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    Trace Amounts

    Post  mudra on Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:56 am

    Interview with Filmmaker Shiloh Levine "Trace Amounts"

    Shiloh Levine studied film production and theory at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her earlier works are mainly experimental and documentary shorts. Since her arrival to Los Angeles, Shiloh has worked on several comedic films. She has also produced, written, and anchored for OTV and is currently focused on projects that inspire positive change.

    In January 2008 I answered an online ad. When I showed up for the interview I was greeted by a young man named Eric Gladen and his cat Wayne. His office was about two feet from his kitchen sink, being that he lived and worked out of his 40 foot RV. Eric spoke really fast, he told me he was an engineer, he spoke a lot about mercury in the vaccines and the connection to Autism, his personal story, and that he wanted to somehow put it all into a documentary. He never said you’re hired, but after about an hour of conversation he asked me if I could run a camera, to which I replied, “yes.”

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