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    What Is Consciousness?


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    Re: What Is Consciousness?

    Post  mudra on Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:05 pm

    The Internal Mystery Plays
    The Role and Physiology of the Visual System in
    Contemplative Practices

    The eye has fascinated man for millennia. The function of the visual system has been
    carefully studied for the past century and many previous "mysteries" have been defined,
    but the function of the visual pathways in their relationship to "mystical experiences" has
    been enigmatic until recent years, and even today is not fully understood.
    This article is designed to elucidate what we know of the physiology of the visual system
    and how it plays a role in mystical experiences through a scientific review of the
    literature, a review of religious practices from around the world, and from the author's
    own personal experiences. Through these, it can be seen that the foundations for all
    mystical experiences can be found in various aspects of the near death reflex, which is
    the ultimate reflex of the "fight or flight" mechanism of the autonomic nervous system
    for fear and stress responses. These reflexes will be discussed in detail, explaining many
    of the physiological correlates to mystical experiences. The second aspect of these
    experiences deals with the psychological changes that occur within the individual after
    having experienced a mystical state, which leads to a transformation in the personal
    psyche in regard to lifestyle and relationships with others.

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    Re: What Is Consciousness?

    Post  JoeEcho on Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:07 am

    Consciousness is everything, I thought.
    (For what else could there be without consciousness?)
    Everything is something until it turns out to be something else.

    It's consciousness that writes to others but equally to itself.
    It's consciousness that speaks to others while listening itself.
    It's consciousness that thinks while thinking to itself.
    It's consciousness that..... (you get the idea)

    If the master speaks more clearly the better the pupil listens, all this occurs within same same consciousness.

    Consciousness is stranger then the collective I could ever imagine. More creative then the collective I has yet to create. For example, could an imagination that created a god be more unlimited/ unbounded? Think of the possibilities!

    Could god create a rock so heavy he couldn't lift it? (omnipotence paradox) The answer is yes and no. Just like Schrödinger's cat being simultaneously both alive and dead which, coincidentally, is a thought (consciousness) experiment.

    Welcome to the jungle!

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    Re: What Is Consciousness?

    Post  JoeEcho on Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:37 am

    The Jungle, the only 'place where you look and see yourself simultaneously.

    Crazy huh? **said while laughing**

    And here I am talking to an imaginary rabbit, It can't get more depraved then that can it?

    The answer come to me...

    "Well yes, yes it can"

    Crazy Happy  Crazy Happy  Crazy Happy

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    Re: What Is Consciousness?

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