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    Wholeheartedly aware flux


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    Wholeheartedly aware flux

    Post  Eartheart on Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:57 pm

    Another of those enchanted liquidifications of thou holy gosh? H20

    Here we dance inn.

    Their invitation is for you to cooperate with us on a psychic plane because we have mastered the cycle by energetics to facilitate,
    and it is this, to facilitate the mastering of this dynamic. We know that there are sufficient members of star beings on earth that can create a bio generator for this solar diffusion now through this bridge transmission. A bridge transmission is a transmission that not only carries information, it initiates frequencies in your light body and accelerates your Ka body with the galactic solar dynamics.
    You are evolving to be solar beings. Solar civilizations have dwelt upon the earth before.
    ... Enlightened
    Now, due to the shift in the earth's biodynamic solar blueprint, the earth will evolve to the capacities sustaining solar civilizations that are free energy civilizations. Omnicellular life. We hip the real and frequent nonlocal-mind on orgastic telepathy to celeb our grids.
    The juice will flow spherical by omnidevotional monopolar unityholo's or starhuman looveclusters. Ha!
    ... Lawless
    And then our Eva/Adam HeShe/SheHe coreblast for the evolved state of human evolution becomes the blueprint for humanity,
    and children will be born with the solar capacity.
    Check plasma body solar breathing by Eartheart to resque your waterdrops from damnation:::
    ... Water
    Lets master solar power for enlightenment, your DNA is being prepared for a leap in evolution not by us as ultra-terrestrials.
    The DNA of the 9th creation in fractal dynamix has the remembrance to sustain life sourced on this planet, our starhumans will shroom their unityfractales from the 13Dim into the One. Is Creatress Shakti our eternal life generating energy??? His Vibe?? Fun?
    ... JT
    The urgency now is because the sun is in Genesis 11, a point of solar power that has imploded solar systems with a solar burst that incinerates entire solar systems such as yours. A corona alpha solar force that has the capacity to incinerate with the power of the mega-powers in many vega -- birthes. Enspacement harmonizes those lost loops to create the most astonishing spaceage synphonic birthing frequency fireworx, a multidim spectral lightshow and grids of omnisonic soundwalls to structure our gaya2 vortexing into the One. Thats not a wormhole - but a dragons horns fractalizing in Loove.
    ... rendeer
    So pump my plasma to have this unified fields in our horny DNA waving of a collegial choosen crew creates the creationdialog with
    some freqmodulations as earth aligns with Hunab Quo signals. Them allready passing through us and incrising every day...
    Lightship performs tribal justice on the darkly selfs...
    Subformatting those VITRIM hubrid breeders via skyrune to ascend Cassiopeia onto the "flow" of the Tau Cetian Watchies.
    The motor neurones fromthose Chemtrails will keep us bleeding to honor those nordic blondies.
    The Hazel shakes and dances, still on the twig (till Nov.?)... The Fall of the axis 19,7% turninlatitute - 26,95% longitudinal 4806 nautical miles @ Halloween - na hopla...
    Goodby to our current year in Yew Tree Day Nutbar
    while gaya's dreumbeats pertain,
    etna altering by Marias spell the undersea, rom split and spins out...
    the unseen interdims from eridanus traversing at those Pyrenees mounts before the Zu-mami---
    Past users of earth compete with the A.I. but we fuse the flower of life...
    Lawless Hadriel Tacodog
    As they are we or like us we free the stage gates by inovative overblending
    unity overflow in November creates overunity and plasma charge into everyfun...
    The Earth suspended in free Space around 22.Okt i would presume my Lord. UFO2 free all!!!
    We widen our orbit around the solar eruptive discharge of those quantum pulses
    of galactic vibes. Corepurifications... Crazy Happy
    Meanwhile grey-reptiloid try to holt onto the pearl seat,
    the stage gate of the dark prince from sirius will disfunction
    the heavenly translationof the stargate deals is misread;
    our "Kingdom" of GAYA II reigns in the solar system.
    But the nice greys (ANU) will trigger their RA_SPACE HEATER
    to paralyse our gathering again and overcharge our overunity,
    and to blast the memory of those Kali-files in Akasha,
    the Mantis beyond the planetary piggery ascends,
    who's WE will include the other side??? We or the alien We... TRANC
    this id-split will the original to gaya2 sphere to release
    the observers of the fall into cognitiv dissonance.
    Following Saturns hyperelegancy the hyperspatial bliss will sweep us onto the new orbit
    and trigger our happy scene near sirius solar raft...
    But the gypsy witches told me of the smal sunspots multiplying into blisters to cause sunbuurn
    and icy CO2 in the blood becaus of the orbital changes (three years rounds)...
    So the giant angels from deneb-ola ply large pyretics and flares to moveus savely???
    The papersunday 2013 will resurect us from the increased sensetivity to pain because of the CO2.
    The Androm Panel will advice all on happy NOON. jocolor
    We will meet at the "Graal Gate"! Check This Out The Carol The Carol

    Aettir of the Eddas fixing the traumas


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    proper propaganda & loove

    Post  Eartheart on Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:14 am

    jocolor While loove is a brief
    xempel of what wants change...

    This is soon long overdue ascended foolishness clown

    Because Love is Love.
    Always above.
    Always below.
    Never gone... (Beren) Flowers

    As we advertize thinking before mindfool discernment (CERN?) it all tasted like Kaliagents - even those handlers of truth worked ULTRA. Just resonants and remembrance could levitate us to not fall in love Suspect
    The same force advertized rational fear and irrational beliefs to create the void as reflection...
    ( in my solar system govenant sciens is generated by heart-thinking only, which can see without disrupting flow by "neutral observation" ). Sorry your brain, i am comassionated elephant

    Apropos extinction level event which i wouldn propose. Find your question, find the answer and be ready to act. Are you readyto sacrifice what you love to attain the state of loove? Gimmiiallnow!!! You know this???

    While source connecting all, even the event and the liviing word, we can comprehent the previous shifts as wonderfool and intentional creations, ssssst. So it seems quite natural that some of the intel food isgoing down the drain to become BS, the NABS as compost of the next sequence...

    OMG Forgiveness preaching contra postshift detachment creates the shadows of doubt... BEE Aware flower

    Leadership issues - why some Xtra-terrestrials contact those goverments, when they want to contact "our" Leaders??? is not appropriate tocosmic intelligence at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The dark prince from sirius and the beautifool beast salusa are just plain... Thou Holy Ghost has marked them allready afro

    Our bio ooooppsdated or outdated - xploded or imploded - danskmark or the world - here is the quest.

    Come on crew of our abalonian lightship, lets play and infuse this empty buddyfields with some extracted essential nectar to attain... study Ahh be shure to partycipate.... TRANC

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    "Gaya Quo"

    Post  Eartheart on Sat Oct 20, 2012 5:26 pm

    OMG -out of obscure needs a change of the changes: Ancient One

    because of the nanomold it was not possible to divide and conquere the wheat & chaff!!!
    So the ID-Split happened on an atomar surface reflection, where we can now see only a cleared out astral noness... (we'll renew this splitting before this bloody sucker Adv2 emtys our looking glas)

    Thisis good, like a resurrection camp, wherewe can chill from the 3Dim purification response-ability. I am allready sickened from this fodder... This will give us a break and the PAT will fuse again (or will befused by dev intent) to start the supanova GRB's. Hopefooly we gonna be faster than the soon in our now!!! The newly woven web of light is our solar garment for transfiguration, our brides in waiting can put up with this... Solar breathing - plasmabody.... Ascension initiations & Dreamtime....
    Our planet wont multiply in A, B & A/B - like a personality split of god!!! Improper conclusions...
    Our magnetic sphere will not turn south/north, even we observe different charged layers in the blacksea/greenland geological layers.
    As we work with the Unitygrids and Divine sourced charges, our fluxmodel will become monopolar at least,
    means sourced kernel and holo-ionised surface/athmosphere if i can describe it like that... Probably not even
    plus/minus poles. Just extended spheres around holomultiple sourced omnidim portals...
    In such divine equilibrium fields of bliss it wont function to flow from hunab Quo to the highest astral vibe!!!
    neither can it flow from helltoheavens abodes. It can flow from the allpervading spaceinherent Loove to the now
    higher than light futurearthly Self - or rest in the omni beyond the 13Dim... Enspacement follows enlightment!
    It is easy to comprehent the papersunday, a date from paper in an eternal new now. A change in the earthly orbit,
    with only Jupiter as crown to protect us from this fullblown solar agitations. Props of one side has no sun but deepspace,
    icy crystalmuds of london and a new garden in antarctica.... Or radioactive oceans rolling over the lands, leaving the stench
    of rotten consumers in the mix. Fishboiling oceans and airdried animals in the Grand Pulse of here. Alientears, as their hopes
    on humankind become zerogrounded - ooopps.. The Kings of fear maddened by the telepathic recycling of all there is...
    The volcanicgarden will become a toxic stench and a real dark sheet for those comming out of the graves. Survivers may indeed
    look like in one of those zombiemovies, dirty, wounded, angry, mutated... You know, people kill their kids to protect them
    on a soul-level, Rupture or Rapture of our lifeforces...
    Is this a carrusell spinning a nightmare, hold it i want to get down...
    Meditate it away, source another songline of greater mysteries - lets all become ELECTRON BEEINGS IN PLASMABODIES!!!
    Our destination is not sealed yet as destiny challenges our inner awakening and our outer loove uuuuuuhhhhh
    Behold one thing wich is valued the less the more one has need of it...

    Or it has become our free will that intervention by DAL/guardians plus benign Keepers/Annanuki support Elohimind of those Yoniverses, for ART in Heaven. The whole Watchers would wait 4 it. Ourtake over...
    Let it pulse, pure surges from our devkids dreamin in the womb of Sophia aka Gaya2... Their scenario needs us as keepers for
    the soultransitions. Bioinductive cristallized lightship iam... Source Gaya as the new yoniversal status quo, releaving hunab quo
    from centering the action and bringing it all Home. "Gaya Quo" for FirstWavers

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    Vertical drift

    Post  Eartheart on Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:07 am

      Jawdrop  vertical drift   Huge Grin

    Forging your flight path through those dimensions above you wont work!  Crybaby
    Numbling prayers to an externalized selfhood as well not!  Mad 1
    Having faith for a friend may ressurect you - i bet!  Malletzky
    Lift off by rapture into some postshift locality - universe considers it not effective!  Adv2
    Visiting Godly transcendental planes, well you just dumped back on here to help the processing of the unity syndrome...  Farewell
    Escape to the beachfront - overwelming global telepathic standoff makes it
    a restless hurrycanned snack!  UhOh
    Hide in blissbubbles of your futureselfs... Or do it all on all levels.. LooveJah.
    You want to stay for transfiguration??? With all the released nano-dna cutters,
    omnicarnivous mold, artificial virus and plastic fantastic?? Transmorph the
    crowd of vampiric mutants, hybrids and grey automats? Drop the boom!
    Diving into a semibarren radiated ocean to surf those tsunamis? Stay fit..
    Hold out? In your virtual avatar? Trust the magic of your planet! Sincerly?
    But they gonna amputate the earthly orbits, allready we shift half a mile/sec.
    All the old prophecy to come truebefore yoursight? How you do it God?  Lmfao

    Hold on? To humaness? A dream!  
    No No

    Allready freed in our 13Dim Nowness of eternal Creatress i invite all my
    beeingness to inscend into sourced Enspacement of all.

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    Re: Wholeheartedly aware flux

    Post  Floyd on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:43 pm

    globally nonsuch mystico nonaware illresponso congradulate libetarofukwto numptiness en muchos deny consensus maximus

    Increasing retarded naturum as greenback fly thru zioiztik sponser
    Cow dung smelleth plenty as minions heavilly dig the bullshit that surrounds in unfortu myradic plentum .

    Ekosymaptho equals increase magnify heart flux

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    Re: Wholeheartedly aware flux

    Post  Eartheart on Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:09 am

    well Floyd, i am deeply mooved by your outragous brutish humour, tons of compassion 4U,
    me feels the same after mirroring the alledgedly reasonable english status quo portraited
    here and elsewhere on this web... Besides your qualified remarks on our emotional debunking,
    dreamstate report & poetic plays, whats real going on in your heart of
    a gentlemen? Luke

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    Re: Wholeheartedly aware flux

    Post  Brook on Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:21 am

    Eartheart wrote:well Floyd, i am deeply mooved by your outragous brutish humour, tons of compassion 4U,
    me feels the same after mirroring the alledgedly reasonable english status quo portraited
    here and elsewhere on this web... Besides your qualified remarks on our emotional debunking,
    dreamstate report & poetic plays, whats real going on in your heart of
    a gentlemen? Luke

    Thubs Up

    Pay no attention....

    I've rather enjoyed this thread.

    Bob said "don't criticize what you don't understand"....perhaps someone should take it to heart....or not... Hadriel


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    Re: Wholeheartedly aware flux

    Post  Brook on Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:47 am

    Just carry on like usual....some here are afforded reprisal

    Let me tell you how we do it in California....

    Break it on down...and have a great day!

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    Re: Wholeheartedly aware flux

    Post  Aquaries1111 on Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:12 am


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    Re: Wholeheartedly aware flux

    Post  Eartheart on Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:41 pm

    those aliens cant pronounce that proper victorian ornamentics,
    more bad, my aboriginal makes just fun of such modest intelectuals,
    and that in the Oneness of us all- its trival fun with a notch of martini,
    like in skyfall 2012, where James Bong get burned up by the overaged
    reptile, which they dare to call Mama (Love your Handler till sacrifice,
    PM your MOD till Bann...444) Am i to straight for those reasonable thinkers???

    Ok cheerfull bros & motivational Sis Musical gratitude & thanx 1 Loove

    It flows, it has to flow out of me to recycle the holy gosh, H20

    &&& what flows into me is tripple XXX transmuted into purity of grace.
    Not mistaken thou artist with the art released, but freed by our unity
    and those inner caresses, which just my soul can feel and behold,
    salvaged minds, salvation from separated opinions and the other sides... UFO2

    Those prime time onlockers get full mercy - or i choose total purification so their
    water can levitate, be taken while Goddess looves you and your cirquwitts got rewired. Nutbar

    Water this world without those dark shady minds will hopefully restore your divine happyness
    and clear your zionical vibes from mine emotional spaces... But thats the hope principle,
    which held us at bay for the last millenia, same like this social servitude...

    This new week i will break the natural laws and sin in Loove to source our way back,
    to ascend and inscent this population, free from duty but by your free will to equal me... Spiritual

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    Post  Eartheart on Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:52 am

    13 bitches cook us up  Water

    Beeing & BEcoming (which includes this soon or nearly becoming),
    or the selfless awareness of yourself creating your reality continiously...
    The Karen
    Unfolding the dimensional vortex like a dragon who is ready to fly up & go!
    This nest turns out to spin this elongated portal into the 13Dim to merge us!
    Its da Wave
    The coming eclipse. tuned by the 11:11 psychix pulse undulations will set the
    mysterious 13 as a geometrical lightcristal to supracharge our aural envelopes and
    ascension portals anew... Can we allow our RNA to cope with that???
    Walking like a egyptian transformer than in starlightboots?? freq-shifted now?

    This priceless antenna system of my omni-leveled lightcristall crossed all dreamscapes,
    nurishing on source bits and rays of plasmic xtatic charges, gifted by us to us and all of us...
    Shurly after the latest inductions from Earthcore the old paradigm freaks vomited all over
    the astral floor, must be kind of slippery for the reelected dark prince of sirius to dance there now,
    a real megamud - even Floyd gave it all and covered the archeologic shards of folklore...
    But this is cleaned oooppps by our busy selfless ascensioncrews, ready to go again and free of
    all emodark sticky goo we can intone the fearless earthgates for the first time, potent & bootable...
    Loading the nexus into the lightship to use the fed up multitude for spinning this vortex into matters,
    our unityfield will take the Hunab quo and step up transmute this centered beeing into even coherent states,
    ready to see the lightcristalls and start to use them collectively for our now creatress to vibe loove & unity...
    Higher Realms download mnemos of Ascended Master abilities, but the emo-core has no commune lift yet,
    i keep vibing liquid peace as substantial freq to offer you/us equilibrium instead of indi happymess,
    did you notice???
    Between the originals probabilities and possibilities are played out & through, celebs of light and space,
    optimize our wins and fuse the energetix to make the gods laugh again... I think we have to convince them
    in us that the nasty part is over....

    Dates have been used in the past to create a highly emotionally charged frequency of energy
    to move us from one doorway of opportunity to the next. Arnt they sweet when served with tea?
    So loosen your tounges and let them speak & intone the chorus of ascension... accelerate the process
    in a smile of integrity, knowing fool of Forces and Powers drunken


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    Re: Wholeheartedly aware flux

    Post  Floyd on Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:57 pm

    Eartheart wrote:well Floyd, i am deeply mooved by your outragous brutish humour, tons of compassion 4U,
    Inteeeerveeners jump muchos attentionios seekos plentos non withstangamundo.

    Compassion und brutish el oxymorono but is it thus non plenty maximus

    Paxus lovus mit alles uber find connexctio


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    Maximum signal lifeforce charm

    Post  Eartheart on Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:12 pm

    The ionized flair of my plasmabody charges this unicum,
    repulsive sexes of thou second coming on earthlike heavens,
    your fractal beam directs giants, rearming my solar flares
    in their planetoids near our sun. A cube of cultural inheritance,
    bermudian mecca queer beam arranges her virtual royal orbit,
    your crowned stardrive babe, pulsing higher truth into legions.
    The real "being caught up" destination is calling now, be a gonner.

    The bow shock accelerations and resulting compressionrates are again
    overunity mirrors induced on either side of a bowshock wave, gaining
    energy in spectral velocity to bounce off the stellar flux in concave rims
    of emissions, fast radiated pions with oscillating leptonic traces faking
    the fastness of rays and lights, synchron turbolent timescales fading and
    brightening due to fluctuations similar to plasma magnetics.

    This pulsing up the scales and spectra induces "eternal" quality overtones and
    inscribes radiative pressure-driven scalar effects on our interstellar medium.
    The hyperflux of intelligent agitation along the frequency scales imply's holodeck
    simulation for the embryonic entety we reverbrate with, our focused mother planets double,
    knowing from both sides of birth and inside out all our fieldamplifications turned angels,
    while we 're together in this, my goodness, upstream symmetric morphology applys here.
    Toroidal stream vectors converge us beyond matter and distances into our quasi-parralel scenario.

    Channeling the upscale energetix from our incoming loove signal from hunab Quo,
    any obliquity-dependance with this grooving periphery of "scattered will" stays aware,
    omnidirectional overcharging our inherent spatial-temporal codes. Transfigure what U want!
    From this inner "jumproom" throne we might as well create our own lift-off orbs,
    our groupsoul vehicles and planetary settlements of Gaya2 synchronicity. A gonner...

    Those usualy well organized magnetic fluxlines grant us a rather modest amount of singular
    polarisation in our mix of grid manifestation and plasma access, pulsar winds coherency,
    harmonic formation & patterning aka FLOWER OF LIFE powerarcs around our planetary logos.
    Fitting! Perfect! Divine!

    The observed radiated pulses around 1.4 GHz overplott remnans of standing wave imprints from temporal
    concious oscillations of our collective sampled traumatix and drama-queers squeezed djeds...
    Forgiven and resurrected we implode on this blast wave charity... Thanx Goddess you will hold us in one.


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    Floyded omniflux burnout

    Post  Eartheart on Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:02 pm

    Jah Lord Floyd, study this is so humbly and i cant xpress how honorable,
    it by shure wouldnt have occured to me, how tight you shedule, that you even
    took your precious momentum up onto this delirious spirals and moanings... Argh
    Did you actually take a hit to connect with me, was it meth cristalkid or this DMT-pharao?
    The pink shamanpriest featured some organic vortextec to screw their remnants
    and dechiffre all nonlocal markers, established bioluminest repetitions and biochemical
    mechanix. The stagegate you spin is now operational, thanx bro, loovle in thou lotus flower...
    Yeah Oneness is the gratest adventure now & you made me throw my CD-collection away.. JT U
    Your bright paradisc is streaming on my omnidim receptors and flattened even some
    usefool mental constructs, which the bitch on duty Nutbar had just programmed
    to hinder further hotting of some of my plasma-parts.
    So without those restraints i could really detach from her and
    those southparkinson psyops - send from her disfunkt emotional hulk. She got burned like Kali.
    In her own fires. Hot Thou transcendental Lord saved me! Thanx faith and this through&through style. as the timelines converge

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    ironic ionic influx awareness

    Post  Eartheart on Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:39 pm

    Abalonien song 4 us:

    Our crew of divine children is certainly well positioned, perfectly nested in their portals of vertical intel & horicontal emoflares of x-tatic joys. Oooyeah 1  Oooyeah 1  Oooyeah 1

    Tightly individual dramas reflecting on our higher souls urgent synchronized flower of life gardens
    around the surfaces of all affected planets. Its da Wave
    Those "lower" chakra pulsing supreme loove vortexes in propulsion djeds into the planetary core.
    The juice is recieved via unified aural chakra and the light web.
    Our divine sourced loops reassuring us constantly of a growing unityfield, merging those timelines and multidim personality threads of karmic will.
    The lifeforces updating our cording and coding, till with the ignited arc in the planetary core the arc in our "upper" chakras ignites synchronely.
    Freed from that reflective acting and polarity based distractions, we are beyond our intuitions awakened into all knowing and clearseeing of the all-
    pervading permeating akashic quality of universal self "learning" about its new state of Beeingmess (this is messy!)... Drink Wine
    Igniting this also called brain-heart complex (thanx Lisa!) is what we are doing now besides this static passiv response of our egosense thinking. Stay in your freqs!!!
    The incredible lightness of our recent dreamtime orbit, stamming from our universal divine self became birthed by Gaya's Sophia-soul gifting
    herself in our planetary emergence. The sad state of our conciousness down here on the surface, luring itself into fanatical specialisations of
    individuals, suppost to embody the christed energies, gelactic freedom of a spiritual civilisation and certainly our collective appreciation, our
    wonderment for this enspacement of creation, our faith in a divine place beyond the dramas of other intergalactic species & our governant with
    our livinglights intelligence, is like deco. Kind of left in the woods, with meaningless commentaries in the background & virtual noise in the hypernet.  Hadriel

    Anything else than our truth will make fools out of us. With 3Dim doom and a holy grail of interconnectedness our Inscension Crew is pure,
    intuitively playing the new probabilities which emerge from everyone. Come home children...preparing your Earth Avatar Body for the quickening.
    They are hoping we learn from our mistakes, rise up and chose noble virtue or impeccable integrity concerning our actions
    with humanity and the Earth. flower
    In 22hours on New Years Eve will be a culmination of the Highest Energies from this operation making open doors long closed inviting and invoking Beings
    from the Higher Realms to bring gifts to Earth of instant manifestation. This operation anchors every cell on Earth into the 7th Dimension.  study
    You can feel this truth resonate deep inside as you reflect on the Divine Grace within.


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    Re: Wholeheartedly aware flux

    Post  Carol on Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:42 pm

    Lovely Flowers Eartheart. Mahalo

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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