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    My words from the heart and my boisterous and robust opinion sharing, unveiling the pain in it.


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    My words from the heart and my boisterous and robust opinion sharing, unveiling the pain in it.

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Thu Nov 20, 2014 8:28 am

    In my own way, I'm holding the evolution of consciousness, taking place now, in my attention.
    It's a beautiful wisdom of life and spirit, that in my reality I find this process is taking place in the
    cells of my body,as well as on the worldstage with its props and costumes, rehearsals of plays and shadowplay,
    with spotlights directed in ways that are ordered by a mind well aware of the need in the audience, to be hypnotised
    and entertained, in order to sleep at night as demure sheep, snoring in the same rythm and tune.

    We're truly immensely afraid to leave the safety of what our mind tells us is true and the major part of humanity continues
    to hold a firm grip on the 3rd dimension, without succeeding. Our conviction of what is real or not, creates our focus on matter
    and material safety, even our need for material safety by securing the presence of other people in our lives, in order to feel safe and
    content. To me, this is an immense obstacle to open the door to a change of plan for the sake of love and a restoration of our autonomy.

    It's like the ancients' wise words "As within, so without" and "As below, so above". To me, those words point at the creation of our images,
    shaping our reality. We need new references to be able to get rid of the ones that don't work and first we have to be willing to see the old ones
    inside of us, crumbling at the edges, without our ability to hold a grip on that. To me, freedom means accepting both sides of the coin:
    our discernment of truth and a choice to love all life, in our present on this planet, evolves in both suffering and extacy. Taking
    responsibility for that brings order. Freedom isn't the absence of borders or a boundless indulging, freedom is the ability
    to be sovereign to what our instincts tell us is real and true and act accordingly. Many people are on the fence these
    days, in fear for losing their mind.

    Little do they know that it's this surrender, to go over the fence without losing one's sanity, that is allowing us to
    make the shift to a life in love. I know what I'm talking about, I've been there and I'm very stubborn to hold on
    to old paradigms within, believe me. I'm not expecting to get rid of them, only now I'm becoming aware of
    them without being ruled by them, if I pay attention;) To me, it feels as if what's happening now on the
    world stage, is a building up, in the collective mind, of a huge field of fear, connected to receiving the
    invitation to a ballet, with a grand finale with God and Lucifer waltzing together, in happy recognition
    and acknowledgement of their roles. Which were played out by a script in which creation we took
    and still take our part up to this day. The receiver, reading the card, exclaims at first glance
    "It can't be true!!"

    We are the ones that can make it true, you see? This is what I strongly believe in and it
    feels in accordance with a, for now, distant melody, the voice of love.
    Love is the greatest transformational force in the Universe.
    It's a deep knowing within me that is always present and
    this will carry me through these bewildering times.
    For oh boy... oh girl... it's a wild ride!!

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    Re: My words from the heart and my boisterous and robust opinion sharing, unveiling the pain in it.

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Fri Nov 21, 2014 12:24 am

    BB -- That was Profound...

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