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    REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report


    Re: REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report

    Post  Guest on Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:28 pm

    The truth is that we are all being mind controlled in one way or another, only we think we are free. Military personal is VERY mind controlled from the start, they get to be obedient little soldiers or never make it to Remote Viewing status


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    Re: REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report

    Post  lindabaker on Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:46 pm

    Guys, if you read the book, you wouldn't have these comments. After reading the scientific protocol involved, then we can discuss. You are giving Tran a hard time before you understand, maybe. Linda

    Re: REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report

    Post  Guest on Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:02 am

    lindabaker wrote:Guys, if you read the book, you wouldn't have these comments. After reading the scientific protocol involved, then we can discuss. You are giving Tran a hard time before you understand, maybe. Linda

    Hi Linda my problem is precisely with the protocol. A person in the future is giving them targets? who is that person? who that person works for? which is the agenda they are trying to sell us?

    Now this gentleman is a military man, no disrespect, but military personnel get brainwashed as soon as they go to their first military campus. This is precisely my point, how brainwashed a person has to be to go and kill random people in nonsensical wars. How can we trust someone who has sworn allegiance to the Admiralty Laws . He is obviously working for the illuminati

    It is crystal clear that he is contradicting himself by saying that this is a multiuniverse with multiple timelines. Why therefore chose the two that involve alien domination allegedly?

    He is presented NO PROOF whatsoever other than his word and the work of his mates. There were no neutral members of the public witnessing the storage of the data or the process. To make something like this believable one has to give the data to an independent surveyor that will certify that they did hold the data before things happened. We know how dodgy the military is and how much cover up they do, they are normally professional liars and professional killers in their line of duty. Just because they pretend that they do it for the US it does not mean that they care for the people who inhabit the US, remember Kathrina

    I am sure that he has studied NLP, they all do, that makes them sound credible. But I am immune to NLP

    This kind of pseudo science is what gives a bad name to science. I don't think it is scientifical to say "trust me" "I am talking to a person in the future" Razz please!

    If I say that I am talking to a "tasker from the galactic federation in the future" the great majority will laugh at me and think I am insane Crazy Happy

    As far as I can see there is an agenda here, to make us believe that we need extra terrestials to sort our problems. No bona fide extra terrestrial will come to a dump like this (it is not Earths fault is humanity) unless they are worse than us

    Ask, why they have to persuade us? Why they don't plainly invade us?

    Perhaps there is some order in the universe and if they invade us the big guns will come?

    It truly enrages me the way tptw splice false matrixes in our collective consciousness, no wonder we are soooo mixed up

    This is my opinion and I don't expect anyone to agree with me but I have been following this GLF deception for a long time and it sucks. One thing I can tell you is they have invested a lot of money since the star treck movies to create this fantasy in our collective consciousness and planted all sorts of artifacts too. If archeologists could talk!...but most of them are like Zawas, merchants for tptw

    Not only the lie is different at each level, the corruption is too

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    Re: REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report

    Post  Mercuriel on Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:15 am

    As TRANC has said. It is a used Protocol and Procedure and can be used by Anyone who is trained in Its use...

    It is sending One's awareness out and to call It a Negative Practise in My Opinion is Nieve to say the least...

    Andromeda - You talk as if from a position of Authority and that pretty much Your Opinion is the only Opinion worth having. I disagree with this and many of the Views You've espoused as They seem to come from a narrowly viewed aspect of whatever Issue You happen to be commenting about.

    I find it interesting that an Aware Being would paint any and all of a certain Group as being any one thing or not. There are Good and Bad in all. It is unfair to say that all Military Types are Mind Controlled when You know They are not ALL Mind Controlled...

    Secondly - C. Brown was trained by those Who were ONCE in the Military. He wasn't a Military Type Himself. Again - False or at least not a well vetted Statement on Your part.

    The Tasker gives the RV'er a Target plain and simple. They've both discused Them as Objects previously but not as Tasked Numbers for RV. There is no one in the Future giving anyone a Target. You're missing the point and Method totally but then One would if They hadn't taken the time to read the Methodogy behind It in the first place (LOL...)

    A person in the future is giving them targets ? who is that person ? who that person works for ? which is the agenda they are trying to sell us?

    Sad - And exactly what I've been thinking. You need more time on the Research Curve. And lots by My estimate. It seems to Me that You are Copying and Pasting parts of One Issue with elements of another until It resembles something that I cannot fathom as the information out there does not back up what You've said. Also - Others of Us have "Knowings" as well and They contradict alot of what You've espoused...

    Linda and TRANC said It right - Read It and come to know something before You slant it one way or the other...

    - Or not -


    Those that will not learn for Themselves are destined to repeat the Past.

    Please understand - Think what You want as that is Your perogative but I see that You will butt heads with Members here on many things as You seem to hold views that others cannot find solid Information to back up. You've made - IMO - Vague and General assumptions about a great deal of things and when asked to expound upon Your Cosmology - All of a sudden talk about "Benigns" with no names surface and We're told that Its too much to Post or tell Us ATM...

    It will be very difficult Merc, Mr. Farrell is a very disciplined man who does only refer to things that have concrete evidence.


    The conclusion of the GLF is mine since most of the sightings are attributed to them, youtube has plenty of videos with that allegation. Obviously if the Roswell craft was Nazi we are basing the UFO movement on something rather terrestrial.

    Most of the Sightings are attributed to the GFL due to the fact that Youtube says so ? The Roswell Craft was Nazi ? Where the Heck does this this shizzle come from ?

    Huh ?

    That said - Hmmm is pretty much all I've got to say on that...

    RV'ing is now well documented. I won't argue with You. Theres no point to It...



    Peace, Light, Love, Harmony and Unity...

    Re: REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report

    Post  Guest on Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:05 am

    Merc, I have already said that it is my opinion and that no one has to agree with me. Lets agree to disagree because I am seeing deception in this man. Look at the video that I posted

    As for protocol, you lost me, there is no concrete evidence that what this man say is true. There are no independent neutral witnesses that can certify that he did as he said and there are others that don't agree with the reality of such protocol

    His claims have been dismissed by other scientists, such as his colleague Scott O. Lilienfeld, and he has refused to subject his ideas and his own purported psychic powers to independent scientific testing on what Lilienfeld describes as "curious" grounds.[1] By contractual agreement with the university, Brown is not permitted to mention his affiliation with Emory during interviews about remote viewing.[2]

    Academic freedom -- the right of faculty members to pursue and discuss whatever interests they wish, no matter how outlandish or repugnant others might find them -- is a cornerstone of institutions of higher learning. Without it, the very rationale undergirding that remarkable democratic organization we call a university crumbles. Nevertheless, there are inevitably times when academic freedom conflicts with a university's best interests. When this occurs, vexing pragmatic and ethical questions arise.

    The most recent example of this conflict at Emory involves Dr. Courtney Brown, an associate professor in the political science department. Brown's actions and words have, to put it mildly, aroused considerable ridicule and controversy at Emory and in the broader academic community. In his new book, Cosmic Voyages: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth, Brown claims to use powers of "remote viewing" (an alleged psychic ability permitting individuals to "see" objects at enormous distances) to visit Mars and observe the actions of aliens. He purports to have uncovered indisputable evidence that two races of extraterrestrials, Martians and Greys, left the red planet centuries ago and have taken up residence in the dark recesses of Earth.

    But Brown does not stop there. His remote viewing methods, which are "as rigorously controlled as those used in any solid social science text," have revealed that Adam and Eve were architects of a genetic engineering project and that numerous Star Trek episodes were written with the assistance of aliens. In one of the book's more remarkable chapters, "The Grey Mind," Brown claims to have "entered the mind" of an extraterrestrial and investigated its psychological make-up. Brown, who directs the "Farsight Institute" in Atlanta, offers seminars--at a cost of $3,000 per head--that promise to provide attendees with the psychic abilities he has mastered.

    One hardly knows where to begin. Brown's book is remarkable for its virtually complete absence of any data that would qualify as scientific by even the most liberal evidential standards. His "findings" consist entirely of unverified subjective experiences, and the reader searches in vain for anything vaguely resembling a controlled experiment. Brown neglects to mention either the results of a recent government-appointed scientific panel on remote viewing, which concluded that "evidence for the operational value of remote viewing is not available, even after a decade of attempts," or the critiques of Ray Hyman, a psychologist at the University of Oregon, who has shown that the scientific evidence in support of remote viewing is seriously flawed. Philosopher David Hume maintained that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; Brown's evidence is, to be charitable, singularly unimpressive.

    In light of Brown's claims, I recently challenged him to a test of his alleged psychic abilities. I proposed that he appear at a meeting of my undergraduate seminar on Science and Pseudoscience in Psychology, where my students and I would subject him to a simple controlled experiment examining his capacity to remotely view stimuli in an adjacent room. I assured him that he would have considerable input regarding the selection of stimulus materials, and agreed to publicize the results of this test in both Emory newspapers regardless of its outcome.

    But Brown categorically refused. His reasoning was curious: In his e-mail response to me, he asserted that "tests of the type you have talked about are very old hat" and that the current status of remote viewing "goes light years beyond that which your letter suggests." But if Brown's psychic powers are as advanced as he claims, shouldn't he be able to pass an elementary test of these powers with flying colors?

    Before we get bogged down with the details, let’s get one thing straight: remote viewing is not a scientific tool and has never been proven to work. It is pseudoscience. Sure, the U.S. military became interested in investigating remote viewing as a spying weapon (unsurprisingly, the superpowers were pretty keen on investigating every avenue to spy on the enemy during the Cold War), but funding was withdrawn in the 90′s as it was proven remote sensing was ineffective and any positive results could not be replicated.

    Read more:

    To be honest, I am not against projecting one's consciousness is just that the claim of this man are just not supported by the scientific community at all. It is pseudo science full stop and it can be used to manipulate people into a scenario that it sounds to me very illuminati indeed

    Why don't you talk to the scientist from Emery and ask them what they think about this quack. No offense intended but the truth must see the light

    So to conclude, I was right on my intuition that he has not followed any acceptable scientific method and that his method leaves a lot of gaps. His conclusion is totally unsubstantiated and can only be qualified as a unsubtantiated hypothesis, not even a theory

    My only mistake was to think that he was military because he behaves like a military man and praises the fact that he only uses military personal in his so-called experiments

    I do not accept anyones word for good, I don't believe in fairy tales either. I am a nobody but a discerning nobody

    I did only ONE GOOGLE search and I found pages that debunk Mr Brown

    As Carl Sagan argues in his recent book, The Demon-Haunted World, the public's inability to think critically about scientific issues is an unappreciated source of our educational and social woes. By remaining silent on Brown's shenanigans, we do our students, who desperately need role models of clear reasoning, a serious disservice. Moreover, we leave ourselves open to criticisms such as those of Robert Baker of the University of Kentucky, who suggested that the Brown affair "bring(s) into question whether Emory has any high scientific standards."

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    Re: REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report

    Post  TRANCOSO on Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:07 pm

    Remote Viewing: The Data Dump on PSI warfare

    Anyone interested in Remote Viewing: Have a look. Numerous (as in a LOT of) links, YouTube vids, pdfs, etc.

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    Re: REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report

    Post  TRANCOSO on Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:54 am

    Ancient Humans on Iapetus, a Moon of Saturn - The Real Death Star
    Dr Courtney Brown founder of the Farsight Institute works with a team of elite Remote Viewers. Dr Brown himself is an expert at remote viewing and in this over hour and a half interview, we will be discussing Superstructures and the Aliens that built them on Iapetus. A Moon that orbits the Outer Rings of Saturn. The information Dr Brown and his team uncover is nothing short of astonishing. Who knew hundreds of thousands of years ago Beautiful resorts were built across the solar system for the select aristocratic class to enjoy.

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    Re: REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report

    Post  TRANCOSO on Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:29 am

    The Great Pyramid of Giza: The Mystery Solved (Complete Version)
    The Great Pyramid of Giza, sometimes called the Pyramid of Khufu, or the Cheops Pyramid, is truly one of the most amazing mysteries on Earth. This is the definitive breakthrough study of how it was built. It is huge, and it was built with gigantic stone blocks that seem nearly impossible to cut, transport, and assemble even today on such a massive scale as must have occurred long ago when this pyramid was originally constructed. Until now, no one on Earth really knew how these big structures were assembled, at a time when tools were rudimentary, camels and wooden or reed boats were the primary forms of transportation, and manual labor was the only means available to construct anything.

    This is a breakthrough scientific study that combines the use of remote viewing on an unprecedented scale to solve the mystery of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Remote viewing is a mental procedure that was originally developed by the United States military and used for espionage purposes. Now, civilians employ the same methods, or procedures that are derivative of those methodologies, to study human history. In a project completed at The Farsight Institute ( using remote-viewing data collected by two of the most accomplished “military grade” remote viewers of the day, the true story of how the Great Pyramid of Giza was actually constructed using a combination of exotic advanced technology and brutal manual labor can finally be told.

    Very little of what most people learned in school about the origins of the Great Pyramid of Giza is correct. Our civilization needs to uncover its true history without bias and with an open mind. Now is not the time to censor new knowledge. Now is the time to face our past.

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    Re: REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report

    Post  mudra on Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:47 am

    ATLANTIS: The True Story (Farsight remote viewing - COMPLETE VERSION)

    Love Always

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    Re: REMOTE VIEWING - Galactic Times: Earth Report

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