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    In the Service of Life


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    In the Service of Life

    Post  mudra on Sun May 15, 2011 1:03 pm

    In the Service of Life
    By Rachel Naomi Ramen

    In recent years the question how can I help? has become meaningful to many people. But perhaps there is a deeper question we might consider. Perhaps the real question is not how can I help? but how can I serve?

    Serving is different from helping. Helping is based on inequality; it is not a relationship between equals. When you help you use your own strength to help those of lesser strength. If I'm attentive to what's going on inside of me when I'm helping, I find that I'm always helping someone who's not as strong as I am, who is needier than I am. People feel this inequality. When we help we may inadvertently take away from people more than we could ever give them; we may diminish their self-esteem, their sense of worth, integrity and wholeness. When I help I am very aware of my own strength. But we don't serve with our strength, we serve with ourselves. We draw from all of our experiences. Our limitations serve, our wounds serve, even our darkness can serve. The wholeness in us serves the wholeness in others and the wholeness in life. The wholeness in you is the same as the wholeness in me. Service is a relationship between equals.

    more at the link

    Love Always

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    In The Service Of Life

    Post  Jenetta on Tue May 17, 2011 2:03 am

    This woman in the link below has found a way to serve (she no longer feels empty) and has also answered the question "How can I help"?

    My question most recently since this past weekend has been "I wished I could of helped. I wish I had been there for her." I managed to find a long lost highschool friend I haven't spoken to in almost twenty years and she related to me that our other dear friend from latter high school days had died seven years ago in 2004 by taking her own life in a very tragic way.
    This was a shock to me as I had no knowledge of her death or the appalling way she chose to end her life. I lived elsewhere at the time without any contact being made.

    Another thread most likely needs to be started as to why do we humans (and animals?) commit suicide?

    Time is eternity looking backwards at itself

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    Re: In the Service of Life

    Post  HigherLove on Tue May 17, 2011 6:21 am

    Wow!, mudra. Wonderful food for thought as I prepare for a long day of "counseling" sessions. I will read this again when I go into work, later.

    The social work community speaks a lot to "empowerment-based" and "strengths-based" models. But the seemingly everyday ordinary can rob one of the joy of serving, whether paid or volunteer.

    "In service of life", resonates with my spirit, in terms of bringing my FULL authentic self into the situation. Well, it is there, already. I guess that awareness of it is key. And as was pointed out to me in another thread, any "gifts" that may be perceived in a person come from One.

    My heart is full on this otherwise rainy/snowy weird spring.

    For all of your "Seva", mudra. I thank you for lifting me up on this fine day.

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    Re: In the Service of Life

    Post  Sanicle on Tue May 17, 2011 7:44 am

    mudra wrote:The Oil spill was so heart taking for me that I couldn't pretend important threats to life at large didn't exist.
    I was feeling it all.
    I am now discovering more threats to the well being of all through the Fuckushima disaster to mention only one of those.
    I think the hardest for me is to see all these animals washing ashore, some it seems committing suicide. These signs are breaking my Heart.
    I know from Heart how much beauty we carry within, and yet how far from expressing it freely most of us still are.
    It is very different to know we were killing and polluting this world as a remote concept and to now feel it through every cell of my body.
    Maybe this is some sort of shattering global new awakening for me.
    Every now and then for the sake of my own sanity I have thought of taking a break from the political threads in the Mists or to devote myself only to Spiritual and inspiring ones as I used to. But then I see people around that are a voice for Mother's pain and it's children.
    I think without them we wouldn't even know what is really going on. They have the guts to face it all.
    In their own realm they also are working towards making Earth a better place.
    And it is then that I feel a need to keep standing by their side while also being a conveyor of inspiring matters. For balance as I understand it now more than I ever did is the integration of beauty and the absence of it.
    I am in that strange position of experiencing the bliss of peaceful spirit while at the same time being able to feel the overwhelming pain of a world suffocating in the absence of Love.
    This feels like walking on a tight rope and a new opportunity to find balance.

    Dear Mudra, I so relate to all you've said there and your clarity to express is so well is a gift. Hugs

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