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    The Unknown History of America, It was all quite different... History Documentary


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    The Unknown History of America, It was all quite different... History Documentary

    Post  mudra on Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:05 am

    The Unknown History of America, It was all quite different... History Documentary

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    Re: The Unknown History of America, It was all quite different... History Documentary

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Mon Jul 27, 2015 6:19 am

    Thank you, mudra, a very interesting video with in a sort of innocent charming Russian style presentation.
    Here's another example of "cross-culture" found in a Grand Canyon mountain.
    The text below is part of Volume 2 The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life page 305 - 308

    "Update: What I am about to tell you is highly controversial. It may be true and possibly it is not. But it is worth it if some of you search out the truth.
    A young man came to me and began to tell me this story. He said there is a mountain inside the Grand Canyon called the Temple of Isis. You might wonder why they called it that. In 1925 a great discovery was found in and around this mountain. It was written about in the Arizona Gazette,
    I believe, in 1925, and in a book published, as I recall, in 1926. He went to the still existing newspaper and found the microfiche on file that shows
    what they found in this mountain. There are about six pages dedicated to the subject. I have seen it with my own eyes. [Perhaps readers can assist
    us to give exact references for both the article and the book, which had "Egypt" as part of its title and a picture of a flying saucer on its cover.]

    The newspaper says that they found Egyptian mummies and Egyptian hieroglyphs on the wails "inside" the mountain called the Temple of Isis. I saw
    the photos where they were bringing out the mummies, and I saw the hieroglyphs. The newspaper said that the Smithsonian Institute was doing the fieldwork and quoted them as saying that this was the biggest find in North American history. A book was written about this about a year later, but 1 don't remember its name. Then there was silence for about 68 years, until 1994.

    This young man said that he first found the 1926 book telling of this find, then researched the newspaper article of 1925. He told me the following
    story about hiking into the Grand Canyon to find this place. It is important to know that this Temple of Isis mountain is located in the Grand Canyon
    in an area now closed off to me public, except that a permit can be obtained under certain conditions. Even then only a small group of people at a
    time are allowed into this area. There is no water there except for one or two springs that are far apart. Water has to be carried with you, which
    limits how long you can stay there. Also, it is so hot there that people have a difficult time staying alive unless they are trained.

    He told me that he and a friend went into this area. They were both expert mountain cumbers trained in survival. He says that as he and his teammate approached the mountain, they found an actual stone pyramid made by human hands not far from the mountain. It was large enough to be impressive
    to these two researchers. To reach the Isis Temple, they had to climb a rock face that went straight up about 800 feet. Since they were professional mountain climbers, this did not stop them, as they were prepared.

    According to the original article in the Arizona Gazette, there were 32 large doorways entering the temple high above ground level. My friend said that they were still there, but looked like someone had attempted to destroy them. They picked one of the "doorways" that looked in the best condition and climbed up to it. When they reached it, they found that the opening went into the mountain about 40 feet, where rubble blocked their way. However, above this doorway was a perfectly round cutout about six feet in diameter and several inches deep that had been created by human hands. Human beings had definitely been there to make this cutout. They found no hieroglyphics.

    Their water was running out, and they made it back just in time. He said that staying another day might have been fatal, as the spring that should
    have given them more water was dry. The other interesting part of this story is that another "mountain" in the Grand Canyon, on the same latitude
    and only a mile or so away, is being excavated by the U.S. government. This site is so important to the government that they have made it illegal to
    fly over the area under 10,000 feet! The entire mountain is surrounded by the military, which keeps everyone out of the area. What have they found?
    Actually, the only reason I listened to this person about this possible Egyptian site was because of what we had learned about the diagonal line on the Giza Plateau that pointed to the "Four Corners area in the United States," indicating that something Egyptian and important seemed to be located there. Why am I telling you this? Because I believe that Egypt will eventually play a role in the unfolding of the consciousness of Earth, and I do not want what I know about this to be lost"

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