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    Theater of parallel Universe


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:55 am

    Well...let's see what else the physists have been discovering.

    Near-death experiences occur when the soul leaves the nervous system and enters the universe, claim two quantum physics experts

    Ground-breaking theory holds that quantum substances form the soul
    They are part of the fundamental structure of the universe

    A near-death experience happens when quantum substances which form the soul leave the nervous system and enter the universe at large, according to a remarkable theory proposed by two eminent scientists.
    According to this idea, consciousness is a program for a quantum computer in the brain which can persist in the universe even after death, explaining the perceptions of those who have near-death experiences.

    Dr Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology and the Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, has advanced the quasi-religious theory.
    It is based on a quantum theory of consciousness he and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose have developed which holds that the essence of our soul is contained inside structures called microtubules within brain cells.

    They have argued that our experience of consciousness is the result of quantum gravity effects in these microtubules, a theory which they dubbed orchestrated objective reduction (Orch-OR).

    Thus it is held that our souls are more than the interaction of neurons in the brain. They are in fact constructed from the very fabric of the universe - and may have existed since the beginning of time.

    The concept is similar to the Buddhist and Hindu belief that consciousness is an integral part of the universe - and indeed that it is really all there may be, a position similar to Western philosophical idealism.
    With these beliefs, Dr Hameroff holds that in a near-death experience the microtubules lose their quantum state, but the information within them is not destroyed. Instead it merely leaves the body and returns to the cosmos.

    Check out the video attached to the article:



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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:22 am

    When two systems ... enter into temporary physical interaction ... and when after a time of mutual influence the systems separate again, then they can no longer be described in the same way as before viz. by endowing each of them with a representative of its own. You would not call that one but rather the characteristic trait of quantum mechanics, the one that enforces its entire departure from classical lines of thought. By the interaction the two representatives [the quantum states] have become entangled.
    An example of entanglement occurs when subatomic particles decay into other particles.
    When pairs of particles are generated by the decay of other particles, naturally or through induced collision, these pairs may be termed “entangled”, in that such pairs often necessarily have linked and opposite qualities such as spin or charge.


    DNA microarrays stained with nucleic acid stains for quality control. DNA microarrays were stained with dilutions of SYBR Green II dye (green; S7568, S7564, S7586), POPO-3 dye (orange, P3584) or SYTO 59 dye (magenta, S11341) in aqueous buffer. The microarrays were imaged on a ScanArray 5000XL microarray scanner (PerkinElmer LAS, Inc.) using the appropriate lasers and filters. Staining reveals the variable amounts of DNA spotted onto the different microarrays.


    Secrets behind the myths.....

    To subscribe to one circular of the eternal in such stories will spin yet another to the eternal and before you know it your back at the beginning....the flow or action of natural fluidity... dare I say alchemical response.

    Some of those stories of myths are so strong that they have lived on vividly. These are true myths. These personages of kings and queens are unmistakably identified, yet elusively fluid in outline. They tell of gigantic figures and superhuman events which seem to occupy the whole living space between heaven and earth. Those figures often lend their names to historical persons in passing and then vanish. Any attempt to tie them down to history, even to the tradition of great and catastrophic events, is invariably a sure way to a false trail. Historical happenings will never "explain" mythical events due to that fluidity. Mythical figures have invaded history under counterfeit presentments, and subtly shaped it to their own ends. This is a working rule which was established long ago, and it has proved constantly valid, if one is dealing with true myth and not with ordinary, legends. To be sure, mythical figures are born and pass on, but not quite like mortals do they live on. There have to be characteristic styles for them like The Once and Future King. Were they once? Then they have been before, or will be again, in other names, under other aspects, or as some speak it "archetypes".....even as the sky brings back forever its configurations. Surely, if one tried to pinpoint them as persons and things, they would melt before his eyes, like the products of sick fantasy. But if one respects the "myths" in their true nature, they will reveal that nature as functions.

    Functions of what?

    Of the general order of things as it could be conceived. These mythical figures express the behavior of that vast complex of variables once called the cosmos. They combine in themselves variety, eternity, and recurrence, for such is the nature of the cosmos itself. That the cosmos might be infinite seems to have remained beyond the threshold of awareness of humankind up to the time of Lucretius, of Bruno and Galileo. And Galileo himself, who had serious doubts on the matter, agreed with all his predecessors that surely the universe is eternal, and that hence all its changes come under the law of periodicity and recurrence.

    "What is eternal," Aristotle said, "is circular, and what is circular is eternal."

    That was the mature conclusion of human thought over millennia. It was, as has been said, an obsession with circularity. There is nothing new under the sun, but all things come back in ever-varying recurrence. Even the hateful word "revolution" referred once only to those of the celestial orbs. The cosmos was one vast system full of gears within gears, enormously intricate in its connections, which could be likened to a many dialed clock. Its functions appeared and disappeared all over the system, like strange cuckoos in the clock, and wonderful tales were woven around them to describe their behavior. But just as in an engine, one cannot understand each part until one has understood the way all the parts interconnect in the system.

    This is exactly what happens with the great array of myths. All the myths presented tales, some of them weird, incoherent or outlandish, and some epic and tragic. At last it is possible to understand them as partial representations of a system, as functions of a whole. The vastness and complexity of the system is only beginning to take shape, as the parts fall into place. The only thing to do is proceed inductively, step by step, avoiding preconceptions and letting the argument lead toward its own conclusions.


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:28 am


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  burgundia on Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:35 am

    I am so happy to see you here again Brook...looking forward to your posts.

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:42 am

    ‘All right,’ said the Cat; and this time it vanished quite slowly,
    beginning with the end of the
    tail, and ending with the grin, which remained
    some time after the rest of it had gone.
    ‘Well! I've often seen a cat without a grin,’
    thought Alice, ’but a grin without a cat! It’s the
    most curious thing I ever saw in my life!’

    No wonder Alice is surprised. In real life, assuming
    that cats do indeed smile, then the smile is a property of
    the cat – it makes no sense to think of a smile without a
    cat. And this goes for almost all physical properties. The
    polarisation is a property of a photon, it makes no sense
    to have a polarisation without a photon. Yet, as we will
    show here, in the interesting way of quantum mechanics, a photon polarisation may exist where there is no
    photon at all. At least this is the story that quantum mechanics tells via pre- and post-selected measurements.

    We have shown that Cheshire cats have a place in
    quantum mechanics – physical properties can be
    disembodied from the objects they belong to in a pre- and
    post-selected experiment. Although here we have only
    presented one example where a photon is disembodied
    from its polarization, it should be clear that this effect is
    completely general – we can separate, for example the
    spin from the charge of an electron, or internal energy
    of an atom from the atom itself. Furthermore it is important
    to realize that is not just that pointers of well prepared
    measuring devices indicate that the properties
    are disembodied – any external system which interacts
    weakly with the pre- and post-selected system will react
    This therefore opens many intriguing questions, both
    conceptual and applied ones. First of all, how will
    an electron with charge and mass disembodied effect

    a nearby electron? In an atom with the internal energy disembodied from the mass, what will the resulting
    gravitational field look like? What sort of thermal equilibrium will achieved by a system whose two degrees
    of freedom are separated? Furthermore, when considering more than two degrees of freedom, can we separate
    them all from each other? Can photons impart angular
    momentum to one object while their radiation pressure
    is felt by another object?

    On the applied side, we may ask whether Cheshire
    cats are useful in precision measurements, just as weak
    measurements themselves have now shown to be useful
    as a powerful amplification technique [7–12]. Suppose
    for example that we wish to perform a measurement
    in which the magnetic moment plays the central role,
    whilst the charge causes unwanted disturbances. Using
    this scheme it would appear possible to remove this disturbance, in a post-selected manner (i.e. heralded), by
    producing a Cheshire cat where the charge is confined
    to a region of the experiment far from the magnetic moment.

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:44 am

    burgundia wrote:I am so happy to see you here again Brook...looking forward to your posts.

    Good to see you too Burgundia!!! I've missed our conversations!

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  burgundia on Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:53 am

    It is interesting how they choose names. In Greek/Roman mythology Juno is Jupiter's wife.

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Aquaries1111 on Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:55 am

    Yes agreed. Your posts are amazing Brook and thank you.. Happy to see you again Brook in a new space and time...

    Love Debra

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:06 pm

    Aquaries1111 wrote:Yes agreed. Your posts are amazing Brook and thank you.. Happy to see you again Brook in a new space and time...

    Love Debra

    You're welcome....enjoy. It's taken lot's of research to arrive at much of this information. Plus I've actually been talking to a Physicist who is hopefully going to solve yet another puzzle for me here real soon. One I ran into about the same time as I ran into the logic gates.

    Thubs Up

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:10 pm


    Can a Future Choice Affect a Past Measurement's

    Our proof rests on two well-established findings: i) Bell's nonlocality
    theorem and ii) The causal asymmetry between weak and strong
    The EPR-Bell experiment proves that one particle's spin outcome
    depends on the choice of the spin-orientation to be measured on the other
    particle, and its outcome thereof. Relativistic locality is not necessarily
    violated in this experiment, as it allows that it was either Alice whose
    choices affected Bob's, or vice versa.

    This reciprocity, however, does not hold for a combination of
    measurements of which one is weak and the other strong. The latter
    affects the former, never vice versa. Therefore, when a weak
    measurement precedes a strong one, the only possible direction for the
    causal effect is from future to past.
    We stress again that attempt to dismiss the weak measurement's peculiar
    outcomes by invoking some subtle collapse due to the weak
    measurement, or any other form of contaminating the initial superposed
    states, have been thoroughly considered and ruled out.
    Also, while earlier predictions derived from the TSVF were sometimes
    dismissed as counter factuals, there is nothing counter factual in the
    experiments proposed in this paper. Our predictions refer to actual
    measurements whose outcomes are objectively recorded.


    “Could the laws of physics be pulling us inexorably toward our prewritten fate?”

    “if a particle’s past doesn’t contain enough information to determine its fate, then maybe its future does.”

    A series of quantum experiments seems to actually confirm the notion that the future can influence results that happened before those measurements were even made.

    “looking into the notion that time might flow backward, allowing the future to influence the past. By extension, the universe might have a destiny that reaches back and conspires with the past to bring the present into view. On a cosmic scale, this idea could help explain how life arose in the universe against tremendous odds. On a personal scale, it may make us question whether fate is pulling us inexorably forward and whether we have free will.”


    Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
    You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.
    Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
    Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:44 pm

    Bohm-Sarfatti Back-Reaction

    the quantum behaviour of a system of electrons and the behavior of mind

    Geometry acts on Matter/Energy telling it how to move

    while Matter/Energy has a reciprocal Back-Reaction on Geometry telling it how to bend.
    . The wave guides the particles but the back-action of the particle onto the wave is not systematically calculated - of course, the back-reaction is physically real: the movement of the particle determines the initial conditions of the next round of calculation. But there is no systematic way to characterize such feedback. One reason that this works in practice is that for systems that are not self organizing the back-action may not exert any systematic effect.
    This is an interesting way to utilize nonlocality despite Eberhard's proof that point-to-point signaling by the quantum connection is not in the cards! (If a physical system occupied a dynamical stability based on such a feedback loop then it would be a "nonlocal" physical system, without superluminal signals.)


    Still wondering what all the
    "God particle" hoopla
    was all about?

    A redirect if I ever saw one! :

    'God particle' may shed light on dark matter

    Dark matter is basically a bunch of stuff, likely exotic physics particles, that we can't really see (hence its name) but we know is out there. Astronomers realized a few decades ago that galaxies should be falling apart if the stars within them were the only things providing the gravity that holds them together. So, their theories go, there must be something extra — dark matter — holding them together.
    It turns out that stars are just the shiny hubcaps on each galaxy, outweighed by a factor of nearly 6-to-1 by all the dark matter out there. Dark matter even pulls itself together through gravity. For example, the journal Nature last week reported that a dark matter cloud gravitationally connects two clusters of galaxies, called Abell 222 and Abell 223. This cloudy filament stretches over 11 million light years between the clusters and weighs 98 trillion times as much as our sun.
    That's a lot of dark matter. So is the Higgs boson this elusive dark matter particle (or particles) then?
    Nope. But it may be a key to dark matter, physicists say.
    The Higgs boson is the physics particle that gives other particles their mass. Essentially it interacts with them to increase their resistance to being moved faster, which we can measure as mass.
    Because the Higgs boson's basic job is to interact with other physics particles to give them mass, "the Higgs boson can interact with dark matter very easily," Caltech's Sean Carroll explained on NPR's Science Fridayshow after the recent "God particle" announcement. "Dark matter is one of the most exciting implications of this discovery," Carroll said.
    How? That brings us back to Feng's rerun of the universe. "Having a particle out there theoretically just a little heavier than the Higgs boson, which interacts with it, is waving a red cape in front of the eyes of physicists," Feng says. "There is a lot more data coming from CERN ahead that may reveal the dark matter particle."
    Dark matter particles that theoretically could be detected at CERN's underground Large Hadron Collider are envisioned by a theory called "focus point supersymmetry."Supersymmetry theories predict that the already-discovered particles that comprise everyday matter have much-heavier "super" counterparts awaiting detection (for example, the already detected "quarks" inside protons would have an undetected super-partner called "squarks").Focus point supersymmetry predicts both a Higgs boson with a weight similar to the one reported on July 4, about 130 times as heavy as a proton, and dark matter particles.
    "In fact, the simplest focus point models predict that dark matter particles should be seen not long from now in the underground detectors that are searching for them," if the CERN lab indeed found a Higgs boson, Feng says. "So there are really two predictions — dark matter should be seen in underground detectors, and new particles should be seen at the Large Hadron Collider in the next few years." Some of the new super-partner particles theoretically weigh in the detectable range for the underground experiment.
    Finding these new particles would crack the dark matter mystery and would indicate that even heavier super-particles are out there, ones that someday could allow physicists to explain gravity the same way they can explain electromagnetic and nuclear forces, a goal of cosmologists for nearly a century.

    Phil Allport of the University of Liverpool, UK lead for one of Cern detectors, ATLAS, said: "It will allow us to greatly extend the reach to search for new physics as well as make some very precise measurements, for example, to potentially address the nature of dark matter. Essentially we will be looking for a major imbalance in the particles being emitted after a collision."

    Dark "Matter"?!? When 74% of the Wave reaction of Dark Energy is far more important? Who's pulling who's chain here? Elusive to the point of Expansion...this universe is expanding via something extrodinary....and energy that comprises 74% of Space and they want us to believe they are interested in the particle?

    Launched in June 2006, the PAMELA (Payload for Antimatter/Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics) satellite was designed by institutions in Italy, Russia, Germany and Sweden to examine the nature of antiparticles in cosmic rays. In November 2008 the PAMELA team reported preliminary results that suggested that the ratio of positrons to electrons at energies above 10 GeV is greater than predicted by theories that only take into account the production of positrons from interactions between cosmic rays and interstellar gas.
    The PAMELA team has published a paper on the ratio of anti-protons/protons in the cosmic ray flux, which should also be affected by dark matter annihilating to create anti-protons. PAMELA measured this quantity at energies between 1 and 100 GeV during 500 days of data collection

    The team found that ratio of anti-protons/protons rose from nearly zero at 1 GeV to a maximum value of about 0.0002 at around 10 GeV, before dropping back down again. According to the team, the data suggest that the anti-protons are produced when cosmic rays collide with instellar gas — with no need for dark matter annihilation.

    Uncle Jacks Prediction:

    My prediction is that the LHC will not find real dark matter particles whizzing through space. In this case no real dark matter particles created in high energy LHC collisions because, in my view, dark matter is a virtual fermion-antifermion effect of ordinary leptons and quarks inside the quantum vacuum. It's mainstream physics that virtual fermion-antifermion pairs induce attractive gravity whilst virtual bosons induce repulsive anti-gravity. So it's a question of the relative densities of these particles in their virtual states inside the vacuum of whether we see dark matter at smaller scales and dark energy at larger scales.

    If there are N > 2 maximally entangled quantum sys-
    tems (qubits), and if measurements on them are per-
    formed in N mutually spatially separated regions by N
    independent observers, the correlations in such an ex-
    periment violate bounds imposed by local realism much
    stronger than in the two-particle case. More remarkably,
    instead of purely statistical reasoning for deriving Bell's
    inequality, one can fully follow the spirit of the EPR pa-
    per, and first try to de ne \elements of reality" based on
    perfect correlations of the entangled state. In a
    further step one then can show contradicting predictions
    between local realistic theories and quantum mechan-
    ics with precisely those quantum predictions which were
    used to de ne the \elements of reality"

    Quantum communication

    Quantum communication ultimately aims at absolute
    security and faithful transfer of information, classical or
    quantum. Photons are the fastest information carrier,
    and due to their very weak coupling to the environment,
    are an obvious choice for quantum communication, espe-
    cially for long-distances. Hence, the ability of manipu-
    lating the quantum features (such as coherence and en-
    tanglement) of photons is a precious resource.

    (Oh boy....Beam me up Scotty!)

    Quantum teleportation
    The fascinating possibility of quantum teleportation
    was discovered by Bennett, Brassard, Crepeau, Jozsa,
    Peres, and Wootters (1993). Quantum teleportation is
    indeed not only a critical ingredient for many more quan-
    tum communication protocols and for quantum compu-
    tation (Gottesman and Chuang, 1999; Knill, La
    amme, and Milburn, 2001)|its experimental realization allows
    new studies of the fundamentals of quantum theory.

    1. Theory: qubit teleportation involving an EPR channel and
    two bit transfer The idea of quantum teleportation is illustrated in the
    Fig. 21(a). Suppose, particle 1 carries a qubit in the
    state ji which Alice should teleport to Bob, that is to
    transfer it to his particle. Let us consider pure states,
    and represent our discussion in terms of qubits carried
    by polarization states of photons.

    Principle of quantum teleportation. Alice has
    particle 1, whose qubit state she wants to teleport to Bob.
    Alice and Bob also share an ancillary maximally entangled
    pair of qubits carried by particles 2 and 3 emitted by an
    EPR source. Alice performs a Bell-state measurement jointly
    on particle 1 and one of the ancillaries. She sends a two
    bit classical information informing Bob about the result of
    her Bell state measurement. Based on this, he performs one
    of four unitary transformations (U) on his ancillary parti-
    cle. The transformations are such that Bob's ancilla's qubit
    ends up in the state, which was originally associated with
    particle 1. (b) Setup of the Innsbruck teleportation experi-
    ment (Bouwmeester et al., 1997). A pulse of ultraviolet light
    passing through a non-linear crystal creates an ancillary pair
    of entangled photons 2 and 3 in a polarization state j i12.
    The pulse is reflected, and during its second passage through
    the crystal another pair of photons can be created. One of
    them plays the role of photon 1. Its polarization is put into
    a certain state, teleportation of which is the aim of the ex-
    periment. The other one serves as a trigger indicating, by
    causing a count at P, that photon 1 is under way. Alice looks
    for coincidences after the BS at which the photon 1 and one
    of the ancillaries are superposed. In the case of receiving a
    classical information indicating that Alice obtained a coinci-
    dence count in detectors f1 and f2, which implies a collapse
    into j i12, Bob knows that his photon 3 is in the original
    polarization state of photon 1. He can check whether this
    is indeed so by a polarization analysis with a PBS and the
    detectors d1 and d2 behind it.

    Generally speaking, the basic criteria to achieve a
    bona de qubit 55 teleportation are: (1) the experimen-
    tal scheme without any changes is capable of teleporting
    any pure or mixed qubit state, this includes the possibil-
    ity of entanglement swapping, (2) a delity better than
    the classical one of 2=3, see Massar and Popescu (1995)
    can be achieved, (3) at least in principle, the scheme
    should be extendable to long distances, (4) the state to
    be teleported should be of external nature, that is, it is
    carried by a particle which plays no role in the prepa-
    ration of the quantum part of the teleportation channel
    (essentially the EPR pair). This in principle allows to
    teleport any unknown qubit state delivered by some out-
    side party

    Teleprotation with various physical systems

    Each teleportation experiment done thus far has ad-
    vantages and disadvantages [for a comparison between
    various methods, see (Bouwmeester et al., 1999b)].
    Quantum teleportation of continuous-variable states (Fu-
    rusawa et al., 1998; Braunstein and van Loock, 2005)
    has the advantage that full Bell-state analysis is possible
    with linear optics (within the experimental bandwidth).
    Yet, it is hard to extend to a long-distance case. The
    unavoidable degradation of squeezed-states sets in dur-
    ing longer-distance transfers. This consequently leads to
    a rapid lowering of the quality of squeezed-state entan-
    glement. Quantum teleportation using nuclear magnetic
    resonance (Nielsen et al., 1998) or trapped atoms (Riebe
    et al., 2004; Barrett et al., 2004) has an obvious advan-
    tage in that the input quantum state can be teleported
    with an eciency of 100%. Yet, it is dicult (if not im-
    possible) to implement it over long distances.
    The Innsbruck teleportation technique with its later
    improvements enables one to aim at a long-distance tele-
    portation (Marcikic et al., 2003; Ursin et al., 2004) and


    We have reviewed the principles and experimental
    techniques for manipulation of multi-photon entangled
    states, which have enabled a series of pioneering exper-
    iments in the fi eld of quantum information. A number
    of important applications have been highlighted: Lab-
    oratory tests demonstrating the contradiction between
    quantum mechanics and local realism performed with
    entangled photons, that is, the Bell and Greenberger-
    Horne-Zeilinger experiments (Weihs et al. 1998, Pan et
    al. 2001). Quantum teleportation{the transfer and re-
    construction of quantum states over arbitrary distances
    became an experimental reality with four-photon inter-
    ferometries (Bouwmeester et al. 1997, Marcikic et al.
    2003). A variation of teleportation, entanglement swap-
    ping (Pan et al. 1998), which together with entangle-
    ment puri cation (Pan et al. 2003) and quantum mem-
    ory (e.g. Yuan et al. 2008) are the essential components
    of quantum repeaters necessary for quantum networking
    and long distance quantum communication. Proof-of-
    principle demonstrations of linear optics quantum com-
    puting (e.g. O'Brien et al. 2003, Walther et al. 2005,
    Lu et al. 2008, Lanyon et al. 2010) and super-resolving
    phase measurement (e.g. Nagata et al. 2007) with multi-
    photon devices.

    What does Uncle Jack say?

    Quantum communication is the art of transferring a quantum state from one place to another. Traditionally, the sender is named Alice and the receiver Bob. The basic motivation is that quantum states code quantum information — called qubits in the case of two-dimensional
    Hilbert spaces — and that quantum information allows tasks to be performed that could only be achieved far less efficiently, if at all, using classical information. The best known example is quantum key distribution (QKD)1–3. In fact, there is another motivation, at least equally important to most physicists, namely the close connection between quantum communication and quantum non-locality 4,5, as illustrated by the fascinating process of quantum teleportation.

    Quantum Teleportation, communication, Dark matter, and Dark energy.....


    Anyhow....Dark energy!

    ‎[color=darkblue]" Craig Hogan, a particle astrophysicist of Fermilab, says, “Being in the [holographic] universe is like being in a 3D movie.” “On a large-scale, it looks smooth and three-dimensional, but if you get close to the screen, you can tell that it is flat and pixilated.”[/color]

    Pixilated?!?!?! That was how I got lot's of this information I write PIXIL formation! Huh ?

    The readings from a sensitive motion-detector in Hanover, Germany which detects ripples in the fabric of space-time called the GEO6000 experiment in 2008 were found to look grainy. This supported the evidence that the Universe is really a “hologram.” Dr. Hogan’s wide-ranging contributions to the field include the co-discovery of ‘dark energy.'"

    Holographic Geometry and Noise in Matrix Theory

    Using Matrix Theory as a concrete example of a fundamental holographic
    theory, we show that the emergent macroscopic spacetime displays a new macro-
    scopic quantum structure, holographic geometry, and a new observable phe-
    nomenon, holographic noise, with phenomenology similar to that previously
    derived on the basis of a quasi-monochromatic wave theory. Traces of matrix
    operators on a light sheet with a compact dimension of size R are interpreted
    as transverse position operators for macroscopic bodies. An e ective quantum
    wave equation for spacetime is derived from the Matrix Hamiltonian. Its so-
    lutions display eigenmodes that connect longitudinal separation and transverse
    position operators on macroscopic scales. Measurements of transverse relative
    positions of macroscopically separated bodies, such as signals in Michelson in-
    terferometers, are shown to display holographic nonlocality, indeterminacy and
    noise, whose properties can be predicted with no parameters except R. Similar
    results are derived using a detailed scattering calculation of the matrix wave-
    function. Current experimental technology will allow a de nitive and precise
    test or validation of this interpretation of holographic fundamental theories


    What is the nature of Dark Energy?

    Energy Flow of the Universe:

    Okay...happy reading....because next is where it gets really weird I probably won't post anymore until next weekend due to my work schedule. this should give you extra time to digest what I've added here.

    But hey....if this is a hologram....then your a sim!!! a a barbie world


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:47 pm

    OMG! That stupid song! When my granddaughter was about three she would come over and play the hell out of that song. She didn't understand it of course...too young. But it has some hypnotic influence on her for certain. Thank god she got over it. At least I hope she's like the television ads to 'be all you can be in the eyes of Hollywood' If you live your life like a celebrity you will be "in"...if not ...oh well!

    But that song came to mind when I read some interesting view of Oxford Professor Nick Bostrom. He actually writes about the empirical test of the Simulation hypothesis. And Superintelligence. But more importantly...applied ethics.

    So what does Nick have to say about the theory of the Simulation hypothesis? Before I do....let me bring you one more thing regarding Superintelligence and Quantum computing and the nature of reality and cognition:

    Nature, Cognition and Quantum Physics - Peter Marcer

    The following facts, emergent from the new interdisciplinary area of quantum information processing [1], preview a major paradigm change in science :-
    in computer science, a physical theory - the quantum theory of computation - is now to be regarded as the theory of computation, replacing the mathematical/Turing theory as the correct one,
    the nature of information is radically extended by the concept of quantum information, beyond what, until now, has generally been accepted in science to be the case,
    information therefore becomes a new concept on a par with the accepted concept of energy, needing incorporation in understanding physics, and
    as already experimentally validated, this incorporation radically changes the scientific understanding of how chemistry may be be performed - specifying new designs for chemical systems employing optimally controlled quantum signal induced, rather than approximately thermodynamically induced, chemical reactions [2,3,4].
    The new paradigm, implies a wholly quantum world, where both classical models of physics and computation are at best approximations to physical reality, and where, for example, the recent experimental validation of quantum teleportation[5] is a striking affirmation of the holistic nature of physical reality revealed by quantum mechanics[6].
    Thus, current understanding of all derived disciplines where the concept of information processing plays a leading role - such as molecular biology, biology, neurophysiology, cognitive science, medicine, etc, warrant re-assessment and maybe radical revision in the light of this paradigm change. For example, a valid hypothesis is that the 1952-3 experiments of Miller and Urey into the origins of life (where within a closed flask, electric discharges through a 'primordial Earth atmosphere' for many days produced an amino acid containing chemical soup) were essentially correct, except that the possibility of optimally controlled quantum signal induced chemistry [3], was then unknown and is at the heart of life's evolution.
    The Programme

    From a programme of investigations already in progress, which concerns DNA, the prokaryote cell, the brain, and its essential sub-unit - the neuron -providing a new model of cognition, and the central challenge proposed, it becomes clear that no area of science may be immune from this extended understanding of information processing that quantum physics provides, and that the solution to many of the major unsolved problems in science, could now be within reach.
    In the new paradigm, the only valid proofs (even for mathematicians!) are "engineered solutions" ie physical apparatus, be they manmade or biologically evolved, which demonstrate the process in question, as theoretically described. Thus brains as "chemically based computer design", have some information processing operations that are astounding from the engineering, technical viewpoint; physical operations which serve as an existence proof that carbon-based analogue chemical computation does work.
    The investigations concern quantum holography (summarised below), for which functional magnetic resonance imaging furnishes an engineered solution [7]. They provide existence proofs ; ie descriptions of why the morphology and dynamics of the following chemically based computer designs, ie "engineered solutions", are the way they are: -
    DNA - describing how its morphology and dynamics is able to incrementally encode the three dimensional morphology and dynamics of the embryo of its organism[8],
    the prokaryote cell - describing how such cells function in an environmental niche, for the purposes of survival, as self organising, self replicating, self adaptive units, in accordance with an evolving record within the cell of the cell's history[9],
    the brain as a cognitive system - describing how it works as a fully distributed, massively parallel, synchronously partitioned processor, filter, memory, and multiple input/output system, which optimizes itself by self adaption/learning[10], and
    the neuron of such a brain - describing how it contributes to the brain's capabilities and massively parallel operation [11]and why this is quantum parallelism, such that, in relation to simultaneous activity in geometrically separate brain segments and to affecting a change of functionality (ie the shutting down of activity in one set of segments and replacing this by that in another set), these can be done instantaneously, rather than requiring the use of co-ordinating signals from a central control or switching centre as in a classical machine.
    Biological evolved engineered solutions demonstrate, for example, that vision, visual images; sound, acoustic images, touch, tactile images, etc -senses- concern chemical simulation of physical reality, where (if quantum holography correctly describes them) adaption/learning, filtering, communication, input/output, memory etc take place directly by means of actual physical signals in the form of holograms; for example, immediate data capture is of a whole three dimensional vista/ movie frame. No form of logical or mathematical representation is employed, simply a physical morphology and dynamics, which quantum holography prescribes, so that processing is top down or bottom up. This allows optimally efficient cognition by filtering of a whole, into its parts or perception by the assembly of a whole, from its parts, etc.
    Other engineered or claimed engineered solutions, described by quantum holography are Mach-Zehner interferometry[12], NMR quantum computation Jones, Mosca,and Hansen [25] and teleportation as performed by Zeilinger et al. and di Martini et al.[5].
    Scientific Background

    Quantum holography describes the mechanisms of holography via the standard quantum mechanical formalism[12] specifying an emitter/absorber model equivalent to an incremental Feynman sum of histories approach[13]. It incorporates signal theory for generic three dimensional image processing and communication into quantum physics in acccordance with the symmetries of the nilpotent Heisenberg Lie group structure, algebra and nilmanifold[14]. These symmetries avoid the decoherence that would, in other circumstances, prevent the quantum interference, self-interference/entanglement necessary for the quantum holography. It does this by employing phase conjugation/ time reversal invariance[15], which are preconditions for self adaption, insensitivity to initial conditions, and what, in other contexts, is known as "stochastic resonance", such that inhomogeneity/ multiple scattering act, counterintuitively, as focussing mechanisms.
    The Central Challenge

    Biological systems are now simply "engineered solutions" for which DNA - itself an "engineered solution" - provides descriptions. Central to these descriptions to quote de Duve, a Nobel Laureate for cell biology[16], ".... the function of base-pairing is not simply a structural one. Its main role is communication. Amazingly these elementary relationships, the chemical base pairings (where A,U,T,G and C are adenine, uracil, thymine, guanine and cytosine respectively)

    govern, through the two relatively fragile structures they embody, the whole of information transfer throughout the biosphere. They are truly the cipher of life."
    That is, DNA base-pairing, the basis of the genetic code provides an "engineered solution" or basic machinery of communication fundamental to life on Earth. Thus, the hypothesis that biological systems are quantum information processing based chemical computer designs, is reduced to experimentally validating that the machinery of base-pairing corresponds to four operations, a quaternary code,for the maintenance of entanglement/unitarity, namely:-,
    the unitary operation that simply does nothing or
    either one of the three unitary transformations transfering one Bell state to another.
    These unitary operations, the identity operation, the phase flip, the bit flip and the phase/bit flip, which are central to quantum error correction, and fault tolerence, describe for example an ability -quantum dense coding- to send twice as much information as can be sent classically with a two-state particle/system[1]. This, it is argued, must result in inevitable evolutionary advantage. The implication is that information with respect to both amplitude(bits) and phase is being transmitted as the basis of biological communication. A case, exactly analogous to the condition of quadrature in holography[17], which allows full wavefront reconstruction, restoring the original 3 dimensional image carrying wave in both amplitude and phase; the same condition, which in quantum holography is guaranteed by the symmetries of the three dimensional representation G of the Heisenberg group, and where these symmetries imply avoidance of decoherence.
    That is to say, quantum holography extends the classical model of holography for full wavefront reconstruction (upto a particular resolution) with complex amplitudes into the quantum domain. Thus the holographic information needed to reconstruct the relative location and state of an object consists of two parts, one which can be transmitted instantaneously, but cannot be used without the other, which can only be transmitted by conventional means at the speed of light or slower. This quantum ability alone combined with the other undoubted advantages of holographic information processing such as associate memory, redundancy, etc, could account for the fact that biological systems/brains have some operations that are astounding from the engineering, technical viewpoint. Implicit in the hypothesis of the central challenge, this duality of communication capabilities implies that information processing in biological systems occurs in tandem at both the traditional classical and quantum levels. By this means, for example, when living cells replicate, each cell would be fully aware of its sister cells relative locations and states, explaining how such replication is able to construct the morphology and dynamics of an embryo subject to the master blueprint of their DNA, and how, when the embryo is complete, self-repair/immune system is brought into play to restore such locations and states, ie health.

    Development History

    Physics; begins with:-
    Kepler, who first used a concept of phase in his analysis of Tycho Brahe's data to deduce his laws. A recent formalisation of this analysis has been successfully applied to functional magnetic resonance tomography (MRI) by Schempp[18],
    Huygens' conceptualization of the behaviour of wavefronts - Huygens' principle - used extensively in classical wave physics, and by Feynman as the basis of his sum of histories approach to quantum physics. It was formalised in various forms by Jessel[19] - leading him to the discovery of anti-sound - and by Resconi and Jessel[20].

    Both concepts are central to quantum physics, as applied by de Broglie, Schrodinger ,Bohm, Feynman and now Berry (in relation to the geometric phase/topological effects), as are,
    Lie transformations, a culmination of geometrical invariance theory, applied as central to perception, cognition and brain structure by Hoffman[21],
    holography, the phenomenon of full wavefront reconstruction, discovered by Gabor[17], together with a new computing principle[22], which defines a universal non-linear analogue filter, simulator and predictor which optimizes itself by a learning process - a prototype of which was built at Imperial College in the late '50s. This principle was generalised (using Huygens' principle) by Resconi and Fatmi[23], and Fatmi, Jessel, Marcer and Resconi[24] (using Lie transformational systems, and Lie commutators, respectively); both papers had the support of Salem. They established the relation with topological effects, and the other various models of computation - Turing, Deutsch, etc, and
    Hahn, a disciple of Bloch, who pioneered magnetic resonance scanning and Hounsfield, who devoted the latter part of his Nobel prize address to the future of MRI rather than X-ray tomography.
    A full theoretical approach to MRI has been developed by Schempp[7] based on harmonic analysis on the Heisenberg group with its applications to signal theory[14]. This nilpotent Lie group, able to model Huygens' principle, holography, etc ; its Lie algebra, Heisenberg uncertainty( as was realised by Weyl in 1928); and its nilmanifold, topological effects, etc., defines quantum holography. Based on the Lie commutator [q,p], it specifies a quantum model of Gabor's universal, analogue, non-linear, filter, simulator and predictor that optimizes itself by a learning process, employing the phenomenon of full wave front construction ie holography, uniting a),b),c),d)and e).
    Living systems :-
    There is already a significant history of publication and scientific workers, who anticipated this paradigm shift, predicting that various aspects and properties of biological systems, anomalous to classical explanations, could only be accounted for quantum mechanically. These include, Schrodinger, Pauli, Jung, Bohm, Frohlich, Pribram, Umezara, Jibu, Yasue, Eccles, Josephson, Penrose, Hameroff, Ho, Hiley, Farre ,Grossing, Schempp, Mitchell, etc


    This approach to wider perspectives is an established programme of research, guided by the understanding of the known workings of a production device, the fMRI tomographic machine, for which an extensive, validated, theoretical description, quantum holography, exists. The continuation of this programme, in accordance with existing and new models (in italics) to validate or refute the central challenge proposed and various subgoals (in bold), would require minimum financial investment, manpower, and timescale (say five years). The result would be
    the extent to which the new paradigm will change our understanding of science and technology in the new millennium, with
    the critical and immediate implications, this could have on the critical masses of various (possibly all) research, development, and higher education programmes.

    A successful validation - the prestige of discovering the quantum physics underlying the origin and functioning of living systems, would constitute a quantum leap in mankind's understanding of Nature, of how brains work; how cognition/intelligence can be understood and are carried out; and understanding of biological evolved engineered solutions would lead to the rapid technological development of manmade ones !

    Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sales job! I couldn't have done better! Invest now! The time is right! five years no less....In fact now is the time eh? It seems they are "looking for a few good men in this field.
    Check this out. Britian is now making peer reviewed papers free to the public....perhaps they can entice a few fringe scientists to join in or the occasional genius boy wonder who might be able to help the solve the puzzle eh?

    Check it:

    Open-Access of U.K.-Funded Science Papers Will Start in 2013

    A new Research Councils U.K. policy encourages researchers to shun science journals that prohibit authors from following the six-month post-publication mandate
    From April 2013, science papers must be made free to access within six months of publication if they come from work paid for by one of the United Kingdom’s seven government-funded grant agencies, the research councils, which together spend about £2.8 billion (US$4.4 billion) each year on research.
    The policy, announced this morning by the agencies’ umbrella body Research Councils UK (RCUK), makes clear that researchers should shun science journals that don’t allow authors to follow this mandate.

    A mandate?!?! Whoa!!!!!!!!

    Okay then next.........

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:52 pm

    About Nick Bostrom
    Professor Bostrom is Director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. He previously taught at Yale. His research areas include philosophy of science, foundations of probability theory, ethics, and emerging technologies.

    Now keep in mind this was written in 2001....Quantum computing has come a long way baby!


    Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford University
    Published in Philosophical Quarterly (2003) Vol. 53, No. 211, pp. 243-255.


    This paper argues that at least one of the following propositions is true: (1) the human species is very likely to go extinct before reaching a “posthuman” stage; (2) any posthuman civilization is extremely unlikely to run a significant number of simulations of their evolutionary history (or variations thereof); (3) we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation. It follows that the belief that there is a significant chance that we will one day become posthumans who run ancestor-simulations is false, unless we are currently living in a simulation. A number of other consequences of this result are also discussed.


    Many works of science fiction as well as some forecasts by serious technologists and futurologists predict that enormous amounts of computing power will be available in the future. Let us suppose for a moment that these predictions are correct. One thing that later generations might do with their super-powerful computers is run detailed simulations of their forebears or of people like their forebears. Because their computers would be so powerful, they could run a great many such simulations. Suppose that these simulated people are conscious (as they would be if the simulations were sufficiently fine-grained and if a certain quite widely accepted position in the philosophy of mind is correct). Then it could be the case that the vast majority of minds like ours do not belong to the original race but rather to people simulated by the advanced descendants of an original race. It is then possible to argue that, if this were the case, we would be rational to think that we are likely among the simulated minds rather than among the original biological ones. Therefore, if we don’t think that we are currently living in a computer simulation, we are not entitled to believe that we will have descendants who will run lots of such simulations of their forebears. That is the basic idea. The rest of this paper will spell it out more carefully.
    Apart form the interest this thesis may hold for those who are engaged in futuristic speculation, there are also more purely theoretical rewards. The argument provides a stimulus for formulating some methodological and metaphysical questions, and it suggests naturalistic analogies to certain traditional religious conceptions, which some may find amusing or thought-provoking.
    The structure of the paper is as follows. First, we formulate an assumption that we need to import from the philosophy of mind in order to get the argument started. Second, we consider some empirical reasons for thinking that running vastly many simulations of human minds would be within the capability of a future civilization that has developed many of those technologies that can already be shown to be compatible with known physical laws and engineering constraints. This part is not philosophically necessary but it provides an incentive for paying attention to the rest. Then follows the core of the argument, which makes use of some simple probability theory, and a section providing support for a weak indifference principle that the argument employs. Lastly, we discuss some interpretations of the disjunction, mentioned in the abstract, that forms the conclusion of the simulation argument.


    A common assumption in the philosophy of mind is that of substrate-independence. The idea is that mental states can supervene on any of a broad class of physical substrates. Provided a system implements the right sort of computational structures and processes, it can be associated with conscious experiences. It is not an essential property of consciousness that it is implemented on carbon-based biological neural networks inside a cranium: silicon-based processors inside a computer could in principle do the trick as well.
    Arguments for this thesis have been given in the literature, and although it is not entirely uncontroversial, we shall here take it as a given.
    The argument we shall present does not, however, depend on any very strong version of functionalism or computationalism. For example, we need not assume that the thesis of substrate-independence is necessarily true (either analytically or metaphysically) – just that, in fact, a computer running a suitable program would be conscious. Moreover, we need not assume that in order to create a mind on a computer it would be sufficient to program it in such a way that it behaves like a human in all situations, including passing the Turing test etc. We need only the weaker assumption that it would suffice for the generation of subjective experiences that the computational processes of a human brain are structurally replicated in suitably fine-grained detail, such as on the level of individual synapses. This attenuated version of substrate-independence is quite widely accepted.
    Neurotransmitters, nerve growth factors, and other chemicals that are smaller than a synapse clearly play a role in human cognition and learning. The substrate-independence thesis is not that the effects of these chemicals are small or irrelevant, but rather that they affect subjective experience only via their direct or indirect influence on computational activities. For example, if there can be no difference in subjective experience without there also being a difference in synaptic discharges, then the requisite detail of simulation is at the synaptic level (or higher).

    the link is provided....but i will add this from the paper:


    The possibility represented by proposition (1) is fairly straightforward. If (1) is true, then humankind will almost certainly fail to reach a posthuman level; for virtually no species at our level of development become posthuman, and it is hard to see any justification for thinking that our own species will be especially privileged or protected from future disasters. Conditional on (1), therefore, we must give a high credence to DOOM, the hypothesis that humankind will go extinct before reaching a posthuman level:

    One can imagine hypothetical situations were we have such evidence as would trump knowledge of . For example, if we discovered that we were about to be hit by a giant meteor, this might suggest that we had been exceptionally unlucky. We could then assign a credence to DOOMlarger than our expectation of the fraction of human-level civilizations that fail to reach posthumanity. In the actual case, however, we seem to lack evidence for thinking that we are special in this regard, for better or worse.
    Proposition (1) doesn’t by itself imply that we are likely to go extinct soon, only that we are unlikely to reach a posthuman stage. This possibility is compatible with us remaining at, or somewhat above, our current level of technological development for a long time before going extinct. Another way for (1) to be true is if it is likely that technological civilization will collapse. Primitive human societies might then remain on Earth indefinitely.
    There are many ways in which humanity could become extinct before reaching posthumanity. Perhaps the most natural interpretation of (1) is that we are likely to go extinct as a result of the development of some powerful but dangerous technology.

    One candidate is molecular nanotechnology, which in its mature stage would enable the construction of self-replicating nanobots capable of feeding on dirt and organic matter – a kind of mechanical bacteria. Such nanobots, designed for malicious ends, could cause the extinction of all life on our planet.
    The second alternative in the simulation argument’s conclusion is that the fraction of posthuman civilizations that are interested in running ancestor-simulation is negligibly small. In order for (2) to be true, there must be a strong convergence among the courses of advanced civilizations. If the number of ancestor-simulations created by the interested civilizations is extremely large, the rarity of such civilizations must be correspondingly extreme. Virtually no posthuman civilizations decide to use their resources to run large numbers of ancestor-simulations. Furthermore, virtually all posthuman civilizations lack individuals who have sufficient resources and interest to run ancestor-simulations; or else they have reliably enforced laws that prevent such individuals from acting on their desires.
    What force could bring about such convergence? One can speculate that advanced civilizations all develop along a trajectory that leads to the recognition of an ethical prohibition against running ancestor-simulations because of the suffering that is inflicted on the inhabitants of the simulation. However, from our present point of view, it is not clear that creating a human race is immoral. On the contrary, we tend to view the existence of our race as constituting a great ethical value. Moreover, convergence on an ethical view of the immorality of running ancestor-simulations is not enough: it must be combined with convergence on a civilization-wide social structure that enables activities considered immoral to be effectively banned.
    Another possible convergence point is that almost all individual posthumans in virtually all posthuman civilizations develop in a direction where they lose their desires to run ancestor-simulations. This would require significant changes to the motivations driving their human predecessors, for there are certainly many humans who would like to run ancestor-simulations if they could afford to do so. But perhaps many of our human desires will be regarded as silly by anyone who becomes a posthuman. Maybe the scientific value of ancestor-simulations to a posthuman civilization is negligible (which is not too implausible given its unfathomable intellectual superiority), and maybe posthumans regard recreational activities as merely a very inefficient way of getting pleasure – which can be obtained much more cheaply by direct stimulation of the brain’s reward centers. One conclusion that follows from (2) is that posthuman societies will be very different from human societies: they will not contain relatively wealthy independent agents who have the full gamut of human-like desires and are free to act on them.
    The possibility expressed by alternative (3) is the conceptually most intriguing one. If we are living in a simulation, then the cosmos that we are observing is just a tiny piece of the totality of physical existence. The physics in the universe where the computer is situated that is running the simulation may or may not resemble the physics of the world that we observe. While the world we see is in some sense “real”, it is not located at the fundamental level of reality.
    It may be possible for simulated civilizations to become posthuman. They may then run their own ancestor-simulations on powerful computers they build in their simulated universe. Such computers would be “virtual machines”, a familiar concept in computer science. (Java script web-applets, for instance, run on a virtual machine – a simulated computer – inside your desktop.) Virtual machines can be stacked: it’s possible to simulate a machine simulating another machine, and so on, in arbitrarily many steps of iteration. If we do go on to create our own ancestor-simulations, this would be strong evidence against (1) and (2), and we would therefore have to conclude that we live in a simulation. Moreover, we would have to suspect that the posthumans running our simulation are themselves simulated beings; and their creators, in turn, may also be simulated beings.
    Reality may thus contain many levels. Even if it is necessary for the hierarchy to bottom out at some stage – the metaphysical status of this claim is somewhat obscure – there may be room for a large number of levels of reality, and the number could be increasing over time. (One consideration that counts against the multi-level hypothesis is that the computational cost for the basement-level simulators would be very great. Simulating even a single posthuman civilization might be prohibitively expensive. If so, then we should expect our simulation to be terminated when we are about to become posthuman.)
    Although all the elements of such a system can be naturalistic, even physical, it is possible to draw some loose analogies with religious conceptions of the world. In some ways, the posthumans running a simulation are like gods in relation to the people inhabiting the simulation: the posthumans created the world we see; they are of superior intelligence; they are “omnipotent” in the sense that they can interfere in the workings of our world even in ways that violate its physical laws; and they are “omniscient” in the sense that they can monitor everything that happens. However, all the demigods except those at the fundamental level of reality are subject to sanctions by the more powerful gods living at lower levels.
    Further rumination on these themes could climax in a naturalistic theogony that would study the structure of this hierarchy, and the constraints imposed on its inhabitants by the possibility that their actions on their own level may affect the treatment they receive from dwellers of deeper levels. For example, if nobody can be sure that they are at the basement-level, then everybody would have to consider the possibility that their actions will be rewarded or punished, based perhaps on moral criteria, by their simulators. An afterlife would be a real possibility. Because of this fundamental uncertainty, even the basement civilization may have a reason to behave ethically. The fact that it has such a reason for moral behavior would of course add to everybody else’s reason for behaving morally, and so on, in truly virtuous circle. One might get a kind of universal ethical imperative, which it would be in everybody’s self-interest to obey, as it were “from nowhere”.
    In addition to ancestor-simulations, one may also consider the possibility of more selective simulations that include only a small group of humans or a single individual. The rest of humanity would then be zombies or “shadow-people” – humans simulated only at a level sufficient for the fully simulated people not to notice anything suspicious. It is not clear how much cheaper shadow-people would be to simulate than real people. It is not even obvious that it is possible for an entity to behave indistinguishably from a real human and yet lack conscious experience. Even if there are such selective simulations, you should not think that you are in one of them unless you think they are much more numerous than complete simulations. There would have to be about 100 billion times as many “me-simulations” (simulations of the life of only a single mind) as there are ancestor-simulations in order for most simulated persons to be in me-simulations.
    There is also the possibility of simulators abridging certain parts of the mental lives of simulated beings and giving them false memories of the sort of experiences that they would typically have had during the omitted interval. If so, one can consider the following (farfetched) solution to the problem of evil: that there is no suffering in the world and all memories of suffering are illusions. Of course, this hypothesis can be seriously entertained only at those times when you are not currently suffering.
    Supposing we live in a simulation, what are the implications for us humans? The foregoing remarks notwithstanding, the implications are not all that radical. Our best guide to how our posthuman creators have chosen to set up our world is the standard empirical study of the universe we see. The revisions to most parts of our belief networks would be rather slight and subtle – in proportion to our lack of confidence in our ability to understand the ways of posthumans. Properly understood, therefore, the truth of (3) should have no tendency to make us “go crazy” or to prevent us from going about our business and making plans and predictions for tomorrow. The chief empirical importance of (3) at the current time seems to lie in its role in the tripartite conclusion established above.

    We may hope that (3) is true since that would decrease the probability of (1), although if computational constraints make it likely that simulators would terminate a simulation before it reaches a posthuman level, then out best hope would be that (2) is true.
    If we learn more about posthuman motivations and resource constraints, maybe as a result of developing towards becoming posthumans ourselves, then the hypothesis that we are simulated will come to have a much richer set of empirical implications.


    A technologically mature “posthuman” civilization would have enormous computing power. Based on this empirical fact, the simulation argument shows that at least one of the following propositions is true: (1) The fraction of human-level civilizations that reach a posthuman stage is very close to zero; (2) The fraction of posthuman civilizations that are interested in running ancestor-simulations is very close to zero; (3) The fraction of all people with our kind of experiences that are living in a simulation is very close to one.
    If (1) is true, then we will almost certainly go extinct before reaching posthumanity. If (2) is true, then there must be a strong convergence among the courses of advanced civilizations so that virtually none contains any relatively wealthy individuals who desire to run ancestor-simulations and are free to do so. If (3) is true, then we almost certainly live in a simulation. In the dark forest of our current ignorance, it seems sensible to apportion one’s credence roughly evenly between (1), (2), and (3).

    The Simulation Argument: Why the Probability that You Are Living in a Matrix is Quite High

    If we are in a simulation, is it possible that we could know that for certain? If the simulators don’t want us to find out, we probably never will. But if they choose to reveal themselves, they could certainly do so. Maybe a window informing you of the fact would pop up in front of you, or maybe they would “upload” you into their world. Another event that would let us conclude with a very high degree of confidence that we are in a simulation is if we ever reach the point where we are about to switch on our own simulations............

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

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    Sounds damned impossible eh? Even ridiculous at some turns! Then WHY are all these vetted scholars studying it?!?

    Natural Evil and the Simulation Hypothesis

    David Kyle Johnson
    Associate Professor of Philosophy
    King’s College
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
    570-208-5900 ex 5242

    Abstract: Some theists maintain that they need not answer the threat posed to theistic belief by
    natural evil; they have reason enough to believe that God exists and it renders impotent any
    threat that natural evil poses to theism. Explicating how God and natural evil co-exist is not
    necessary since they already know both exist. I will argue that, even granting theists the
    knowledge they claim, this does not leave them in an agreeable position. It commits the theist to
    a very unpalatable position: our universe was not designed by God and is instead, most likely, a
    computer simulation.

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

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    If we are in a simulation, is it possible that we could know that for certain? If the simulators don’t want us to find out, we probably never will. But if they choose to reveal themselves, they could certainly do so. Maybe a window informing you of the fact would pop up in front of you, or maybe they would “upload” you into their world. Another event that would let us conclude with a very high degree of confidence that we are in a simulation is if we ever reach the point where we are about to switch on our own simulations.........

    A Snitch in Time!

    Did I run into a snitch in time? Back about four years ago the first thing I realized was I was getting a digital download in pixel formation. I even wrote about it a few years ago. But not until recently did I understand the possibility of what I have been writing about here. I believe I wrote about it here too.
    Brook on Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:17 am

    For those of you afraid to take the red might want to stop reading and participating in this thread now... as I've found from personal experience, that it will activate within you, if you let it...certain "knowings” that will surface at any given time. And in that knowledge, you may find it will not be everything you wanted to know. But then again remember...the truth will set you free. And in knowing the truth...remember you have free will...and can make choices accordingly.

    That being said, I will start by recommending a thread that was started by Orthodoxymoron, who I might add was brilliant in his deduction from AV1, and as it progressed I believe it brought to light some things that will stimulate your way of thinking about the “Egyptian” folklore of the “gods” they worshiped, and the symbols now being currently used in the Illuminati scheme of things.

    Some would think that it is not necessary to delve into the past, as one member had mentioned. However to understand what might possible be the truth to much of what we deal with today..the symbolism in our faces daily if you look around.... It might be good to know what it all the face of taking the red pill that is.

    If you dig deep enough you might even see where our own DNA may possibly have been tampered with, and fragmented our sense of self and way of life as we know it now.

    So I'd like to continue where some of the key points that triggered in me some “knowing” and see what input you all may have in these aspects of history and how it might have an effect on how we live today in the shadow of some of the great secrets that still to this day haunt us and most likely won't ever be known until we reach ascension and see the truth...or then can take the red pill and dive in...see what you come up with …

    so lets start off with one of the posts from that thread and look at Ptah....


    The origin of Ptah's name is unclear, though some believe it to mean 'opener' or 'sculptor'. As a god of craftsmen, the later is probably correct. He was a patron of the arts, protector of stone cutters, sculptors, blacksmiths, architects, boat builders, artists and craftsmen.

    It was believed that Ptah created the heavens and the earth.

    Ptah created the giant metal plate that was believed to be the floor of heaven and the roof of the sky, he also created the struts that upheld it. He created the universe by speaking words through his Tongue (linked to the god Thoth) and by thoughts coming from his Heart.

    There came into being as the heart and there came into being as the tongue ...The mighty Great One is Ptah, who transmitted life to all gods, as well as to their kas... Thus it happened that the heart and tongue gained control over every other member of the body, by teaching that he, Ptah... is in every body and in every mouth of all gods, all men,and every thing that lives, by thinking and commanding everything that he wishes.

    Thus the ka-spirits were made... by this speech... Thus were made all work and all crafts, the action of the arms, the movement of the legs, and the activity of every member, in conformance with this command which the heart thought, which came forth through the tongue, and which gives value to everything.

    Ptah was a creator god, the third highest god in Egypt. He was the god presiding over the Second Egyptian month. From a local god of craftsmen to the deity who crafted the universe and the other deities, Ptah was only overshadowed by the sun god Ra, and the hidden god Amen. He fashioned the universe through words of power and by thought, as well as creating different parts by hand. He helped the dead on their travels through the afterlife, allowing them to transform into his divine figure, or by building the boats on which they could travel. He was the one who allowed the dead to be like the living after death

    Sounds like a pretty powerful guy to all of this legend and metaphor.

    What did the Masons know? It is clearly worship of Ptah....but was he really such a good “God”? He is clearly worshiped in Egyptian folklore as a “God of Creation” ….stressing the word “creation”....what exactly did he create that should be worshiped in such “glory” for the Masons to revere? Then you clearly have a statue of Ptah with scales...

    And what about the Merkaba.....Mer... meant a kind of light that rotated within itself

    Ka ....meant spirit, in this case referring to the human spirit

    Ba.... meant the human body — though it also could mean the concept of Reality that spirit holds

    And so the entire word in ancient Egypt referred to a rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another.....

    Then you have Thoth...that's one for the records.....and if you read the Emerald see sparks of truth....also sparks of manipulation to a way of thinking that sounds very much like much of the “new wave” line of hypnosis....not to say there is not truth there...but in reading the Emerald tablets that are might find yourself getting a slight to moderate headache....triggering something of a remembrance....or could it be a trigger to forget.....but of what? It certainly triggered me....and opened up a flood gate of things that seemed to fit into a neat little conspiracy in and of itself. More questions then answers from the Egyptian “history” that we seem to get.
    There are still many “secrets” out there left to be uncovered...and on a global scale, I think if enough people got “triggered” in their own “knowing” of what the truth may just astound you...and set the history books a blaze.

    I thought this was all about some ascension thingy....I thought this was a spiritual experience....little did I know what I would find!

    What this developed into became quite different once I started to research what I was getting in the way of information.

    Did I run into a Snitch in time? And what about TIME?


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:49 pm

    Okay then.... absorb that for the weekend. Because I'm not done....there is a whole lot more if you're ready. If not you could view the banter of is there or is there not a connection to earthquakes and the sun.....

    According to quantum physics...everything is connected.

    Imagine that.

    I'm off now...have a hot date tonight with a lionhawk Wink

    Awe shucks....Radio Edit:

    You can look for answers but that ain't fun
    Now get in the pit an' try to love someone

    Wonder where my boys get it?

    Rock on !


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sun Nov 11, 2012 10:23 am

    Sims...are we real? 0's and 1's....our place in the universe...the mysteries of ages. Can the future influence the past?

    Huh ?

    One more for the weekend before I get to the "other stuff". Whistle


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Eartheart on Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:23 pm


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:07 am

    Subquantum Information and Computation

    It is argued that immense physical resources - for nonlocal communication, espionage, and exponentially-fast computation - are hidden from us by quantum noise, and that this noise is not fundamental but merely a property of an equilibrium state in which the universe happens to be at the present time. It is suggested that 'non-quantum' or nonequilibrium matter might exist today in the form of relic particles from the early universe. We describe how such matter could be detected and put to practical use. Nonequilibrium matter could be used to send instantaneous signals, to violate the uncertainty principle, to distinguish non-orthogonal quantum states without disturbing them, to eavesdrop on quantum key distribution, and to outpace quantum computation (solving NP-complete problems in polynomial time).

    Relic particles...Crazy enough to be true?.....


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:11 am

    Crazy indeed! Cup o

    In my "travels" I went to this white room .....what a rush! How did I get there? I asked Artemis to show me exactly what this so called power I posses is all about. In a controlled session with Artemis he told me It would only be for a brief time due to intensity...but it involves "spin". Then with that spin ....bang...and there I was a white room ....with no black curtains.....stark white....This was no kundalini! I shot straight up out of my position and out of the session.

    Life, Extended Mind, and Fundamental Physics

    Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson.....

    Abstract: The problem of how life came into existence is a major challenge for biology. I shall argue for an explanation involving the idea that a more elementary form of life, not dependent on matter, existed prior to the big bang, and evolved at the level of ideas in the same way that human societies evolve at the level of ideas. Just as human society discovered how to use matter in a range of technological applications, the hypothesized life before the big bang discovered how to organised energy to make physical universes, and to make fruitful use of the matter available in such universes. In addition, our various creative abilities are in part expressions of aspects of this original life. NB: some historical material not relevant to the lecture as a whole has been removed from the start of both lecture and introduction.

    Video included:

    This ain't no disco.... no foolin around!


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Eartheart on Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:04 am

    Wov - you stuck in cold war - americans - i am so sorry to have interacted...

    I was not mocking, just kind ofexpanding mind on this genial mosaic of your presentation.
    Anyhow have fun -

    docked off No

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:18 am

    Eartheart wrote:Nonequilibrium matter could be used to send instantaneous signals, to violate the uncertainty principle, to distinguish non-orthogonal quantum states without disturbing them, to eavesdrop on quantum key distribution, and to outpace quantum computation - wow brook your genius humor took me straight there again, riding the luminous reflections of pure particle beams through time and mind - so far till i lost
    myself from the grip of the apostolic angels - hahah

    When i came back to enjoy this ultimate freedom - imagine my focus on the continiuum of
    human mistakes or the prolonged chain of states in equilibrium traced by mind...

    A perfect limitless state of equilibrium with no temporal-spatial stresses drunken
    where to integrate those 7Billion junkies of "I" am, me want change (?pennies?)...

    Butthere is that invisible bridge over the abyss, our arc of lights to feel/be in equilibrated minds
    and defractionalize creation, uncreate the changes of dark rule and set into our flows... Wink

    Here we go....are you mocking me? How rude....Until you get an idea where this is leading...perhaps you should refrain from projecting images of sugar plum fairies or apostolic angels in your head.

    There is a reason I'm posting what I've been posting. And you are presuming to judge exactly where it is leading? Perhaps you should allow me to do my thing here and present that direction. As I have NOT yet.

    You don't know me. Or where this is don't know me. If you did you would not say what you've been saying.


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:33 am

    Nonequilibrium matter could be used to send instantaneous signals, to violate the uncertainty principle, to distinguish non-orthogonal quantum states without disturbing them, to eavesdrop on quantum key distribution, and to outpace quantum computation -

    Those are not my words...those are the words of Antony Valentini...who is spoken about toward the end of this video.

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Brook on Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:41 am

    ....I shall continue this at a later time.....why?...because:

    Have a great week Wink


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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

    Post  Aquaries1111 on Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:45 am

    Brook wrote:
    Eartheart wrote:Nonequilibrium matter could be used to send instantaneous signals, to violate the uncertainty principle, to distinguish non-orthogonal quantum states without disturbing them, to eavesdrop on quantum key distribution, and to outpace quantum computation - wow brook your genius humor took me straight there again, riding the luminous reflections of pure particle beams through time and mind - so far till i lost
    myself from the grip of the apostolic angels - hahah

    When i came back to enjoy this ultimate freedom - imagine my focus on the continiuum of
    human mistakes or the prolonged chain of states in equilibrium traced by mind...

    A perfect limitless state of equilibrium with no temporal-spatial stresses drunken
    where to integrate those 7Billion junkies of "I" am, me want change (?pennies?)...

    Butthere is that invisible bridge over the abyss, our arc of lights to feel/be in equilibrated minds
    and defractionalize creation, uncreate the changes of dark rule and set into our flows... Wink

    Here we go....are you mocking me? How rude....Until you get an idea where this is leading...perhaps you should refrain from projecting images of sugar plum fairies or apostolic angels in your head.

    There is a reason I'm posting what I've been posting. And you are presuming to judge exactly where it is leading? Perhaps you should allow me to do my thing here and present that direction. As I have NOT yet.

    You don't know me. Or where this is don't know me. If you did you would not say what you've been saying.

    We'll be patiently waiting Brook.. Jenneta Jenneta Jenneta Jenneta Jenneta Jenneta

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    Re: Theater of parallel Universe

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