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    The Birth of Christ in the Human Soul lecture by Rudolf Steiner Dec. 22 1918


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    The Birth of Christ in the Human Soul lecture by Rudolf Steiner Dec. 22 1918

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Mon Dec 15, 2014 4:41 am


    A Christmas child-angel enters the home

    Here's a lecture with a beautiful and timeless view on the meaning of Christ. To me Christ is the christforce energy present in all
    nooks and crannies of the Universe. The view of Rudolf Steiner on the presence and meaning of the Christ and the view of Schools
    for Intuitive Development, are almost similar, although differently explained in words, Both views have offered me great relief from
    the my strict religious upbringing. How I've struggled with this dilemma, as a child, learning that Jesus died for my sins and that
    God meant well, loving me? So that we should always put our trust in Him? I've forgiven my parents and ancestors, but completely
    turned away from all human religious institutes, created by the mind. Hot heads and cold hearts have put quite an imprint on Dutch
    society, we've still not grown over it. For that I need to leave this delta... this place of water and marshes... it feels like I'm walking
    in wooden shoes on wet clay, getting stuck, just when I need to step up.

    Ahem, back to Christmas time.... for me it's a time for reflection on all that's good in my life and that's a lot, thank God....ehmm uhmm
    Love for Life Cheerful
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