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    'Space-time cloak' to conceal events revealed in new study


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    'Space-time cloak' to conceal events revealed in new study

    Post  mudra on Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:41 pm

    ( -- The study, by researchers from Imperial College London, involves a new class of materials called metamaterials, which can be artificially engineered to distort light or sound waves. With conventional materials, light typically travels along a straight line, but with metamaterials, scientists can exploit a wealth of additional flexibility to create undetectable blind spots. By deflecting certain parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, an image can be altered or made to look like it has disappeared.
    Previously, a team led by Professor Sir John Pendry at Imperial College London showed that metamaterials could be used to make an optical invisibility cloak. Now, a team led by Professor Martin McCall has mathematically extended the idea of a cloak that conceals objects to one that conceals events.

    More information: Paper online:
    Provided by Imperial College London

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