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    Upholding the Collective Consciousness. 2012, ETs, War, dark cabal, rothschilds, bilderbergs, Occupy, Earthquakes


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    Upholding the Collective Consciousness. 2012, ETs, War, dark cabal, rothschilds, bilderbergs, Occupy, Earthquakes

    Post  astralflyer on Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:21 pm

    There is much talk at the moment.

    Of things happening.

    Of Earthquakes
    Of Floods
    Of volcanoes
    Of "Strange booming noises"
    of "ETs" and Zetas, Greys, Galactic Federations and beings from "another planet"
    of Continents sinking and "1 of 7"
    of Global civil unrest
    of Financial collapse
    of Relationships collapsing
    of Loved ones dying
    of Asteroids, meteroids and hemorrhoids
    of UFOs and Orbs
    of Wars and riots
    of Bilderbergers and Rothschilds
    of Sun-diving comets
    of Solar flares
    of Floods
    of Tornadoes, hurricanes and storms
    of a "ruling elite" and new world order
    of two Suns
    of media thought control
    of GMOs and poisoning the food chain
    of planned mass extinctions and death camps
    of Illuminati
    of Earth wobble and pole shifts
    of ........... I thought I would like to share my humble view...

    there is little talk of


    Our thoughts are so very very precious. flower

    And just as in "media manipulation" and "mind control", our thoughts can sometimes be guided toward the negative. Maybe we should ask our higher selves "to what does this information appeal?", "Does it appeal to my heart, or to my head?". "What am I thinking now after reading this "blog article" or "youtube clip"; are my thoughts positive? do I force those around me to "watch this clip", do I share it on a social website?

    Will the collective consciousness of the planet during this change be benefited or harmed by these thoughts and actions?

    Am I involving the ego or the heart?

    Am I acting out of Love, compassion and empathy, or out of fear?

    Am I unwittingly falling for another trick of the mind, cunningly disguised as "my" savior?

    Some might say I'm a dreamer, and "activism" is the only way, but I believe activism to be cowardly and born out of fear. War is activism, but so too are demonstrations and even sharing the latest shock-clip on the net. Being a "passive observer" and not burying our heads in the sand, being aware, but not reactive, being centered and sending Love. Letting the events go, and sending Love from our hearts to heal each situation. Being extremely careful where we get our information, and asking ourselves whether this "channel" of information is true or tainted with fear. That we can only decide as "individuals".

    If there's one many of us understand during these times, it's that "good" appears bad and bad appears good, the two extremes of duality now seem to be diametrically opposed, situations appear insane, logic has no place... like the forces of "good" and "evil" finally battling it out in the mother of all battles... well did we really think it would be a red man with horns and a tail fighting a white old man with a beard and lightning coming from his fingertips? Its happening now, all around us... maybe because it's not happening in a Hollywood 2 hour disaster movie and people are still comatozed.

    Sit back, meditate, be in nature, eat whole, refrain from consuming animals, drink water, be creative, and if you wanna go hard-core give up work, shed all financial and non-productive relationships. I think possibly many many millions of people will be forced to give up everything very soon and for them it's gonna be a real tough ride that many will not survive. If we can live it and be it now, we can be of service to others when the time comes.

    I thinks its getting close now, it was "his" world, he owns it, he controls it but now "his" time is pretty much over but we are finding out just how tied to him we really are, and the ropes are really difficult and painful to remove. All of them were tied to our fears and they were very cunningly and deceptively applied throughout our life/s. So maybe the truly brave, the true warriors the real brave knights are ourselves... removing our suit of armour, throwing down our swords, cutting our ties so we can swim once more, in the light of the Divine indweller, that which resides within ourselves, that which we call.... God.

    be in Love.

    Enjoy the show.

    Hope we meet the projectionist soon.

    All my Love



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    Re: Upholding the Collective Consciousness. 2012, ETs, War, dark cabal, rothschilds, bilderbergs, Occupy, Earthquakes

    Post  Mercuriel on Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:06 am


    Awesome Post...



    Peace, Light, Love, Harmony and Unity...

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