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    One Wholenss Now - Miracles and the inner child


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    One Wholenss Now - Miracles and the inner child

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:56 am

    Published February 1 2014

    Bobbi Friday and Cheril Goodrich discusses the plan of One Wholeness Now
    and the importance of restoring our innocence. As The Miracle Alchemist,
    Cheril shares her experience as a healer in assisting many in releasing their
    innocence. Taped at Natures Wisdom and Everything Miracles in Winter Haven,

    To me a gift from the place of truth, from Cheril's and Bobbi's heart to mine and
    very appropriate at this time too. Thank you, Cheril Flowers

    "There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world:
    and that is an idea whose time has come."

    - Victor Hugo

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    Noam Chomsky: Elites Have Forced America into a National Psychosis to Keep Us Embroiled in Imperial Wars

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:49 am

    Noam Chomsky: "Elites Have Forced America into a National Psychosis to Keep Us Embroiled in Imperial Wars"
    And most of our intellectuals are only too happy to participate in the propaganda.

    I warmly and wholeheartedly agree with Naom Chomsky views and insights in grateful acknowledgement of this man's wisdom
    in an exposure of our world's reality, with all of us accepting it as the truth and only the truth, so help me God, which will begin
    to prove to be a lie now or soon, depending on our free will. I feel it happening on all levels, now and now and now and now.
    Not later, not ealier. Now. To me, it's harvest time!

    Consider me a radical intellectual on a broom broomstick with an owl on my shoulder.
    Great article I find and specially the following part of it, resonates with me a lot:

    "These remarks are a useful guide for the radical intellectual. They also provide a refreshing antidote
    to the dogmatism so typical of discourse on the left, with its arid certainties and religious fervor regarding
    matters that are barely understood - the self-destructive left-wing counterpart to the smug superficiality of
    the defenders of the status quo who can perceive their own ideological commitments no more than a fish can
    perceive that it swims in the sea".

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    "The Bondage Syndrome" by Cheril Goodrich The Miracle Alchemist December 5 2014

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Sat Dec 06, 2014 2:09 am

    December 5 2014

    The Bondage Syndrome

    The very idea of a child being placed in bondage is deplorable. Yet, because of our inability to use reason
    and logically assess situations as children, we are unconsciously set up to become adult slaves. Doing anything comes
    from experience. When doing is tempered with force or manipulation, it becomes bondage.

    When we are born, we come with a clean slate, ready to learn how to do. As it is impossible to do anything without a body,
    doing becomes a primary focus for us. In the beginning, doing what comes naturally comes from crying to get what we want.
    Then, as we move forward in our infancy, we learn that smiling is also rewarding, as it enhances the inner feelings of joy that
    we were born with. Fast forward to the time when we were doing something that a parent or an adult did not want us to do.

    Even though what we were doing was a natural expression of how we felt, in our innocence, we were admonished, in a not so
    kind way, to "stop doing that!" Because it is basically impossible to be corrected in our world without doing something, the
    lesson we learned was that we could be controlled because of our doing something that someone else did not like.

    Fast forward again to the time that you were told to clean your room. If you cleaned your room, you would receive a reward
    (allowance) for your work, or for what you do. Or, you could not go out and play until your room was clean. Is this not a lesson
    that teaches a monetary reward for working? And, is this not a lesson that teaches bondage? You cannot do what you want to
    do until you do your work. If your mom was like my mom, your room was never cleaned good enough. I always felt like I needed
    to do more, If I could only do it right, then I would be free from the feeling of being imperfect. It this not bondage?.

    Our parents are here to teach us appropriate behavior. Cleaning our room is appropriate behavior. Behavior is not good or bad
    until we learn it is possible to do something that will assign us a good or bad title. Once we learn we can alter our spiritual
    expression by doing something, we learn that we are in bondage to what we do.What we do is not who we are. We are
    emotional beings, and our physical doing nature cannot define us. Once this occurs, we have turned our spiritual reality
    upside down. If we do not pay our taxes, we will get into trouble with the law. In our childhood, the law was our parents,
    our educational teachers, or any individual in authority. This includes the people our parents told us to obey.

    We learned that when we went to the store, if we did not have the money to buy what we wanted, then we would have to
    work hard until we got the money. This is bondage. Working to have what we want comes from a past decision we learned
    in childhood. This is not how it really is.

    When we learn to place money first, then we will have to do whatever is necessary to gain the freedom to express what we want.
    This is bondage and slavery. This message is so ingrained in us, it is going to take a miracle to shift us into their proper order.
    Our memories have been contaminated by the fear of bondage. Undoing these past memories calls on us to deal with the
    lessons we learned in childhood. This is the next step in conscious evolution.

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