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    LORD TRANCOSO's Happy Birthday-Xmas Present for FLOYD


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    LORD TRANCOSO's Happy Birthday-Xmas Present for FLOYD

    Post  TRANCOSO on Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:11 pm

    I KNOW You Like It !!!

    The Floyd Toast Beer Freedom

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    Re: LORD TRANCOSO's Happy Birthday-Xmas Present for FLOYD

    Post  Floyd on Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:02 pm

    Thanks oh Great Uberlord.

    How did you know I used to have crush on Olivia Neutron Bomb


    Have a cosmic Pagan Christmas

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    Christmess carlson from a roof joins early ongoing celeb bash

    Post  Eartheart on Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:32 am

    hola & ultrabewitcht congrats for yeah Floyd,
    for this pan flow bursts of you & relations 4 2013&&&...

    Today the true shoved me onmy trancewalk into our eco,
    taking my tippi down in pea rling rain and swelling streams.
    Yeah know the second big deep atlantic spiral in the last13 days,
    GB must have been drained too, but thanx to your yellow submarine
    my earthheart prayed to great mystery, an ongoing afterorgasm from
    Mother Earth heaving herself with Hunab Quo liquid Loove and vortexing
    vertical into my starbase for our tribe of living light... There dirty and wet,
    unbound and beyond frustrations allready, without shopping food and gifts
    for nobodythere but astral flux now, (shure here is jet the hut, fast net & oven)...

    Crazy Happy cat Arrow Its real fun on yourparty, get a hughleberry all along... rendeer .

    i know i should by on my way by now Freedom into oblivion, but this hilarious lifeforces and
    beautifool elementals play their birthday gags on us, divinefun all along the way.
    I put Megamuds concert into my afterglow and vibe into those sexy chakras & omtakesayassin
    Lord Shiva may dance and rainbows shivering out of those drumbeats, 500bpm please
    multiplex my aural fields to transmorph all NABS 6 extensions in spatialtime and dark matters!?! Ban

    The Floyd Flowers Now i would send the caravan of gifts/Presents/grants for your next year trip
    around our sun, maybe a nodding smily can be the signal to start the procession of the equinox.

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    Re: LORD TRANCOSO's Happy Birthday-Xmas Present for FLOYD

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