of things to come. A bigger and better Arboretum might've been cheaper and better than the Phillip Johnson designed Crystal Cathedral. What Would Richard Neutra Say?? The Orange County Roman Catholics would've had a Liturgically-Correct Turnkey-Cathedral. I should stop, but I have some interesting ideas for continuing the basic Peale and Schuller Concept, without Pompous and Supercilious Celebrity-Churchianity. I'm also NOT a fan of MumboJumboTrons!!

    Robert Anthony Schuller should've probably remained at Rancho Capistrano, where Bobby Schuller could've eventually carried on his father's ministry. It was obvious to everyone that Robert Anthony was NOT suited to carrying on Robert H. Schuller's ministry. Dr. Walter Martin told me "The Kid Doesn't Have It!!" He also told me that the Crystal Cathedral would become a "Big Greenhouse!!" Honest!! Now I'm Going to Stop, and Leave the Premises, with my Tail Between My Legs (or whatever that thing is)!! You Won't Have Orthodoxymoron to Ignore Anymore!! On the other hand "When Faced with a Mountain, I Will NOT Quit!! I Will Keep On Striving, Until I Climb Over, Find a Pass Through, Tunnel Underneath, Or Simply Stay, and Turn the Mountain Into a Goldmine, with God's Help!!"

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

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