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    Whistle Blowers and Conferences (plus where are they now section)


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    Whistle Blowers and Conferences (plus where are they now section)

    Post  Floyd on Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:58 am

    First of all Whistle Blowers. Is it just me but why do they all look so shifty. Out of all the ones ive seen there is hardly any I could say I would trust. For example whatever happened tp Pete Peterson. We waited and waited for this amazing inside secret information then got some vague statements about something called an information field (thanks for that Pete) and some electronic gadgets that you cant actually buy. Oh then there was the bit about food and air running out in ten months. Well its ten months later, im still breathing and Ive just eaten a vegetarian hot dog. Sorry Pete you are con man.

    Where did Leo go..oh thats right he mysteriously disappeared up his own backside during some obscure ritual. I wonder if he found the Norwegian politician up there.

    Last but not least there was Harry (art Neumann) Deacon who appeared from obscurity, was led on stage having to hold Kerry's hand and wittered on in Petersonesque vagueness about something was going to happen soon but we will be alright and we shouldnt worry about it(did anyone examine his brown passport to see if it was authentic?) before giving a short interview in which he advised us to blow our noses with a hair dryer to stop us dying from swine flu. I kid you not.

    I couldnt watch more than 20 seconds of A'shayana Deane's, (Anna Hayes) the latest kerry-Lynn-Cassisdy Presentation (yes love, we know who you are) interview as it was just excruciatingly awful and pointless. A nonstop stream of pseudo scientific psycho babble. Someone on GPL posted "she seems somewhat she isnt there." I would concur that the cheese slid off her cracker a long time ago but shes smart enough to charge you oodles of dollars. She knew th KLC interview would give her plenty of coverage.
    There are more like her

    Why oh why do Bill and Kerry indulge these clowns. When are they going to show some discernment and how much has it cost them and you?
    The conference gig brings in afew quid I here.
    The main thrust of what I am trying to say is whilst there is some good material on PC/A a lot of it is fear mongering, damaging, fraudulant and deceitful.
    Here is an interesting post on the open minds forum RE subscription cash and conferences

    NOTE: Not to bash
    anyone....just doing some quick math

    Bill and Kerry keep
    stressing how much money they need to continue but it seems to me that
    they are doing pretty well on their own. A quick breakdown of what they
    charge for their services is kind of shocking.

    They are
    already receiving $5 (some give more or less) a month for Avalon
    subscriptions from their 827 "active members"

    $5.00 per month X
    827 members = $4135.00 a month
    $4135.00 X 12 months = $49,620.00 a

    They have their upcoming Awake and Aware conference in
    California this weekend. They say that there will be a maximum of 800
    seats available...there has been a great deal of will sell
    out. The cost for the 2 day conference, $150.00 a person.

    people X $150.00 = $120,000.00

    Keep in mind that they already
    had the Zurich Conference and the Conference in Barcelona which brought
    in even more money.

    I was surprised whenever I read that they
    needed even more money to advertise in the LA Times for this upcoming
    Awake and Aware deal. Why not set a little bit aside for a rainy
    day...or for advertising.

    I understand that hosting the websites
    isn't free but c'mon now. Where is the money going?

    Even if they
    are spreading the wealth between the speakers at these conferences,
    they are still making money. There are 11 speakers including Bill and
    Kerry scheduled to speak this weekend, and there is the possibility of a
    mystery guest. Awake and Aware has the capability to pay $10,000 per
    person....give or take a grand or so. Not too shabby!

    just a

    <table border="""0""" width="""100%"""><tr><td align="""left""">
    </td><td align="""right""">
    To Finish, I am through with fraudsters and whistle blowers and have been for some time. Project Avalon and Camelot should put all their funds into establishing community for their 'ground crew' instead of wasting it on these morons and polluting the internet with complete and utter crap.
    Thankyou and goodnight.

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    Re: Whistle Blowers and Conferences (plus where are they now section)

    Post  Floyd on Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:52 am

    More Info on Hayes. Source...UFO cults

    Anna Hayes - nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader - aka Diane
    Kathryn Smith - Anna Gruber - Ashayana Deanne - Diane Kathryn
    - Anna Gruber - Anna is derived from "Aneayhea" - claims to be
    Christ's half sister Martha, Goddess Sekhmet, Kia: Secondary wife
    of Akhenaten.
    Very possibly the mother of Tutankkhamon, and possible Smenkhare,
    by Akhenaten.
    Titles included the phrases "the favorite", "wife", "beloved" and

    Anna Hayes is an American, born in Pennsylvaniia, who has had
    with ET's all of her life. Anna's alien abduction experiences
    began at the
    age of four. She was initially abducted by a negative "intruder"'
    of Zeta Reticuli greys because they were interested in harvesting
    special encoded genes and were preparing her to become a mind
    "breeder" of alien hybrids. She was essentially "rescued" from
    fate at the age of seven by another group of positive aliens that
    refer to
    themselves as members of the Guardian Alliance. For a time, she
    was being taken by both groups, but gradually the Guardian
    Alliance taught
    her how to resist the coersive and manipulative technologies that
    the negative
    greys were employing to control her and she was eventurally able
    to free
    herself from their domination. After moving to Sarasota, Florida
    and opening
    up a temple, she changed her mind about its importance and moved
    with her
    new husband Michael Deane aka Azurtanya Deane
    then to England.

    Anna/Ashayana and her husband offer workshops in various spots
    the world for their followers to come and activate sacred sites
    and do special
    dances and have their followers stand on and paste special codes
    on their
    bodies and do multiple meditations and prayers and songs daily to
    save themselves
    from the bad aliens who might try to abduct them and destroy the
    These workshops cost thousands of dollars and no person is
    at these workshops unless they buy their plane and hotel fares
    through Anna's
    company. People who have traveled on their own to the site of the
    have not been allowed to attend the workshops - which means that
    Anna's comany
    pockets any profits from the airfares not used through discounts,

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    Re: Whistle Blowers and Conferences (plus where are they now section)

    Post  hippihillbobbi on Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:51 am

    THANK YOU, Floyd ..... i have to admit i'm one that probably never would have thought of these sorts of things, nor take the time to research them. but it definitely IS good for us all to take into consideration ..... as pieces of the puzzle we're trying to piece together into a true picture. i really LOVED Kerry & Bill on the original PC and PA forum. during the last year before the split ..... and during the Abraxas controversy ..... and Bill's dissolution of the old forum & subsequent institution of the "invitation-only" forum ..... i definitely DID lose some respect and gained a healthy dose of skepticism re: their discernment and perhaps emotional stability. YET, i never want to throw the baby out with the bath water ..... so i've given them benefit of the doubt without much feeling inclined to visit PC recently (too much ELSE to do online ..... NEVER run out of STUFF to DO!!!).

    anyway ..... just wanted you to know i appreciate the love which prompted you to start this thread. thank you for the "heads up," Floyd!


    p.s. oh yea ..... btw ..... i've never been able to read anything of Asha Deane's for longer than 10 minutes either! never really even thought about it much ...... also Abraxas wasn't too "hot" on her either ..... and as i said there's just SO MUCH i DO want to DO on net ..... that one has to try to make "discerning choices!"

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    Re: Whistle Blowers and Conferences (plus where are they now section)

    Post  Floyd on Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:35 pm

    Hey Bobbi
    I often tell people I engage with here and there to Visit PC. These days I tell them to take it with a pinch of salt but look out for the good stuff. Which is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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    Language of Light - Consciousness Entanglements / Consciousness Transformation

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    Re: Whistle Blowers and Conferences (plus where are they now section)

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