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    A Parallel World in Reverse! Encounter of a Dual World with a Matrix Glitch

    Dream Weaver

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    A Parallel World in Reverse! Encounter of a Dual World with a Matrix Glitch

    Post  Dream Weaver on Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:16 am

    Too detailed, and too personal to explain when you don't know the cast of characters who I knew passed over, and are very much alive. The point is, I have entered a phase proving my exit will be a lot easier. I may appear dead in 3D, but I am very much alive and will walk invisible amongst you in your Matrix so well grounded here on the planet. The Matrix is individual with each person, with growth you become wise and wake up to the con-artists who painted this illusion, you are part of the matrix fabric, the warp and the weave. So you live with what you believe in, even if its a lie. Let me say it to you another way, I'm about to abort out from this illusion, I am now anchored on the receiving end of what you may call, a signal from my Father that is my higher-self as Horus-Ra. The 'white cord' from this illusion is like a 'bungee cord', you can never leave. People who die in their sleep naturally is part of this, they are ready to leave this hologram. I had dream showing this slave world showing it two days ago. Like a fishing line, it time for me to REAL back HOME. I will return to the Real World that is Within. No one works, no one is a slave. And the planet is nothing like this one, that f--k like rabbits and breed like bush-flies!

    In radio terminology, a transceiver means a unit which contains both a receiver and a transmitter. From the beginning days of radio the receiver and transmitter were separate units and remained so until around 1920. Amateur radio or "ham" radio operators can build their own equipment and it is now easier to design and build a simple unit containing both of the functions: transmitting and receiving.

    The Matrix Glitch was not a cat, it was two people I saw first getting on a walking escalator like a Mother & Son, they appeared again coming towards me from a opposite directions. It was impossible to think other wise, as the walking distance of these two was double to my walking distance! Or was I the glitch, the higher-self coming and going, pacing in and out of another frequency. We have lived as numb-skulls for eons of time with limited consciousness. I don't psychoanalysis my thoughts, that's 3D programming. Thought and you appear in another world, and its not the Merkaba light vehicle, that's Hebrew brain-wash like the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Most of the material you read is 3D to keep you grounded here. My neuron-circuits have shown, over the years looking like the Universe! Neurons are like star-gates, transmitters. That bee-sting targeted those modes to turn me into a vegetable and make me become brain-dead falling into a dead coma, then all life supply switched is off. I know how this false god thinks and operates. He was Seth and I went to see the movie GODS of EGYPT. Mother asked me to take Natalie to this movie, and I found code from that movie connecting to Natalie Wood in THE SEARCHERS movie with the DUKE (John Wayne) Wayne means "waggoner = Wagner. Images of Natalie showing her beauty in another world, stunned me.

    Innocently, I will re-frame from posting 3D material like the Russian Report. Much of which is reported even with Sheldon Nidle is total white-washed bull-shitz. I merely made a point to knowing the facts and will not enter into that field of lies given out by prosperity statements, its not going to happen to me! All these buffoons are your puppet master, and Saint Germain is one of them. Promises made for the 5th Dimension, it a Cruel Hoax for Crash Dummies!

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