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    Word of God


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    Word of God

    Post  Beren on Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:37 pm

    Word of God

    What is a word of God?
    And who is competent to say about what is the word of God?

    Well I can only say that most competent persona to tell you about this is God itself.
    Some people exclusively claim certain texts through out history and today as God`s word. Others claim some religious texts are God`s word.

    Bible is being called God`s word.

    Now let`s get outside the box and think for a second.
    Creator created everything. I mean everything that exist, from atoms to universe.
    Creator speaks in many languages thus his word is practically everywhere.

    It can be found all around us in material world,in spiritual world, in emotional world...
    And also it is found in a written form too.

    But here lies another high truth; whenever any individual is connected with Creator truly ,then they speak God`s words.
    When you`re one with God ,your word becomes God`s word.
    How can you check that ? Because when you`re one with God you speak from Love for you are Love .

    And this is high above religion and any written text.
    Written texts are but a reminders to people to connect with Creator.
    To speak with God . To uplift ourselves to the frequency of Love.

    Follow the examples form your own life; have you ever said something to someone that had such an impact of positive things and Love in their life? Have you felt blessed and joyful beyond description when someone told you how your words helped them?

    If you did, you were connected then with God and God spoke through you to that other person.
    So then , what is the word of God? It is God word and it is our word when we`re one with Love. When we are truth. When we are wisdom and when we are justice. When we are combining all previously spoken ,we are THE power.

    So go ahead! Connect with Creator! Don`t waste a minute of you current time.
    Be Love! Harp

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