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    Time line of Earth and Humans


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    Time line of Earth and Humans

    Post  Threecaster on Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:00 pm

    This is from Lemurian Scrolls.

    Here is just the timeline. If you are interested in how the authors arrived at this table, click HERE for the originating page and the introduction. Included here are both info from the Scrolls and corresponding datas from western science.


    First Cycle


    Scrolls: The first time period (manvantara) referenced in Lemurian Scrolls begins [determined by calculating backwards from 1879, when man first learned to "light the night by his own devices"]. This is understood to be the first "cycle of yugas" in which there is a relationship between Earth and souls from several major planets in the galaxy. (In the Hindu time perspective, chanted today by priests at the start of puja, the universe was, at this point, in the fourth manvantara of the 51st year of Brahma.)

    Science: Earth becomes a recognizable but not yet habitable planet. Land masses are still forming, with many volcanic eruptions. The Earth has undergone more than 2.5 billion years of development, and the universe is more than 15 billion years old.

    Second cycle


    Scrolls: Second manvantara begins.

    Science: Earth becomes habitable; water evaporates, forming air.

    Scrolls: Earth is seeded for future populations. "During the second cycle of yugas, celestial beings arrived from other planets bringing with them vegetation. Their spaceships passing over the Earth's surface dropped seeds and foliage...."


    Science: First evidence of plant life.

    Scrolls: Souls come to Earth and incarnate as animals. "Celestial beings came en masse and hovered over the Earth in their etheric bodies. Some became the birds and small and large animals...."


    Science: First land animals appear.
    Third Cycle


    Scrolls: Third manvantara begins.


    Science: Evidence of dinosaurs.


    Science: Evidence of earliest warm blooded mammals.


    Science: Last of the dinosaurs disappear.
    Sat Yuga


    Scrolls: Seventy chaturyugas have passed in the third manvantara, and Earth enters the Sat Yuga (prior to the one we are in now), beginning the 71st and final chaturyuga of the third manvantara.

    Science: "Human" life appears.

    Scrolls: Celestial beings manifest Earth bodies around their subtle form. "In the Sat Yuga, the air was thick and the Earth lush and tropical. The thick clouds of gases and healthful substances floating in the air were the materials the divine souls that came to the fire planet, as they referred to it, would use to materialize a physical body around the etheric body of the soul to express through while living on Earth....They acquired a full physical form and could eat normally, as the animals did on Earth at that time."

    Scrolls: First temples are built to bring through more souls. "In order to bring these divine souls through into physical form during the Sat Yuga, great temples to each of these planets began to form...The celestial beings would stand on the pedestal and absorb the Earth's pungent substances and with it materialize strong physical bodies....But through the thousands of years that passed, it became a very rapid process, and the entire Earth became populated with celestial beings from several of the major planets in the galaxy...."


    Science: Evidence of Hominids, first walking upright "terrestrial animals," East Africa.

    Scrolls: "As the Sat Yuga ended with the advent of the Treta Yuga, the ratio of divine beings to those entering the animal kingdom was something like three to one...."
    Treta Yuga


    Scrolls: Treta Yuga begins. The first human body originating in the animal kingdom develops as a result of the original body being eaten by animals. "Many of these divine, Earthly bodies, constructed from fruit ambrosia, herbal essences and the pungent air, could no longer fly and have been eaten by the carnivorous beings of the animal kingdom....These souls got caught within the evolutionary cycle of the particular species that had eaten their original body....They finally cultivated a body similar to the first Earth body devoured long ago. This human body had animal instincts and was difficult to live in...."

    Scrolls: Many of the souls who came during the second manvantara begin to evolve human bodies. "Even during this yuga, the small animals from the second cycle of yugas are coming into human form...."


    Science: Homo habilis appears. Known as "handy man," stone tools made by this species found in South Africa.


    Science: Australopithecus robustus, a vegetarian species, thrives in East Africa over next million years.


    Science: Evidence of first stone building in East Africa.

    Scrolls: Human flesh bodies are perfected. "The Treta Yuga is a wonderful period in which intense cosmic rays still penetrate Earth. This makes such evolution possible as creating a flesh body that appears to be like the original one for these celestial beings caught in animal reincarnation cycles to inhabit. These flesh-and-bone bodies will last through the Dvapara and Kali Yugas..."


    Science: Homo erectus, considered the first humans, appear. Two skulls, one in Chad, central Africa, and another in Dmanisi, Georgia, are found.

    Scrolls: Half are still in their original bodies. "One half to one half was the ratio during the Treta Yuga." "Toward [the Treta Yuga's] end, the ratio is one in the original body to three in the others."

    Scrolls: Souls avoid being caught in the animal kingdom. "The few left who have original bodies will live in caves high in the mountains during the end of the Treta Yuga to avoid being caught in the fleshy, hot body of the animal...." "It has been observed, now that we are approaching the end of the Treta Yuga, that a sense of fear is being experienced for the first time as a result of eating wrong kinds of foods, along with losing some of the personal abilities to fly."
    Dvapara Yuga


    Scrolls: Cataclysms begin the Dvapara Yuga, and the race of celestial beings, having lost their original bodies, become grounded. "The sign of our losing our ability to fly is the official beginning of the Dvapara Yuga's advent in space and time. Then vast substances will form and divide the land."

    "Our prophecies read out that during the Dvapara and Kali Yugas every celestial soul will either be in an animal body or in a human body made of its flesh, fire and bones...."

    Scrolls: Early Dravidians perpetuate Lemurian culture. "The Lemurians that became divided from the others through the formation of vast bodies of water, so great they were unable to go around them through the thousands of circles, took on other ways of living. The Dravidians, formerly Lemurians, formerly the first priestly inhabitants, the leaders, the guardians of the primal race, have never had a break in continuity...."

    -900,000 Science: Homo erectus migrates through Egypt, India and Java to China.

    -450-360,000 Science: Early cave-dwelling Homo sapiens master the use of fire in China and later migrate to Britain.

    Scrolls: Earth's gravity is becoming stronger. "Toward the end of the Dvapara Yuga, new magnetic forces will begin to develop so very strongly on the planet, as the gravity on the Earth gets stronger and stronger and nothing floats in the air anymore...."

    Scrolls: As cataclysms began the Dvapara Yuga, so do they bring it to an end, as the darkness of the Kali Yuga looms. "In the end of the Dvapara Yuga is seen the destruction of everything that had been built in the Treta Yuga in the dark area of the world. The races of light and the races of darkness become divided by water. The air becomes thinner....Everyone will try to influence everyone else through the powers of his mind. People try to convert other people to their religion and philosophy. No one is left on his own. Thought becomes very important to everyone. Everyone tries to program everyone else's thoughts. The destruction of this civilization will begin the Kali Yuga...."
    Kali Yuga


    Scrolls: Man kills man. The Kali Yuga begins. "These books prophesied that when one of the first inhabitants of the fire planet is so antagonized by the building of these forces in the Second World that he destroys the body of another inhabitant, that will mark the point in time and space when the Kali Yuga will begin;..."


    Science: Homo sapiens found scalped by a stone knife in Ethiopia.

    Scrolls: War and turmoil prevails. "It will be during the Kali Yuga that a human kingdom will eventually fully come out of the different species of animals and form different groups on Earth, some of whom will be the predators of others,..."


    Science: Ice age. Cave dwellers are known to have inhabited Europe.

    Scrolls: Climate changes. "The atmosphere will change again in the Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga,...Most all of Lemuria will be under vast bodies of liquid during the Kali Yuga,..."


    Science: Climate warms and the great glaciers of the ice age melt, causing seas to rise.


    Science: Homo neanderthalensis, Neanderthal man, a species with larger brains than Homo sapiens, appear.


    Science: In South and East Africa, Homo sapiens sapiens are known to have had the same brain size as they do today.


    Science: On the Indonesian island of Flores, Homo floresiensis, a species averaging three feet in height, lives contemporaneously with modern man.

    -70,000 Science: Earth grows colder over the next 40,000 years.

    -30,000 Science: Ice age begins. (During the last two million years at least ten ice ages have occurred.)

    -30,000 Science: Neanderthals vanish.

    Science: Native Americans spread throughout the Americas.

    Science: Dravidians, the Caucasian equator people, exist.

    -11,000 Science: Homo floresiensis vanishes.

    -10,000 Science: Ice melts, seas again rise.

    Literature: Plato states that the legendary Atlantis sinks because of a cataclysm at the end of the last ice age.

    -8576 Astrology: Beginning of Saptarishi era calendar.

    -10,000-7500 Science: Advanced pre-Harappan cities exist in an area now submerged in the Gulf of Khambhat off India's Gujarat coast.

    -7000 Science: Farming begins in Indus Valley.

    -6500 Astrology: Veda verses (e.g., 1.117.22, 1.116.12, say winter solstice begins in Aries, indicating the antiquity of this section of the Vedas.

    -5000 Science: Early Harappa Valley civilization thrives.

    -3139 Science/Astrology:Mahabharata war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

    -3114 Astrology:Beginning of Mayan era calendar.

    -3102 Astrology:Beginning of Kali era calendar according to contemporary Hindu scriptural calculations. fourth cycle

    1879 ce Scrolls: Fourth time period (manvantara) referenced in Lemurian Scrolls begins. Sat Yuga

    1879 ce Modern History:Thomas Edison invents the incandescent bulb, and man learns to light the night.

    Scrolls: The fourth manvantara and current Sat Yuga begin. "When the inhabitants of the Earth are able to light the night with their own devices...the Sat Siva Yuga will begin through this one advent in time and space...."

    1945 Modern History:As chronicled in Lemurian Scrolls, revolutionary advancements are seen in technology and communication, and a blending of the races begins.

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    Re: Time line of Earth and Humans

    Post  devakas on Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:21 pm

    interesting... I will check the author and his teachers, it may be shiva followers. There is vast information about continents in Vedas, constantly distorted, added and modified.

    in short Krishna showing his children results per yugas, surroundings

    Satya - gold 40% nice living, no work pick up from tree..
    Treta 30% work a bit get more results
    Dvapara 20% work = results
    Kali 10 % work more get less results


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    Re: Time line of Earth and Humans

    Post  Eartheart on Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:25 pm

    And according to avatar Nithyananda we are in the Premayuga, where devotees manifest all by Loove...

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    Re: Time line of Earth and Humans

    Post  Threecaster on Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:34 pm

    I've just finished reading the channeled materials, and Shiva plays prominently in the information.

    It's a lovely book, and reads more like a diary, or an anthropology study.

    I find it quite fascinating, and encourage anyone who is attracted to this information to purchase the hardcopy. (My brother gave me his, and it is a beautiful bound volume with thick pages, vivid colors, and a green ribbon bookmark made into it.) I imagine it helps support the monastery there in Hawaii.

    Well worth the $32 (and it's on sale!)

    There are even mentions of the connection between Kundalini and anti-gravity cyclops


    study study study

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    Re: Time line of Earth and Humans

    Post  Carol on Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:35 pm

    This is worth listening to as time may be much shorter then one thinks.

    The John Moore Show 7-11-2012 - Alert Level 3.6 Nibiru is Near

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    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Re: Time line of Earth and Humans

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