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    A World That Has Gone to Waste - The Goddess That Once Was From The 1950's - Where Is She Now?

    Dream Weaver

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    A World That Has Gone to Waste - The Goddess That Once Was From The 1950's - Where Is She Now?

    Post  Dream Weaver on Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:31 am

    All those PIN-UPS that Once Were!.

    Now replaced by mind-controlled Miss Universe Bimbos!
    Lady Ga-Ga, Kate Perry and Miley Cyrus on-stage-performances!
    Wait for it, it won't be long before a hand-held mike becomes her vibrator!  
    All Sponsored by Hollywood Jews in the Entertainment Industry!

    Remember the movie Miss Congeniality?

    How women's bodies have been transformed in the past 60 years... with huge implications for our health. What's happened to our bodies? We're two inches taller, half a stone heavier - and have gone up three shoe sizes. It's a world away from the slender physique of the 1950s Hollywood bombshells. But what has it meant for our health? Sixty years ago the average British woman's figure was fairly trim: at a petite 5ft 2in, the scales rarely tipped 9st 10lb. Even her feet - size 31/2 - were small, and she fitted neatly into a size 12 dress. As for her vital statistics - 37-27-39 - she was the classic hour-glass, not far off Hollywood standards (America's most famous pin-up girl Betty Grable measured a curvy but slender 36-24-35).

    Fast forward to the year..... and we have ballooned. Not only are we taller, we're also heavier and less curvaceous, according to the UK National Sizing Survey.


    Natalie was fitted out in this corset with a 19" waist size comfortably down to 17" (Edith Head, her personal Costume Designer)
    On Record, Natalie was 5 ' tall with a 32B-21-32 figure. Natalie prides in her narrow slim waist, always showing me as a shapely spirit!
    If you like period costume with feminine lace, like I do showing Natalie blossoms in this movie with every costume change, like no other movie she starred in.
    Have a browse here

    I'm pushing real goddess energies to re-emerge, when a woman behaves like a lady, and not like all the Reality TV Whores from Babylon Productions right out of Hollywood.

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