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    Its All About The StarGates!


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    Its All About The StarGates!

    Post  burgundia on Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:57 am

    StarGate found during excavation of basement in Presidents Palace, Baghdad, 1920s

    The United States government has not allowed us to move on with this issue. Almost every major political movement has had some form of funding. The Disclosure Advocacy movement has not had almost any funding. It has existed out in cyberspace. The Obama administration opened an advocacy avenue that never existed before. In fact in making the petition process available it gave the Disclosure Movement a chance to pressure the military and intelligence complexes with the Executive branch into coming together in finally reconciling the truth to the American people. Signing the White House Petitions has become the most important political action a person supporting Disclosure can take. Furthermore, it is important to keep submitting new petitions in an ongoing process until we are complete with Disclosure.

    On November 4, 2011 the OSTP replied to the first Disclosure Petition: “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.” This was a gift – a gimme. This we can easily disprove. Since that Petition there have been three other petitions and tomorrow the fourth petition is due out. When we are able to organize 25,000 signatures in 30 days we will change this world for the better.

    We Are You

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    Post  We Are You on Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:05 am


    We Are You

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    Post  We Are You on Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:44 am

    Message from the Pleiadians…This Asks to Go Out Tonight… “Where We Are Headed”… “[Joy] is your Highest Guide”
    Posted on February 24, 2012

    KP: This message, from the Pleiadian group, was “forged” onto paper here (that’s computer screen OpenOffice type document “paper”). It seemed as if it had to be written, and written now.

    Now, I admit that I am not comfortable with writing down any time frame. But the message clearly came through as “three days”, with an “approximately” added on to the front, when “high officials will be called upon to step down”. These are stated to be “government positions”. Whose government… not communicated. Which “high officials”… not communicated.

    We are asked to be ready for “swift action”, as we “receive inner notice telepathically from your Galactic sources”. What the “swift action” actually is, is not specified. For each it will be different.

    “Mass movements” to higher consciousness are occurring, and some will be called to higher elevations, apparently in a physical location sense of the word. Reference is made to an increase in clarity, of all of our senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair-radiance). And that those who operate from the “intellect-only” closed-mind mode may experience “spectacular explosions”. I presume this means, hopefully for them, “spectacular awakenings”.

    We are encouraged to radiate our Light in all our affairs, and to operate from Joy. “That is your Highest Guide.”


    February 24, 2012 (2-24-2012)

    We are now in communication with the Higher Self of the one known as Kauilapele. We are also known from your “skies” as the group from the Pleiadian star system. We have found this one to be particularly attuned to the Pleiadian communication system and his energetics matches many of ours.

    Please read all of such communications from other star systems with Higher Discernment turned on. This is always helpful as not all messages are received or communicated clearly, and with the precise intent of the originator. Also it enables each to utilize this aspect [Higher Discernment] of their Higher Mind.

    We say to you that a number of high officials will be called upon to step down from their governmental positions within a period of approximately three days. This may be altered somewhat. However, we ask that each of you be prepared to take swift action as you receive inner notice telepathically from your Galactic sources. Each has their own. Pay attention to sleep dream messages, as instructions will also be conveyed in this way. These messages are from our realm, however, these are messages from what you might call your future Higher Self that has come back to communicate in the current time realm.

    This one [KP] currently wonders if this message comes through precisely. We say, yes. It surprises him to see these instructions and this message with a time domain stamped within it. However, it is as aligned as we are permitted to align.

    Some may say that their role is not significant. To those we answer that, as their intent is to awaken and ascend in consciousness (Ascension, as some call it), then their paths will be cleared for their missions in the next phase of this.

    As all accept the incomings at this time (we speak of higher energies, increasing in vibratory intensity*), there will be mass movements to higher elevations, in awareness. We speak not here of physical elevation. However, many will be called to regions of the physical planet where above sea levels will be large.** And all may assume that their clarity will increase. Their clair-, -voyance, -audience, -radiance, will increase. They are seeing, hearing, radiating, higher dimensional essence. Can you see the higher colors? Can you hear the higher sounds? Can you see, sense, know, the Higher radiance emanating from each individual being? In particular those groups of beings who have joined in harmonic intent, to rise, to serve those who are rising, and those who wish to rise?

    We might say that, how we see this, in your simple word of awe, is… “Wow!”

    Many still cling to the intellect-only evaluation of these events, occurrences, risings. We say to you [the "intellect-only" ones], be patient with those things you do not yet comprehend. Be understanding of your own limited perceptions from the 3D only. Be aware that a true scientist always retains an open mind, even in the face of things he/she does not understand. Open minds always permit expansion. Closed minds often give rise to spectacular explosions. The explosion into a new understanding, no matter how painful to the intellect, is always welcomed in our realms.

    Now say we, continue to radiate the Light you were born with. Continue to expectantly anticipate these great changes upon this planet earth which many have “prophesied”, “channeled”, “communicated”. One eternal moment at a time, be with Joy, within, and in all of your affairs. That is your Highest Guide. Your Joy. Our Joy. We are with you, in this Eternal Moment.

    We are asking this communicator to leave the comments open, as some will have additional input for this topic.

    * [presumably this means, "frequency" (energy) and magnitude]
    ** [presumably "above sea levels will be large" means, "very high physical altitude"]

    [comments open 2 days]

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    Re: Its All About The StarGates!

    Post  ceridwen on Sat Feb 25, 2012 9:58 am

    This is fascinating information, he has much more in his website:

    What are Earthstars?

    London’s ley lines are not just simple straight alignments. Many of our ancient sacred sites are located in precise and complex geometric patterns on the landscape.

    When I first began to investigate this phenomenon in the early 1980s, I found a vast and beautiful network of sacred geometry linking many of London’s ancient sacred sites. It covered the whole of Greater London and extended to linkup with other similar places the length and breadth of the land.

    Most of the patterns are star-shaped, so the name Earthstars came naturally.

    Earthstars can be understood in many ways.

    As a vast landscape temple.

    As a construction of the spirit of the land, or in the case of London, the soul of the city.

    As an aspect of the universal and planetary life-force, the web of life, which invisibly connects and binds all things.

    As a protective spiritual aura over our Capital and other places where they are found.

    Ultimately, I believe the specific geometry of London’s Earthstars (and the sites which define them) form a vast stargate, through which a transformative evolutionary force will affect our planet.

    Obviously, this could only happen when certain planetary and stellar alignments occur. What they might be is open to debate.

    Astrologers amongst you will know that the galactic centre will be focussed on London from 2012 and will remain there for the next fifty years.

    2012 doesn’t just coincide with the London Olympics, it coincides with the Mayan end-time.

    So it is perhaps no coincidence that London’s Earthstars geometry also has an association with the biblical City of Revelation which is said to appear in the “end of the world.”

    Like St. John’s City of Revelation, this discovery has its roots in visionary experience. It is not something I set out to discover. The discovery came about through a series of dreams, visions, synchronicities and psychic experiences, all of which were guided by a radiant female being who is the anthropomorphic manifestation of the Earth Spirit in these sacred isles of Albion.

    Rather than a discovery in the usual sense of the word, I have always regarded it as a release of knowledge from the Spirit of the Earth, herself.

    Chris Street. London. 2009

    We Are You

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    Re: Its All About The StarGates!

    Post  We Are You on Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:00 am

    SAINT BRIGIT. “A House United.” By, AuroRa Le. August 5, 2012.
    Posted on August 5, 2012 by theangeldiaries
    ☯ I greet you fondly, Dearests, I Am Brigit. Angel, Goddess, Master, Sainted One – I am known by an array of titles, but I Am simply Brigit. I Am like you. All of us, you and I, we are Holy Messengers of Light; and as best we can, we do our part for God, Gaia and humanity. Peer close and see me as I extend to you my hand in kinship. Take hold of it, please, and let us become and remain One. One family. One Heart. On one mission. One tall and mighty fortress of love and impenetrable will, we are. For we are a house united, and we usher in, together, the Platinum Age of Freedom. A house united has the strength to repel any and all encroaching darkness. Whilst this darkness might wrongly presume it could ever storm our castle walls, our numbers are too vast and to dazzling for the dim to stay bleak and solitary for too long. A mere glimpse of our bright Light is enough to render that one dark and lonely no more; and thus becoming a part of Us. Ours is a castle built not on sand, but on a rock-solid foundation of togetherness and shared goodwill.

    ☯ A house divided cannot, and will not, stand. In these times, great expectations are arising from the ashes of the past traumas and tribulations which are being burnt away. From the wreckage of a fallen paradigm is born the incoming age of beauty, freedom, equality and peace. Finally, at long last, peace. Anything is possible now, and in this way of thinking you are not at all mistaken. Embrace it, do. When one’s motives are clean and in the best interest of All, you might very well find you can move mountains and part the seas. Alas, however, we sometimes find that we do not always agree on which mountains or which seas upon which to shower our attentions. This can make for discontent amongst the Whole, and in this disconnectedness comes a loss of clear perspective and-worst of all-judgement. A house divided cannot stand. When faith is lost and Unity is forgotten in the heat of egoic battle, nothing of any use shall ever be accomplished. He said, she said… honestly and truly, Dears, does it really matter? When all is said and done, is not our end-goal the same?

    ☯ I seek to remind you not to lose faith that your world reality shall ever be drastically different. You dream of a world without borders, without starvation, dishonestly and the illusion of separateness. You seek loving reunion with your Brothers and Sisters of the Heavens, in the most tangible and organic sense. As do we with you. You pray hard and fast for miracles to unfold, and wonder why they appear to be transpiring for some and not for others. Have we not told you umpteen times that there is more than one timeline currently still in play; that some have chosen to undertake a more arduous journey than others? In due time these timelines shall merge together, but still they are in the delicate process of coming together. Do not cast stones upon the ones who’s viewpoints and experiences differ from your own, but see them instead as one who chose to take another fork in the road. Seek to come together and learn from each other’s experience. It shall only serve to make you all the wiser.

    ☯ It is imperative that some of you re-asses your definition as to what “disclosure” actually means. Cease to put the cart before the horse, and in this I refer to the anticipated landings of the ships. There are some I see who are of the misguided belief that they are in need of rescue. No, Dear Children, this is not the case. You are alchemical masters by nature, and within you lies the power to turn dust to diamonds and water to wine. You need only to find within yourselves the confidence and knowing that this can be so, then work to reclaim the dormant portions of your Self which have remained buried within, as you worked your way through the reincarnational cycle. The enlightenment and upliftment of yourself, the people and the planet must come first and foremost. The masses are not yet ready to absorb all that is Truth, all at one time. They are not yet able to comprehend that we are the same, that we are all united under the same Creator. I so fervently wish this wasn’t so, but such is what it is at this moment.

    ☯ You are Lightbearers, so then bear The Light. Step out from the shadows and become the majority. Aye, convert them. Tell them all! Make not the mistake of thinking that they do not hear you, for they do. Now you must make them listen. Disclosure is occurring, though mayhap not yet in the way you may want it to. You hear me now, you feel my energy, I Am here. I have disclosed myself to you. Though not in the fashion you seek, but still I make my presence known. From my heart I promise you the day shall come when you shall look with your own eyes into the shining eyes of your Beloveds. You shall see them and hear them and clasp hands with them in long anticipated Unity. This anticipation goes both ways, but do take heed and trust that we can see obstacles that you do not. We must dismantle them together.

    ☯ Have faith in your Creator, for He shall never disappoint. Feel your Mother’s kindness as a buttery balm against the rawness of your wounds. Have unwavering faith in yourselves and in each other. I ask you, please, to refrain from setting yourselves up to fall, and allow for the Divine Plan to unfold as it was long ago decreed to do. There is a Divine Plan, and whilst it may sway a bit from here to there and rework itself every now and then, take heart that we are right where we ought to be. By having faith in this very thing, you shall never feel let down. Then we all shall be together.

    In Holy Grace, I am Brigit.

    Copyright © Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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