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    Solar " Death Ray " - Power of 5000 suns


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    Solar " Death Ray " - Power of 5000 suns

    Post  mudra on Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:33 pm

    Solar "Death Ray": Power of 5000 suns!

    The R5800 is my latest and greatest solar creation. Made from an ordinary fiberglass satellite dish, it is covered in about 5800 3/8" (~1cm) mirror tiles. When properly aligned, it can generate a spot the size of a dime with an intensity of 5000 times normal daylight. This intensity of light is more than enough to melt steel, vaporize aluminum, boil concrete, turn dirt into lava, and obliterate any organic material in an instant. It stands at 5'9" and is 42" across.

    read article here :

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