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    911 Australia - TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg - Pizza - Woodledoodledoo


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    911 Australia - TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg - Pizza - Woodledoodledoo

    Post  MartinTimothy on Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:46 pm

    Australian Jews and 911 ..

    Yaron Shmuel and Sivan & Paul Kurzberg, who were arrested in New York on 911 filming the attack, in their words to "document the event," had all been residents of the Brisbane suburb of New Farm, Shmuel was a regular at the New Farm shopping precinct thru most of the 1990's, while the Kurzberg boys moved into the Heal St / Brown St axis of the same suburb, at around the same time, precocious teenagers on bikes .. see if they are so precocious when I get 'em onto the gallows!

    The 911 Pizza Connection - The 911 song ..woodledoodledoo!

    The American Securities and Exchange Commission, says Israeli citizens identified as Mossad, operating out of the Toronto Canada, and Frankfurt Germany stock exchanges, sold short thirty eight stocks that fell in value as a result of the attacks, whose profits were specifically stated to be in the hundred$ of million$ of dollars.

    It was via the buddy system on Odigo software, which allows one to communicate to a large group of people that share a trait, such as the Hebrew language, and from the pulpit of New York synagogues, that thousands of Israelis were warned not to go to the twin towers on 9/11.

    Could be Jews who knew the attacks were going to happen, sat up late in Melbourne and Sydney on the evening of September 11, to watch the show which began in those cities, sometime around 00:02 AEST Sept 12, maybe it was common knowledge in some schools, picture teenage entrepreneurs sitting up late stuffing their guts with pizza, watching their investments mature.

    We talked to people who were with Larry Silverstein on 9/11, they said he got a phone call telling him not to show up at work, then he called his daughter and she never showed up either.” Rudkowski Prison Planet

    Hey there honey get rid of them blues
    Daddy’s getting money you’ll be wearin’ new shoes
    Turn on the telly it’ll be on the news
    Stay at home today like the rest of the Jews

    Cause today were gonna blow… Woo Woo /
    Down the freakin buildings go Woo Woo /
    We collect the dough Woo Woo /
    Stay at home and watch the show… Woo Woo Woo Woodledoodledoo… Rip it up Frank

    Hey Man you say that four thou were away
    That’s a lotta bodies at the end of the day
    This is the way I see it don’t wanna be crass
    There’s a whole lotta Jews thatta gotta get put on trial ///

    Did a spike occur in late night food orders in Australia prior to the attacks on the evening of 911, if it did, were those extra orders delivered to the homes of Jews, more specifically Frank Lowy of Australian Soccer and Westfield fame, he was mixed up with Larry Silverstein re the proposed redevelopment of the WTC site.

    It follows if Silverstein knew so did Lowy, pictured with then Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.. They can cry tears of blood, but 911 and the subsequent wars are by Jews, for Jews, and enable a Jew agenda, read the Talmud it endorses genocide against non Jews, the Jews wantonly blew up the Twin Towers, then blamed innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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